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3 Reasons You Need To Start Getting More Sleep

Sleep, sleep sleep. It’s something that we all crave yet struggle to get. We’ve spoken about ways of getting a better night’s sleep before, and it’s probably worth checking that post out if you are someone that struggles to sleep at night! Still, why do we need to sleep? On a basic level, we know that it’s a way for us to recharge and get ready for the next day. If we didn’t sleep, our bodies just would not be able to function. We get that, but what are some of the other reasons you nee...
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Why a Slowing Metabolism Probably Isn't Causing Your Weight Gain

Many of us are carrying a little bit more weight now than when we were in our 20s. However, as tempting as it is to blame this weight gain on a slowing metabolism, that may not actually be the case, according to a study released last week in the journal Science.Read more...
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4 practices for struggling entrepreneurs to help get their business back into shape

Starting your day with a morning routine can put you on the path to productivity. LaylaBird/ Getty Images COVID-19 has impacted entrepreneurs in both their physical health and the health of their businesses. To get both back on track and see strong results, adjust your mindset and try new strategies. Focus on one step at a time and get to the root cause of the problems at hand. See more stories on Insider's business page. Some call it "COVID pounds." Others label it the "quarantine 15....
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It looks like North Korea's Kim Jong Un may have lost some weight - here's why the world watches his waistline

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un meets with senior party officials in Pyongyang, in a photo released on June 8, 2021. KCNA/via REUTERS North Korea's Kim Jong Un appears to have lost weight, according to an NK News analysis and experts. Last year, South Korea's spy agency said Kim weighed just over 300 pounds, but he now appears thinner. The world watches his weight closely as it offers insight into his health and that of the regime. See more stories on Insider's business page. N...
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If You’ve Gained Weight During The Pandemic, You’re Not Alone. Here’s What To Do About It

(CNN) — Some people may have gained more than 1.5 pounds on average per month during Covid-19 shelter-in-place orders last March and April. Forty-five out of 50 US state governments issued shelter-in-place orders from March 19 to April 6, 2020, to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. A research team looked at nearly 7,500 weight measurements from 269 participants between February 1 and June 1, 2020, according to a research letter published Monday in JAMA Network Open. The participants were ...
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What happens when you overeat?

Whether it's stress, boredom, the proximity of the fridge, the ready-for-Zoom loose clothes, food shortages, or comfort seeking, the coronavirus crisis got many of us worried about overeating.  [Author: Dr. Ayala]
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Frustration and Shutting Down

I’ve noticed for the past 2 years, I will have “mood swings”. One minute I’m so excited to visit my parents who live a few hours away…but a couple hours after I arrive, I notice that I go from being happy to shut down. I don’t want to talk about anything. I don’t want to be bothered. I’ve noticed this issue w, my boyfriend of 4 years, as well. We will be perfectly happy for a month straight and one day I just am so bothered by him though he hasn’t done anything wrong. It’s been happening often l...
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How to Track Your Weight Loss Without Obsessing Over Numbers

If you trying to change your body weight, sometimes you need to step on a scale to see how things are going. But it gets dispiriting to judge yourself first thing in the morning, celebrating if you lost a pound or feeling like you’ve been doing everything wrong if you gained one.Read more...
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Morning Docket: 12.07.18

* Which Supreme Court justice is apparently the best at throwing shade at her colleagues during oral arguments? It's Justice Kagan. Sick burn, Your Honor. [National Law Journal] * "Presidential harassment"? President Trump is blaming special counsel Robert Mueller's election interference probe for his low Rasmussen Reports approval rating of 50 percent. Damn, when a pollster known for favoring the president is only giving him a 50 percent rating, you know it's pretty bad. [POLITICO] * Speaking...
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40% of Americans Are Obese—And the Trend Isn’t Slowing

Close to 40% of American adults and 19% of young people have obesity—a trend that’s remained stubbornly high in the last few years. The latest figures, for survey year 2015-2016, come from a new report by the National Center for Health Statistics, and they’re not much different than the prior 2013-2014 numbers. In 2013-2014, 37.7%…
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Weight Gain Diet and Nutrition

About the weight gain diet There are millions of people who are struggling to lose weight. However, there are also lots of individuals from the different parts of the world who are eager to achieve weight gain diet. There people who are not given enough weight based from that they want. Like being fat, those with […] The post Weight Gain Diet and Nutrition appeared first on Top Expert Product Reviews - Necole Bitchie.
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Artificial Sweeteners Are Linked to Weight Gain—Not Weight Loss

A new analysis also links them to obesity, diabetes and heart disease
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This Week in Health: Coffee Might Help You Live Longer

Coffee lovers can sip peacefully. This week a new large study linked drinking coffee with a longer life, adding to the already strong evidence that the brew comes with health perks. Here’s what else caught our attention this week. (Sign up for the TIME Health newsletter for more.) An FDA panel recommends approval for the…
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The Truth About Weight Gain and Pregnancy

When it comes to gaining weight during pregnancy, there’s an ongoing debate about what’s healthy. Current guidelines from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommend different weight-gain ranges for women—anywhere from 11 to 40 lbs, based on their pre-pregnancy body mass index (BMI). But there is enormous variability in weight gain between women, and some experts…
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Why Slow Eaters May Burn More Calories

People have been advising others to chew their food well for a long, long time. In Ayurveda, a school of medicine founded in India some 7,000 years ago, slow and thorough chewing is considered essential to strong digestive health, helping to separate a food’s indigestible components from necessary nutrients. People also flocked to the notion—some,…
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Pickles, Mustard & Diet Coke: Self-Talk in Eating Disorder Recovery

Oh…and shirataki noodles. Anyway… I am a recovering anorexic. Well… most of the time. Sometimes I’m just “anorexic.” (Relapse is part of recovery, right??) Regardless of how “evolved” I may be now, nearly every comment made about my physical appearance, or my intake, or my weight… cuts through me like a knife. People think that they are being kind, but they don’t hear their words through the same ED filter that I do.  He says: “But you look so much HEALTHIER now,” I hear: “You’ve put on...
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Kids Are Eating Nearly 200% More Fake Sugar

Artificial sweeteners spiked in popularity from 1999-2012
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Body Positive Spotlight Series — How to Manage Weight Gain

An original post from Budget Fashionista It’s time to kill that old New Year’s resolution about losing weight. Right? The New Year, New You thing has been disappointing women for way too long. Unless you’re under doctors orders to lose weight, you have no reason to stress about what the scale says — because I’ll bet you’re fabulous just the way you are. This […] Body Positive Spotlight Series — How to Manage Weight Gain
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CUFFING SEASON: Relationship Study Shows Love Makes You Fat…

So you ‘swiped right’ and managed to find your prince in a sea of frogs. He’s cute, funny, witty and downright perfect for you. It’s a fairytale come true! [FLASHBACK: Should There Be A ‘Rulebook’ for Facebook Relationships…] Now fast forward a few years, and you’re happily married and FAT! All joking aside, it’s been shown in various studies that couples tend to pack on the pounds when they’re in a happy relationship. Details below… (more…) Related Posts The Oprah Effect! Weight Watche...
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Robin Thicke As Hell!!!

Rotund R&B Singer Robin Thicke Is Looking Heavier Than Usual   Either White Chocolate Soul-Signer , Robin Thicke, is putting on “post breakup” happy weight… or he’s been packing on the pounds after losing the love of his life, Paula
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The time for New Year’s resolutions is right now

According to a new study, if you’re an average American, your weight today is lower than what your scale will display by January, and it will take you five months -- or more -- to lose what you’re about to gain in the next three. [Author: Dr. Ayala]
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700-Pound Monica Riley Wants to Be the World’s Fattest Woman (and Have Kids Too)

World, meet Monica Riley, the 700-pound woman who wants to be fatter. The 27-year-old Texas woman (why am I not surprised) apparently eats around 8,000 calories a day. In case you’re trying to do that math, that’s about six biscuits, six sausages in a bread roll, a big bowl of cereal, two weight gain shakes, four McChicken sandwiches, four double cheeseburgers, french fries, 30 chicken nuggets, macaroni cheese, Taco Bell treats and a gallon of ice cream…err’ day. As if being that big wasn’t b...
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Pregnant Janet Jackson Embarrassed by Weight Gain & Hiding From Public, Now Reportedly Weighs 250 Pounds

Janet Jackson might be regretting her decision to bear an heir to her billionaire husband’s fortune. The 50-year-old is only months into her pregnancy but sources claim her life may be in danger and she’s already “ballooned to 250 pounds.” The legendary performed shocked fans and the world, really, back in April when she postponed her world tour until 2017 to “plan a family.” A month later, Jackson revealed she and husband, Wissam Al Mana, were expecting their first child. Any pregnancy can be d...
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Gina Rodriguez Opens Up About Her Longtime Battle With Weight Gain & Hashimoto's Disease

Gina Rodriguez always keeps it real. In the September issue of Health out this Friday, the 32-year-old opens up about her longtime battle with her weight after being diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease -- an autoimmune disease that can cause an underactive thyroid. The Jane the Virgin star explained: "It's always been a battle for me with weight. Keeping weight off is very difficult because my metabolism is pretty much shot, which to me felt like a curse when I was 19." Related: Gina Gender Bend...
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Weight gain after pregnancy may be the worst postpartum surprise

by Sara McGinnis posted in Mom Stories Many women talk about the struggle to lose weight after giving birth, but for some out there the problem turns out to be gaining weight postpartum. A post in the BabyCenter Mom Answers pages tells of one mom's frustrations. She writes: "Has anyone found that they've gained weight after the... Read... Want to get the full story? Click on the headline above. And thanks for reading the BabyCenter Blog.
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This Kind of Fat Won’t Make You Gain Weight

Researchers say that it’s time to move beyond the dogma to avoid all fats in our food. Certain types of fat won’t make you heavie
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