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6 Ways Social Media Negatively Affects Mental Health

You're reading 6 Ways Social Media Negatively Affects Mental Health, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. When was the last time you were with family or friends and didn’t check your Facebook or Instagram feed? When you’re at a nice restaurant, do you pay more attention on clicking a picture of the food than eating it? When you upload photos, do you feel stressed if you don’t get a s...
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How To Invest In Your Health And Wellbeing

There is nothing more important than taking care of your health and wellbeing. Without it, you will not be able to do or focus on anything throughout your day to day life. The solution, then, is to invest in your wellbeing no matter how busy your life gets! If you want to be able to pursue your dream job and even maintain a good relationship with your friends and family, you will have to look after yourself. What do you do? You must treat yourself well and engage in activities that m...
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Keep calm and carry on with Samsung Health’s Calm partnership

Starting March 4, you'll be able to access Calm's meditation and anxiety-ridding exercises from Samsung Health on all of Samsung's Android 9.0 devices and the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active fitness smartwatch. The post Keep calm and carry on with Samsung Health’s Calm partnership appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Talk it out

Clear your head in 60 minutes? For free? Absolutely. Chris Barez-Brown believes that a ridiculously simple approach to mental-health and wellbeing will benefit everybody. He openly admits its not the answer to everything but it can help. He’s so determined to prove it can work that he’s teamed up with a leading University to run […]
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AI Diagnoses Genetic Disorders Using Facial Photos

While doctors can identify genetic disorders with an accuracy between 70% and 75%, DeepGestalt—an AI project by FDNA—can do so with accuracy of 90% and over. By analyzing the face piece-by-piece, the system finds a corresponding disorder for that crop, moves on to the next and then pools the results to find the most proper diagnosis for the patient. For the 8% of the population that’s …
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Naked, the World’s First Home Body Scanner

Track body fat percentage, key measurements and much more from the comfort of your own home Technology for working out at home (like Tonal), measuring tools (like the Apple Watch and Withings Steel Fitness Tracker) and DNA-informed diet and fitness programs we have an array of physical and digital tools available at accessible prices to help guide, track and motivate us. Naked is an in-home 3D-body scanner that keeps …
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The Importance of Building Our Community — So It Can Build Us

Our Environment Directly Affects Mental Health. We know that our environment directly impacts our mental health. And yet, when we talk about mental health, we usually focus on how to treat individuals rather than how to design community environments (i.e. roads, safe parks, job opportunities, and quality, affordable housing) for optimal mental health. Disinvestment in housing and schools, and limited employment opportunities can lead to poor mental health outcomes, like chronic stress and ...
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Revolutionary Self-Lubricating Condoms

Other than gimmicky changes like colors, textures and flavors, condoms have remained relatively the same over the past 50 years—Lelo‘s efforts at a structural overhaul with HEX aside. However, a new self-lubricating condom, designed as part of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s competition, might just revolutionize the industry. Created to encourage safer sex, this condom remains lubricated for “1,000 cycles (scientific speak for thrusts), which …
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Smart Tips For Setting Up a Community Wellness Project

Many Americans suffer from poor health due to being unfit, overweight, and having chronic conditions like diabetes. Setting up a wellness project for your community is an important thing you can do to help others. The federal government has been making concerted efforts to get the right health information out to the population, but there are still millions of people who struggle to make the changes they need to in their lifestyle. One way of rethinking how to help with this problem is looki...
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7 Ways to Turn Conflict and Communication Problems Around

Post Views = 161The leader who communicates well succeeds well, and communication is a linchpin for personal, professional, business success and wellbeing that is particularly critical in disruptive times! Conflict destroys productivity, engagement, empowerment, communication, leadership, and success.  Conflict is an emotionally charged situation that is fueled by incompatible interests, goals, feelings, ideas, values, ethnicity, […]
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Pin of the week – Go Run

H/T Running has never been just about physical health for me. Running is good for my mental health too. Initially I started to run to lose a bit of weight and be a little healthier but, quickly it evolved into far more than that. I run in silence with no distractions. Sometimes I talk to myself, often I pray, listen, reflect and focus. I’m slow. That doesn’t matter. Football isn’t the same. The spin bike isn’t the same. And, there is no accompanying diet or strict regime. Everything else for me...
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What’s a wellbeing economy?

The Wellbeing Alliance is a new network that is bringing together organisations from around the world to focus on a wellbeing economy – one that sees the economy as a means to an end, that end being the wellbeing of people and planet. I’ve had my eye on the alliance for a while as my […]
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Could Architecture Be Impacting How Productive You Are?

You're reading Could Architecture Be Impacting How Productive You Are?, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. There are so many things we can do to improve our productivity. We can read books, attend talks, create new routines for ourselves - but arguably most importantly, we can work towards improving our wellbeing. Exercising more, adopting a healthy diet, and generally looking afte...
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The goals of medicine do not stop at the edge of the body

Over the last 100 years, the world, people, and our society have changed beyond measure. So have diseases, and we are now almost 75 years into the first ever age where cure of disease, successful organ transplants and near complete recovery from trauma has been possible. Despite all of this change, however, medical school curricula have hardly changed in a hundred years. Medical students are educated in more or less the same fashion as they were when I attended medical school more than 60 years ...
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Ultrarunner for a Day: What it’s Like Running 50k aged 50

I'm pretty high energy but sometimes I wear myself out and that was certainly the case in May. Since I'm 50 and always looking for a new challenge The post Ultrarunner for a Day: What it’s Like Running 50k aged 50 appeared first on GET In the HOT Spot with Annabel Candy.
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Detox Your Home With Christine Dimmick's Insights: The Good Home Company founder and author on elevating wellness in your personal sanctuary

Since 1995 Christine Dimmick has been delivering on her mission of creating a healthier home. Today the founder and CEO of The Good Home Company offer a range of cleaning, scents, gifts and more—including her latest book—has a mission that's two...... Continue Reading...
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Where to travel and do CrossFit

CrossFit has become an essential part of many of our lifestyles. For people who have built this ultra-intense fitness program into their daily routine, keeping it up is a priority — even during vacations. If you want to get away from it all and stay on track with your goals, you’ve got plenty of options. You can head to countries with the most CrossFit gyms, search out cities with elite athletes and strong communities, or even go on a CrossFit-themed vacation. If you’re addicted to CrossFit, ...
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Link About It: This Week's Picks: Peach-scented records, LSD for anxiety, windowless planes, gems falling from the sky and more

1. Psychedelics Could Repair Brain Cells "Shriveled" by Depression University of California researchers have observed that psychedelics like LSD and MDMA can rewire the brain—and trigger the growth of new branches between cells—long after the...... Continue Reading...
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Best temple hotels in Japan

Perhaps burning the candle at both ends is starting to wear on you. If you feel burnout fast approaching, a bit of solitude may be just what you need to regroup. In Japan, staying at a shukubo, or temple lodgings, helps to detach from the daily grind and calm the mind. If that sounds like something you’d benefit from, here are seven temple hotels in Japan perfect for rest and reflection. 1. Koyasan Fudoin Temple, Koya-cho, Itsu-gun, Wakayama Prefecture Photo: Cowardlion/Shutterstock Orig...
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Vacations that help you recharge

While there is always something to be grateful for, life can sometimes be a mixture of hectic, demanding and down right rough. If you can feel yourself approaching complete depletion, it may be time for a well needed escape to collect and regroup. Or maybe you’re experiencing a period of change or just need for a change of scenery. If so here are seven travel experiences that will help you recharge your batteries — no exhausting, jam-packed itineraries included. 1. Canyon Ranch, various loca...
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The new trends in wellness travel

Wellness travel has been on the rise for a while now, with hotels adding yoga sessions to their lists of services, and fry-ups disappearing from the breakfast buffet in favor of juice bars. But the latest trends in wellness travel for 2018 takes us far beyond quick meditation sessions and free fruit. From holidays in silence to badass retreats only for women, here are five wellness trips you should definitely try this summer. 1. Architectural wellness The tourism industry is starting to re...
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4 Ways To Look After Yourself

Taking time to look after yourself can feel like a task, given the busy world you live in, and one where your responsibilities can feel like they’re forever mounting. However, it’s crucial that you do manage to look after yourself, mama! Finding ways to do this is going to benefit your physical and mental health. Caring for yourself should be one of your top priorities, so find time in each day to do what you need. If you don’t take care of yourself, how can you take care of other people?! ...
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4 Principles to Maximize Your Performance and Wellbeing

You're reading 4 Principles to Maximize Your Performance and Wellbeing, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. Despite having all the modern comforts, very few of us can lead a productive and healthy life. No, I am not talking about just controlling your weight. Though weight loss is an essential aspect of your health, the benefits of leading a healthier lifestyle stretch well beyond p...
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Going to gigs makes you live longer and happier, study finds

Make sure that you’re going to see live music regularly if you want to live a long and happy life, says science. A new study by Goldsmith’s University Associate Lecturer, Patrick Fagan, and commissioned by O2 has discovered some great news about gigs. Their report investigated the effect of watching live music found that it could have such a positive effect that you could live for nine years longer than non-concert lovers. The report showed that just 20 minutes spent at a gig could result in...
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Self-Love Tips for 2018

Too many people these days are oblivious to their value and their light. Too many people these days are comparing themselves to others, are questioning what they have to offer, and are on a never-ending quest to change themselves out of pure non-acceptance for who they are. They are conscious of eating the right foods and getting regular exercise in order fit into society’s definition of ‘beautiful’. They plan their meals and obsess over the trendy new diets and workout routines; and they keep ...
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5 Easy Health Changes for Busy Women

These easy health changes for busy women aren't about weight loss, running or training for a triathlon. It's about making a few tiny tweaks that The post 5 Easy Health Changes for Busy Women appeared first on GET In the HOT Spot with Annabel Candy.
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3 Ways to Nurture Your Hormonal Health

  Hormonal imbalances are so prevalent today, it’s almost guaranteed that you or someone you know is experiencing some degree of hormonal turbulence. While it’s always comforting to know we’re not alone in our struggles, anyone who’s suffering knows firsthand how much more challenging life can be when something is out of balance. And I’m not just talking conscious stress either, but stress on the body through irregular eating routines, lack of sleep, too much mental stress, and over-exer...
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What to Offer Your Employees to Improve Their Wellbeing

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Buy: Bush Bath

Jamaican botanicals and flowers—including lemongrass, Jack in the Bush (Chromolaena odorata), and more—combine in Balmyard Beauty's lovely Bush Bath. Detoxing and excellent for calming inflammation, these bath sachets work somewhat like teabags—simply...... Continue Reading...
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Benefits of the Arts

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