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Smokeless Smudge

For those looking to rid a room of toxic energy or to indulge in the relaxing scent of white sage and Palo Santo, this is a liquified and bottled version of the smudge. Ideal for use in hotel rooms, in the car or anywhere else that needs to remain smoke-free, this fluid iteration is a modern take on the ancient ritual for those on the go. …
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Cancer Causes, Dumb Diets, Rude Doctors, and...

B'SD 8 Shvat, 5779 There's plenty of good news in the medical world, and some of it is because increasing numbers of doctors admit that their recommended diets don't work.  Studies are being reconsidered, redesigned, and reclassified so that medical professionals can help people to lose weight easily and sensibly. Increasing attention is being paid to those of us who do not struglle with weight control, and why. Those updated healthcare professionals can help people to prevent becom...
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Financial Help for People with Brain Tumors

B'SD 5 Shvat, 5779 Dr Musella's organization ( the  Musella Brain Tumor Research Foundation ) is superb and his own upbeat remark is among the back-cover praises for the  EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge   book. Check out the Just Announced good news for people who need financial help with brain tumor treatment! Al Musella 6 hrs  ·  Our copayment assistance program is probably going to reopen soon! ...
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Here's How to Train Your Brain to Memorize More Easily

B'SD 4 Shvat, 5779 Among the things that I've learned during my Health Information Management career are memory improvement skills.  I learned other memory boosters in rehabilitation efforts following my brain surgery. I wrote of those memory enhancers  and how to do them in the  "How to Organize" passages and elsewhere in  The following article is only an overview of the possibilities for improving your memory. Train Your Brain Like a Memory Champion I...
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White Tower XL Humidifier Diffuser

With a two-liter capacity, GuruNanda’s White Tower XL Humidifier Diffuser offers 12 hours of continuous essential oil diffusion, all while exuding substantial bubble mist. From its patent-pending air funnel to the medical-grade white plastic and gently shifting LED accents, all components are top-tier. And the machine shuts itself off when water is low, removing undue stress.
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Are we making cooking too hard?

For every person I talk to who is confident about cooking, there are at least two others who tense up at the thought of cooking more often — or cooking at all. Here's how to get beyond the fear.
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Kids and snacks: Common-sense advice for parents

Parents should decide what, when and where food is eaten. But children should decide for themselves how much.
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CPR to the Rescue!

B'SD 3 Shvat, 5779 I was with some friends last evening and one of them suddenly looked rather ill. A doctor, he was feeling weak, dizzy, and a bit nauseated. He seemed to be struggling to breathe. ​I asked permission to feel his face and neck to check for clammy skin. It was dry and warm to the touch. I asked if his left arm felt painful. ​  ​He was slow to respond "No, my stomach bothers me." My concern grew. He turned quite pale. I gave him a pr...
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10 Fun Activities to Get Rid of Your Winter Blues in Berlin

The beloved cozy Christmas atmosphere with all its lights, markets and holiday feels are gone, even the excitement and glitter of New Year’s Eve has faded. The new year leaves us longing for more happy celebrations, but instead, gloomy January has taken their place to spread his dreaded winter blues. I can’t tell you how bad it gets to me, every time. Since I was very quickly over Netflix and couch after the fourth night in the row, I thought about what other activities in Berlin could brighten ...
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Best alcohol-free retreats

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of overindulgence over Christmas, but as the new year dawns, we often find ourselves looking for something to help us re-energize. Cutting out alcohol is one of the best ways to feel instantly refreshed. Going teetotal increases energy levels, improves sleep, reduces depression, and revives lackluster skin and hair. But signing up for a “dry January” can be difficult without some encouragement and motivation. These alcohol-free trips will help you stick to you...
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How to cope with January grays in the Pacific Northwest

Readers and co-workers share their favorite "recipes" for making it through Seattle's dark and rainy season.
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Cost-Cutting Ideas to Improve YOUR Medical Care

B'SD 2 Shvat, 5779 I read a headline and knew that I have to share it with you.  Please click on   High prices make U.S. the biggest health care spender among Developed Countries! You need superb medical care and you don't need debt. That's why I invested my energies in writing Inspirational plus Can-Do, Do it Yourself information fills the book.  The Global Resources section  informs you of worldwide organizations willing to pay part or all of your specific me...
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Deleting People Off of Social Media Made Me a Happier Person, and I'm Not Sorry About It

It started with an Instagram of a blogger. She wasn't doing anything particularly irritating or awful, but I just felt unhappy when I looked at the photo. I couldn't even tell you what exactly the picture was or what the caption said, but I just remember the feeling that came over me: annoyance, unhappiness, and discontent. It happened again just a few weeks later with a photo of a girl from college that I remember as not being very nice. I decided then and there that I'd had enough. "I don't...
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Mindfulness events 2019

The theory of mindfulness has been around for some time now, encouraging lots of us to stay focused on the present moment. Useful in combating mental illnesses like anxiety, depression, or addiction, finding a permanent place for this practice in our lives should be given priority or at least exploration. If you’re looking for some guidance in this field here are some festivals, retreats, and events across the world to help you expand your mindfulness in the new year. 1. Club Soda Mindful D...
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Float that Boat!

B'SD (Whoops, I'd meant to post this earlier on Monday) A friend and I were chatting the other day and she spoke of feeling frustrated at not having achieved a goal. I asked "What went wrong?" and she replied with a description of how she'd overestimated how much strength, insight, and patience she had to handle a specific task. Sound familiar? We've all  been through this. We spoke of the goal she had in mind, and I joked "That boat won't float if you use the wrong materials. Bui...
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To Your Health!

B'SD 29 Tevet, 5779 I'm a bit wistful for the fading Jewish month of Tevet. It's been a time of thoughtful introspection for many people. But, it's the last day of the month and tonight begins the festive 30-day period of Shvat. We'll be filling up on health-promoting foods from the holy land to celebrate the 15th of Shvat, a holiday all its own. See  Tu b'Shvat - New Year for Trees -  about that. As you can tell from this blog and the book that launched it, health issues are ...
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Hire faster, work happier: Startups target employment with AI and engagement tools

Joanna Glasner Contributor More posts by this contributor Robot couriers scoop up early-stage cash Bots replacing office workers drive big valuations If you have a job today, there’s a good chance you personally reached out to your employer and interviewed with other humans to get it. Now that you’ve been there a while, it’s also likely the workday feels more like a long slog than the fulfilling career move you had envisioned. But if today...
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Getting Past Debt

B'SD 27 Tevet, 5779 How are you feeling? I'm hoping that y'all are recovered from holiday spats and parties, let alone the travel and excess food. Let's get back on track by doing what we can to solve a persistent medical problem: DEBT. holds an informative Global Resources section that informs readers of worldwide charitable organizations willing to pay some or all of an applicant's specific medical expenses. That's helpful. We need financial stability beyond the med...
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Three real-world ways to eat better in 2019

Rethinking your eating habits? Aim for progress, not perfection.
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How effective is the Shingrix shingles vaccine?

Good news for older adults considering the shingles vaccine: It’s extremely effective, and the side-effects are minimal.
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4 Ways to Stop the Insanity and Re-Embrace Healthy Sleep Patterns

You're reading 4 Ways to Stop the Insanity and Re-Embrace Healthy Sleep Patterns, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. A good night’s sleep might seem like a luxury, but rest is a vital part of our overall health. Unfortunately, far too many Americans neglect their sleep needs. In fact, about one-third of Americans struggle with sleep deprivation. That might not sound like a big d...
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15 Simple Ways to Make 2019 the Year of Self-Care

As you make your way into the new year, you're probably making a list of resolutions and goals. You might be hoping to go to the gym more, drink more water, work toward that next promotion, or amp up your regular beauty routine. Regardless of all of your other resolutions for 2019, you should also make self-care a priority. From taking bubble baths on Sundays to getting massages every month, self-care goals are not only easy to set and achieve, but they're also enjoyable. Committing to self-care...
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Shine brings its female-focused self-care app to Android

Shine, one of the many apps capitalizing on the growing self-care trend, has now brought to Android devices its app used by 3 million people. Originally launched as a simple messaging bot that doled out life advice and motivation, Shine has grown over the years to become a larger self-help platform aimed largely at the millennial crowd — and, in particular, millennial women. As of Shine’s $5 million Series A round last April, the app’s user base was 70 percent female, and 88 percent were unde...
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Happy EMPOWERED 2019! Something to Read as You're Limping to the Finish Line

B'SD 24 Tevet,  5779 Whew, my recent messages focused on my healing realities. You might feel cheated, or curious, about the fact that you're still feeling defeated by some of your problems, however.  What you might have missed in the past two blogposts, though, is a mention of my remaining deficits. I still struggle to read. Pixelated images on computer screens literally cause pain in my eyes and tire out my brain's ability to interpret the messages/symbols. I walk away from monito...
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How white noise helps you sleep

The first domestic white-noise machine may have been built by a traveling salesman whose wife grew used to the air-conditioners in the motels they frequented and was unable to sleep at home.
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Why Natural Healing Techniques Work!

B'SD 23 Tevet, 5779 Ready to think about why those natural healing strategies mentioned in yesterday's blogpost worked? Here's a brief reality check for you and for the medical professionals interested in all that, too: 1a. Biochemical and oxidative detoxification clears the body of toxins that cause inflammation and then disease.  1b. Superb nutrition sans health-harming chemicals improve the odds for recovery. Wholesome food supports health. Poisonous pesticides, herbicides,...
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Here's to a HEALTHIER 2019: M​anaging or Overcoming a Chronic Health Problem with a Non-medicinal Remedy

B'SD 22 Tevet, 5779 Frequent visitors to this blog know my "I healed without medication" story. But if you're among the many people resolving to improve your health in 2019 and never read this blog before, I have some great information to share with you. I was diagnosed with a petroclival tentorial meningioma, a skull-based, non-cancerous brain tumor as I was about to turn 50. That tumor  had crushed my optic and several other nerves, leaving me blind, unbalanced, and very weak....
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Living In Your Home When Faced With Mobility Issues

As we plan our futures, we plan on retirement, homes and even vacations. As we go through life planning these things out, we should focus on what life would be like without the other. Consider what you would like to have happen later in life and what it would be like if you did not plan ahead for it. Here are some things that you should think about when looking forward to your future. I want you to sit there and think about your future, the things you will have accomplished. Think about buying ...
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No, your computer probably won’t blind you

Recent studies suggest that the blue light emitted from digital screens is harmful for the eyes. We ask an optometric physician on Capitol Hill, a faculty member at the UW department of ophthalmology and the president of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine to weigh in.
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Worried about antibiotics in livestock? Here are the facts

Nutritionist Carrie Dennett shares the facts about antibiotic use in livestock, what "antibiotic-free" really means (and doesn't), and who's really responsible for the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria (hint: sometimes it's us).
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