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‘Jump Street: Now For Her Pleasure’ is Apparently the Title of the Female ‘Jump Street’ Spin-Off

Word came out today that Marvel Studios is developing an R-rated Deadpool 3, but buried in that original report was a separate piece of news we hadn’t heard before. Sony’s planned female-led Jump Street spin-off reportedly has a title, and it’s appropriate given the franchise’s penchant for humor: Jump Street: Now For Her Pleasure. I guess Jump Street: Ribbed For Her Pleasure may have been a step too far. Did you forget that Sony was developing a spin-off of Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s 21 a...
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‘Deadpool 3’ Being Developed by Marvel Studios, ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Writers Tackling the Script

It looks like Deadpool might soon join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After little to no movement on the project, Deadpool 3 is in development at Disney and Marvel Studios. Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin, writers on Bob’s Burgers, have been hired to pen the script while Ryan Reynolds is expected to reprise his role as the third-wall-breaking superhero. Reynolds has been meeting with various writers to hear their pitch for the next Deadpool movie, and the Molyneux sisters ended up wi...
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‘Deadpool 3’ Taps ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Writers The Molyneux Sisters

Emmy-winning writers Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin and Wendy Molyneux have been tapped to write “Deadpool 3”, with Ryan Reynolds set to return as the foul-mouthed superhero. The Molyneux sisters are longtime writing partners, known for their Emmy Award-winning work on Fox’s “Bob’s Burgers.” The pair have also been nominated for three WGA Awards and won an Annie […]
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Marvel Enlists Bob’s Burgers’ The Molyneux Sisters to Pen Deadpool 3 

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Marvel enlists Bob’s Burgers’ The Molyneux Sisters to pen Deadpool 3 According to Deadline, Bob’s Burgers executive producing and writing duo Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin, also known as The Molyneux Sisters have been tapped to pen Marvel Studios’ highly-anticipated third installment to the Ryan Reynolds-led Deadpool films. RELATED: POLL RESULTS: What Pre-MCU Heroes Should Be in the MCU Multiverse? PB = PB || {}; P...
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Deadpool 3 Finally Has Some Life

The Merc with the Mouth may finally be making his way to Disney’s Marvel Studios.Read more...
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‘The Great North’ Trailer: ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Creator Heads to Alaska with Nick Offerman

If you’re a fan of Bob’s Burgers, then you’ll probably be interested in the first look at creator Loren Bouchard‘s new animated The Great North. Coming to FOX early next year, the new family comedy follows Nick Offerman as a single father living in Alaska as he tries to keep his oddball kids close to him. The first teaser trailer has arrived to give us a sneak peek at the series, and it looks like it could be a new hit for FOX. The Great North Teaser Trailer Joining Nick Offerman, who vo...
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‘The Great North’ Renewed for Season 2 at Fox Ahead of Series Premiere

Fox has renewed the animated comedy “The Great North” for a second season before the first has even aired. The show was ordered to straight-to-series last year and is currently slated to debut at midseason in 2021. It hails from Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin from “Bob’s Burgers” as well as Minty Lewis. “Bob’s Burgers” […]
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Trump: Unpaid federal workers should just go ask grocery stores for free food

Today President Donald Trump was asked about Wilbur Ross’s advice to federal workers -- take out loans to pay their bills. Trump said Ross “should have said it differently,” then went on to say that grocery stores and banks will simply “work along” with furloughed workers. “They know the people, they've been dealing with them for years,” said Donald Trump. Yes, it really happened, there's video below. And some of the responses. Donald Trump, defending Wilbur Ross, says government workers...
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Tiffany Haddish in Talks to Star in 21 Jump Street Reboot

Tiffany Haddish in talks to star in 21 Jump Street reboot According to Collider, Girls’ Trip star Tiffany Haddish is currently in talks to star as one of the female leads in director Rodney Rothman’s upcoming female-driven 21 Jump Street reboot for Sony. It was also revealed that Haddish might portray the role of an undercover cop disguising herself as a teacher instead of being a student unlike the previous films/original series. In addition to Haddish,  Crazy Rich Asians‘ Awkwafina is repor...
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15 sick burns on Tweetin' Trump

The whiner-in-chief frequently turns to Twitter to complain about how he is mistreated and misunderstood. While his relatively small coterie of lickspittle sycophants lap it up, people with more than two neurons to rub together have no trouble recognizing his hypocrisy, lies, and ignorance. Someecards has collected "15 of the internet’s best clapbacks at Trump that we really, really hope he saw." Here are a few of my favorites: 1. Hypocrisy— pourmecoffee (@pourmecoffee)...
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22 Jump Street Scribe to Direct 21 Jump Street Spinoff

The female driven 21 Jump Street spinoff appears to have found a director in Rodney Rothman It appears that a director has emerged for Sony Pictures‘ upcoming 21 Jump Street spin-off. Deadline reports that Rodney Rothman, who wrote 22 Jump Street and who has also turned in the most recent draft of the new film’s screenplay, is being eyed by the studio to helm the planned female driven feature. RELATED: Jonah Hill on the Potential Crossover Feature, MIB 23 There’s still no word yet on whether ...
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’21 Jump Street’ Spinoff Gets ’22 Jump Street’ Scribe to Write & Probably Direct

While Schmidt and Jenko are off battling aliens in MiB 23, some of their old Jump Street colleagues will be stepping up into a spotlight of their own. Last year, we got word Sony was planning a Jump Street spinoff that’d center on a couple of female officers. Broad City scribes Lucia Aniello and Paul W. Downs were brought on to try and crack the script, and then Bob’s Burgers producers Lizzie and Wendy Molyneux. Now 22 Jump Street‘s Rodney Rothman is also hopping on board, and it looks like he ...
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‘Zootopia’ and ‘Kubo and the Two Strings’ Lead the 2016 Annie Awards Nominees

With December just around the corner, we’re about to plunge face-first into awards season. Before we even get to the Academy Awards and the Golden Globes and the Screen Actors Guild Awards and the Independent Spirit Awards, we’ll hear from every major critics group across the United States. But before that, we can peruse the 2016 Annie Awards nominees, which look the honor the best in animated films and television. While the Annie’s don’t always agree with the Oscars, the nominees here may prov...
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‘MIB 23’ Is the ‘Jump Street’ / ‘Men in Black’ Crossover Title [CinemaCon 2016]

UPDATE: Sony announced at CinemaCon that the title of the Jump Street / Men in Black crossover will be MIB 23. MEN IN BLACK and 21 JUMP STREET Crossover Logo REVEALED! — Superhero Feed (@SuperheroFeed) April 13, 2016 Our original story from March 4, 2016 follows. One of the biggest surprises to come out of the 2014 Sony hack (at least for our purposes) was the news that the studio was considering merging two of its franchises, 21 Jump Street...
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That ’23 Jump Street’ / ‘Men in Black’ Crossover Is Happening, and James Bobin Might Direct It

One of the biggest surprises to come out of the 2014 Sony hack (at least for our purposes) was the news that the studio was considering merging two of its franchises, 21 Jump Street and Men in Black. It seemed like a wild idea at the time, but now it’s actually happening. James Bobin (The Muppets, Alice Through the Looking Glass) is in early talks to helm the movie, which will bring back 21 Jump Street‘s Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill.  According to Variety, the 23 Jump Street Men in Black cro...
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