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Goalie Announcements (Jan 13)

It's an early start this morning, so it could be a bit of a rushed post today, but let's see how it goes, shall we? Wes is vying for back-to-back Mover & Shaker nods and he carries a 2-point lead and plenty of potential for more points today, leading both Stuart and Dale C., their teams both at 30 points this week.  Three more teams have an outside shot at 27 points: Steve, Jesse and Eric [Author: Clayton Corley]
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Goalie Announcements (Jan 10)

Even with a limited amount of games last night, Wes' team was still able to find some points, as his team is riding one hell of a hot streak at the moment.  His team is now up to 22 points through three nights of action and 4 points clear of Jesse's team in the weekly rankings.  12 teams have made it into double-digits this week, as the scoring rate has still been pretty decent through [Author: Clayton Corley]
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Wild Women, Forty Pricks, and Western Noir

None Film critic Manny Farber, in typical inimitable style, summarized much of Samuel Fuller's film oeuvre through simultaneous praise and critique in the following observation: "What's good about his films is lovable; the daring, uninhibited use of semidocumentary techniques that save the movie from Fuller's mind, an unthinking morass at best" (Negative Space: Manny Farber on the Movies (New York: De Capo Press, 1998, 132). Put slightly more generously, Fuller's film style often trumps the plo...
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Goalie Announcements (Jan 9)

It's going to be a quiet night tonight, as there are only three games on Wednesday, but that's okay.  We're picking up points at a fairly reasonable pace and that's despite seeing more and more goalies, not selected in the pool, getting starts these days and tonight will be no different. Wes' team continues rack up the points, as his team is already up to 18 points this week, looking for [Author: Clayton Corley]
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Mendenhall joins Fireman Capital Partners

Wes Mendenhall has joined Fireman Capital Partners as a principal. Mendenhall was previously director, global banking and markets for the Bank of America Merrill Lynch cross asset solutions team. PRESS RELEASE Wes Mendenhall Joins Fireman Capital Partners as Principal Boston, MA – January 9, 2019 – Fireman Capital Partners (“FCP”), a consumer-focused private equity firm, today announced that Wes Mendenhall has joined the firm as a Principal. He will be based in Seattle and will focus on business...
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Fireman Capital hires ex-Bank of America Merrill Lynch executive Wes Mendenhall

Fireman Capital Partners hired Wes Mendenhall as a principal to focus on business development and investor relationships. Mendenhall previously worked as director in global banking and markets for Bank of America Merrill Lynch cross asset solutions group. Before, he worked in global wealth management division’s managed solutions group. Mendenhall served as an active duty paratrooper in the U.S. Army 82nd Airborne Division. Press Release Fireman Capital Partners (“FCP”), a consumer-focused privat...
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Goalie Announcements (Jan 8)

Coming off a Mover & Shaker week, Wes' team is running white-hot these days, already posting 9 points on Monday night and ready to assault the top three here soon, if his team keeps up its pace.  Monday was also a pretty light night in the NHL, so it should come as no surprise that seven teams didn't post a single point, so the Basement Dweller race is alive and well too.  Thankfully, we've [Author: Clayton Corley]
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Goalie Announcements (Jan 2)

It's Day 2 of the New Year and we're starting to get back to normal around here or whatever normal actually means to this blog. Six games on the schedule, starting at a reasonable hour and Week Fourteen is already in full flight. Dale C. is off to a good start this week with 14 points in the first couple of nights, as is Eric at 13 points, Wes at 12 points, four teams at 11 points and another [Author: Clayton Corley]
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Revealed: The Top 10 Custom Motorcycles of 2018

What a year it’s been for the custom scene. With so many great bikes crossing our radar, it’s almost impossible to pick out any personal favorites. So it’s just as well that our annual Bike Of The Year roundup is purely data driven. It’s based on page views, incoming links, and the number of social media shares. As always, it’s also weighted according to how long ago the bike was featured. A couple of interesting points to note: If we weren’t dealing with customs here, two factory bikes wou...
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This Week in Photography Books: Paris Visone

  I haven’t spent much time in Massachusetts. It’s true. Sure, I went there once or twice as a kid. Saw the Faneuil Hall. Probably ate some clam chowder. Went to a Red Sox game. But that was so long ago I barely remember it. There’s lots of red brick in Boston, right? I visited Northampton a few times when my wife was in graduate school, but even that was 20 years ago. And Northampton is its own little enclave, like Los Alamos in New Mexico. Most of what I know of Massachusetts comes from popula...
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10 Artists You Need To Know

From UK synth pop to red state alternative rock, we reached out to the 10 artists who are on our playlists, climbing the charts, and shattering instagram. This month: Brooklyn’s electro duo Fly By Midnight, UK indie pop Caezar, LA pop act VOILÀ, North Carolina’s rock act Lowborn, Nate Head, Cleveland’s Recess, South Africa’s Leandro, Canada’s Krowns, and New Mexico’s local radio darling Maiya. Fly By Midnight are making with waves with the new track You Belong.  Formed by former MTV’s Dream Bigg...
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The 30 Best New Musical Artists of 2018

Amnesia Scanner Amnesia Scanner is the experimental electronic duo of Ville Haimala and Martti Kalliala. Created in late 2013, the group is not exactly new, but they have remained somewhat unrecognizable and wholly inaccessible until this year. As they used to refuse interviews and released several unannounced, unexplained EP's and mixtapes, Amnesia Scanner floated around as illegible codes for devoted listeners to decipher. Every track title was prefaced by "AS", and each music video reg...
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Lowborn ‘Reckless’

I don’t know how many times I hear that rock is dead. It’s becoming a meme. Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine recently said rock music is nowhere which outraged Slipknot singer Corey Taylor who said, ” Tell that schmuck to go back to The F%&$ ‘Voice’.”   I think rock is seeing a facelift.  Lead singer Wes Lauterbach who fronts the rock act Lowborn tells Kings “I think rock is in two states right now, older rock which has put in its time and built its fan base, and modern rock, which will eventually ...
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Susan Bernhard's Playlist for Her Novel "Winter Loon"

In the Book Notes series, authors create and discuss a music playlist that relates in some way to their recently published book. Previous contributors include Jesmyn Ward, Lauren Groff, Bret Easton Ellis, Celeste Ng, T.C. Boyle, Dana Spiotta, Amy Bloom, Aimee Bender, Heidi Julavits, Hari Kunzru, and many others. Susan Bernhard's novel Winter Loon is an impressive debut. Booklist wrote of the book: "Wes’s struggles are convincing; the Midwestern setting is well realized…Bernhard’s coming-o...
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Week Nine Waiver Draft (Nov 28)

The official word on yesterday's delay in the Waiver Draft was Wes has a new phone number and I was texting the old number, so the communication just wasn't there on Tuesday in the day and that's why we had to wait.  We are now back to normal working procedures and have been making some head way, between last night and this morning.  Today's recap will cut off at the last pick I received, which [Author: Clayton Corley]
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Isle of Dogs Art Gallery, Plus a Chat With DP Tristan Oliver

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Isle of Dogs art gallery, plus a chat with DP Tristan Oliver In early November the New York gallery Parasol Projects hosted an official Fox Searchlight-sponsored Isle of Dogs art gallery exhibit featuring artistic tributes to the Wes Anderson film, as well as the “King Family Kitchen” and “Spot’s Home” sets from the movie. In conjunction with the exhibit got to chat with Isle of Dogs‘ director of photography Tristan Oliver, and received a whole gallery of im...
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Goalie Announcements (Nov 20)

Two of our five surviving teams registered wins on Monday night, Wes and Jeremy each picking up their wins, leaving only Troy, Stacey M. and Mike to get wins through the rest of the week. That won't happen on Tuesday night, as there is only one game and the projected goalies won't have any one of those three, although Mike is losing out on a start, as the Oilers will be going with their number [Author: Clayton Corley]
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Filmmaker Wes Anderson co-curated a quirky art exhibition of oddball items in Vienna

The Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna started a program in 2012 that opened its doors for "remarkable creative individuals" to select pieces from their massive historical collection to present in an exhibition. Filmmaker Wes Anderson and his partner Juman Malouf are the most recent curators in this program. So, for the last two years, they have been putting together their offbeat Spitzmaus Mummy in a Coffin and other Treasures. Artnet describes the exhibit as "a totally quirky presentation of aff...
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Critic’s Notebook: Wes Anderson, Curator? The Filmmaker Gives It a Try

Mr. Anderson and his partner, Juman Malouf, were given free rein in Austria’s largest museum. But you can’t make an exhibition as you would a movie, our critic writes.
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Best Caribbean Airbnb experiences

If you want to spend your Caribbean vacation posting up on a lounge chair and sipping fruity drinks at an all-inclusive, cool. Do your thing. Not every vacation needs to be an enlightening cultural immersion. But sometimes you might get a little cabin fever and feel the urge to get out and explore the island. Thankfully, it’s 2018, which means we can find complete strangers on the internet and pay them to show us around unfamiliar countries without having to go through an overpriced tour comp...
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5 Secrets From A TV Producer To Make Your Pitches Irresistible

by Wes Dening, senior vice president of development and programming at Eureka Productions Whether you’re a creative or an entrepreneur, a pitch is your Olympic moment, an opportunity to show your best in front of the ultimate audience: your buyer. Take the gold or else be forgotten with the pack. Countless ideas abound — and many are fantastic — but the difference between an idea and something of value is putting the muscle in. I make a living buying and selling ideas — things that don’t exist ...
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Road tested: Gear from Aether Apparel, AGV and Pagnol

We all love retro looks crafted with modern materials. This time around we’re checking out new gear with classic styling from AGV Helmets, Aether Apparel and Pagnol Motor. AGV X3000 Helmet Not long ago, finding an old-school helmet meant trolling garage sales for something old, smelly and downright unsafe. Now, ‘vintage-inspired’ buckets are everywhere—but not all of them actually deliver the goods. Some sacrifice safety, fitment or comfort in pursuit of style; the AGV X3000 doesn’t. The $4...
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Love Island's Wes and Grease star Didi Con join Dancing on Ice

Love Island contestant Wes Nelson and Grease actress Didi Conn are the final additions to the line-up.
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Custom Bikes Of The Week: 30 September, 2018

A wild BMW R nineT from Onehandmade, the CROIG Instagrammers get their mitts on a Street Cup, and the Bultaco Pursang from Easy Riders goes up for auction. Triumph Street Cup by Croig If you are one of the millions of two-wheeled enthusiasts addicted to the ’Gram, you’re probably following @caferacersofinstagram. Run by David Chang and Andy Blashko, the feed has been a hotbed for custom cafes since its inception. But the ‘Motosota’ duo don’t just create content for social media—they get th...
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Bethesda Grants Wish of Cancer Patient to Play ‘Fallout 76’

Bethesda granted the last wish of a young boy battling a rare form of cancer by letting him play “Fallout 76” ahead of the game’s November release, according to the family’s Facebook post via Eurogamer. 12-year-old Wes of Hampton Roads, VA was battling stage four neuroblastoma when doctors informed his family that they decided to […]
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Wes Anderson’s New Movie Confirmed as a Musical Set in 1950s France, Will Star a Recent Oscar Winner

A Wes Anderson musical always seemed like an inevitability, and now it’s happening. For his next film, Anderson will employ his symmetrical style to a musical set in 1950s France, with plans to begin filming as soon as November. More on the Wes Anderson musical below. Wes Anderson’s films are often stylish, whimsical affairs with impeccable costume and set design and bold camera movements. These details lend themselves perfectly to the musical genre, which should make Anderson’s next film so...
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Trail Mix – Wes Charlton

The spotlight found Virginia-born singer/songwriter Wes Charlton early. Barely a twenty-something, Charlton’s debut solo record, 2005’s American Bittersweet, led to licensing agreements with film and television companies and his music spread to the masses. A move to Nashville followed and Charlton made his mark in the Music City before Virginia called him back home. Now a dad – Wes and his wife have three kids – Charlton returns with third long player, Morning Stars. Charlton extends his streak...
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Custom Bikes Of The Week: 5 August, 2018

A delicately massaged Norton Dominator, a Honda CB500 with Panigale suspension, a board track racer over a century old, and a Honda CRF1000 upgraded by the improbably named African Queens. Honda CB500 Four by Lionel Duke Just when we think we’ve seen every possible rendition of a cafe’d Honda CB, something new comes along. This time round, that newness is draped in white and comes courtesy of Lionel Duke of Tourettes-sur-Loup in south-eastern France. Starting with a 1973 CB500 Four, Lionel...
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Urban Assault Machine: Fuller Moto’s KTM Duke 690

What’s your perfect urban runabout? When Bryan Fuller of Fuller Moto wanted something light and quick for navigating the streets of downtown Atlanta, Georgia, he picked the KTM Duke 690. At only 330 lbs dry with compact proportions, and powered by a punchy single-cylinder motor that’s good for 70 hp and 69.8 Nm, it’s an ideal choice. And when Bryan found a brand new 2013 Duke at a good price at the local KTM dealer, he couldn’t resist. “Atlanta has lots of tight, old narrow streets with pl...
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PC Gamer’s Wes Fenlon just changed my life (and improved my K/D ratio)

PC Gamer journalist Wes Fenlon just changed my life It’s not often that a story in a gaming publication has such a profound impact on one’s life. Today, though, I found that story. I owe a sincere debt of gratitude to Wes Fenlon, and the publication that employs him, PC Gamer. For both, today, improved my K/D ratio dramatically, if only by curing my own stupidity — at least in this regard. For some — assuming there are others like Wes and I — we game in much the same way as we type. That is to s...
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