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Achy breaky

I got my booster shot on Friday afternoon and, boy, am I feeling it this morning. It's not anywhere near bad, just that my arm, hip, and neck muscles feel quite sore. It's a stronger reaction than I had with my two previous shots. They were Astra Zeneca, this one's Moderna. Maybe that has something to do with it. From Ken's experience last week, I expect the achy-ness to subside in twelve to twenty-four hours. Abtract lighting in a Parisian café, September 2006. So, anyway, I'm boosted and now...
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I've got a few errands to run this morning. First up: a haircut. Our stylist was closed for a while because she was having surgery, so I haven't had my hair cut since mid-August. I've been called "scruffy-looking." Time to fix that. After that, the recycling center, the post office, and a stop in the grocery store for a few things that are on sale. What an exciting day ahead! Tall grasses, seasonably brown. [Author: wcs]
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I got plenty o' nuttin'

And nuttin's plenty for me. I'm expecting a calm weekend. Cold weather, but no rain or snow (!) predicted. Today is semi-finals day at the Paris Open, the last Masters level event of the tennis season, with the final on Sunday. Most of the Asian tournaments were canceled this year. The next big event for the men is the ATP Championship, this year being held in Turin, Italy. After that, the 2022 season starts up in January. There are still some wildflowers blooming out in the vineyards. I'll pr...
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Whatnot raises another $150M for its livestream shopping platform, evolves into a unicorn

Whatnot, a live streaming shopping platform for collectors to buy and sell things like rare Pokémon cards and Funko Pops, has closed a $150M Series C — its third round of fundraising in 2021 alone. This round pins Whatnot’s valuation at $1.5B, earning it a spot on the ever-growing list of unicorns. So what’s a Whatnot? The app captures a trend that had been growing popular on platforms like Instagram in the US (and was already hugely popular in China): live shopping. Verified sellers can go on t...
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Whatnot raises $50M to let people sell Pokémon cards, Funko Pops, and more via livestream

Whatnot exists with one primary goal in mind: to give people a place to buy and sell collectibles (like Pokémon cards, sports cards, pins, etc) in a safe, authenticated way. The company started out with intentions of being a GOAT/StockX-style resale marketplace, where the products up for sale lived on neat little pages with row after row of static images. As they started experimenting with other formats, they found one that really seemed to catch on: livestream sales. Think QVC or the Home Shopp...
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Whatnot raises $20M for its live streaming platform built for selling Pokémon cards and other collectibles

When I first wrote about Whatnot in February of last year, they were just getting started. Aiming to be the GOAT of collectible toys, they were focusing first on being the go-to trusted spot for buying and selling authenticated Funko Pop figurines. A few months later, as they expanded into categories like pins and Pokémon cards, the company started to build out a live shopping platform — think of something along the lines of a TV shopping network, but swap out the studios and camera crews for fo...
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Whatnot raises $20M for its livestreaming platform built for selling Pokémon cards and other collectibles

When I first wrote about Whatnot in February of last year, they were just getting started. Aiming to be the GOAT of collectible toys, they were focusing first on being the go-to trusted spot for buying and selling authenticated Funko Pop figurines. A few months later, as they expanded into categories like pins and Pokémon cards, the company started to build out a live shopping platform — think of something along the lines of a TV shopping network, but swap out the studios and camera crews for fo...
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Whatnot raises $4M as it gets into livestreamed auctions and Pokémon cards

Whatnot, a company I first wrote about back in February, has spent the months since growing rapidly — both in terms of feature set and userbase. This morning the company is announcing it has raised a $4M seed round. Originally focused on being a platform for safely reselling FunkoPop! vinyl figurines, Whatnot has since expanded into other types of collectables, including Pokémon cards, sports cards, and FiGPiNs. Whatnot wants to be the GOAT of collectible toys, starting with Funko Pops T...
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A voté

I sent in my election ballot on Saturday. American citizens who live abroad are eligible to vote in the last place they lived in the US. Since my last address was in San Francisco, that's where I can vote. I started the registration process back in January (it has to be done each calendar year) and then Covid hit and the process slowed way down. The elections office was closed for a while. But I stuck with it and got registered. The person I corresponded with via e-mail was very responsive and h...
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I found this in our mailbox on Friday. A note from the Mayor. Here's my translation.INFORMATIONGiven the approaching deconfinement, I wish to inform you that the Municipality has ordered the fabrication of washable masks that will be distributed to you soon. You will therefore receive, free of charge, one mask per person.I thank you for your civic mindedness during this complicated period of confinement, please remain vigilant in respecting social distancing practices.Take good care of yoursel...
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Le drive

In France, what we Americans call a "drive-through" at retail establishments is known as un drive. Whether it's fast food, a pharmacy, or a supermarket, the signs for le drive are everywhere. Except at banks. I don't think there are drive-up tellers at French banks. Not sure about drive-up ATMs, but I can't think of one. On Friday, I did the supermarket drive for the first time. This is not our Super-U and it's not my photo. I got the image from the internet. "Location" means "rental," most s...
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Whatnot wants to be the GOAT of collectible toys, starting with Funko Pops

Funko Pops. You’ve probably noticed them at your local GameStop, Hot Topic, or spread out all over your coworker’s desk. These lil’ vinyl figurines and their big ol’ heads have taken over retail shelves in the last few years. You can now find a Funko Pop! (or thirty) for just about every fandom; there are over 8,000 different Pops, and that number never seems to stop growing. Like most collectible things, some Pops are worth more than others — whether they’re obscure characters that didn’t ge...
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Les portes

Here are a few of the doors I saw when we walked around the cathedral in Le Puy. I was impressed by the fancy iron work that adorned some of them. Which would you choose? Door Number One? The "freeze" we were expecting didn't happen, and it looks like everything made it without damage. The threat of a freeze or frost still exists. Officially, the risk of frost ends in mid May. Conventional wisdom says not to plant seedlings out until then. There's also a saying: En avril, ne te découvre pas d'...
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Power distribution

When I was in college, I worked between semesters as an office temp. Several of my jobs were at the power company in San Francisco. The jobs weren't particularly challenging, which meant I was good at them with minimal effort. Along the way, I learned a few things (very few) about electric power generation and distribution. These look like transmission lines. There is a difference between power transmission and distribution. The big power lines we see held up high by large steel towers and spa...
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Not hobbits

This is a very short door. Since it's not round, I know it's probably not the door to a hobbit's house. It's too short for me, but it's just right for Tasha. Not that she can open a door. The door was locked, we couldn't figure out where it lead. And, speaking of Tasha, she's got a grooming appointment next week. She's I'm really looking forward to that. The fur around her toes really needs to be trimmed. [Author: wcs]
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I recently walked under a high-tension line and looked up. It was an electrifying experience, almost shocking. I got such a charge out of it that I exclaimed, "Power to the people!" Now, in my current state, I imagine a conductor leading an orchestra playing an AC/DC tune. Sorry, I couldn't resist. Ohm... Looking up into a power line pylon. That is all. [Author: wcs]
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Old door

Not much going on right now except for cooking and watching tennis on tv. Yesterday we ground up some beef that Ken found on sale and we used part of it to make meatballs for Sunday's lunch. Today we're using another part to add to a filling for burritos. We have meatballs left over for another meal, and then the rest of the ground meat will go into the freezer. This door has seen better days. Today play begins in Sydney and Auckland, the two last men's tournaments before the Australian Open...
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My other car... a Bipper Tepee. Just kidding. This is the first time I've seen a Bipper Tepee, and the first time I've ever known that a car called a Bipper Tepee exists. Hey, let's take the Bipper! Everybody into the Bipper! I don't even know how to pronounce Bipper Tepee. You bet your sweet bippy, er, Bipper, it's made by Peugeot. If you haven't figured it out yet, we are now back from a week-long trip to the Vendée, the central Atlantic coast of France. With any luck, we'll both be posting our photos...
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Fall back

This weekend we'll move our clocks back one hour. That means it will be getting dark earlier in the evening. At least it will get light a little earlier in the morning, for a short while. The news people are hinting that this might be the last time, that daylight saving time (called "summer time" in Europe) might be going away soon. We'll see. I'm convinced that for all the people who complain about changing the clocks now, we will hear from just as many people who wish we still did. Mark my wor...
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Like buttah

This isn't butter. It's potimarron (red kuri squash) that's been cut, peeled, and cubed for a recent recipe. I really need to get out and take some more photos. It's chilly this morning, and the heat came on. I did get to the dump on Monday. We loaded the car with some stuff that's been sitting in the garage for a while, along with our normal recycling, and I drove over at ten when the dump opened. It wasn't crowded and I was able to toss our stuff into the appropriate dumpsters (cardboard, meta...
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It wasn't the filling

So... I went to the dentist on Monday morning. For a couple of months, one of my upper molars felt like it had broken and the filling was gone. It was also quite sensitive to cold. I told the dentist and he had a look. He decided to take an x-ray. He told me that it looked like the filling was intact, and the x-ray confirmed that. What seems to have happened, he said, was that I chipped the back of the tooth. Since I don't have a copy of my x-ray, you get a shot of the garden shed with Jerusal...
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Hanging in there

I noticed this seed parachute (minus the seed) suspended in a spider's web the other day. It seemed to be just hanging still in the air. You can just make out the delicate threads of the web in the photo. Can you see the strands of the web? My stress test on Friday went fine. All readings were normal, except one: my blood pressure before the test started was elevated. I was anxious, I guess. The doctor agreed. My blood pressure at the end of the test was normal, actually a little below normal....
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I'm doing a stress test today as part of my cardiac check-up. I had the cardiologist's exam last month, and he says everything looks good. So today I'll ride the stationary bike. This will be my second time in seven years. Our wisteria is having a second bloom since the first back in the spring. I do these check-ups since I turned 50 because of a history of heart problems on my father's side of the family. Better safe than, well, the alternative. The last time I did the stress test, I felt lik...
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Before we left Lapalisse, I took advantage of a public rest room to, uh, rest. The little building next to the parking lot had two of these very sleek and modern facilities. Everything was automatic, so I snapped a photo while the toilet did its thing. The toilet paper looks like it's almost out of reach if you're sitting down. Better to take some before you need it. It's not a self-cleaning room like you find in many larger cities these days. It didn't lock up and disinfect itself when I was...
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Home again

Yes, we've been out and about. But now we're back. Now I'll have my home computer to work on some of the photos I took and more time to explain what and where they are. Branching out. It's nice to get out of the routine and the neighborhood for a while, but it's always nicer to come home. [Author: wcs]
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No photos

I am experiencing technical difficulties and can't post a photo. It's not blogger, but it's too complicated to go into, having to do with my camera and software and stuff like that. So you get words today. You could draw a picture in your mind if you are so inclined!On the head cold front, I am feeling much, much better. Less congestion, less coughing, throat is not as sore, no more aches and pains (except the usual ones). Still not 100%, but way above 50%. Let's hope it stays that way, and gets...
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Back to brown

The little blanket of white we woke up to on Thursday morning melted away as expected and, by Thursday evening, we were back to our winter brown. I "woke up" to rain on the loft windows this morning. I put that in quotes because sleep has been erratic with this cold. I was in bed by 21h00 last night and did actually sleep until after 02h00. That's a good five hours, only getting up once about half-way through. After that it was choppy. Winter brown has its attraction, but it's nice when the gr...
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Snow daze

As predicted, we had snow overnight. It looks like we got a couple of inches of wet snow. It should all melt away quickly, though, because the temperature is going up. I don't have any photos because it's still dark. But if I did have photos, they'd look a lot like this: Tasha in our back yard on February 18, heading out for a snowy walk. My cold is evolving, and not in a good way. I'll spare you the details, but sleeping is difficult, even with antihistamines and throat lozenges. I slept for ...
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A code in my doze

I have a head cold. Or, to hear me say it this morning, a head code. Ken brought some bug back from the US and was afflicted shortly after his return. It was only a matter of time for me to get it, too. Scratchy throat, blocked sinuses, headache. Such fun. The groomer did a fine job and complied with my request to lay off the heavy perfume she used last fall. Last night before bed, I made some hot tea with honey and lemon. That felt good for a while, but my sinuses wouldn't let me get much res...
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I live in Rivendell

Among the elves. Our deck looks like a scene from the Lord of the Rings. Arwen tells Elrond that she has chosen a mortal life. "There is no ship now that can bear me hence," she says. And she drops a book. There are leaves blowing around on the floor. Like there are on my deck. Arwen drops her book on the floor. I dropped my book on the deck. Speaking of leaves, I got the raking done under the maples out front. Those leaves are now in the garden plot. This morning it's windy and the leave...
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