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Chelsea Manning is being held in prolonged solitary confinement, a form of torture

Chelsea Manning -- whistleblower, torture survivor, hero -- is back behind bars for refusing to testify before a grand jury about her whistleblowing activity; for 16 days, she has been held in solitary confinement in a cell for 22 hours/day, not able to speak to others, denied access to the law library, and prohibited from having reading materials. Here is a statement from Chelsea Resists!, Chelsea Manning’s Support Committee. “We condemn the solitary confinement that Chelsea Manning has...
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DoJ snubs whistleblower who shorted stocks of target firms

“The Trump Justice Department, following a tougher policy toward dubious False Claims Act lawsuits by private citizens, has moved to dismiss a pair of lawsuits by a former hedge-fund manager who shorted stock in pharmaceutical companies he accused of a wide-ranging price-fixing conspiracy.” [Daniel Fisher, Legal NewsLine/Forbes] Tags: pharmaceuticals, qui tam, whistleblowers
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New Report Gives Us Clearest Picture Yet of Whistleblower Allegations Against Tesla

This week, a third whistleblower came forward with damning allegations against Tesla. A former member of the Tesla security team, he is now corroborating claims by previous whistleblowers that Tesla hid information about the theft of raw materials from shareholders and conducted unauthorized surveillance on employees…Read more...
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Chelsea Manning has been jailed for refusing to testify at a grand jury about her whistleblowing

Last week, Chelsea Manning announced that she would fight a subpoena to appear before a Grand Jury and testify about her whistleblowing activities, citing her concern that "testimony before grand juries is secret, grand juries can create fear by suggesting that some members of a political community may be secretly cooperating with the government. In this way, grand juries can seed suspicion and fear in activist communities." This morning, a federal judge held her in contempt of court and h...
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Pentagon Inspector General reveals widespread retaliation against whistleblowers with impunity for the retaliators and the wrongdoers

Last November, the Pentagon's Inspector General presented Congress with a "little-noticed" report on whistleblowing in the US military, revealing that those who come forward with claims of misconduct including sexual harassment and safety problems face a "culture of retaliation" including black marks on their service records, demotion, and suspension of security clearance; the IG also reported that in nearly every case, the officers who retaliated against whistleblowers faced no consequences fo...
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France fines UBS €3.7b for helping rich French residents launder more than €10b

Swiss banking giant UBS has been hit with the largest fine in French history: €3.7b, the result of a 7-year investigation of the bank's role in helping the wealthiest French citizens hide €10b from tax authorities. The fine is more than ten times larger than the next-largest fine in French history, when HSBC paid €300m over its wrongdoing. The fine represents 92% of the bank's 2018 profits. After the financial crisis, Swiss law was changed to allow foreign tax authorities to pierce the vei...
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Speakout Tech: a call for tech worker whistleblowers

Evan from Fight for the Future writes, "It seems like every day we learn more about the creepy things big tech companies are doing with our personal data. But so much is still shrouded in secrecy. That's why we're launching a new campaign calling on employees of Silicon Valley companies to blow the whistle on unethical uses of technology. And poetically, we're crowdfunding and using Facebook's own microtargeting system to target video ads directly at employees of the biggest tech companies. We ...
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Feds: we’ve had it with qui tam gamesmanship

“The U.S. Department of Justice is asking federal judges around the country to dismiss lawsuits it says are brought by shell companies that misrepresent their true purposes – filing meritless litigation against health care companies…. The DOJ says these plaintiffs were created for the sole purpose of filing suit under the federal False Claims Act and is complaining that it spent hundreds of hours investigating kickback allegations only to find no merit to them…. Among the law firms representing ...
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Air Force veteran Reality Winner is serving 5 years for blowing the whistle on Russian election interference, while Trump's Russia-dealing cronies are going free

In 2017, Reality Winner, a 25-year-old Air Force veteran and intelligence contractor was arrested for leaking confirmation of 2016 Russian election meddling to The Intercept; Winner seems to have been motivated by the same outrage that had animated Ed Snowden four years earlier: watching her bosses lie about matters of national interest. Winner is a principled, brilliant patriot who was facing a long prison sentence when she pleaded guilty and got a five-year term, the longest ever term fo...
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Tesla Wants Former Employee to Pay $167 Million for Alleged Sabotage

Martin Tripp, a former technician at Tesla’s Gigafactory turned whistleblower, is embroiled in a nasty lawsuit with the EV manufacturer and recently released court documents show that Tesla is not taking Tripp’s alleged “sabotage” lightly. The company wants Tripp to pay $167 million in damages for public statements…Read more...
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Google, Allegedly: Snitches Get Stitches

After a year of protests by its own staff against its work with the military, alleged plans to build a censored Chinese search engine, and handling of sexual harassment allegations against executives, Google is doing some soul-searching and self-reflection over the true meaning of “Don’t be evil.” Just kidding!…Read more...
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Report: Paul Manafort Tried to Score Deal With Ecuador to Hand Julian Assange Over to the U.S.

Julian Assange, the embattled Wikileaks founder who has been holed up in the Ecuadorean embassy in London since 2012 for fear he could be extradited to the U.S. for publishing classified material, is in deep trouble. Court documents mistakenly released appear to suggest that he is facing unspecified, sealed charges in…Read more...
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Job opening: senior security engineer to work on SecureDrop and protect whistleblowers

Sumana writes, "SecureDrop (previously) (originally coded by Aaron Swartz) is an open source whistleblower submission system that media organizations can install to securely accept documents from anonymous sources. Its parent nonprofit, the Freedom of the Press Foundation (previously), is hiring a Senior Software Engineer to join the team and:" "be responsible for development tasks related to the current SecureDrop server and Tails OS workstation code, as well as the next-generation Secure...
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Whistleblower says Tesla spied on employees' cellphones, failed to act when told Mexican cartel dealing drugs at Gigafactory

An employee who was fired from Tesla's battery factory in Nevada has filed a whopper of a whistleblower complaint with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In it, the former employee accuses Elon Musk's company of spying on employees' cellphones, and failing to act after discovering that a Mexican drug cartel may be dealing meth at the 'Gigafactory'. (more…)
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Banking and finance roundup

“State-run retirement plans are the wrong way to protect the poor” [Andrew G. Biggs, AEI] Fifth Circuit panel: Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) “is unconstitutionally structured and violates the separation of powers” [Jonathan Adler] Unconstitutional structure afflicts Consumer Finance Protection Bureau too [Ilya Shapiro on Cato amicus brief in Fifth Circuit case of CFPB v. All American Check Cashing, earlier here, etc.] Study: financial advisers in Canada who are not subject to fiduc...
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Quiet Skies: Air Marshals are following thousands of random Americans through airports and on planes, for no articulatable purpose

Federal Air Marshals are furious that they have been tasked to follow thousands of Americans who are not on any watch-list and not suspected of any crime; they shadow these people (who are selected for surveillance on the basis of flimsy criteria like once having visited Turkey) and send minute-by-minute updates to the TSA, noting whether their targets are sleeping, using more than one phone, waiting until the last minute to board their planes, observing boarding areas from a distance, and othe...
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Nonprofit will coordinate 30 global investigative journalists to report leaked stories of big data abuse

The Signals Network is a nonprofit that supports independent investigative journalism; they're financially supporting a consortium of five international media groups Die Zeit (Germany), Mediapart (France), The Daily Telegraph (UK), The Intercept (US) and WikiTtribune (Global) as they investigate misuse of "big data." (more…)
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Facebook is the hub of the global trade in endangered species: can securities law be used to force the company into action?

Stephen Kohn, a highpowered whistleblower lawyer (he repped both Linda Tripp and the UBS Leaks whistleblower) showed Wired his heretofore confidential SEC complaint against Facebook, which details the undercover sting operations undertaken by his clients to investigate Facebook's role as a platform for the illegal trade in the remains of endangered species, such as rhino horn, elephant tusks, and lion claws. (more…)
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Cambridge Analytica became a US powerhouse thanks Mercer's laundered money and a judas goat named John Bolton

After interviewing Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie and other CA sources and reviewing leaked documents, the Washington Post has pieced together the story of how the dirty-tricking electioneers worked their way Republican political circles, as billionaire founder Robert Mercer opened doors for them with other notorious GOP billionaire backers, with an able assist from newly minted national security adviser John Bolton, a notorious war-criminal with close ties to terrorist gr...
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Facebook insists that Cambridge Analytica didn't "breach" data, but "misused" it, and they're willing to sue anyone who says otherwise

Yesterday's bombshell article in the Guardian about the way that Cambridge Analytica was able to extract tens of millions of Facebook users' data without their consent was preceded by plenty of damage control on Facebook's part: they repeatedly threatened to sue news outlets if they reported on the story and fired the whistleblower who came forward with the story. (more…)
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Tesla Workers Say Almost Half of Model 3 Parts Need Rework

Tesla keeps insisting it’s going to show the automotive industry how to do things differently. The company’s make-or-break Model 3 was put into production without any pilot assembly or validation prototypes. Tesla is also more vertically integrated than traditional automakers these days. It owns its own stores and it makes many of its own parts. […] The post Tesla Workers Say Almost Half of Model 3 Parts Need Rework appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Banking and finance roundup

SCOTUS by 9-0, Ginsburg writing, agrees with Cato amicus (and disagrees with Sen. Grassley amicus) that Dodd-Frank doesn’t cover “whistleblowers” who never told the SEC [Digital Realty Trust v. Somers: Ilya Shapiro/Harvard Law Review, Joel Nolette/Least Dangerous Blog, earlier] Claim: “rolling back bank regulations is a good way to trigger a financial meltdown.” How much truth in that? [George Selgin, Cato] Crosstown hypocrisy: a closer look at the cities who tell judges and bond investors a...
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February 28 roundup

Eighth Circuit Cato amicus defends right of videographer couple in Minnesota not to film same-sex weddings for hire if they don’t care to [Ilya Shapiro and Reilly Stephens] Meanwhile: “California Court Upholds First Amendment Right Not to Bake Cake for Same-Sex Wedding” [Eugene Volokh, who takes a different side from Cato on expressive status of cake creation] “It’s all about the shared love for Disney.” Is that why they’re suing? [Hugo Martin, Los Angeles Times] “Whistleblower Lawyers See a...
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The first-ever independent audit of whistleblower retaliation in US spy agencies was looking bad for the agencies, so it was shut down

For six months, the Intelligence Community Inspector General office investigated the cases of 190 whistleblowers who went through US spy agency channels to report corruption, waste, fraud, abuse and criminality, discovering that the overwhelming majority had faced some combination of indefinite delays and retaliation (being fired, facing paycuts and demotions, being passed over for promotions, etc) -- only one of the 190 whistleblowers had their case upheld, and that took 742 days. (more…)
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Profile of Reality Winner

New York Magazine published an excellent profile of the single-document leaker Reality Winner. [Author: Bruce Schneier]
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The guy in charge of protecting American spies who blow the whistle on corruption just got frog-marched out of his office and suspended

America's spy agencies have always talked a good game about the "official channels" available to spies who discover wrongdoing, insisting that the procedures to investigate their claims and protect them from retaliation mean that no spy should ever have to go to the press. (more…)
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Reality Winner profile is a beautiful portrait of a brilliant, principled patriot who messed up

Reality Winner is the NSA whistleblower who is accused of leaking US intelligence community documents confirming Russian interference in the 2016 elections to the Intercept and who has been a cross between a punchline (her improbable name, her ill-chosen words on recorded prison conversations with her mother) and a cipher. (more…)
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“Last-Minute Whistle-Blowing Before An Expected Termination to Create A ‘Retaliation’ Claim”

Some lawyers actually train potential clients to find something to blow the whistle on when the prospect of termination is nigh. “But perhaps in the future this may change and ambush firings will become the norm to avoid this kind of thing.” [Coyote] Tags: retaliation, whistleblowers “Last-Minute Whistle-Blowing Before An Expected Termination to Create A ‘Retaliation’ Claim” is a post from Overlawyered - Chronicling the high cost of our legal system
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A proposed Australian leaker law will put journalists and whistleblowers in jail for 20 years

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced a plan to bring down anti-leaker legislation that provides for 20 year prison sentences for whistelblowers who leak in order to prove government wrongdoing, and for the journalists who publish those leaks. (more…)
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Judge excoriates DoJ in False Claims Act case

Problems with applying the whistleblower law that has been described as a “cash cow” for the U.S. Department of Justice [C. Ryan Barber, NLJ]: A federal magistrate judge has struck a key witness and ordered the U.S. Justice Department to pay legal fees to HCR ManorCare Inc., one of the country’s largest providers of skilled nursing facilities, for alleged missteps in a case the government touted in the crackdown on fraud in the health care industry. “I don’t think this case should have ever bee...
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