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Impeachment Inquiry Update: What The Past Week Revealed About The Ukraine Affair

President Trump commissioned Rudy Giuliani as his top guy for Ukraine and the White House also appointed "three amigos" to carry out its policy. The administration says nothing's wrong here.(Image credit: Charles Krupa/AP)

'We were not impressed’: Harry Dunn’s parents on their bizarre day with Trump

Charlotte Charles and Tim Dunn talk about their whirlwind White House trip, with Anne Sacoolas, the woman who killed their son, in the next roomWhen the grieving parents of British teenager Harry Dunn arrived in New York earlier this week, their fight for justice for their dead son quickly became a whirlwind of interviews. Their press tour took a strange turn on Tuesday, however, when family adviser Radd Seiger received an unexpected invitation to Washington DC.“Radd, who’s been looking after us...

'We were not impressed’: Harry Dunn’s parents on their bizarre day with Trump

Charlotte Charles and Tim Dunn talk about their whirlwind White House trip, with Anne Sacoolas, the woman who killed their son, in the next roomWhen the grieving parents of British teenager Harry Dunn arrived in New York earlier this week, their fight for justice for their dead son quickly became a whirlwind of interviews. Their press tour took a strange turn on Tuesday, however, when family adviser Radd Seiger received an unexpected invitation to Washington DC.“Radd, who’s been looking after us...
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Shifting explanations from White House alarm some in GOP

WASHINGTON (AP) — The shifting White House explanation for President Donald Trump’s decision to withhold military aid from Ukraine drew alarm Friday from Republicans as the impeachment inquiry brought a new test of their alliance. Trump, in remarks at the White House, stood by his acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, whose earlier comments undermined […]
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Watchdog Accuses Kellyanne Conway Of Violating Hatch Act An Astounding 50 Times

The last time the White House aide was nabbed using her job for partisan politics, she responded: “Blah, blah, blah."

Cooper mocks White House press secretary's Mulvaney story

CNN's Anderson Cooper points out the flaws in White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham's account of Mick Mulvaney's quid pro quo statements that Grisham went on "Fox & Friends" to defend.

Exclusive: Giuliani sought visa for Ukrainian promising dirt on Democrats

Career diplomat George Kent told congressional investigators in his closed-door testimony this week that Rudy Giuliani asked the State Department and the White House to grant a visa to the former Ukrainian official who Joe Biden had pushed to have removed when he was vice president, according to four people familiar with Kent's testimony.

Defiant Mulvaney Rides Out Storm Over His Ukraine Comments

As he approaches his anniversary in the White House as acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney finds himself in a something of a netherworld.
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Tapper: WH saying 'get over' Trump's scandals is standard

CNN's Jake Tapper analyzes the varying responses the White House has offered to explain President Donald Trump's phone call with the Ukrainian president, following White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney admitting to, and subsequently backtracking, quid pro quo in the conversation.

Optics of White House Visit for Blues and the NHL

This past Tuesday, aside from a seven-game slate throughout the National Hockey League, the St. Louis Blues were in action. No, they didn’t find themselves on the ice, but in Washington D.C. Instead of visiting Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals, they were visiting United States President Donald Trump and the White House. Los Angeles Kings with President Obama (Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports) What was once a ceremony that barely caused a blip on the hockey radar has become an in...
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White House Says Trump’s Resort Will Only Charge Cost For G-7

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham cursorily addressed the conflict of interest inherent in hosting the G-7 summit at President Donald Trump’s Doral resort, the first acknowledgement of the issue from the administration. “Everything will be done at cost due to the emoluments clause,” Grisham told the Washington Post, “which means the summit would be significantly cheaper for taxpayers and our foreign guests.” Grisham seemed to argue that by only charging cost for the event, Trump w...
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Concluding its Hillary Clinton Email Probe, State Department Finds Classified Information Violations by 38 People

The investigation covered 33,000 emails that Clinton turned over for review
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Trump Nominates Dan Brouillette to Replace Rick Perry as Energy Secretary

Perry plans to leave the Energy Department at the end of the yea
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Pressure Builds on President Trump As New Revelations Emerge About His Dealings with Ukraine

As Donald Trump flew to Texas Thursday for a fundraiser and rally, the revelations about the President’s involvement in Ukraine escalated into a full-fledged crisis. Mick Mulvaney, the acting White House chief of staff, undercut the President’s denial of a quid pro quo when he told reporters that Trump withheld military aid as leverage to…
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Trump’s Doral Resort Will Host the G7. That Will Only Raise More Ethical Questions

Earlier this year, senior White House staff were briefing President Trump on plans to host the G7 summit in the U.S. when he piped up with a suggestion for the location to host the leaders of the six other major advanced economies. “What about Doral?” Trump said, raising the name of his Florida resort that…
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Trump's legal team is reportedly 'stunned' after Mick Mulvaney admitted to a quid pro quo

Maybe there's a reason Mick Mulvaney's gig never went full time.The acting White House chief of staff admitted on Thursday the Trump administration had engaged in a quid pro quo with Ukraine, withholding aid from the country until its role in the 2016 DNC email hack was further investigated. But the rest of the Trump administration isn't being so forthcoming, with Justice Department officials brushing off possible roles in the exchange entirely."If the White House was withholding aid...

Energy Secretary Rick Perry Has Told Trump He Will Leave His Post Soon: Sources

Perry has recently come under scrutiny in the House impeachment inquiry
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‘Get Over It.’ Trump Tied Ukraine Funding to an Investigation of the DNC, Says Mick Mulvaney

President Trump’s desire for Ukraine to investigate a conspiracy involving the Democratic National Committee and the 2016 elections was part of the reason military aid was held up, White House acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney said Thursday. The moment captured a stark admission by President Trump’s top White House aide that Trump took political…
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Pelosi Picture Just Latest In Trump’s Optics Snafus

President Donald Trump tweeted out a picture from his disastrous meeting with Democratic leadership Wednesday, intending to show “nervous Nancy” Pelosi losing control during their conversation. Nervous Nancy’s unhinged meltdown! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 16, 2019 The tweet immediately backfired, with scores of political observers asserting that the picture makes Pelosi look commanding and in control, not least because she’s the only clearly vis...
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Diplomat says politicization of foreign policy disturbed him

WASHINGTON (AP) — A former top State Department aide testified in the impeachment inquiry that the Trump administration’s politicization of foreign policy contributed to his resignation, while the Senate GOP leader briefed colleagues on a possible Christmas impeachment trial. The day’s events, interrupted by an explosive meeting at the White House, churned as longtime State […]
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‘National Boss’ Pelosi Lights Up Twitter After Viral Photo Standing Up To Trump

The House speaker's White House moment happened on National Boss Day.
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Trump tweeted a photo attacking Nancy Pelosi. She made it her Twitter cover photo.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday redirected an attack from President Donald Trump on Twitter, turning a photo he had tweeted of her during a contentious White House meeting with the caption "Nervous Nancy's unhinged meltdown!" into her Twitter cover shot.
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John Bolton ‘Increasingly Likely’ to Get Subpoena From House Democrats

Sergei Gapon/AFP/GettyCongressional Democrats are eyeing for former national security adviser John Bolton to testify in their impeachment inquiry, The Daily Beast has learned. The possibility that they issue him a subpoena is “increasingly likely,” according to a source familiar with their thinking. Bolton was President Trump’s national security adviser from April 2018 until last month, when he unceremoniously left the White House. During his time there, events unfolded that precipitated Democra...
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Trevor Noah Exposes Eric and Don Jr.’s Hunter Biden Nepotism Hypocrisy

Comedy CentralWith Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings in the news, Trevor Noah turned his attention to the issue of nepotism Wednesday night. “The truth is, your name could be a big reason that you get a leg up in life,” The Daily Show host began. “With that said,” he added, “you can’t deny, it’s not a good look that a Ukrainian company hired Hunter Biden just months after Joe Biden became the Obama administration’s point man on Ukraine. Because it looks very much like he got this business...
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Democratic leaders walk out of meeting with Donald Trump on Syria, claim president had 'meltdown'

Congressional Democrats walked out of a White House meeting on Syria, claiming Donald Trump had a 'meltdown' and called Nancy Pelosi 'third rate.'         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Perry Says Trump Asked Him to Call Giuliani: Impeachment Update

(Bloomberg) -- Michael McKinley, a senior adviser to Secretary of State Michael Pompeo until resigning the post last week, testified Wednesday before three committees leading the House impeachment investigation against President Donald Trump.Here are the latest developments:Perry Says Trump Asked Him to Contact Giuliani (9:20 p.m.)Energy Secretary Rick Perry said that Trump asked him to contact Rudy Giuliani to discuss corruption in Ukraine, according to a report published Wednesday night.Perry ...
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'A very serious meltdown' top Democrats react to Trump meeting – video

Nancy Pelosi said senior lawmakers witnessed Trump having a 'meltdown' after nearly two-thirds of the House GOP caucus voted to condemn his decision to withdraw US troops from northern Syria. Leaving a White House meeting on the situation in Syria, senator Chuck Schumer said that Trump was disrespectful to Pelosi, calling her a third-rate politician' and alleging Trump has no plan on how to contain Isis now that he has withdrawn US troops from northern Syria. Continue reading...
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Inside the White House Meeting ‘Meltdown’

“I hate ISIS more than you do,” President Trump said. “You don’t know that,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi replied. Here’s the rest of their exchange.
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Trump dismisses Syria concerns; Democrats walk out of White House meeting

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other top Democrats accused the president of having a "meltdown," calling her a "third-grade politician" and having no plan to deal with a potentially revived Islamic State group.
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Meltdown? Nancy Pelosi teases Donald Trump after he posts picture of confrontational White House meeting

After a tense day between Capitol Hill lawmakers and the White House, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi found a way to have a little fun.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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