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Don Lemon rails against Rick Santorum after BS chat with Chris Cuomo: "I'm furious!"

"I'm furious!" CNN's Don Lemon said to Chris Cuomo in an emotional rant against CNN's conservative commentator Rick Santorum. (And, although he doesn't come out and say it, he also seems frustrated with Cuomo for his lackluster response after having the unapologetic Santorum on his show). — Read the rest
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People are upset because Lady Gaga allegedly wants to play African queen Cleopatra in a film

Is it appropriate for white actresses to play a famous monarch who more than likely had an African mother?
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A Rumored Casting Call Has Some Members of the Witcher Fandom Freaking Out

A casting call has popped up in the United Kingdom for Ciri, the young ward of Geralt of Rivia, played by Henry Cavill, and the details of the call have garnered a huge controversy in the fandom. Read more...
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Why Did It Take So Long to See a Cast Like ‘Crazy Rich Asians’?

With much riding on the first major Hollywood film with a majority Asian cast and crew since 1993, the makers faced questions about identity.
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John Chu is Developing a Second Thai Cave Rescue Movie, Pledges to Avoid “Whitewashing”

It’s an inspiring story fit for Hollywood: 12 brave young soccer players trapped in a flooded cave for two weeks, dauntless rescuers risking life and limb to save the team, a wave of support from dozens of countries as the world watched with bated breath for the rescuers to emerge victorious with the Wild Boars safe in hand. And then the miracle: they got out. Of course, Hollywood is already 10 steps ahead of us. It was barely days after the Wild Boars were rescued that a Thai cave rescue movie...
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The Sackler Family: best known for philanthropy, they made billions promoting Oxycontin

Purdue cynically created the American opiod epidemic through a combination of bribing medical professionals to overprescribe Oxycontin, publishing junk science, and aggressively lobbying regulators at every level to turn a blind eye to the destruction of the lives of millions of patient; while the company settled a record-setting criminal case, the name of the secretive family of billionaires who run Purdue and profited from the Oxy epidemic is best known for philanthropy, not profiteering: the...
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‘Thor: Ragnarok’ director responds to live-action ‘Akira’ movie buzz

If you're a fan of classic anime and manga, you should be excited; the long-awaited live-action Akira adaptation is revving up and it looks like the director of Thor: Ragnarok might get behind the camera. The post ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ director responds to live-action ‘Akira’ movie buzz appeared first on Digital Trends.
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‘Deadpool’ actor Ed Skrein exits ‘Hellboy’ due to whitewashing controversy

After joining the cast of Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen a week ago, Deadpool actor Ed Skrein has abruptly left the film, citing the whitewashing controversy his casting generated. The post ‘Deadpool’ actor Ed Skrein exits ‘Hellboy’ due to whitewashing controversy appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Ed Skrein Backs Out of Japanese-American Role in ‘Hellboy’ in a Win Against Whitewashing

In a possibly unprecedented win against whitewashing, Ed Skrein has stepped down from playing Major Ben Daimio in the Neil Marshall-helmed reboot of Hellboy. The Japanese-American character had become a source of controversy when Skrein, a white British actor, was cast in the role last week. Criticisms of whitewashing mounted against the casting until finally Skrein announced on Monday that he has decided to leave the project. The trend of whitewashing characters — casting white actors in ro...
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Netflix's Death Note Creators Don't Really Understand the Whitewashing Criticism

Last night, Netflix’s Death Note adaptation premiered in New York City, and the screening gave its creators a chance to respond to the widespread criticism of the film’s whitewashing of Japanese characters and context. Their responses aren’t exactly encouraging, but at least they’re talking?Read more...
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Yet another white guy cast in a non-white starring role

I am going to go out on a ledge and guess there were plenty of actors who could play a physically attractive Pacific Islander. Apparently Hollywood can't find one. Some guy named Zach McGowan has been cast as Hawaiian native Benehakaka “Ben” Kanahele in an upcoming WWII film entitled Ni’ihau. Apparently Ol' Ben Kanahele was not a blue-eyed, white skinned person of non-Hawaiian origin. Via Variety: Actor Zach McGowan has been cast as Hawaiian native Benehakaka “Ben” Kanahele in the upcoming...
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‘Whitewashing’ Accusations Fly as Zach McGowan Cast as Hawaiian WWII Hero

Actor Zach McGowan has been cast as Hawaiian native Benehakaka “Ben” Kanahele in the upcoming WWII film “Ni’ihau,” reigniting the “whitewashing” controversy in Hollywood where Asian/Pacific Islanders are portrayed by white actors. The film chronicles the true story of the Ni’ihau Incident, in which Kanahele rescued Shigenori Nishikaichi, an Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service pilot who participated... Read more »
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Black Women Are Upset Over SheaMoisture's New Whitewashing Marketing Ploy

Update:
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A Comprehensive Guide to the Ghost in the Shell Controversy

Why the Scarlett Johansson action movie has angered so many people
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First 5 minutes of action-packed ‘Ghost in the Shell’ have surfaced online

Among the takeaways Paramount Pictures is surely hoping for in releasing the first five minutes of its big-budget Scarlett Johansson thriller Ghost in the Shell are: “look at those graphics!”, “this is so futuristic!”, and ultimately “we have to see this when it comes out!” googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display("div-gpt-ad-queerty_article_inline_unit_1"); }); It’s a bold publicity move that shows confidence in what they’ve got, thoug...
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Hugo-Winning Author Nnedi Okorafor on How Whitewashing Once Came to Her Book Cover

Ten years ago, Hugo Award-winning author Nnedi Okorafor was getting ready to publish her second novel. She was thrilled to share her latest work with the world, which envisioned an African country after an apocalypse, centered around a black protagonist. Then she saw her book’s cover.Read more...
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Powerful Video Shows Why Ghost In The Shell Whitewashing Has Real Consequences

It can be easy to dismiss issues of representation in the abstract. Casting Scarlett Johansson as the lead in Ghost In The Shell was portrayed as part of the business, and many who criticized it as whitewashing were told they were over-reacting. After all, “it’s just a movie.” But as one video shows, there’s nothing…Read more...
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Scarlett Johansson: 'I Would Never Want to Feel Like I Was Playing a Character That Was Offensive'

In an interview with Marie Claire for their March 2017 issue, Scarlett Johansson had a cautious response to ongoing criticism about the U.S. live action remake of the popular anime Ghost in the Shell.Read more...
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Wikihow Turned Obama, Jay-Z, and Beyoncé White to Explain 'How to Become A Congressman'

Wikihow, the people who brought you “How to Stop Being Racist” and the Mother’s Day classic, “How to Hide an Erection,” (not to be confused with “How to Suppress An Erection”), has leapt over its own absurdist bar with “How to Become a Congressman.” This time, the tutorial stars Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Former President…Read more...
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Watch: First Look at Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson in ‘Urban Myths’ Trailer

Following last year’s scandal over casting Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson in its road-trip comedy, Sky Arts released the first trailer for “Urban Myths.” The lighthearted Ben Palmer-directed piece tells the tale of Elizabeth Taylor, Marlon Brando, and Michael Jackson as they attempt to journey back to West Coast in the aftermath of 9/11. And if... Read more »
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“Asian Actors Should Play Asian Roles": Margaret Cho Responds to Dust-Up with Tilda Swinton 

Tilda Swinton and Margaret Cho have enjoyed extensive discussion over Swinton’s casting as the Ancient One in Doctor Strange, who in the original comic was a Tibetan man. Though their email exchange originally took place in May, it only came to light during Cho’s appearance on Bobby Lee’s TigerBelly podcast earlier this week. Since then, Swinton’s camp has released the entire archive of their conversation, which, contrary to Cho’s assessment, seemed quite cordial.Read more...
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Tilda Swinton Sent Us Her Email Exchange with Margaret Cho About Doctor Strange, Diversity, and Whitewashing

Earlier today, we posted about Margaret Cho’s account of a “fight” she had with Tilda Swinton regarding her controversial casting in Doctor Strange, in which Swinton played the Ancient One, a character who originally was written as Tibetan in the Doctor Strange comics. Read more...
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Margaret Cho Says She Had a Fight with Tilda Swinton Over Whitewashed Doctor Strange Role

In this year’s Marvel flick Doctor Strange, Tilda Swinton plays the Ancient One, a character that was originally Tibetan in the movie’s comic-book source material. Changing the race of the character was reportedly a politically-motivated decision “in large part over fears of offending the Chinese government and people — and of losing access to one of the world’s most lucrative film markets,” according to the New York Times. Of course, anyone with any familiarity with American pop culture knows t...
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Matt Damon Says His Role In The Great Wall Was Never Intended For an Asian Actor

"That whole idea of whitewashing, I take that very seriously"
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BREAKING: Hexmag CAUGHT Erasing Magazine’s Designer from Official Company History – A TFB EXCLUSIVE

In a story that could be ripped right from the annals of Stalin-era Soviet history, polymer AR-15 magazine manufacturer Hexmag has been caught whitewashing its official corporate history to eliminate any mention of the original designer of the magazine, replacing him with the company’s founder. The kicker? The Hexmag’s designer is the founder’s own brother. This […] Read More … The post BREAKING: Hexmag CAUGHT Erasing Magazine’s Designer from Official Company History – A TFB EXCLUSIVE appeared ...
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Ghost in the Shell Producer's 'Fan' Friends Don't Care About Whitewashing

The Ghost in the Shell producer Ari Arad has acknowledged that some “people online” are upset that Scarlett Johansson is playing a protagonist who was originally Asian, but that the fans he’s friends with were okay with it so it probably won’t matter.Read more...
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Asian Actors in Comic Book Films Respond to ‘Doctor Strange’ Whitewashing Controversy

With “Doctor Strange” opening this weekend, the “whitewashing” controversy surrounding the casting of Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One in “Doctor Strange” has resurfaced. Both director Scott Derrickson and writer Jon Spaihts have defended Swinton, rationalizing that casting a woman in the role of a man was already a diversity choice. But some Asian visibility groups, notably... Read more »
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Thank God, the Live-Action Mulan Will Have an All-Chinese Cast and No White Lead

Good news, everyone—following incredibly (and justifiably) angry reactions yesterday to a report claiming that Disney’s fast-tracked Mulan remake would feature a prominent white male leading role, a new report has emerged saying that the film will not feature that role at all.Read more...
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Matt Damon Addresses The Great Wall’s White Savior Issue

Matt Damon Addresses The Great Wall’s White Savior Issue Following its panel at the New York Comic Con, Legendary Pictures and Universal Pictures held a press conference for their Chinese epic The Great Wall and was there. During the discussion, star Matt Damon was asked about the accusations in the press, based on an earlier teaser trailer, that his western hero in the film fell into an offensive “white savior” or “mighty whitey” stereotype. Damon addressed the concern frankly...
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