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Muppets Haunted Mansion Trailer: Gonzo And Pepe Try To Survive The Night (And Ghost Puns)

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Halloween, that is. While the Muppets may be more commonly associated with Christmas Carols, the scare-filled festivities of Spooky Season mean that we can once again look forward to Jim Henson's puppet creations entertaining, enchanting, and distracting us from the ever-present worries of (gestures wildly) everything going on these days. Loaded with special guest stars, new original music, and -- of course -- all the Muppet characters we know and love, ...
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Anthony Mackie To Star In Twisted Metal Series From PlayStation And Sony TV

Anthony Mackie may have just found himself at the forefront of another big franchise. The actor, best known for his work as Sam Wilson/Falcon/Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is now set to lead the upcoming "Twisted Metal" TV show. So, we can expect to see Mackie driving in weaponized vehicles and blowing up people real good.According to Variety, Mackie will star in the lead role as John Doe. Mackie is also set to serve as a producer on the series. His character is described as ...
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Anthony Mackie Set to Star in Twisted Metal TV Series

A Twisted Metal television show is officially in development and Captain America star Anthony Mackie will be in the lead role and executive produce the series. RELATED: Anthony Mackie Closes Deal to Star in Captain America 4 Mackie’s character will be named John Doe, a man that has no memories of his past and is seeking a better life. As such, he accepts a dangerous mission to deliver a package across a wasteland that’s filled with other dangerous drivers. We can also expect familiar faces from ...
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Leveraging the Power of Your Speaking Voice

About a year ago I married one of my best friends from college. While our lives had taken very different paths after graduation, we somehow found ourselves both single again in our 40s. He was living in California. I was across the country in Tennessee. Reflecting on the beginning days of our relationship, he asked me recently, “when did you know you were falling in love with me?” The answer for me was an easy one. It was the first time he called and I heard his voice on the other end of the pho...
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Discovery Plus Orders ‘SmartLess’ Docuseries With Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes and Will Arnett

Discovery Plus has ordered two 75-minute documentary-style specials that follow actors Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes and Will Arnett during the North American tour for their podcast “SmartLess.” The series, currently untitled, will arrive on the subscription-based streaming-video series in 2022 and feature highlights from their celebrity interviews during the tour “Jason, Sean and Will are […]
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Toronto Maple Leafs - All Or Nothing

TORONTO (August 11) – Amazon Prime Video today announced all five episodes of Canadian Amazon Original docuseries, All or Nothing: Toronto Maple Leafs, will premiere October 1 on Prime Video. The series offers an insider view of the iconic Toronto Maple Leafs during the historic 2020-21 NHL season, including on-the-ice action and unparalleled behind-the-scenes access with players, coaches and fans. The Canadian Amazon Original series will be available in more than 240 countries and territories...
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Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes and Will Arnett to bring their 'SmartLess' podcast on the road

Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes and Will Arnett will celebrate the first anniversary of their podcast, "SmartLess," by bringing the show on the road.
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If Pixar Made The Shining, It Would Still Freak Me Out

Snapchat has rolled out a new filter that turns users into Disney/Pixar characters, and Twitter has diverted resources into exploring its transformative potential. The movie Heat, fictional serial killer Michael Myers, and sad Ben Affleck all demonstrate that in most cases enlarged Disney eyeballs soften the edges.…Read more...
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The Daily Stream: ‘LEGO Masters’ is a Delightfully Friendly Competition Fueled by Pure Imagination

(Welcome to The Daily Stream, an ongoing series in which the /Film team shares what they’ve been watching, why it’s worth checking out, and where you can stream it.) The Series: LEGO Masters Where You Can Stream It: Hulu The Pitch: Based on the hit British reality-competition series of the same name, LEGO Masters brings in teams of two brick builders in a friendly competition where imagination, design, and creativity are king. Hosted by Will Arnett, the series features a variety of LEGO challen...
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Lego Masters Season 2 Judges Tease Curious Builds and Covid Filming Challenges

A person in possession of just six Lego bricks can create almost a billion different combinations. So when you consider the second season of Fox’s reality competition show Lego Masters gives the contestants 5 million bricks to choose from, the scope and variation of the creations becomes almost unfathomable. “There…Read more...
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‘Lego Masters’ Host Will Arnett and Producers on How Season 2 Found More Intense, ‘Eccentric’ Builders

“Lego Masters” returns for a second season on Tuesday with a new crop of contestants that once again live up to the show’s title — and perhaps even more so than last year. Season 1 featured impressive builds from some incredibly creative minds — but according to executive producers Anthony Dominici and Michael Heyerman, many […]
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Sony is Doubling Down on Video Game Adaptations, Teaming Up Its Gaming and Film Divisions

Video game movies have a spotty track record in Hollywood. In fact, there’s still chatter about a “video game movie curse,” because the vast majority of films based on a video game are critical bombs, and often box office bombs. But expect dozens more shows and movies based on your favorite games in the future, because Hollywood is doubling down on video game adaptations. And Sony, naturally, is leading the charge. Per a report from The New York Times, Sony is doubling down on video game ada...
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2021 Summer TV Preview: All the Sci-Fi, Horror, and Fantasy to Stay at Home With

Like the movie industry, the realm of television is still in the process of clawing its way back from covid-related delays. While some new seasons, hiatus returns, and debuts will need a little more time to make it to the airwaves, rest assured there’s still plenty of fresh summer TV on the way.Read more...
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‘Twisted Metal’ Video Game is Becoming a TV Series from ‘Deadpool’ Duo, ‘Cobra Kai’ Writer and Will Arnett

Twisted Metal was one of the earliest video game successes on the original PlayStation console in 1995. Players controlled a variety of deadly vehicles that battled each other in different arenas with ballistic projectiles, machine guns, mines, and plenty of other types of weapons. A series of sequels and spin-offs followed, but there hasn’t been a new Twisted Metal video game since 2012. But that’s not stopping an interesting assembly of talent from trying to shift a Twisted Metal TV series in...
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CS Soapbox: Things We Want From The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Reboot

CS Soapbox: Things we want from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot Last summer brought the interesting announcement that a CG film reboot of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise was in the works from the all-star team of Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, Jeff Rowe and Brendan O’Brien and while Rogen has offered that the film will offer more of an emphasis on the age of the characters, there’s still a lot of unknowns about what fans can expect from the next film. On a whim and a need for ...
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‘The Masked Dancer’ Gets a ‘Lego Masters’ Crossover with Guest Panelist Will Arnett (EXCLUSIVE)

As “The Masked Dancer” continues midway through its first season run, the show has revealed several more guest panelists (all a part of the Fox family, natch) who will appear in the coming weeks. That includes “Lego Masters” host and executive producer Will Arnett, who will guest on the Feb. 10 episode. Clues in that […]
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I was a stockbroker at UBS who went to prison for fraud. Now I'm a white-collar prison consultant who helps high-profile clients get through their time in lockup - here's what my job is like.

Justin Paperny is the founder of White Collar Advice. Justin Paperny Justin Paperny, 45, is a business owner and former federal inmate currently based in Irvine, California. While working as an investment banker at UBS, Paperny was involved with a fraudulent hedge fund that was part of a Ponzi scheme. He pleaded guilty in 2007 to conspiracy to commit mail, wire, and securities fraud and was stripped of his licenses to sell stocks and real estate. In prison, Paperny became friends with fell...
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TV Bits: ‘The Morning Show’, ‘Tiger’, ‘Baby God’, ‘Emily in Paris’, and More

In this edition of TV Bits: The AppleTV+ series The Morning Show has found a new cast member Watch the trailer for HBO’s Tiger, chronicling the rise and fall of golf icon Tiger Woods Emily in Paris is getting a second season on Netflix If you like comedian Jeff Dunham, we have very good news LEGO Masters is coming back to Fox for season 2 And more! Earlier this morning, I was thinking about how I’ve really missed watching Hasan Minhaj since his Netflix series, Patriot Act, was canceled. T...
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‘Lego Masters’ Lands Season 2 Order From Fox; Will Arnett Back as Host and Producer

Fox has locked “Lego Masters” for a second season. The competition series, hosted by Will Arnett, has already been casting and will shoot in the spring for an airdate sometime in 2021. A pickup has been expected for months, particularly after Fox CEO Lachlan Murdoch revealed that preparation had begun on Season 2 during an […]
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Will Arnett and ATTN:’s ‘Your Daily Horoscope’ Animated Series Renewed for Season 2 at Quibi (EXCLUSIVE)

Will Arnett’s horoscope must have told him that great news is heading his way. And that news is that his “Your Daily Horoscope” animated series has been picked up for a second season by Quibi, Variety has learned exclusively. The short-form content platform has ordered another 26-week run of the show, which airs five episodes per week. […]
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Will Arnett’s ‘Your Daily Horoscope’ Animated Series Renewed for Season 2 at Quibi (EXCLUSIVE)

Will Arnett’s horoscope must have told him that great news is heading his way. And that news is that his “Your Daily Horoscope” animated series has been picked up for a second season by Quibi, Variety has learned exclusively. The short-form content platform has ordered another 26-week run of the show, which airs five episodes per week. […]
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Charles Barkley, Chris Eubank and Bridget Everett Join Paramount Animation’s ‘Rumble’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Charles Barkley, Chris Eubank and Bridget Everett are ready to “Rumble.” The trio have join the voice cast of Paramount Animation’s monster wrestling film “Rumble.” The movie — set to release in theaters on Jan. 29, 2021 — was written and directed by Hamish Grieve. Barkley, Eubank and Everett join the previously announced cast of […]
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‘Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’ Will Let Gamers Hunt Down Their Favorite Superheroes [DC FanDome]

After redefining the modern superhero video game with Batman: Arkham Asylum and its two sequels, Rocksteady is returning to the DC Universe. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League puts players in control of several members of “Task Force X,” the team of supervillains tasked with saving the day when traditional heroes can’t get the job done. And they may have their toughest job yet: some kind of alien menace has taken control of the world’s greatest superheroes and someone has to take them down....
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DC FanDome Unveils Interactive Schedule: Here Are the Panels You Need to Know About

If you’re a fan of DC Comics, the DC Extended Universe, and/or The CW’s Arrowverse of TV shows, clear your schedule for Saturday, August 22, 2020. DC FanDome, Warner Bros.’ upcoming event celebrating all things DC Comics-related, has released its complete schedule for the entire event, and it’s full of panels dedicated to huge movies like The Batman, Wonder Woman 1984, and Black Adam, and tons of shows ranging from The Flash to the animated Harley Quinn series. Find out how to build your own cu...
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Distant: Naomi Scott Joins Anthony Ramos in New Sci-Fi Comedy

Distant: Naomi Scott joins Anthony Ramos in new sci-fi comedy film According to Deadline, Aladdin star Naomi Scott has been tapped to join Hamilton alum Anthony Ramos in Amblin Partner’s forthcoming sci-fi comedy film titled Distant. Scott is set to take on the film’s female lead as she replaces Golden Globe winner Rachel Brosnahan (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel), who has exited from the project due to scheduling conflicts caused by the ongoing pandemic. Scott gained recognition for her performa...
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The Quarantine Stream: The Movie Is ‘Hot Rod’, And It Likes to Party

(Welcome to The Quarantine Stream, a new series where the /Film team shares what they’ve been watching while social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.) The Movie: Hot Rod Where You Can Stream It: Hulu The Pitch: Rod Kimble (Andy Samberg) is a self-proclaimed stuntman who spends his days trying to live up to the legacy of his father, who he believes used to test stunts for Evel Knievel before the famous daredevil made the jumps himself. But he also hopes to prove his manhood to his step-f...
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‘Lego Masters’ Host Will Arnett on the Show’s Family-Friendly Appeal, and When to Expect Season 2

“Lego Masters” hasn’t yet been renewed for a Season 2, yet Fox Corp. boss Lachlan Murdoch has all but confirmed that it will be back — well, once productions are allowed to come back. The show was broadcast’s top-rated new series among adults 18-49, adults 18-34 and teens last season. And Fox touted that it […]
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