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Entering Flow

"Until you face your fears, you don't move to the other side, where you find your power." Mark AllenHe was probably the most talented endurance athlete of his generation - winning the Ironman World Championship six times, despite competing in and losing the race six previous times, always to his greatest rival Dave Scott. He worked hard for years but always seemed to come up short. Then something changed.His quote on fear above really grabbed my attention. It is both profound and inspiring. Yet,...
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Taming the Elephant

There are moments, flashes of them, sometimes strung together in a timeless sequence that I only wish I could recreate on demand. When I close my eyes sometimes they come back to me in a flashback. Like the moment I was moving along a ridge in the Wasatch Mountains on a moonlit path. All distractions melted away. Fatigue? Thirst? Pain? Gone. Bodily sensations and thoughts? Gone. At least for those few precious moments.In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, the mind is like an elephant. Large and w...
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Getting Back on the Elephant

I wrote recently about the relationship between the elephant and the monkey. And how the elephant follows the monkey aimlessly, to random places, for no reason. The elephant, of course, is the mind - my mind at the moment - chasing the monkey, which is nothing more than distracting thoughts we are confronted with in our daily lives. Hmmm...the LA Angles are in second place. Can they hang on? Why did I run in those zero drop shoes again? Why didn't I remember that they always cause a calf injury...
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Our Bio-Rivers of Serotonin

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Nibbling the Enchilada

Starting at a mere 500 feet in a Palm Springs parking lot and rising to 10,500 feet at the top of San Jacinto peak, the Cactus to Cloud trail is something to reckon with. Given its extreme ascent (10,000 feet in 16 miles, or 625’ per mile) it’s been dubbed in some quarters one of the hardest trails in the world.Another component of this trail’s prowess is the temperature swings it can throw at you. At the base, temps climb as high has 115+ degrees and, at the summit, plummet to as low as sub z...
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The Religion of Solitude

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Just Stillness

When we came around a bend in the trail, I could see them in the distance, frozen in their tracks.  I reached for my camera. Would they move? Run away? I just keep reaching until I grabbed the camera and positioned it for the shot. Still, no movement. Just stillness. Click. Running in the mountains. Is there anything better?I haven't found it.         [Author: Will Cooper ]
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Like a Sharp Knife Into the Back of My Leg

Running In the Red Zone - Heart Race at Xterra race Being a runner has its advantages. You can pretty much do it anywhere. City streets, mountain ridges, country roads. You can even do it on a cruise ship.Then there are the disadvantages. One being the lingering tendency toward obsessive compulsive disorder. Like the need to monitor everything possible under the sun. You know, like distance run, elevation gained, resting heart rate, max heart rate, calories, hydration, cadence, weight, pa...
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Escaping the Hordes

Getting from place to place is always more interesting in the mountains. Here is a shot from Harding Truck Trail on my descent from Modjeska Peak, the lower of the two peaks that are Saddleback Mt. Not a bad place to be when trying to escape from the OC’s 3.2 million people…. [Author: Will Cooper ]
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Sugar Moon Rising

Was on my way home tonite and noticed at the top of the hill a large, full moon rising in the night’s sky. I quickly assembled my Nikon DSLR and 600mm telephoto lens to capture the moment. Turns out the Sugar Moon gets its name because it coincides with the tapping of the sweet sap of maple trees, and is symbolic of a lot of good to come. [Author: Will Cooper ]
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AMORE Runners!

2018 Started out with such promise! But as the days and weeks and months wore on, I simply wore out. I think my ambition got the better of me. It’s not that I didn’t embrace the idea of running several big audacious ultra’s - Hard Rock, Bighorn and Rocky Raccoon to name a few - because I loved the idea of it. It’s just that, well, the idea is all I could muster. It was when the idea needed to transition into reality that I kind of hesitated, stumbled. The old “I’ll start my training next week” ...
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Finding Your Dopamine

“The way I train is based on my feelings, that is, on my desire to climb a mountain or to discover a valley.”Kilian JornetIf I didn’t know better, I’d say these words were from some new-age hippie prepping for the John Muir trail, not the best ultra runner on the world stage. It is an interesting twist to us runners, me included, that training should be based on the whimsical – feelings and desires – not the more austere discipline and commitment.I’m not surprised, however, given what little I k...
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Where Continents Collide | Mt. Whitney

Ranked up there with the best hikes in the world, including Salkantay Trek in Peru (Machu Piccu), and the Narrows in Utah, is the Whitney trail in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. It’s a hike to the summit of the tallest mountain in the lower 48 states. I had the good fortune, thanks to my friend Jinii K, to hike this challenging trail with three friends last Friday. Morning Moon - Sierra Nevada. The Whitney trail requires a bit of planning and logistics. Carrying ...
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Another One for Our Little Roses

Another day full of fun and mischief with the peeps from Run for Our Little Roses. [Author: Will Cooper ]
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Fear, Preparation and the Comfort Zone

Some of the more memorable quotes I've heard in a while have come from a young rock climber, Alex Honnold, who free soloed El Capitan. In his effort Honnold accomplished something no one else has even attempted, let alone completed. And for good reason - after all, isn't climbing a 3,000 foot vertical wall with no ropes or protective gear a bit of a death wish?In an interview before he free soloed El Capitan, Honnold talks about risk, fear and constantly pushing himself beyond his own comfort...
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Until Now...

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Snow Shoes and Contemporary Mores

The sound of the mountain resort at Snow Summit was still loitering in the air over the tall pine trees to my left. A man’s voice was droning on and on over a loudspeaker of some sort. Why on a Sunday morning do they have to do that?I just kept climbing, up the steep grade, in deep powder cutting what felt like one hundred switchbacks just to manage from sliding backwards head over heels on this near vertical snowfield. Just when I thought I had this snow-trudge figured out, my snowshoe would p...
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Goodbye Winter - I'll Miss You!

With the official start of spring occurring this week, I must say that I for one will miss winter, especially this winter, which brought more snow than we’ve seen in Southern California in many years. My best day was a four hour snowshoe trek through knee deep powder in the the San Bernardino National Forest followed closely by several ski runs on untracked powder.“You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.”   Jack London [Author: Will Cooper ]
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The Calm and the Quiet

Equanimity, defined as an evenness of mind, especially under stress. A few years ago I wrote about it. I’d been struck by the sight of two “monkish” people sitting, ever-so-calmly, in the middle of New York City’s Central park, meditating. They appeared like living statues in quiet   defiance, keepers of calm in a chaotic world swirling around them. I felt a tug of attraction to their solitude.A few halfhearted attempts to seek equanimity through meditation followed. Then there was the clobberi...
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Grass Running

It’s been many years since I ventured out barefoot on a run. For the record, it wasn’t a great experience both times, whether on sand or asphalt. The soles of my feet felt like they’d been massaged with a belt sander.  Yet, I’ve been running a fair amount on grass lately and decided to give the barefoot option another go. Outside of a few errant pebbles penetrating several  nerve endings, it actually felt good to be free of shoes. I then turned to a pair of Merrill Barefoot’s that I had in my r...
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Training - When to Jump Into the Abyss

You walk out to the edge of cliff. You look down. One hundred feet below you, waves are crashing against the cliff and on jagged rocks.  Currents of foam and rip tides surge in and out with the heavy surf. The problem is your life boat is anchored beyond the waves, and the only way to get to it is to jump into the abyss and swim for it. If you don’t jump, you will soon be consumed by the angst ridden Troll of Runner’s Doom. The ghost that haunts you everyday.But when do you jump? Jump too early...
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Running Through the Ups and Downs - Repost

(Original post March 2012. Still 100% relevant)  The last couple weeks I stumbled upon a certain realization about running, maybe even about life. Whether you are a runner or not, take heart, because you might see some parallels in your own world.There are days when I feel invincible. The miles, the hours, the hills I put in week after week, make me feel strong. They build me up, encourage me to push the envelope a little further. They give me the confidence to reach a little higher.And there...
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The Mountains Are Calling

Looks like it will be something new for me in 2019. After throwing my proverbial hat in the Hard Rock 100 keep-the-newbies-out lottery system, I’m setting my sights on something different - 200 miles on the Tahoe Rim Trial.   The absurdity of this aside, I’m actually looking forward to the extra miles for several reasons. First, it’s something I’ve never attempted let alone completed before, which keeps me on my toes more than logging yet another 100 miler. Second, I’m anxious to reevaluat...
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Sorry Folks, Park's Closed!

See post at my new sight located at: is no longer an active address. Please click on link above to go to new site address for An Ultra Runner's Blog.If you are following me on blogger, you will need to go to the new site and click on Follow and subscribe there.Thanks for following! [Author: Will Cooper ]
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Life In a Center of Influence

His voice breaks through, and from the background comes a softer, female one that subtly follows the highs and lows. They move through the song with elusive grace, tying notes together from varying octaves, like a cat and mouse.Ever since listening to a certain album in 5th grade, music has been a HUGE influence on me;  from Neil Young’s edgy Rust Never Sleeps, to the Clash’s political classic Sandinista, to New Order’s Power, Corruption and Lies. Surprisingly, I’ve even embraced Bruce Springst...
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Hardrock 100 - Who Will Be Chosen this Time?

I’m keeping my fingers crossed. My application is in (again) for the Hardrock 100 mile endurance run lottery. That’s right, another 100 mile race lottery, which seems to be an annual ritual for me as I head into the holidays. Seems like yesterday when I was at my daughters swim meet 10 years ago checking my phone for updates on the Western States Lottery.That one I remember, because I got in. It was my first 100 mile race, and I got in! Everything changed for me because of it. My training, my c...
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Skyline Trail - On a Gravel Bike

Skyline Trail - 7,700' Average Elevation. View of San G. [Author: Will Cooper ]
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Into the Mist

It started out as just another run. El Moro state park to Nix center and back. What emerged was surreal - a marine layer of clouds nestled in every canyon along the coast and across Irvine valley. [Author: Will Cooper ]
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Skyline Trail - On a Gravel Bike

Skyline Trail - 7,700' Average Elevation. View of San G. [Author: Will Cooper ]
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The Mountains Are Calling

Looks like it will be something new for me in 2019. After throwing my proverbial hat in the Hard Rock 100 keep-the-newbies-out lottery system, I’m setting my sights on something different - 200 miles on the Tahoe Rim Trial.   The absurdity of this aside, I’m actually looking forward to the extra miles for several reasons. First, it’s something I’ve never attempted let alone completed before, which keeps me on my toes more than logging yet another 100 miler. Second, I’m anxious to reevaluat...
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