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Will Donald Trump run again?

Strike up a conversation with any Republican -- or really, any person -- and tell them you're a political reporter and the first question you always get is this: "So, is Trump running again?"
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EXPLAINER: Will Donald Trump Return to Facebook?

Donald Trump will find out whether he gets to return to Facebook on Wednesday.
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Will Donald Trump Be Permanently Banned From Facebook? A Decision Is Due This Week

Former U.S. President Donald Trump was suspended from Facebook or Instagram over his role in the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol seeking to overturn the 2020 election. Now, nearly four months later, Facebook’s Oversight Board said it will issue a ruling on whether he’ll be allowed back. Facebook temporarily froze Trump’s accounts on […]
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Will Donald Trump's Facebook, Instagram bans stick? Facebook's Oversight Board to issue ruling Wednesday

Facebook's Oversight Board is ready to make a ruling on whether former President Donald Trump's suspension on the platform should remain permanent.       [Author: USA TODAY]
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Will Donald Trump testify in his impeachment hearing?

The former US president was impeached, accused of inciting a mob. Here's a guide to the next steps.
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Will Donald Trump go down as the worst president in history?

With just days left in his time as president, Donald Trump undoubtedly has begun to consider how history will remember him. The early returns aren't promising.
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Will Donald Trump's final act be defining the presidency downward?

In the space of 30 minutes on Thursday afternoon, the two candidates for president both put out statements on the ongoing 2020 vote count.
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Election Day 2020: Facebook, Twitter Plan to Add Warnings to Politicians’ Posts If They Declare Premature Victory

Will Donald Trump try to claim he won before enough votes are counted to determine a winner in the U.S. presidential election? That’s been the incumbent president’s plan, per an Axios report over the weekend. Facebook and Twitter claim they’re ready to respond quickly to add warning labels to posts on their services by any […]
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Joe Biden was 'choking like a dog' in debate, says Donald Trump

President Trump told a rally on Tuesday that he is fighting "Marxists" and "lunatics" while his Democratic challenger Joe Biden accused him in Florida, another key electoral state, of having treated Americans as "expendable" during the Covid-19 pandemic. With only 21 days until the November 3 election and badly down in the polls, Mr Trump fired every lurid exaggeration about the Democrats and every insult about Mr Biden's mental state that he has in his arsenal. At the event in Pennsylvania,...
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Cynthia Nixon: 'Will Donald Trump leave quietly? I don't know'

The actor who once ran to be governor of New York is political to her bones, passionate about trans rights, Black Lives Matter and the future of the left. She discusses the rise of Trump – and why she’s still optimisticCynthia Nixon Zooms on to my screen from some decking in Long Island. The blue-grey sky is dramatically ominous, a sea breeze blows her hair into photogenic chaos and she is, of course, pretty damn famous – especially to those of us of the Sex and the City generation. So the overa...
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A Short History of 200 Years of Campaign Music: From the Apt to the Weird to the WTF

As the 2020 Democratic and Republican conventions unfold, one race will come more sharply into focus: the music race. Joe Biden has revealed his running mate, but has he selected a theme song? Will Donald Trump continue to keep using his already well-known music picks from the rally circuit, almost all of which have had […]
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Fauci warns of colossal, deadly mistake. Will Trump listen?

Testifying before the US Senate Tuesday, Dr. Anthony Fauci and colleagues painted a dire (if confusing) picture of what an America that reopens to soon could look like. The pressing question now, says Jill Filipovic: Will Donald Trump listen?
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US election poll tracker: Will Donald Trump or Joe Biden win 2020 presidency?

Joe Biden is leading Donald Trump in the national polls as the US approaches its next presidential elections. Americans will vote on Tuesday 3 November 2020 in order to elect their next President, either giving Republican Donald Trump another four years or handing over the keys to the White House to Democratic challenger Joe Biden. Currently, the 10-poll average indicates that just under 50 per cent of Americans intend to back Joe Biden while Trump's support trails this by around five or six...
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Will Donald Trump be impeached and when would it happen?

Everybody has an opinion about the impeachment investigation into Donald Trump.As officials testified on Capitol Hill, people argued the information they provided was more than proof of the president’s duplicitousness and dishonesty
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Will Donald Trump's Strategy Bring Down Iran?

It's unlikely but possible.
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Will Donald Trump be impeached? Latest news from the inquiry, explained

Democrats have launched an impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump after accusing him of violating the US Constitution, plunging a deeply divided nation into yet another clash between Congress and the commander in chief. The US president accused Democrats of another political "witch hunt", summing up his view of the probe in an all-caps tweet:  PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 24, 2019 The Democrats' course of action has thrown up a number of questions - a...
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Will Donald Trump kill Jeff Sessions' Senate comeback?

Jeff Sessions left the Senate for President Donald Trump. He might not make it back for the same reason.
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Donald Trump must bust Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google monopolies like Teddy Roosevelt.

President Donald Trump has an opportunity to follow in former President Teddy Roosevelt’s footsteps. Will Donald Trump follow TR’s lead?            [Author: Opinion columnist]
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Will Donald Trump Stand Up to China?

He’s cracking down over trade, but it’s urgent that he protest Beijing’s human rights abuses as well.
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Will Donald Trump's trade wars raise grocery prices?

America's food imports are at all-time highs and account for 20-25 percent of total U.S. supermarket sales. If trade wars escalate, will your food bill rise?            [Author: Cincinnati Enquirer]
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Will Donald Trump's hotel lose its liquor license over his bad character? Stay tuned.

Trump's amorality is coming up against a DC law that requires 'good character' to get a liquor license. Could Trump International Hotel pay the price?            [Author: Opinion contributor]
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Will Donald Trump remain bulletproof after Manafort and Cohen?

The US president has survived numerous body blows, but will he shrug off the latest courtroom dramas?
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Will Donald Trump remain bulletproof?

The US president has survived numerous body blows, but will he shrug off the latest courtroom dramas?
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Trial set to begin for ex-Trump campaign chairman Manafort

WASHINGTON (AP) — Two questions loom large as Paul Manafort prepares to walk into a federal courtroom Tuesday: Will Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman spend what effectively could be the rest of his life in prison? Or will special counsel Robert Mueller be handed a defeat in his team’s first trial since his appointment more […]
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Donald Trump UK visit: Everything you need to know, from when he will arrive to who he is expected to meet

President Donald Trump will meet the Queen, Theresa May and visit Scotland when he visits Britain later this week, with dinner at Blenheim Palace and a stay at the US Ambassador’s residence also on the agenda. His wife Melania will join him on the visit and will spend the day with Philip May, as the US President and the Prime Minister hold bilateral talks over a working lunch at Chequers.  Read on to find out when the trip is happening, who he'll be meeting, reactions to the announcement an...
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Will Donald Trump’s Cheapness Cause Cohen To Flip? And Other News: Your Prime Week In Review

Happy weekend, Prime subscribers! Here’s what happened in Prime this week. On Thursday, before the Department of Justice’s Inspect General’s report was released, I wrote that we were hoping for som insight on whether the FBI’s New York office was leaking to Rudy Giuliani. Turns out, the report didn’t go there. But it did confirm that the New York office hated Clinton. Despite Trump’s attempt to spin the IG report, all of the conduct detailed in it helped his campaign and hurt Clinton’s. That fa...
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Will Donald Trump hurt North America's 2026 World Cup bid? Views from across the globe

No matter how hard one tries, it's often impossible to keep politics out of sports. It's especially true in soccer. Will it happen in the World Cup vote?
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Will Donald Trump attack North Korea? 'We'll see'

US president responds to escalation by Kim Jong-un, calling North Korea ‘a rogue nation which has become a great threat’Live: full coverage of the North Korean nuclear test and reactionNuclear test confirmed in major escalation by Kim Jong-unAnalysis: Latest nuclear test reflects failure of Trump’s rhetoricDid North Korea just test a hydrogen bomb?Amid alarm from world leaders over North Korea’s claim that it can now, for the first time, put a nuclear warhead on an intercontinental ballistic mis...
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Stephen Colbert Hypes His Upcoming 2020 Presidential Run — Wait, Really?!

Will Donald Trump be forced to face off against Stephen Colbert for the Presidency come 2020?? It sure sounds like it -- and Colbert is going to all of Trump's favorite places to get votes!! Related: Colbert And Seth Rogen Tweet DMs To Donald Trump, Jr.! The Late Show host is in Russia right now, and on Friday night, during his highly publicized trip to the country, he made some statements about running for President of the United States that have everybody's eyebrows raised! Appearing on Evenin...
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Trevor Noah: When Will Donald Trump Stop Yammering About Hillary Clinton?

How long is Donald Trump going to complain about Hillary Clinton? It could be a while, “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah warned Thursday.  When the Grim Reaper comes for Trump, he will ask why, oh why, can’t it be “Crooked Hillary” dying instead of him. And the Grim Reaper will reveal itself to actually be Clinton, Noah quips. Noah was responding to Trump’s tweets earlier in the day that expressed astonishment that he is apparently being investigated by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. “Why is [...
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