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Ethan Hawke Explains How to Give Yourself Permission to Be Creative

The most creative people, you’ll notice, throw themselves into what they do with absurd, even reckless abandon. They commit, no matter their doubts about their talents, education, finances, etc. They have to. They are generally fighting not only their own misgivings, but also those of friends, family, critics, financiers, and landlords. Artists who work to realize their own vision, rather than someone else’s, face a witheringly high probability of failure, or the kind of success that com...
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Conservative Royalty: William F. Buckley’s Great Nephew Charged With Storming Capitol

The scion of a great lineage of conservative intellectuals now faces federal charges for allegedly storming the Capitol on Jan. 6, according to newly unsealed court records. [Author: Matt Shuham]
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10 Things in Politics: What's next for COVID relief

President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris meet with GOP Sens. Mitt Romney of Utah (right) and Susan Collins. Pool/Getty Images Good morning! Thank you for joining us for our first week of 10 Things in Politics. I'm Brent Griffiths. Sign up here to get this newsletter in your inbox each day.Send me your tips, thoughts, and best memories of D.C.'s odd landmark that is going away to [email protected] or tweet me @BrentGriffiths. We're glad so many of you loved the trivia question ...
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10 Things in Politics: Biden's top GOP foe

President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris meet with GOP Sens. Mitt Romney of Utah (right) and Susan Collins. Pool/Getty Images Good morning! Thank you for joining us for our first week of 10 Things in Politics. I'm Brent Griffiths. Sign up here to get this newsletter in your inbox each day.Send me your tips, thoughts, and best memories of D.C.'s odd landmark that is going away to [email protected] or tweet me @BrentGriffiths. We're glad so many of you loved the trivia question ...
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Bolshevik Brilliance On Police via Minneapolis ~ VIDEO

Opinion Ft Collins, CO –-( “I won't insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said.” ~ William F Buckley Jr. From a friend and student in Minneapolis, MN: “Yesterday afternoon, Minneapolis Commissar Frey and his ‘Gang of Aging Bolsheviks’ held a press conference to report on their progress to ‘reform’ police use of force. As with Sleepy Joe, we citizens quiver at the depth of Commissar Frey’s knowledge of armed self-defense, and eagerly awaited...
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Watch the Famous James Baldwin-William F. Buckley Debate in Full, With Restored Audio (1965)

When James Baldwin took the stage to debate William F. Buckley at Cambridge in 1965, it was to have “a debate we shouldn’t need,” writes Gabrielle Bellot at Literary Hub, and yet it’s one that is still “as important as ever.” The proposition before the two men—famed prophetic novelist of the black experience in America and the conservative founder of the National Review—was this: “The American Dream is at the Expense of the America Negro.” The statement should not need defending, Baldwin ar...
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The War on Drugs spurred the nation’s current policing crisis

SACRAMENTO – While growing up around Philadelphia in the 1970s, I had a number of interactions with police – none of which were particularly harrowing. On the night before Memorial Day, for instance, a friend and I were drinking beer (yes, we were underage) in a cemetery by the Delaware River when we saw lights flashing and were approached by officers. Apparently, the police had gotten a tip that someone might be stealing the brass placards from the gravestones and we were in the wrong place at ...
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Donald Trump isn’t a conservative, he’s a big-spending nationalist

As I wrote in these pages not long ago, I recently helped launch the Lincoln Project, joining a national group of Republicans and former Republicans who are concerned about the future of conservatism under President Trump. Our mission is simple: To defeat Trump in 2020 and his biggest supporters in Congress so that conservative principles might return again to the center of the Republican Party. We’ve received many responses. The majority are from Republicans rightfully questioning the dilemma f...
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Longtime Theatre Critic John Simon, 94

He was to theatre criticism as pigeons are to statues, William F. Buckley once observed. “In a style that danced with literary allusions and arch rhetoric — and composed with pen and ink (he hated computers) — he produced thousands of critiques and a dozen books, mostly anthologies of his own work.” – The New York Times
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Will the Culture War Kill the NRA?

The National Rifle Association has big troubles. It’s wildly in debt. The attorney general of New York — where the NRA was founded in 1871 and where it remains incorporated — is investigating the tax-exempt status of what she has called a “terrorist organization.” The NRA’s longtime chief executive, Wayne LaPierre, is in a bitter feud with its outgoing president, Oliver North. Accusations are flying, including of attempted extortion and misuse of perhaps millions of dollars.On the surface, the N...
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Jorge Luis Borges Draws a Self-Portrait After Going Blind

Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986), one of the great writers to come out of Argentina, went blind when he was  only 55 years old. As unsettling as it must have been, it wasn't particularly a surprise. He once told The New York Times, "I knew I would go blind, because my father, my paternal grandmother, my great-grandfather, they had all gone blind." In the years following that life-changing moment, Borges never learned braille and could no longer read. But he did continue to write; he served as the ...
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"Smollett—if he really did stage the attack—would have been acting out the black-American component in this eschatological configuration, the role of victim as a form of status."

"We are, within this hierarchy, persecuted prophets, ever attesting to the harm that white racism does to us and pointing to a future context in which our persecutors will be redeemed of the sin of having leveled that harm upon us. We are noble in our suffering."Writes John McWhorter in "What the Jussie Smollett Story Reveals/It shows a peculiar aspect of 21st-century America: victimhood chic" (The Atlantic).What is "this eschatological configuration"? The antecedent sentence is:Racial politics ...
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"New Yorker Festival Pulls Steve Bannon as Headliner Following High-Profile Dropouts."

The NYT reports.The New Yorker dropped Bannon after John Mulaney, Judd Apatow, Jack Antonoff, and Jim Carrey all dropped out. And according to the editor David Remnick, "even New Yorker staff members had expressed discomfort" at including Bannon. Remnick also said, "The reaction on social media was critical and a lot of the dismay and anger was directed at me and my decision to engage him."Jeez, the editor of The New Yorker is sensitive to "dismay and anger" that's directed at him personally? St...
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William F. Buckley's 'Firing Line' Returns With Margaret Hoover

Almost 20 years since Firing Line ceased production, Margaret Hoover is stepping in to become the next host of the conservative talk show on PBS. She talks with Scott Simon.
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Fundamental difference between left/right

I've been wondering about this for a while and may have a conclusion or at least part of a conclusion. You tell me. Different approaches Left/Right I think most of would agree the right and the left both have their extreme groups. For the right here in America , they have identified those groups and individual extreme groups and have set in place strong and clearly defined boundaries. William F. Buckley drew those lines back in the 1960's when some extreme racial purity groups tried to ...
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PBS launching new conservative political talk show

NEW YORK (AP) — PBS is bringing some more conservative political voices to the mix. It is starting a new talk show in April hosted by columnist Michael Gerson and commentator Amy Holmes. The new program, titled “In Principle,” is modeled after William F. Buckley’s long-running show “Firing Line.” The hosts plan to interview two […]
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Stop Offering Gun Grabbers Concessions

David Codrea: I guess it’s no surprise to see NRO offering a sop, as if that will satisfy those who’ve made it clear they want it all. National Review founder William F. Buckley didn’t really get the “shall not be infringed” thing either, on either prior restraints or on militia-suitable arms. And sorry, but David French’s is not a “conservative” voice I want representing gun owner interests if the extent of his judgment is to throw the circling pack of Democrat jackals a scrap of flesh. Nor is ...
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So-Called ‘Conservatives’ Need to Stop Offering Gun-Grabbers Concessions

Why does this look like it could be filled with holes and hanging from a target retrieval system ? USA – -( “Gun-violence restraining orders (GVROs) make us all safer while empowering the individual and protecting liberty,” David French of National Review Online asserts in “A Gun-Control Measure Conservatives Should Consider.” That’s despite his admission later in the piece that “I don’t pretend that a GVRO is the solution to mass killings. There is no ‘solution.’”Still, French i...
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Trump — Middle American Radical

Trump — Middle American Radical U.S.A. –-( President Trump is the leader of America's conservative party.Yet not even his allies would describe him as a conservative in the tradition of Robert Taft, Russell Kirk or William F. Buckley.In the primaries of 2016, all his rivals claimed the mantle of Mr. Conservative, Ronald Reagan. Yet Trump captured the party's heart. Who, then, and what is Donald Trump? In a Federalist essay, “Trump Isn't a Conservative — And That's a Good Thing,” ...
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2 public places to watch the State of the Union address on Jan. 30 in LA and Orange counties

If you prefer to watch President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address, 6 p.m. Jan. 30, with a group, instead of at home, here are two venues in Southern California. Long Beach Area Republicans: 5-8 p.m. Tickets $35. Reservations. Gaslamp Restaurant & Bar, 6251 Pacific Coast Highway (at Loynes Drive), Long Beach. Richard Nixon Library & Museum: Watch the speech, 6 p.m., and stay for a lecture on the late conservative writer William F. Buckley Jr. by Alvin F...
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Alan dershowitz on extremists

Liberal professor Alan Dershowitz appeared on "The Wise Guys" show 1/7 hosted by Bill Bennet. He made points regarding extremists on the right and left saying neither are good for our country. He said The conservatives have done a better job at marginalizing the extreme right citing William F. Buckley's 1991 open letter to Pat Buchanan telling Buchanan he could not defend his anti-semetic views. (I will note that Buckley had also spoke out against the John Burch Society in the 60's) Dershowitz a...
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Project Veritas Head Mocks Washington Post For Its Handling Of Sting Operation

DALLAS (AP) — The founder of a conservative nonprofit caught attempting to entice The Washington Post to report a false sex assault allegation against Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore mocked the newspaper’s handling of the hoax and said his group was aiming to expose media bias.Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe spoke Wednesday on the Southern Methodist University campus in University Park, Texas, sponsored by the conservative Young Students for Freedom, a national nonprofit co-f...
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Marijuana rules are heavy handed, but signal end of prohibition

SACRAMENTO – It’s an old cliché, but one doesn’t find beer distributors gunning each other down in the town square in battles over market turf. Whisky distillers don’t dump pollutants in streams and rivers – and bars and restaurants that serve cocktails tend to be safe places that follow modern building codes. People rarely go blind drinking hooch that some disreputable “distiller” made in a bathtub. Alcoholism causes terrible problems, but since the end of Prohibition Americans have made their ...
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Hugh Hefner (RIP) Defends “the Playboy Philosophy” to William F. Buckley, 1966

"Mr. Hefner's magazine is most widely known for its total exposure of the human female," says William F. Buckley, introducing the guest on this 1966 broadcast of his talk show Firing Line. "Though of course other things happen in its pages." Not long before, publisher and pleasure empire-builder Hugh Hefner's Playboy magazine ran a series of articles on "the Playboy philosophy," a set of observations of and propositions about human sexuality that provided these men fodder for their telev...
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President Trump Must Take Charge On Tax Reform

By David Limbaugh President Trump Must Take Charge On Tax Reform David Limbaugh USA – -( If you thought the left weaponized class warfare rhetoric in the health care debate, just wait until tax reform is front and center. The fate of this reform will depend on President Trump's leadership and GOP conviction.The importance of Republican conviction goes without saying, right? Perhaps, but that doesn't mean we need to just accept GOP fecklessness and incompetence and quit talk...
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Free (Kindle) Racing Through Paradise by William F. Buckley [Sailing Travel Memoir]

Racing Through Paradise: A Pacific Passage by the late author William F. Buckley, Jr. (Wikipedia), an influential and controversial right-wing intellectual who founded the National Review and also happened to win a National Book Award for one of his spy thriller novels, is his ocean-going sailing travelogue memoir, this time taking him and his son and friends on journeys to various places in the Pacific, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Endeavour Press. This was originally publishe...
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Free (Kindle) Airborne by William F. Buckley [Vintage Atlantic Sailing Travel Memoir]

Airborne: A Sentimental Journey by the late author William F. Buckley, Jr. (Wikipedia), an influential and controversial right-wing intellectual who founded the National Review and also happened to win a National Book Award for one of his spy thriller novels, is his vintage travel memoir of his experience sailing across the Atlantic in the company of his son in a sailboat, during which he reaches back through his memories to other journeys he has experienced even as he records this one, free for...
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Trump as a Different Type of Failure

Calvin TerBeek After the shock of President Trump’s election, some political scientists and legal scholars turned to Stephen Skowronek’s theory of political time to understand Trump’s place in presidential history. Political scientist Julia Azari, arguing that Trump might best be understood as a “disjunctive,” or failed, president, detailed how to think about Trump as the last gasps of the Regan Revolution and movement conservatism. Corey Robin, a political theorist who has written a popular ...
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