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the troll that wouldn't die

He lives.Those of you who go back a long way with wmtc will remember how this blog was the target of trolls, back in the heyday of the blogosphere, before Twitter and Instagram existed, before so many bloggers moved to Facebook. Social media evolved, attention spans got shorter, and the trolls eventually left wmtc. All but one. You know who I'm talking about. The one and only magnolia_2000, a/k/a Mags.Mags has disappeared for long stretches of time, but he always returns. Allan says that Mags is...
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PayPal bans Laura Loomer, noted racist troll grifter

A little bit of sunshine on an otherwise gloomy news day: noted racist Laura Loomer has been banned by PayPal. She'll have to ply her hate grift with another payment platform. They are not the first payment service to say they've had enough. Hell, even Lyft and Uber de-platformed her ages ago. From the Daily Beast: The ban is another blow for Loomer who has already been tossed off of a number of other tech platforms, including Venmo and GoFundMe, over attacks on Muslims that included calls for...
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how to get your website removed from the wayback machine

During my recent attack by wingnut trolls, I learned something new: how to request that the Internet Archive remove your site from the Wayback Machine.* * * *Before I was nominated as an NDP candidate in the recent provincial election, of course my online presence had to be vetted. All potential candidates were asked to deactivate their personal profiles from social media, and in addition I was asked to delete a few random tweets from several years ago. None of this was a big deal to me. The onl...
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on poppies, veterans, trolls, and doxing

First of all, I do not apologize.I have nothing to apologize for. No one should apologize for having an unpopular opinion, or an opinion that the majority finds offensive.Second, I said nothing disrespectful to veterans. My utter lack of respect -- my undying contempt -- is for rulers whose policies send humans into unnecessary armed conflict. Those rulers pay lip-service to "supporting" troops, while their policies ensure more humans will suffer from the effects of war.If you're joining us in ...
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fascist shift: donald trump in context

Many years back, I used to blog about a phenomenon called fascist shift. I borrowed the term from Naomi Wolf's essential The End of America, but the concept was something I had been thinking about for many years. In brief, fascist shift asks, What if we're all looking for jackboots and Sieg Heil and tanks rolling down Pennsylvania Avenue, and while we're keeping our eyes peeled for a scene from a black-and-white newsreel, a different brand of fascism moves in and sets up shop? What if today's fa...
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last day and home

We spent our last day in Oregon poking around downtown Ashland, looking at scarves and jewelry and used books. We don't shop much when we travel, but there were a few things I was looking for on this trip, and I found them all. We also picked up this very amusing guide to New York City etiquette, and had a second great lunch at Brothers'. If you're ever in Ashland, go.We also walked around a beautiful neighbourhood with the lovely Sophia in the stroller and her mom happy to be out of the house o...
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