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Judge Keeps An Eye On SCOTUS As He Blocks Census Citizenship Question

U.S. District Judge Jesse Furman found himself in an extraordinary position as he handed down a decision Tuesday declaring illegal the Trump administration’s move to add a citizenship question to the census. As trial in the case was wrapping up in November, the Supreme Court announced it would hear arguments on a dispute in the case in February. More remarkable, still, is that the dispute — over a judge’s order the Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, who made the decision to add the question, sit...
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Red Wolf Headline Hunters

The latest news out of Texas is that the DNA of a wolf declared extinct in the wild lives on in a Texas pack.I am not surprised.While extinctions are a very serious thing, they are a lot less common than folks would have you believe.In fact, only a few hundred animals have gone extinct in the last 400 years, and most of these are birds endemic to small Pacific islands decimated by rats and feral cats.Today, about as many animals are "rediscovered" as BEING NOT EXTINCT as are declared extinct.P...
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Thriller Novel Kiss of the Wolf in Development for TV

Thriller novel Kiss of the Wolf in development for TV Deadline reports that Bad Wolf has successfully acquired the rights to author Jim Shepard’s 1994 thriller Kiss of the Wolf. Founded by Julie Gardner and Jane Tranter, the production company is currently in the process of developing a new series adaptation of Shepard’s novel with the plan of bringing the project to streaming services. PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB....
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Hungry Like The Wolf on a Solton Ketron Programmer 24

The Solton Ketron Programmer 24 is a 1985 sample-based synthesizer described as "The Italo Disco machine". They used to be on eBay, but good luck finding one nowawadays for much less than $2,000. Hungry Like The Wolf is Duran Duran's breakthrough hit, which reached #3 in the US in 1982. The above video is a remix of Hungry Like The Wolf performed on a Solton Ketron Programmer 24. Jump to 3:20 if you don't want to watch it being programmed. Following is some more Programmer 24 action and a li...
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Never Trust a Wolf

“Never Trust a Wolf” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward BUY MY CARTOONS & ART CAN I HELP YOU? CLICK HERE!
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New trailer reveals when Game of Thrones will return

Winter is coming this spring. HBO is finally revealing when season 8 of Game of Thrones will begin. On Sunday, HBO released a new teaser for Games of Thrones that announced the first episode will air April 14. The season 8 teaser, called Crypts of Winterfell, was released on YouTube and played before the third season premiere of True Detective. The teaser depicts Jon Snow, Sansa and Arya Stark walking through a crypt that includes three statutes bearing their likeness. TechCrunch won’t spoil wha...
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Wolf Harvested in Montana’s Region 6 as Wolves Expand Territories

Wolf Harvested in Montana's Region 6 as Wolves Expand Territories Montana – -( According to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, a wolf was legally harvested Jan. 7, 2019, by a local hunter near Glasgow in Valley Co. FWP officials have inspected and tagged the animal. This is the first wolf to be harvested in Region 6, which is part of wolf management unit 400, since wolves were removed from the endangered species list in Montana in 2011. FWP manages wolves across Montana under a s...
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Stream KRALLICE's Short, Surprise New EP Wolf

It's short. The post Stream KRALLICE's Short, Surprise New EP Wolf appeared first on Metal Injection.
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Experts Predict New SCOTUS Majority Will Take On Extreme Gerrymandering

The Supreme Court is slated to hear two blockbuster cases involving extreme partisan gerrymandering this spring—the last best chance for the nation’s highest court to take action on this pivotal issue before the 2020 census and once-a-decade redistricting process the following year. With swing vote Anthony Kennedy retired from the bench and Justice Brett Kavanaugh cementing the court’s 5-4 conservative majority, there’s a legitimate fear that their ruling may not institute a fairer system. Af...
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Michael Che Grew Up in New York City’s Projects. Now He’s Trying to Help Them.

The ‘Saturday Night Live’ star has recruited a few friends to raise money for a group that assists public housing residents.
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Hey Google, what's new with the Assistant at CES this year?

This week, we’re at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to showcase what’s in store for the Google Assistant in 2019. By bringing the best of Google services and AI to the Assistant, we're focused on building the most helpful digital assistant when you’re at home, in your car or on the go. If you’re at CES, stop by the Google Assistant Playground (Central Plaza-1, the outdoor space located directly in front of the Las Vegas Convention Center). A more connected home A simpler smart hom...
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Artists Rep in Portland, OR seeks Marketing Associate

The Marketing Associate helps Artists Repertory Theatre achieve its strategic goals through the project management of the theatre’s playbills, marketing collateral, email communications, press communications, and website; as well as providing project support as needed to the marketing/development teams. JOB TITLE: Audience Development & Marketing AssociateREPORTS TO: Audience Development & Marketing DirectorFLSA STATUS: Fulltime; exempt SUMMARYThe Marketing Associate helps Artists R...
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All The Rage: Paying To Break Things When You're Stressed

There is something undeniably satisfying about witnessing a demolition — a house of cards toppling, the leveling of a fire-ravaged edifice, or even watching an action movie. It’s even better when you’re the person doing the demolishing (think: popping bubble wrap), so it was only a matter of time before someone commodified this feeling.Anger rooms, or rage rooms, are marketed as equal parts entertainment and self-care. For anywhere between $30 and $390, you can suit up in coveralls, helmets, an...
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2020 World Juniors: Who is Going to Czech Republic?

It ended in heartbreak, but the 2019 World Juniors was nothing short of huge success for the United States. Looking under-manned at the outset, the United States played a solid tournament, making their way to the gold medal game before losing a tight game to Finland. The silver medal marks the fourth consecutive year the US has taken a medal in the World Juniors, a new record for the US U20s. With the tournament now written into history, we take our annual turn towards next year’s tournam...
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Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse Is Coming Later This Month (slashdot)

The "super blood wolf moon eclipse" is coming to a sky near you later this month. "The total lunar eclipse will start late on Sunday, Jan. 20 and finish early on Monday, Jan. 21," reports USA Today. Slashdot reader Zorro shares the report: Total lunar eclipse: A total lunar eclipse occurs when the moon and the sun are on exact opposite sides of Earth, according to NASA. When this happens, Earth blocks the sunlight that normally reaches the moon. Instead of that sunlight hitting the moon's surfac...
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Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse Is Coming Later This Month

The "super blood wolf moon eclipse" is coming to a sky near you later this month. "The total lunar eclipse will start late on Sunday, Jan. 20 and finish early on Monday, Jan. 21," reports USA Today. Slashdot reader Zorro shares the report: Total lunar eclipse: A total lunar eclipse occurs when the moon and the sun are on exact opposite sides of Earth, according to NASA. When this happens, Earth blocks the sunlight that normally reaches the moon. Instead of that sunlight hitting the moon's surfac...
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Wolf Is One Of Competitive Smash Ultimate's Most Popular Fighters So Far

Some of the winter’s biggest esports tournaments are still a ways off, but Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which ended 2018 on a Donkey Kong smackdown, begins 2019 strong with a handful more events taking place across the globe this weekend.Read more...
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Going the distance (for a given value of distance.)

The U.S. military has a gun cleaning fetish that is a holdover from the days of corrosive primers (and black powder before that.) Boiling water cleaning and "white glove" intolerance for carbon have probably resulted in more guns being cleaned to death than shot to death.In reality, most modern firearms just need lubricant, and even that's to a varying degree. Current polymer-framed guns like the Glock, where the "frame rails" are tiny little tabs with hardly any bearing surface that mostly exis...
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Spain's 'Wolf Pack' bailed pending appeal against sexual abuse conviction

Latest ruling could provoke further protests following outrage when judges dropped rape chargesA Spanish court has ruled that the five members of the so-called “Wolf Pack” who were convicted of sexually abusing an 18-year-old woman during the running of the bulls festival in Pamplona in 2016 can remain at liberty pending an appeal to the supreme court.There was outrage last April when judges dropped rape charges against José Ángel Prenda, Alfonso Cabezuelo, Antonio Manuel Guerrero, Jesús Escuder...
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This media veteran's 153-slide presentation outlines the most important tech and media trends you need to know about in 2019

At the Wall Street Journal's D.Live conference in Laguna Beach, California, Michael J. Wolf —  founder and CEO of the technology and strategy consulting company Activate —  spoke about important tech and media trends to watch out for in 2019.  From e-commerce to cameras and sports betting, Wolf's 153-slide presentation covers some familiar industries that may soon transform in some not-so-familiar ways.  Check out Wolf's 2019 tech and media outlook presentation in full below: SEE ALSO: The 20...
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Media Memo: ‘Stupid Questions,’ Rarer Briefings, No Holiday Party: Trump’s Year With the Press

The president frequently attacked the news media in general and lobbed insults at individual reporters. But he also sat for dozens of interviews.
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Explore sonic inspiration, via this artist’s approach to Novation’s Peak 1.2

Novation packed new sounds – and 43 new wavetables – into an update for their flagship Peak synthesizer. Sound designer Patricia Wolf writes to share how she approached making some of those new sounds. Peak, in case you missed it, has been one of the more compelling new synths in recent years. Novation designed a unique-sounding 8-voice polysynth, melding digital wavetable oscillators with analog processing, per-voice filtering and all-important distortion all over the place. As with other Nov...
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On Comedy: Best Comedy of 2018

Chris Rock made a comeback, Michelle Wolf made Washington nervous, and Hannah Gadsby changed the comedy landscape.
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Mannheim Steamroller rolls into Cerritos and Riverside with Christmas show

By L. Kent Wolgamott Correspondent Mannheim Steamroller is, as is always the case in December, on the move, bringing its popular brand of Christmas music to dozens of stages around the country. Now in its 31st year, this year’s Mannheim Steamroller holiday tour is the biggest and longest yet. “The tour starts earlier every year,” Mannheim Steamroller founder and leader Chip Davis said in a late-November phone interview. “We have close to 100 dates with the two tours.” He’s actually not on either...
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More notable state clemency developments for the holiday season

In this post a few days ago, I flagged some notable recent clemency grants by Governors in Arkansas and Colorado and Pennsylvania (while also lamenting that Prez Trump has not followed up a lot of big clemency talk with any big clemency action). With the Christmas holiday nudging every closer, I am not surprised (though still pleased and grateful) that Governors in a few more states are using the ink their clemency pens. Here is another round-up of notable new state clemency stories: Colorado: "...
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Educate Others on the Dangers of Deadly “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation Laws

Opinion These laws will kill gun owners and they already have. Educate Others about the Dangers of Deadly “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation Laws Virginia – -( BACKGROUND ON RED FLAG LAWSFor gun control to get passed into law, it requires duping people into thinking the proposed law is constitutional and will stop criminals.Red Flag laws, also called Gun Violence Restraining Orders and Extreme Risk Protection Orders, are gun-confiscation laws disguised as “gun-violence prevention” laws...
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Is your garden an arbitrary stupid goal?

I’m looking for a new book to read over the upcoming holiday break.  I want something that lives up to my last read – Tamara Shopsin‘s Arbitrary Stupid Goal.     Any suggestions?   I was drawn to Arbitrary Stupid Goal when Austin Kleon mentioned it was a favorite from his own reading list last year .  He promised quirky autobiographical characters that live in my dream ‘hood.  (NYC’s Greenwich Village).   The opening describes a fa...
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A pet is family no matter where you live, and some homeless shelters are recognizing that

Laura Flores, who shares a van with her Chihuahua, chokes up saying little Gracie is “the reason why I get up in the morning.” Ramona Martinez’s dog, Sadie, is “more than my companion.” “I dont have anything else,” another woman says of her 4-month-old Doberman. The women are homeless; they look to their pets for affection and stability. Until recently, most pet owners hoping to get under a roof had to make a choice: give up your companion or stay on the street. But the need to get a growing num...
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State clemency developments during a holiday season still full of (foolish?) hope for clemency boldness from Prez Trump

In this post last week, I noted Prez Trump's tweet talking about how criminal justice reform "brings much needed hope to many families during the Holiday Season."  I stressed that long-promised additional clemency action could provide another means for the President to make families happy and hopeful during this special time of year.  (On that front, it is worth recalling that, as posted here, Prez Trump issued his first commutation of Sholom Rubashkin exactly a year ago today.  His only other c...
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New Future Man Season 2 Poster Reveals the Best and Worst Timelines

BEGIN SLIDESHOW New Future Man season 2 poster reveals the best and worst timelines Hulu has released a brand new poster for the upcoming second season of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s Future Man series. The poster revealed two different looks of Eliza Coupe, Josh Hutcherson and Derek Wilson’s characters which also gives us a hint on season 2’s weird timelines. Check out the full poster below! (via IMP Awards) PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.g...
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