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Birth of 3 Wolf Pups Means Colorado Has Its First Native Wolves Since the 1940s

Colorado wildlife officials on Wednesday confirmed the existence of a litter of gray wolf pups—the first thought to be seen in the state in decades. The discovery is also noteworthy in light of a voter-passed initiative last year to reintroduce wolves to Colorado by 2023.Read more...
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Colorado Is Getting Its Wolves Back After Voters Approve Historic Law

Voters in Colorado have approved Proposition 114, forcing the state government to reintroduce the gray wolf. It’s the first time in U.S. history that a ballot measure win has obliged a state government to bring back a species that disappeared due to human actions.Read more...
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Mike Phillips — How to Save a Species (#383)

“Humans and cockroaches and coyotes are going to inherit the earth.” — Mike Phillips [Visit for the most important links from this interview and my personal next steps.] Mike Phillips has served as the Executive Director of the Turner Endangered Species Fund and advisor to the Turner Biodiversity Divisions since he co-founded both with […]
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