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Elite Biglaw Firm Holds True To Commitment To Elevate Women To Partnership Ranks

Isn't it time for the rest of Biglaw to honor women in this way?
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6 Ways to Help You Drive Startup Growth from Moj Mahdara

“I’ve made a lot of really bad mistakes and done things that I wouldn’t necessarily do again…but it’s all learning. You have to grow a tough skin, listen to the criticism, and be open to evolve.” Moj Mahdara, “Beautycon Media Co-Founder & CEO, Moj Mahdara, Shares 6 Ways To Help You Drive Startup Growth” At the recent fifth annual Beautycon Festival NYC, Forbes’ Pauleanna Reid sat down with Moj Mahdara, Beautycon CEO. Reid picked Mahdara’s brain on what lessons she has learned in her long ...
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Differences in Depression Between Men and Women

Depression is one of the most difficult conditions to contend with and manage. This is due in part to the fact that it can go undiagnosed for years. Many people suffer with depression not realizing that the problems they are having and the way they are feeling can be addressed and improved with help, time, and effort. And while anyone can suffer with depression, there are some significant differences in the way that it affects men versus women. Although there are several symptoms of depress...
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6 Symptoms of Postpartum Depression and 6 Ways to Recover

According to a 2013 study published in JAMA Psychiatry, one out of seven mothers suffers from postpartum depression (PPD). That’s 14 percent of all new moms. Katherine Stone, founder of Postpartum Progress, makes a good point that more women will suffer from postpartum depression and related illnesses this year than the combined number of new cases for men and women of tuberculosis, leukemia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and epilepsy. Even though, according to Dr....
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Biglaw Continues To Struggle With Gender Equity

Not a great look for these firms even if they ultimately prevail.
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Trump Administration Warns Biglaw To Improve Diversity

Does the Trump administration really care about diversity?
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Challenges for Moms Who Have OCD

I have written before about the challenges children face, and the lessons they can learn, when one of their parents is dealing with obsessive-compulsive disorder. In this post I’d like to focus more on moms who have OCD, and the difficulties they might deal with. I won’t be focusing on postpartum OCD, but rather on moms who have already been diagnosed with the disorder and have been living with it for a while. Some of the most common types of obsessions in OCD involve various aspects of c...
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Ineffectual Judicial Response To #MeToo Will Continue

Judicial working group seems committed to punting the #MeToo problem to powerless clerks.
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Staying Abreast Of The Law

It should not feel embarrassing or unprofessional to ask for reasonable accommodations in order to pump.
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Ending Stigma Around Female Entrepreneurship

“It would be nice to think that, by now, bias against female leaders would have fallen by the wayside, so many generations after the first widespread women’s movement. Statistics show otherwise. Fortune reported that a paltry 2.2 percent of venture capital went to female-led startups two years ago. That percentage didn’t change one iota in 2018. The reason? Women are still seen as a liability because they might want to procreate or have a happy family life.” Serenity Gibbons, “How To Amplify T...
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Psychology Around the Net: April 6, 2019

This week’s Psychology Around the Net dives into how to stop worrying about what other people think of you, ways to defeat procrastination, why pets can help boost physical and mental health (especially in older adults), and more. Enjoy! Stop Worrying About What Others Think of You: 7 Tips for Feeling Better: The fear of rejection is at the root of caring what someone thinks of you. Learn how to understand what “rejection” really means, use rejection (when it actually happens) as a brilliant ...
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‘First’ Syndrome: Sandra Day O’Connor And Progress For Women

Progress is ongoing and painfully slow, but women lawyers are a lot better off than in 1981.
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How To Have A Maternity Leave With A Solo Practice

Be patient with yourself and you'll realize that maternity leave won't negatively impact you career.
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The First Woman At One First: A Leader For Women’s Rights At The Supreme Court

Countless women are now able to practice law in federal courts thanks to her advocacy.
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Celebrating Women Lawyers During Women’s History Month

Despite all the progress that women lawyers here have made here in the last 140 years or so, we still have a long way to go and much to do.
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7 Women Who Inspire Me

Proverbs 13:20 says, “Walk with the wise and become wise; associate with fools and get in trouble.” In other words, hang with the winners. A few months ago, my therapist gave me the assignment to think about the wise women in my life, warriors who had persevered through difficulties in their lives to emerge as stronger figures, examples of resilience who could serve as my teachers. I went even further and interviewed each one, asking them about the force or philosophy behind their strength. The ...
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Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in India

A recent article by The Economic Times covered a women’s leadership panel, “Create, nurture and transform: the better half,” that took place at the Global Business Summit in New Delhi last month. One of the women who spoke on the panel, Textile Minister Smriti Irani, addressed the importance of empowering women in India to be entrepreneurs. Irani noted, “Women are the only ones large-hearted enough to make family the fulcrum of their personal journey, and they could succeed…[if] legally and ...
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Pregnancy and Addiction: Overlooked and Undertreated

If one needs proof that addiction is a disease and not a moral failing, look into the eyes of a woman who knows her behavior is harming her baby but still can’t stop. With one in three individuals with opioid use disorder passing through the criminal justice system annually, court dockets across the country are overflowing with cases of illegal behavior fueled by addiction. Though such cases wrangle with the complexities of punishing individuals afflicted with what is increasingly seen as a dis...
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Why I’m Glad I Powered Through After Having Kids

Each of us must choose what is right for us from the options we have available -- and it won’t be easy.
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To Others Who Have Experienced Trauma as Children

Most of us have real anger and suffering living inside us. Perhaps in the past we were oppressed or mistreated, and all that pain is still right there, buried in our store consciousness. We haven’t processed and transformed our relationship with what happened to us and we sit there alone with all that anger, hatred, despair and suffering. If we were abused when were young, every time our thinking mind goes back over that event, it’s like we’re experiencing the abuse all over again. – Thich N...
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Women Lawyers ‘Speak Up’ On RBG’s Birthday

We can’t think of a better way to have celebrate RBG’s birthday. Can you?
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The Bar Exam, Football, And Women’s History Month [Sponsored]

The Mansfield Rule has not yet revolutionized the practice of law for women, but it is gaining traction.
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Morning Docket: 03.13.19

* Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) of the House Intelligence Committee is none too pleased with the Justice Department at the moment. Apparently two unnamed senior officials said the DOJ might refuse to share special counsel Robert Mueller's report with Congress, a claim Schiff called "absolutely insupportable." [ABC News] * Last week, Paul Manafort was sentenced to under four years in jail by Judge T.S. Ellis III (just a little less than the 19 to 24 years called for in the sentencing guideline...
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Morning Docket: 03.11.19

* According to House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), special counsel Robert Mueller is making “a mistake” by not putting President Trump under oath for in-person testimony, since “he's made plain in the past [that] he feels it's perfectly fine to lie to the public.” [NBC News] * Per his lawyer, Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann will be suing CNN for at least $250M because the news network was “probably more vicious in its direct attacks” than the Washington Post. [The Hill]...
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Happy International Women’s Day from wegg®!

Happy International Women’s Day from wegg®!  The theme for International Women’s Day 2019 is “Think equal, build smart, innovate for change.” All of these ideas are principles that wegg® has aimed to instill in the lives of women entrepreneurs year round, since 2008.  For International Women’s Day 2019, article by UN Women invites readers,  “Join us as we celebrate a future in which innovation and technology create unprecedented opportunities for women and girls to play an active role in buildi...
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Biglaw Firm’s Embarrassingly Sexist Blunder

Guess what? Cooking isn't just for women!
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Morning Docket: 02.28.19

* Uh-oh! In the wake of Michael Cohen's testimony, Chairman Rep. Elijah Cummings of the House Oversight Committee sent letters to President Trump's tax attorney from Morgan Lewis and the Trump Organization's outside counsel from Michael Best requesting their appearance for a “transcribed interview.” [National Law Journal] * After widespread rebuke, the Florida Bar has officially opened an ethics investigation into Rep. Matt Gaetz's alleged witness tampering of Michael Cohen via tweet prior to h...
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Litigating While Expecting (Part II): The Return

Would the trial attorney version of myself still exist after maternity leave? Fortunately, the answer turned out to be yes.
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Inventing Invention…

The IP community should be focusing on solutions that will encourage women to innovate in the first place.
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