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“I had an idea how the day would pan out but I went anyway” – a match report

Send your match reports to [email protected] If it’s a professional match, on no account mention the cricket itself. If it’s an amateur match, feel free to go into excruciating detail. Edwardian went to Cambridge MCCU versus Worcestershire CCC at Fenner’s back in April. Edwardian writes… I had an idea how the day would pan out but I went anyway. I hadn’t been able to get to any of the county fixtures at Fenner’s so I decided to go, expecting to leave at lunch...
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Tasty Surf And Turf Grilled Kabob Recipe

The kabob may be the perfect grilling creation. They can be made using any kind of protein, vegetable or even fruit, they’re easy to make, and are already cut up into bite sized pieces. For these reasons (and more) I grill up kabobs countless times during the summer. I particularly enjoy cooking up a surf and turf meal with separate steak and shrimp kabobs, and I want to share my surf and turf grilled kabob recipe! Preparing The Steak Kabobs Cube favorite cut of steak into bite sized pieces ...
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Pumpkin Mashed Potatoes Recipe

I don’t cook with canned pumpkin nearly enough, it seems most cooks only use it for making pumpkin pie, but since I’m not a pumpkin-pie-kinda-gal (not everyone is, right?) the canned pumpkin rarely ever makes it into my cart. Well, 2 weeks ago, it finally did. I dared myself to make something with it – and if you can just imagine me at the grocery store, pacing around and around with a can of pumpkin in my hand, mumbling to myself (…I just dare you, Jaden, double-dare!), you’ve got the right me...
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Baked Honey Chipotle Chicken Wings In the Oven

Making chicken wings in the oven is a way to have lots of flavor, with less fat. These baked honey chipotle chicken wings are great for any party! My husband and his friend love to make chicken wings….I mean – every single Sunday during football season and any other time they can think of an excuse. There is only one problem with that (aside from the fact that I am not a big fan of wings) – they like to use the deep-fat fryer (this is the one that we have). Why is that bad? Because in...
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French’s Worcestershire Sauce only $0.70 at Dollar General!

French’s Worcestershire Sauce Coupon Hey Dollar General Shoppers! You can grab French’s Worcestershire Sauce at the everyday price of $1.00 at Dollar General! On top of that already low price, we have this $0.30/1 Frenchs Worcestershire Sauce printable coupon we can use, making this only $0.70 after coupon! Awesome! Here is your Dollar General deal: Be sure... Read More The post French’s Worcestershire Sauce only $0.70 at Dollar General! appeared first on Living Rich With Coupons®.
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Dirty Bloody Mary

It's a good day when I remember to put my boobs back in my bra after nursing Elora. Needless to say, with all the moving stress, anyone lucky enough to ring our doorbell midafternoon, may be greeted with my "1960's burn your bras" ensemble. The fact our UPS packages have been making it all the way to our front door lately, is no coincidence, I assure you. The last nine weeks have been busy. Along with our regular routines, our home is also on the market and the requirement of a spotless hom...
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Slow Cooker Beef Burgundy

This Slow Cooker Beef Burgundy makes for an easy weeknight dinner. Beef burgundy was in our regular dinner rotation when I was growing up.  My Mom also made tacos, split pea soup, spaghetti, orange pork chops and pepper pot beef.  Beef burgundy was one of my favorites because I loved the sauce, the tender beef and the egg noodles it was served over.  This is an easy slow cooker version.  I love it because I often have no time to make dinner when it’s dinnertime!Continue Reading Slow Cooker Beef...
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Guinness Beef Stew Recipe

Beef stew is a regular dinner in our home because it is just so filling and hearty, especially on a cold winter’s day. I usually stick to my regular crockpot beef stew recipe, but at this time of year, my husband will have Guinness in the house and I will grab a bottle to make this Guinness Beef Stew. The addition of Guinness gives this beef stew and much earthier flavor and more depth to the stew. I usually like to whip up a loaf of my homemade beer bread whenever I am making soup, b...
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Why I got kicked off City Data

That sickingly PC forum City Data kicked me out because someone asked how to pronounce Worcestershire Sauce. I said its like the black people in the South say it- Whuts dis hea sauce. I wish the entire CD Prep and Survivalist forum would come over here. Its much better.
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