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How to prevent line-break before and after html tags?

So, I am using and to create « and ». However, when I convert the epub to KFX, these tags allow for line-breaks before and after themselves sparingly. I attached a picture. The text direction is rtl. Finally, why does Kindle leaves so much space at the bottom. It is not always present. But I can't determine based on what it leaves space or start the new paragraph. The only thing I could think of is that if the following paragraph less than 2 lines, it does not start it on the previous page ...
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Behavior Change Through Tiny Habits

Have you ever done something that was so automatic you didn’t even realize you were doing it? Did you regret it? Can you think of a behavior you’d like be doing and don’t? Or maybe a behavior you’d like to change, but no matter how you try you haven’t been able to manage it? Yeah. Me too. And it bugs me. I’m guessing you too? With the right knowledge, we can do so much more and be so much more satisfied with our lives. Whether you want to: Start a meditation habit Be less reactive with your fam...
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Nurturing Joy – a Half-day Mindfulness Retreat

Joy? Really? In these times when life is so challenging? YES, it’s even more important when we are living and working in turbulent times when we are struggling with seeing the source of joy in our lives. Maybe even feeling selfish and a little guilty for being happy. If you are like most of us in today’s busy world you might be feeling like: You know you need to take time to fill your own energy stores, but you feel guilty taking the time for yourself. You think you could be doing bet...
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Absolute positioning of text into image

i have a book that starts each chapter with an angled image, containing the initial letter of the chapter (see img01). In order to apply the text to that initial letter, I had to position it absolute. That renders quite nice: see img02. Text is not copyrighted! !When i continue with "normal" text, however, it will overlap the text of the absolute positioned part, due to the absolute positioning (see img03). The code view looks like this: Code:     rüben im Buchenkretscham du...
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Has anyone used recently?

I saw that some people here have used them and had good results (albeit it was years ago). I have an order that I'm trying to put through with them right now, but, it's odd, I sent the books over and filled out their order form, and then they stopped communicating. I haven't sent them any money, but I did send them my books (which they were supposed to non-destructively scan for a fee) so I hope this is just some unforeseen issue. It's been about a week. If this is some chicanery I suppose I...
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Tutorial-from Paper Book to Ebook PDF - 400 pages in 4 hours

Tutorial-from Paper Book to Ebook PDF - 400 pages in 4 hours Hey guys There are many techniques for scanning a book, but many of them either require investment in the purchase of expensive equipment or cost a lot of time to finish the job. Thinking about it, I gathered years of experience to develop a tutorial that allows you to build a PDF Ebook from: - Paper book - Goose neck cell phone holder - Computer With productivity of 400 pages in 4 hours. High visual quality. :2thumbsup The tutorial is...
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Import dictionary in Finereader

The default dictionary in Finereader has some weird errors (at least the Italian dictionary), it marks good words as mistakes and vice-versa. Is there a way to replace it with a .dic dictionary file, such as the ones used for Sigil, Calibre, or text editors?
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Hi! I recently started maintaining project gutenberg ebooks (html formats). I realize that metadata of the books is extremely limited. Rarely i find proper authors, genres, or ISBN# I not using Calibre. I am hoping to get guidance on best way to complete the meta data. I am also open to consider epub format if that has better metadata quality and completeness. (For full disclosure: the end objective of the project i am part of is 'for profit' from the reading device.)
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Specific RegEx Help

Hey all my smart peeps, I have a specific regex question and was told this would be a better part of these boards to ask it. If not, just let me know. I am preparing an MS Word document to be transformed into an E-pub doc. I have these page numbers and header text I need to erase throughout the document. (As seen in the attached image) Is there a regex line I could use to find all of these? :cool: Attached Thumbnails  
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Indesign-epub-kindle formatting problem: footnotes export with massive indent.

Hi there. I’m exporting a large file from InDesign to epub and when converted (any way) to kindle-friendly files it appears on all kindle devices with footnotes with vast and annoying indents. Seems to be a common problem, or one that other people on the interweb have had, but the solution — editing the css in Calibre — is beyond me. I can find the css file and footnotes ‘entry’, but it all looks totally normal. I’ve fiddled with parameters, but no dice. Always ends up the same. Can anyone help?
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Pdf to fixed layout epub

I have a book of 10 walks I've put together on Amazon. It's fixed format because I want each waypoint to have it's own page and the ability to jump back and forth between waypoints and the walk map. It's intended to be used on smart phones when outside. The pdf used looks fine on Android and iOS. However, although the kindle book created looks fine I have run into some hyperlink problems. 1) kindle create leaves off the last hyperlink on any ...
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ABBYY Finereader 15 Newbie question

Hi all, I'm taking a scan of an old out of print book in PDF format and converting it to EPUB for ease of device reading. There is only one thing I'm struggling with a bit, and that is how Finereader handles pictures and tables, when you go through the OCR editor to correct the text, you can pretty much do what you want with it to fix it but pictures tend to drop out of the bottom of the page and end up in the wrong place in the converted text. Obviously I can fix this post OCR in something li...
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Regular expression for removing blanks between letters

Some OCR softwares interpret/convert a spaced word as a suite of characters separated by blank spaces: like S w i t z e r l a n d. In some cases, these can be solved by hand (for instance only important concepts are widened), however, when entire paragraphs across the whole book are widened an automatized method would be very helpful. I tried [a-z;A-Z].[a-z;A-Z]. and similar but these only identify the places, do not replace the correct letters. I could not find any relevant thread, which I hope...
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Lottie Animations can work in reflowable epubs

I thought this was pretty cool and wanted to share. I tested it myself and it does work on Apple Books and Kobo on my iphone.
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best format for complete photo book in given quality and feature list / KDP

Hi there, I have a problem that has taken too much of my time already .. therefore I am turning to you for help ...My quest: Publishing a photo book an Amazon KDP in the best way possible By that I mean-the pictures go from side to side or top to bottom (depending on portrait or landscape) - so there is no margin on 2 sides each time -the ratio of the picture is not changed -compatibility with as many devices as possible -navigation feature (hold and swipe on a Kindle) - I can send a picture ...
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Background Image w/ Text on Top

I've used InDesign CS6 to layout a print book. (Yes, I know I need to get new with the program, but I've got a lot of space to clear up and am still running Windblows 7) The print version looks great, but I made one vital mistake that does not go over to epub the same. I placed an image behind every chapter number. Image attached. I'd like to keep it the same, if at all possible. I'm trying to use Calibre to edit the book to get the same look. I'm a severe newb using Calibre, as well as HTML a...
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Friday Morning Mindfulness

Have you meant to make mindfulness and/or meditation part of your self-care routine, but just not managed to keep it up? A regular practice can help create a habit that lasts and does wonders for your health and wellbeing. I offer a free 30-minute mindfulness meditation each Friday from 9 to 9:30 AM PT. This is an opportunity to learn some new tools and take time for yourself at the end of the week. Join us every Friday Morning for 30 minutes of free weekly drop-in on mindfulness and meditation ...
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Abbyy Finereader 15 gothic/Fraktur Altdeutsch/Oldgerman

german: habe ich nun ausgerechnet ein Buch in gothic von einem Autor, der viele Fremdsprachen im Text einsetzt. Der Haupttext ist in Altdeutsch (Fraktur). Aber es kommen etliche Seiten mit Zitaten und Vergleichen in griechisch, Latin, Französich, Englisch auf einer Seite und das über lange Strecken des Buches. Da ist FR 15 ein bischen überfordert. Die Fremdsprachen werden entweder nur als Müll erkannt (Griechisch) oder sehr fehlerhaft. Hat jemand eine Idee, wie man mit diesen Schwächen von FR15...
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Stressed out? What are you doing about that?

Burnout is very, very, real but we often ignore it hoping it will go away. We don’t realize how it affecting so many aspects of our lives. Our friends and family, co-workers, clients, they all probably see it sooner than you do. I get it, we are all overextended in so many ways right now. At home, at work, the pressure to perform in the midst of so much turmoil can be overwhelming. Are you burned out?  Ask yourself: Are you tired right now? Does it feel like you are ALWAYS tired? When was the...
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Doctor Who's Sonic Pioneers Will Turn the Internet Into a Giant Musical Instrument

"The Radiophonic Workshop has always broken new sonic ground, from the Doctor Who theme to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Now they're at it again — this time using the internet as a musical instrument," reports the Guardian. "The band includes composers from the original BBC Radiophonic Workshop, which created soundtracks for most BBC shows from the 60s to the 90s and influenced generations of musicians from Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd and Mike Oldfield to Aphex Twin, Orbital and Mary Ep...
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How to Find a Stud Without a Stud Finder

We’ve all been there at some point: anxiously trying to find a wall stud while you’re in the process of hanging a picture, shelf, or TV mount. Most stud finders are inconsistent at best, and I’ve found the more I learn about how houses are built, the easier it is to find a stud through logic instead of equipment. In…Read more...
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Allowed Fonts

Quote: remove the references to Calibri Light, Calibri and Arial from the stylesheet since embedding those fonts would run afoul of Microsoft's copyrights So...if this is the case, beyond just using serif and sanserif as fonts, which other fonts are fair game for use in our books for publishing? Or is it just the fact that they are 'referenced' in my style-sheet? :cool:
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First Try...Thoughts?

Hey guys and gals, A forum member gave me a pdf file to use as an example of the kind of things we would have to deal with while converting something to an e-book. It was not a pretty file. So, linked is what I was able to make out of it. Please C&C with how I might make it better. (If this is the wrong section for this post, please advise) https://3a215d0e-eab2-4e9a-8021-c6fb...%20EU%20-%20UK :cool:
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Spread splitter not working with some .kcc/.mobi files on KCC

I've converted many mangas just fine and the spread splitter works amazingly. However I'm trying to convert this new one I'm reading and I'm assuming that Kindle Comic Converter isn't recognizing the double sspread pages? To me it seems like whoever originally created the file would have to go through and tag each double page spread as such and they didn't do that? Is it possible for me to download Kindle Comic Creator and do it myself with the .kcc files? I tried looking for a forum for tha...
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numbers as text

It's late and my brain is mush. How do you spell out numbers above 100? I'm wanting to say One Hundred and One, but above 109 I want to drop the "and". (I realized that I've never read Moby Dick and decided to give it a go and beforehand do my usual clean up of the PG version. It's 135 chapters and the Sigil plugin that renumbers chapters only allows up to 100 chapters; heh.)
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Prime Marks Question

Most word processors not only get leading apostrophes wrong (like using ‘85 for “back in ’85”) but also use double closing quote and single closing quote on measurements like feet and inches or minutes and seconds (time or angular). 5’ 3” is wrong. 5' 3" is better. 5′ 3″ is correct. The Prime and Double Prime marks. You can fake the marks by italic straight quotes: 5' 3". Done in Georgia and larger so to show it. Obviously if you embed a font and the ereader device or app supports it you ...
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Is this feature do-able in small/DIY projects?

You know how in a commercially produced ebook (from Amazon, at least -- not sure if Nook/Kobo/etc. do the same), when you copy/paste some text, it pastes not only the text you copied but also a complete source citation to the book you're copying from? I'm curious whether that feature is reproducible in a small, low-budget, DIY project. I'm guessing the answer might be "no" (since I haven't found any mention of it in discussions focused on indie writers/producers), but I thought it was worth ask...
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some basic questions about width/height/size

If anyone can help out with one or more of the following questions, I'd be grateful. I've been trying to read up on them for a couple of days and am still not quite getting it. (1a) When width and height are given as %s, what are they a % of ? The viewing screen? Some absolute value set higher up in the hierarchy? The size of the image in pixels (if it's an image)? Something else? (1b) Do % values affect images and text blocks the same way? (2) I know it's important to get image size...
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How A Speaker Can Become A Speechwriter

If you give speeches, then you are qualified to write speeches Image Credit: Doug Davey So you are a speaker. Congratulations. What’s your next step now? Have you ever thought about writing speeches for somebody else? I mean, you can write a pretty good speech for yourself, why not do it for somebody else? You might decide to do this simply because you are a nice person and you want to help somebody out, or you might decide that this is a type of business that you want to go into. N...
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block quotes (in nonfiction)

I'm used to using extra indenting (rather than quote marks) to identify a long quote -- for print and PDF documents. But is indenting reliable across multiple different e-readers, including older ones? If not, is there any other formatting, such as italics, that would be more reliable? How do people usually handle long quotes in nonfiction ebooks? (I'm asking here because I'd like to know for both epub and Kindle formats, but please let me know if a different forum would be better.) Thanks!
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