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UK cities trial ‘red carpet’ crosswalks to reduce pedestrian accidents

This article was originally published by Sarah Wray on Cities Today, the leading news platform on urban mobility and innovation, reaching an international audience of city leaders. For the latest updates follow Cities Today on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube, or sign up for Cities Today News. The cities of Liverpool and Hull in the UK will trial new pedestrian crosswalks, informed by behavioral insights, to reduce road accidents and deaths. This includes a ‘blinged-up’ crossw...
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What this massive rotating disk galaxy tells us about our early universe

Current models of massive galaxy formation suggest that they evolve as part of a slow growth process, gradually increasing in size through mergers with smaller galaxies and the accumulation of clumps of hot gas. This means that most galaxies should have reached massive size relatively late in the course of the Universe’s 13.8 billion years history. However, the discovery of a massive rotating disk galaxy, much like our own Milky Way, when the Universe was just 1.5 billion years old calls these m...
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Tesla’s Model S and Model X EVs are now $5K cheaper — but there’s no more free Supercharging

One of the biggest perks with buying a Tesla is access to its international network of fast-chargers, also known as the Supercharger network. Though it’s a little less sweet than it used to be as Tesla has removed free Supercharger access for new Model S and X customers. The update came earlier today along with news that Tesla is lowering the prices of its Model X and S, Reuters reports. All things considered, it’s probably not such bad news for potential new Tesla customers, but Supercharger vi...
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La policía de Hong Kong dispersa a los manifestantes con gas pimienta

La policía también rodeó el Consejo Legislativo, donde se iba a debatir un proyecto de ley que criminalizaría la falta de respeto al himno chino, en medio de las crecientes tensiones por las supuestas amenazas a las libertades de la ciudad semiautónoma.Personas de todas las edades salieron a las calles, algunas vestidas de negro, otras con ropa de oficina y otras ocultando su identidad con paraguas abiertos, en escenas que recordaban los disturbios que convulsionaron la ciudad el año pasado.
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Equity Morning: Remote work startup fundings galore, plus a major court decision

Good morning and welcome back to TechCrunch’s Equity Monday, a brief jumpstart for your week. This is a messed-up edition, because we are both hosting Equity Monday on Tuesday (because that makes sense) and our normal host Alex Wilhelm is on vacation, leaving (editor’s note: poor and massively underpaid) managing editor Danny Crichton to wake up early on the first day of the workweek to talk to himself in front of a microphone. Here’s what we (okay I) talked about this morning: We talked a...
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Emissions have dropped 17% — but it doesn’t mean we’re addressing climate change

The global COVID-19 quarantine has meant less air pollution in cities and clearer skies. Animals are strolling through public spaces, and sound pollution has diminished, allowing us to hear the birds sing. But these relatively small and temporary changes should not be mistaken for the COVID-19 pandemic actually helping to fix climate change. Quite the contrary: the pandemic that made the world stop offers a glimpse of the deep changes in lifestyles and economic structures that we need to impleme...
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UK getting 200 mile route to test self-driving vehicles on public roads

A mobility consortium in the UK has begun work on a real-world test route for self-driving vehicles as part of local government trials exploring the future of mobility tech. The project, led by Midlands Future Mobility, is building the route to include 300 km (190 miles) of roads around the University of Warwick, Coventry, Solihull, and central Birmingham, Coventry Live reports. [Read: Engineer finds Tesla Model 3 is secretly equipped with hardware for powering homes] It should give autonomous v...
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Research: political hashtags make online news discussions more extreme

Whether you’re a conservative or a liberal, you have most likely come across a political hashtag in an article, a tweet or a personal story shared on Facebook. A hashtag is a functional tag widely used in search engines and social networking services that allow people to search for content that falls under the word or phrase, followed by the # sign. First popularized by Twitter in 2009, the use of hashtags has become widespread. Nearly anything political with the intent of attracting a wide audi...
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Por qué Nueva Zelanda tiene fama de ser un país tan progresista

A los neozelandeses les gusta verse a sí mismos como prácticos, lidiando con todo lo que se les presente con habilidad y un espíritu cooperativo de "podemos hacerlo". Su mentalidad viene de un pasado progresista, que intenta superar fallas.
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Trabajo en una actividad esencial: ¿tengo que sacar el nuevo permiso para circular?

Trabajo en una actividad esencial: ¿tengo que sacar el nuevo permiso para circular?
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Repudio y justificación: el peronismo frente al asesinato de Aramburu

A 50 años, la operación del grupo Montoneros todavía aparece como un tema espinoso en el PJ"El ajusticiamiento de Aramburu era un viejo sueño nuestro. Debía significar precisamente la aparición pública de la organización". Con esas palabras, Mario Firmenich y Norma Arrostito justificaban el asesinato de Pedro Eugenio Aramburu, militar que había ejercido como presidente de facto luego del golpe de Estado que derrocó a Juan Domingo Perón, en 1955. Fue la presentación en sociedad de la organización...
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Paramédicos mexicanos, una carrera en ambulancia contra la muerte

Apenas ven la ambulancia, los vecinos intuyen la razón. Antes llegaron policías para proteger a sus ocupantes, dos paramédicos que se llevan a un hombre con síntomas de covid-19 en un populoso suburbio al este de Ciudad de México.
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Más de 342.000 muertos por coronavirus, el balance de la AFP de las 11H00 GMT

El nuevo coronavirus ha provocado al menos 342.295 muertos en el mundo desde que surgió en diciembre en China, según un balance establecido por AFP con datos de fuentes oficiales, este domingo a las 11H00 GMT.
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Fieles regresan a plaza de San Pedro para la bendición papal

CIUDAD DEL VATICANO (AP) — Por primera vez en meses, los fieles acudieron a la plaza de San Pedro para la tradicional bendición dominical del papa, manteniendo distancia entre unos y otros.Al llegar, observaron hacia la ventana por la que el papa Francisco generalmente se dirige a los fieles.
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El papa anima a los católicos de China en sus "esperanzas y desafíos"

Ciudad del Vaticano, 24 may (EFE).- El papa Francisco transmitió hoy su apoyo a los católicos de China, país con el que el Vaticano trata de recuperar las relaciones diplomáticas, y dijo que son parte integrante de la Iglesia y que comparte sus "esperanzas y desafíos".
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The Venetian Las Vegas: Want The World

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What is CHAdeMO? Let us explain

Welcome to SHIFT Basics, a collection of tips, guides, and advice to help you navigate the changing world of electric vehicles and mobility tech. One of the more confusing aspects of owning an electric vehicle (EV) is knowing how to charge it. Unfortunately, there are a few different standards used in the industry, connectors vary from vehicle to vehicle. As a result,  it’s not quite as simple as just knowing whether you need to fill up with diesel or petrol. Once you’re passed the new terminolo...
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Comet SWAN is coming — and it’ll be visible without a telescope

A new comet is coming our way — Comet SWAN. Will it be a sight to remember, or will it dash our dreams, like Comet ATLAS? Night skies in late May and early June may be graced by the sight of a magnificent swan. But, this is no bird — it is a visitor from the distant reaches of the Solar System. C/2020 F8 (SWAN) (or Comet SWAN) is, just now, starting to be visible to viewers under dark skies without the use of binoculars or a telescope. Oddly, this icy remnant from the outer solar system was disc...
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Virtual events startup Run The World just nabbed $10.8 million from a16z and Founders Fund

Run The World, a year-old startup that’s based in Mountain View, Calif., and has small teams both in China and Taiwan, just nabbed $10.8 million in Series A funding co-led by earlier backer Andreessen Horowitz and new backer Founders Fund. It’s easy to understand the firms’ interest in the company, whose platform features every functionality that a conference organizer might need in a time of a pandemic and even afterward, given that many outfits are rethinking more permanently how to produce ev...
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Edgar Wright Plans to Bring ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. The World’ Back to Theaters, Reveals More Trivia During Watch Party

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World taught us a lot of things — Edgar Wright‘s elastic versatility as a director, that bread makes you fat, how not to wash your hands — but 10 years later we’re learning still more about the energized action comedy. Wright held an online watch party of his beloved 2010 comic book movie on Twitter last night, revealing all sorts of trivia and fun facts. Did you know Bill Hader was the narrator? That Quentin Tarantino‘s advice helped create the title sequence? Wright divu...
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Dynaplug Carbon Racer is the “world’s lightest” tool to repair tubeless tires

Dynaplug’s new composite Carbon Racer tire plugging tool drops 40% off the weight of even their lightest alloy Dynaplug Race for what shapes up to be “The World’s Lightest Tire Plugging Tool”. No need to weigh yourself down to be able to repair tubeless tire punctures on the go, just clip one of these suckers […] The post Dynaplug Carbon Racer is the “world’s lightest” tool to repair tubeless tires appeared first on Bikerumor.
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Want to turn on the new Polestar 2? Use your butt cheeks

Earlier today, Volvo subsidiary and electric vehicle maker Polestar held a public webinar to highlight some of the features found on its new all-electric Polestar 2 vehicle. As it turns out, there is no ignition, or start button, but you turn the car on with your, ahem, posterior. During the webinar, product manager Beatrice Simonsson demonstrated how Polestar 2 drivers can seamlessly approach the vehicle, get in without having to use a key, sit down, place their foot on the brake, select drive,...
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Engineer finds Tesla Model 3 is secretly equipped with hardware for powering homes

Despite not being that keen on the idea in the past, Tesla seems to have made some of its vehicles capable of bi-directional charging, otherwise known as vehicle-to-grid charging. During a reverse engineering vehicle tear down, an engineer that works for a Tesla competitor found that their Model 3 came equipped with a charging controller capable of both taking on electricity and dishing it back out, Electrek reports. [Read: VW wants its EVs to become part of the power grid when charging] “The de...
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Rolls-Royce to cut 9,000 aviation jobs to save $860M amid coronavirus downturn

British aviation engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce has announced that it plans to reduce its workforce by almost a fifth. This equates to around 9,000 jobs at the company around the globe. With many borders being shut to international travel around the world amid the coronavirus pandemic, planes are grounded. There simply isn’t the demand to introduce new aircraft to fleets with such low passenger numbers, and demand for new engines has dropped significantly. [Read: After Airbnb, Uber lays off 14%...
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Survey: Americans still aren’t drinking the autonomous car Kool-Aid

American perceptions of autonomous vehicles have are showing a trend that doesn’t seem to be improving, for automakers at least. According to a recent survey from industry body PAVE (Partners for Automated Vehicle Education), most Americans don’t believe autonomous vehicles are “ready for prime-time.” [Read: The crazy story how self-driving’s biggest star stole Google secrets, joined Uber, and became bankrupt] Nearly half of those surveyed said they would never get in a taxi or ride-share vehicl...
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Why the math behind the UK’s ‘COVID alert levels’ makes no sense

During these uncertain times of coronavirus lockdown, we are expected to look towards our leaders for advice and guidance. Critically, the instructions should be as simple and accurate as possible, to ensure that people follow the advice. Unfortunately, on May 10, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Twitter account released a number of “infographics” which are, quite frankly, baffling. At the time of writing, the infographics are still available and no further explanation has been offered. The goal o...
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Vistazo a Tulum y Playa del Carmen en Fase 3

"TULUM, MEXICO - MAY 17: Couple of tourists ride a bike on Boca Paila Avenue, during the visit to the tourist area of ​​Tulum, which already has some presence of foreign tourists, even though Mexico is still in Phase 3 of the Coronavirus, on May 17, 2020 in Tulum, Mexico. Non essential activities are not permitted during stage three of the nation-wide health emergency during the COVID-19 pandemic. Automotive industry and mining are now considered essential by Mexican Government and their activit...
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Un niño y una mujer mueren ahogados en la casa de Carl Crawford

Houston (EE.UU.), 17 may (EFE).- Un niño de cinco años y una mujer se ahogaron el sábado en la piscina de una casa de Houston que supuestamente pertenece a Carl Crawford, ex jugador de los Dodgers de Los Ángeles, dijo la Policía el domingo.
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Niño y mujer mueren ahogados en piscina de Carl Crawford

HOUSTON (AP) — Un niño de 5 años y una mujer murieron ahogados en la piscina de la casa de Carl Crawford, exjugador de los Dodgers de Los Ángeles, según reportes. La policía de Houston respondió al reporte de una persona ahogada alrededor de las 2:40 la tarde del sábado en una casa en el norte de Houston, cuyos registros comerciales y de propiedad indican que pertenece a Crawford, según reportó The Houston Chronicle.
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Can dark matter be found on earth? New research says ‘maybe’

Dark matter may not give off any light or radiation, but we might be able to watch it smash into atoms here on Earth. Dark matter makes up 85% of all matter in the Universe, but astronomers have never seen it. The nature of this mysterious — something — remains largely unknown. The mass which we call dark matter does not give off light, heat, radio waves, or any other form of electromagnetic radiation. But, astronomers and physicists know something (and a LOT of it) is out there. Without dark ma...
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