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German camera lenses could soon become 25% more expensive

After a 15-year-long dispute, The World Trade Organization approved that the United States can impose trade sanctions on some products from the EU. The US is about to apply $7.5 billion in punitive tariffs on the EU products. Among other things, it will affect German camera lenses, making them 25% more expensive. If you’d like […] The post German camera lenses could soon become 25% more expensive appeared first on DIY Photography.
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EU Sends U.S. New Warning of Retaliatory Tariffs Over Boeing Aid

(Bloomberg) -- The European Union pledged to impose tit-for-tat tariffs against the U.S. in a longstanding transatlantic dispute over illegal aid to aircraft manufacturers.The renewed vow by European trade chief Cecilia Malmstrom came as President Donald Trump’s administration triggered duties on $7.5 billion of EU goods ranging from planes to spirits in retaliation over market-distorting subsidies to Airbus SE.Malmstrom said the EU would apply its own levies on a range of U.S. products “in due ...
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A Scotch Maker’s Challenge: First Brexit. Now Tariffs.

The 25 percent U.S. tariffs to be imposed Friday are causing headaches for single malt distilleries, already struggling with Brexit.
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MEP tells Malaysia and Indonesia to “bring it on” over potential palm oil WTO fight

In Belgium, MongoBay reports that one of the European Parliament’s leading environmental proponents says the legislative body isn’t afraid of threats by Malaysia and Indonesia to file a complaint at the World Trade Organization against Europe’s future ban on palm oil for biodiesel, and has encouraged the two countries to “bring it on”. He said he is confident that the WTO will allow the policy to remain in place because it is so nuanced to ensure that the reasons for banning palm oil are driven ...
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UK border risks snarl up in no-deal Brexit: audit office

The United Kingdom's border risks being snarled up in a no-deal Brexit because as few as 30 percent of traders are prepared, the European Union would introduce controls and organized crime groups would exploit weaknesses, the National Audit Office said. The United Kingdom is due to leave the EU on Oct. 31 and while Prime Minister Boris Johnson is trying to strike a last-minute deal, he has said that if the EU refuses then he will lead the world's fifth-largest economy out without an agreement. ...
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French Fry Clash Heads to WTO as EU Gets Salty With Bogota

(Bloomberg) -- Terms of Trade is a daily newsletter that untangles a world embroiled in trade wars. Sign up here. The European Union will launch a dispute at the World Trade Organization against Colombia in response to the tariffs the South American country imposed on imports of frozen French fries from Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.EU trade chief Cecilia Malmstrom on Monday said the duties were “completely unjustified and they are harming European companies.”The latest action adds a new...
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WTO body formally OKs US sanctions against EU in Airbus case

GENEVA (AP) — The World Trade Organization has formally given the go-ahead for the United States to impose trade sanctions on up to $7.5 billion worth of European Union goods following a ruling that European plane maker Airbus received illegal subsidies. The move by the trade body’s dispute settlement body was largely a formality after […]
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Former World Leaders: The Trade War Threatens the World’s Economy

Despite an interim deal, global peace and prosperity remain at risk if the United States and China do not fully resolve their conflict.
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Why We Worry About the U.S.-China Trade War

Global prosperity and peace are at risk if Beijing and Washington do not resolve their conflict soon.
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Trump Just Gave You a Whole New Reason to Go to Europe

Drew Angerer/GettyROME—For those who know that real parmesan cheese does not come in a can, next week is going to hurt. That's when tough 25 percent tariffs are scheduled to come into effect on hundreds of European imports, including made-in-Italy Parmigiano Reggiano, Pecorino, and Romano cheeses. The tariffs, which extend to other goodies like French wine and Scottish whiskey (list), are the result of a ruling by the World Trade Organization handed down over what were deemed to be unfair su...
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Nissan Warns U.K. Plant Unviable If Brexit Triggers Tariffs

(Bloomberg) -- Follow @Brexit on Twitter, sign up to our Brexit Bulletin and subscribe to our podcast. Nissan Motor Co. issued its starkest warning yet against a no-deal Brexit, saying any tariffs on auto exports to the European Union are likely to render its U.K. operations unviable.The imposition of World Trade Organization rules with a 10% duty on U.K.-built cars shipped to the EU would be impossible to offset through cost cuts, Nissan Europe Chairman Gianluca de Ficchy said Thursday at the c...
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The World Trade Organization is faltering. The US can't fix it alone

With the World Trade Organization Public Forum underway in Geneva, it is time for members to confront and address the problems that are eroding the WTO's credibility and effectiveness. These are problems that, if left unresolved, will endanger the WTO's future relevance.
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Europe Says It’s Ready for a Trade War If Pressured by the U.S.

(Bloomberg) -- Terms of Trade is a daily newsletter that untangles a world embroiled in trade wars. Sign up here. France’s finance minister said he doesn’t want the European Union to become the latest front in the global trade war, but that the bloc would hit the U.S. with sanctions if a settlement isn’t reached in a long-running dispute over aircraft aid.“We are all aware of the dramatic consequences of this trade war between China and the U.S. on the level of growth,’’ minister Bruno Le Maire ...
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573 Collings Foundation B-17

We discuss the crash of the Collings Foundation B-17 and present our interview with pilot Mac McCauley, recorded one week prior to the fatal crash. Also, NTSB recommendations for the FAA after the fatal 737 MAX crashes, ICAO’s push ahead with the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation, tariffs after the WTO rules on unfair aviation subsidies, and two airliners make emergency landings. Collings Foundation B-17 Collings Foundation B-17 pilot Ernest “Mac” McCauley. Cop...
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Trump Administration Missteps Weaken U.S. Hand Entering Chinese Trade Negotiations

On Thursday, Chinese vice premier Liu He will arrive in Washington for the first high-level trade talks with American officials since July. With new tariffs on virtually all Chinese exports to the U.S. slated for December 15, these negotiations may be the last chance to prevent a sharp escalation.A White House press briefing Monday stated that discussion would pertain to a wide range of topics, including “forced technology transfer, intellectual property rights, services, non-tariff barriers, ag...
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Indonesia preparing to take EU to WTO over to types of palm oil discrimination

In Indonesia, Antara news agency reports that the Indonesian government is preparing the documents required in order to file an official complaint against the European Union and its Renewable Energy Directive II at the World Trade Organization for its treatment of palm oil for biofuels. The complaint will have two facets, one discriminating against palm oil in general and the other discrimination specifically against Indonesian palm oil. Demand for Indonesian palm oil has already plummeted ahead...
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US Using Trade Deals To Shield Tech Giants From Foreign Regulators

The Trump administration has begun inserting legal protections into recent trade agreements that shield online platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube from lawsuits, a move that could help lock in America's tech-friendly regulations around the world even as they are being newly questioned at home. From a report: The protections, which stem from a 1990s law, have already been tucked into the administration's two biggest trade deals -- the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement and a pact with...
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How Boeing vs. Airbus Became Trump vs. Europe

Boeing won a long-running trade dispute with Airbus, but it came with complications for a company still dealing with the fallout from two deadly accidents.
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A Dispute Over Airbus Subsidies Means You’ll Soon Pay More For Scotch And French Or Spanish Wine

A 2004 fight over illegal subsidies from the European Union to Airbus gave the US the green light from the World Trade Organization to impose retaliatory tariffs on $7.5 Billion of Europe exports. While that means Delta will face a 10% tariff on their A330 and A350 jumbos, they won’t be able to pass along […]
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How Trump’s Trade War Is Being Fought Around the World

Mexico, China, Japan, Europe, Canada: The White House’s various conflicts add up to a broad assault on a postwar effort to build economic ties around the world.
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Trump’s Trade War and Its Many Fronts

Mexico, China, Europe, Canada: The White House’s various conflicts add up to a broad assault on a postwar effort to build economic ties around the world.
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Corbyn could come out fighting with a rebellious remain and reform agenda | Ash Sarkar

If a future manifesto comes into conflict with the EU’s rules, Labour should show it’s willing to take it onAgainst the backdrop of the Tories’ historic European elections clusterflop, Labour’s results were merely bad. The natural party of government saw its vote share eroded by the Brexit party so badly that it was forced to endure its worst performance at a national election since 1832. Tory leadership hopefuls, looking to placate the infuriated Conservative grassroots, are already butching up...
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Adjudicator says any security defence of U.S. auto tariffs at WTO 'very difficult'

The United States will find it "very difficult" to defend President's Donald Trump's proposed car tariff against any challenge at the World Trade Organization, a veteran trade adjudicator who has ruled on a related case told Reuters.
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America can’t ignore the economic threat of a rising China

In the aftermath of the Communist victory in the late 1940s, the question often asked in Washington was: “Who lost China?” That fueled the McCarthyite inquisition that followed. The question our children might ask is: “Who lost America?” The long-running side-show around Russian “collusion” focused on the nasty but largely inconsequential ties between some of Donald Trump’s more sleazy aides and their equally disreputable Russian or Ukrainian counterparts. Yet, compared to China, Russia represen...
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As Trade War Rages, China’s Sway Over the U.S. Fades

Beijing once could count on allies in business and politics to help get its way. Now many of its old allies are staying on the sidelines.
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Japan takes India to WTO over mobile phone import duties

Japan has complained at the World Trade Organization about India's duties on mobile phones, base stations and routers, and the circuit boards and other components that go into them, a WTO filing showed on Tuesday.
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U.S.-China Trade Talks Stumble on Beijing’s Spending at Home

As the trade war intensifies, Chinese subsidies for homegrown industries present a difficult obstacle to reaching a deal.
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