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Glutton for punishment

Every time I change a tyre I run into some little issue and end up saying "never again." The easy bit... But, the WR is only a little bike, how hard can it be? Let's get to work Turns out it is tricky and tubes can be pinched.  Something to be said for tubeless tyres alright... Got there in the end And then tonight. Remove axle nut and that's it... Then after much sweating... [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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The Zumo returns...

So the new 595 lives on either the Tenere or the Connie, but the old 550 still goes - what to do with it? Well, while it does get used in the car (primarily as a bluetooth speaker/mic for my phone), but I still have 3 motorcycle mounts.  And it just so happens that I have 3 bikes, one of which has no GPS - oh no! So yep, the 550 has found its way onto the little WR. After rummaging around in [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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Meet Mighty Mouse

Ok, so before I disappeared off to take part in the TT2000 I did something foolish and bought another bike.  Except it wasn't foolish - I needed another bike for my single car garage (now containing 3 bikes and a car). Enter the little WR who now shall be dubbed "Might Mouse": After chatting to Colin about his one I had a quick look on Trademe and stumbled on this one.  It looked like it was [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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Somebody told me I shouldn't wash the Tenere - it might shrink... So yeah, Chillertek, I'm working on the N + 1 thing... And now there's an odd number to boot... [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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