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Gratuitous Gun Pr0n #203...

Just in for review work is Springfield Armory's latest 1911 model, the Emissary, for an upcoming issue of Shooting Illustrated. 5" bull barrel, stainless railed frame, blued carbon steel slide, .45ACP chambering, two mags in the box. Some unusual stylistic and functional choices in this gun. It's not a gamer gun, but there are some things that are off the beaten path for a CCW piece, too.  Oh well, I'd best get to shootin' it... [Author: Tam]
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Attack of the Clones

"The number of firearms that you can assemble yourself from scratch, from the frame/receiver up, without using a single part made by the original manufacturer makes for a pretty small club. And if that club is small, then the exclusive party room in the back is populated by designs where you can buy completely assembled derivatives from third parties. This usually happens when a popular firearm becomes old enough that any patents have expired, although sometimes clone makers do jump the gun and ...
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Writing, Creativity, Suffering

Somehow I hadn’t read Kaye Gibbons’ 2005 novel, Charms for the Easy Life, until recently. It’s a delight to open a book and, within a few pages, realize it’s going to be a good read. The novel follows the life of a girlchild raised within a circle of intensely vibrant women. Each character is so … Continue reading Writing, Creativity, Suffering
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An Animated History of Writing: From Ancient Egypt to Modern Writing Systems

He would be a very simple person, and quite a stranger to the oracles of Thamus or Ammon, who should leave in writing or receive in writing any art under the idea that the written word would be intelligible or certain. — Socrates The transmission of truth was at one time a face-to-face business that took place directly between teacher and student. We find ancient sages around the world who discouraged writing and privileged spoken dialogue as the best way to communicate. Why is that? Soc...
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"'People get very wrapped up in the idea of spontaneously desiring sex,' Dr. Nagoski said, but, especially in women, it’s fairly rare."

"Based on a wide body of research on gender and sexual desire, Dr. Nagoski estimates that roughly 15 percent of women experience spontaneous desire, whereas most experience responsive desire — wanting sex when something erotic is happening. 'When we study people who have great sex over the long-term in a relationship, they do not describe spontaneous desire as a characteristic,' she said. From (NYT). A highly rated comment: "Same old suggestions. Here's the real deal: if you are in a sexles...
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It's one of those rare mornings when — quite by chance — a theme appears on the blog.

I've written 2 posts: 1. "The strongest case for noncitizen voting today is representation: The more voters show up to the polls, the more accurately elections reflect peoples’ desires," and 2. "'People get very wrapped up in the idea of spontaneously desiring sex,' Dr. Nagoski said, but, especially in women, it’s fairly rare." In the presence of this blessed convergence of the Forces of Blog, I perform the ritual of deliberately searching for more manifestations of the day's theme. You see what...
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July linkfest

I haven’t recommended a book in a while, so this month I’m recommending two, both of them new, both of them about language. (And each one blurbed by the author of the other one, which must be a coincidence, right?) Highly Irregular, by Arika Okrent, looks at many of the things that make English such a weird language, some of which may be so familiar you’ve never questioned them. Why isn’t of spelled with a v? How come we say how come? Why do we say big spender and large pizza, but not large ...
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This Is How You Reach Readers on Smartphones

Would you like to learn more techniques for getting the word out to mobile web visitors? If so, then join PRSA and Ann Wylie at Reach Readers Online our mobile-web-writing workshop, starting Oct. 5. You’ll master a four-part system for writing compelling web content that overcomes the obstacles of reading on the small screen. Save $100 with coupon code PRSA21! APRs: Earn 4 Accreditation renewal credits. Reading your web page on a smartphone is like reading “War and Peace” through a keyhole. In ...
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How I Saved 250 Hours Using TextExpander

TextExpander is a software plugin that I use every day when I write. The app takes strings of text that I use often and generates them using shortcuts, so I don’t have to type them each time. These “snippets” in TextExpander lingo save me time and allows me to focus on the important parts of my writing.
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"Jack and Ben both love to look at and talk about and think about—and, yes, gratuitously touch—what they refer to as their 'dicks.'"

"Here, American navel-gazing has slipped a few inches and landed at the crotch. Both men toss out humor and insight just before jumping gleefully off one or another high moral cliff. Other writer-actor types have played the upper-middle-class intellectual as a kind of sheepish hero, all the while hiding, or prettifying, or justifying the dark interiors that often accompany that seemingly benign performance. Shawn turns this kind of character inside out and shows the demon within, then offers a t...
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The things you don't think about...

I was reading an article that had been linked in a blog post and this bit caught me up short:"First, some background. I started my watch reporting career just before Hayek arrived on the Swiss watch scene in the early 1980s."Somehow I had never realized the "wristwatch journalism" was an actual career field. Then I felt silly, because I basically earn my daily bread from reporting on a niche hobby. I'll bet "fountain pen journalism" is a thing. Incidentally, Swatch Hayek doesn't appear to be a...
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What does a copywriter do? Your copywriting guide [2021]

What does a copywriter do, and everything you need to know about copywriting and content marketing for aspiring B2B businesses. Content is the answer to a question, the key to a puzzle, the information station on the road to progress. More than this, content is the backbone of inbound marketing for the B2B world. ‘Okay’, I hear you say, ‘But why is content so important? And why should anyone pay a copywriter to write it?’ Put simply, people and businesses use content to educate ...
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What Is the Most Damaging Conspiracy Theory in History?

Not every conspiracy theory is de facto bad. Vast forces really are colluding against us, with varying degrees of intent. It is when these forces are misidentified—when blame is pinned on people equally helpless, or people who are totally made up—that things can spin out of control. The events of January 6th are just…Read more...
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"What’s difficult about having your relationship rewritten and memorialised in the most viral short story of all time is the sensation that millions of people now know that relationship as described by a stranger."

"Meanwhile, I’m alone with my memories of what really happened – just like any death leaves you burdened with the responsibility of holding on to the parts of a person that only you knew."Writes Alexis Nowicki, the real-life person upon whom the story "Cat Person" was based, quoted in "The Cat Person debate shows how fiction writers use real life does matter/Kristen Roupenian’s viral 2017 short story is again being debated, now over her alleged use of details drawn from life. The questions this ...
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Hunter Thompson Explains What Gonzo Journalism Is, and How He Writes It (1975)

There’ve been any number of aspiring “gonzo journalists” over the past half-century, but there was only one Hunter S. Thompson. Having originated with his work in the early 1970s, this sense of gonzo made it into the Random House Dictionary within his lifetime. “Filled with bizarre or subjective ideas, commentary, or the like,” says its first definitions. And its second: “Crazy; eccentric.” Thompson seems to have approved, seeing as he kept a copy of this very edition, put on displ...
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#645 How to Fear Less and Sell More

Listen to “#645 How to Fear Less and Sell More” on Spreaker.       On‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode‌ ‌of‌ ‌The‌ ‌Small‌ ‌Business‌ ‌Radio‌ ‌Show…‌ ‌ SEGMENT‌ ‌1 with Tom Stern,‌ ‌‌starting‌ ‌at‌ ‌0:00‌:‌ ‌ ‌You probably hate sales. You think it’s “low” or “beneath you”. Deep down you may believe if you have the best product or service in the marketplace, it will “sell itself”. More likely, you don’t like sales because you have a fear of rejection. How do we overcome all the anxiety and negative feelings so...
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Five basketball strategies and how they surprisingly apply to tech comm

Because it's NBA championship finals time, I thought it might be fun to write a basketball-themed post focusing on basketball strategies that succeeded or failed, and how any of these strategies might apply to technical writing. Beyond the specifics of any particular strategy, the larger application to tech comm is to simply formulate a strategy, to think strategically about how to "win" at technical writing. With that, let's jump into five basketball strategies.
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Five basketball strategies and how they might apply to tech comm

Because it's NBA championship finals time, I thought it might be fun to write a basketball-themed post focusing on basketball strategies that succeeded or failed, and how any of these strategies might apply to technical writing. Beyond the specifics of any particular strategy, the larger application to tech comm is to simply formulate a strategy, to think strategically about how to "win" at technical writing. With that, let's jump into five basketball strategies.
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"It’s not my job to heal the University of North Carolina. That’s the job of the people in power who created the situation in the first place."

Says Nikole Hannah-Jones, quoted in "Nikole Hannah-Jones to join Howard faculty after UNC tenure controversy/Author Ta-Nehisi Coates is also set to join the faculty of Howard, a historically Black university in the nation’s capital" (WaPo). Hannah-Jones will also found a Center for Journalism and Democracy at Howard. She said it will aim to train journalism students from historically Black schools to “accurately and urgently [cover] the challenges of our democracy with a clarity, skepticism, rig...
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Haruki Murakami’s Daily Routine: Up at 4:00 a.m., 5-6 Hours of Writing, Then a 10K Run

Photo via Wikimedia Commons Haruki Murakami has been famous as a novelist since the 1980s. But for a decade or two now, he’s become increasingly well known around the world as a novelist who runs. The English-speaking world’s awareness of Murakami’s roadwork habit goes back at least as far as 2004, when the Paris Review published an Art of Fiction interview with him. Asked by interviewer John Ray to describe the structure of his typical workday, Murakami replied as follows: When I’m in writin...
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"I hate the word process, I just can’t bear it. People say, ‘What’s your process?’ My process is allowing my soul to leave my body and enter into the body of another human being...."

"I like to pretend that I’m the most attention deficit disordered person I’m ever going to meet.... I’m very conscious of keeping the reader’s interest. And I’m easily bored — I’m easily bored by books, I hate to say. And so I want there to be some sort of suspense or some sort of payoff.... It’s all about language.... Once I can figure out what the language inside [the characters'] head is — that way in which people talk to themselves without saying anything, the stream of what is running in yo...
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June linkfest

“Controversial terms, from ‘abortion’ to ‘Zionism,’ tend to shut down dialog because they mean different things to different people.” The AllSides Red Blue Dictionary defines these hot-button terms across the political spectrum: “Until we fully understand what a term means to someone else, we don't know the issue and can't effectively communicate.” * I’m enjoying (and learning from) the short essays Susan Orlean publishes on Medium, especially her stories about  the writing craft. Here s...
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Top 5 Mistakes Aspiring Writers Should Avoid Making

Looking to be an award-winning, best selling author? Here are the top five mistakes that you as an aspiring writer should avoid making. The post Top 5 Mistakes Aspiring Writers Should Avoid Making appeared first on Young Upstarts.
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David Diop’s Booker win makes African soldiers’ history visible

David Diop won the prestigious annual International Booker prize for translated fiction for his second novel, ‘At Night All Blood is Black’ The post David Diop’s Booker win makes African soldiers’ history visible appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Umberto Eco’s 36 Rules for Writing Well (in English or Italian)

Creative Commons image by Rob Bogaerts, via the National Archives in Holland Umberto Eco knew a great many things. Indeed too many things, at least according to his critics: “Eco knows everything there is to know and spews it in your face in the most blasé manner,” declared Pier Paolo Pasolini, “as if you were listening to a robot.” That line appears quoted in Tim Parks’ review of Pape Satàn Aleppe, a posthumous collection of essays from La Bustina di Minerva, the magazine column Eco had writte...
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I tested out the writing routines of 5 famous authors to see which would make me the most productive

Mel Burke. Mel Burke Mel Burke is a culture writer who recently quit her full-time job to become a novelist. To find a routine that works for her, she tried the schedules of famous writers like Maya Angelou. She liked Schwab's 25-minute word sprints and Murakami's afternoon exercise, but none were perfect. See more stories on Insider's business page. I recently "millennial YOLO'd" my stable content-management job to become a full-time novelist, and I wanted to have unshakea...
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Pep Talk

Marko on writing full-time:"I sold Terms of Enlistment and its sequel to 47North in the spring of 2013, and I’ve been able to write full-time ever since. It took me until my forties to figure out that I wasn’t really cut out for any other kind of work, so to those of you who are submitting stories and trying to get a foot in the door, I’d say not to worry about being too late to the party. Nothing moves fast in the publishing field anyway." [Author: Tam]
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How to double space in Google Docs on desktop or mobile, or add custom spacing

Changing the line spacing in Google Docs isn't hard. lechatnoir/Getty Images You can double space in Google Docs using the "Line spacing" menu. The Line spacing menu lets you add double spacing, single spacing, and a variety of other styles. The Google Docs mobile app lets you enable double spacing too, but in a more limited way. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. Google Docs is one of the most popular word processors available today. This isn't hard to un...
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Motorcycle Blog – A Dinosaur Paradise

The other day while talking to my daughter (20), I asked her if she read any blogs. Her tepid response was a sing-songy “not reaaaallllly.” Not really. Yep, not really. Over the course of my internet lifetime things sure have changed. Traditional hobbyist bloggers are dinosaurs. Remember when Facebook was new and “fun”? Its smoldering … Read More Read More The post Motorcycle Blog – A Dinosaur Paradise appeared first on Girlie Motorcycle Blog.
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6 Signs That It’s Time for You to Write Your Book Already [A Checklist]

Image Cred: Powell’s Books A version of this story appeared in Total Annarchy, my fortnightly newsletter that helps you be a better writer, storyteller, marketer. Get it in your inbox; you’ll love it. * * * From time to time I answer reader questions. This is one of those times. * *Kidding. Of course questions come via email. But “clicked email and pasted here” doesn’t land quite the same, does it? “How do you know when the time is right to draft your first book? Did you feel overwhelmed by w...
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