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The Xbox Series X is faster than your gaming PC. Now what?

Microsoft's beefy console will challenge PCs for years.
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Xbox Series X console features 12 teraflops graphics processor

Microsoft confirms key specs of games console plus new ‘Smart Delivery’ feature allowing one-size-fits-all game purchases Microsoft has confirmed that its next games console, the Xbox Series X, will feature a 12 teraflops graphics processor, eight times more powerful than the Xbox One graphics chipset.The announcement, made by the Xbox chief, Phil Spencer, via Microsoft’s Wire news site, confirmed recent rumours about the machine, which is launching this winter. Continue reading...
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Cyberpunk 2077 on Xbox One Will Upgrade to Xbox Series X for Free

Cyberpunk 2077 on Xbox One Will Upgrade to Xbox Series X for Free CD Projekt Red has announced that gamers who own the Xbox One version of the highly-anticipated title Cyberpunk 2077 will receive the Xbox Series X upgrade for free when it becomes available. You can check out the Twitter announcement below! Gamers should never be forced to purchase the same game twice or pay for upgrades. Owners of #Cyberpunk2077 for Xbox One will receive the Xbox Series X upgrade for free when available. htt...
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Daily Crunch: Sony unveils its first 5G smartphone

Sony announces a camera-centric phone, Microsoft offers more details about the next Xbox and a liquid biopsy startup raises $165 million. Here’s your Daily Crunch for February 24, 2020. 1. Sony announces its first 5G flagship, the triple lens Xperia 1 II Sony has announced its first 5G smartphone: The Xperia 1 II — for the curious or confused, it’s pronounced “Xperia One, Mark Two.” As ever with Sony — a major B2B supplier of image sensors to other smartphone makers — it has made the camera a...
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Microsoft finally shows us the Xbox Series X’s guts

Microsoft today gave us a look at the Xbox Series X’s specs, meaning we’re finally seeing what the next-gen consoles will have under the hood. And I can’t lie: it’s looking pretty good. Power + speed + compatibility = Xbox Series X 12 teraflops and so much more. Discover what the next generation of gaming means to Xbox: — Xbox (@Xbox) February 24, 2020 According to Xbox head Phil Spencer, the XSX will have an impressive 12 terafl...
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Microsoft Sheds More Light on Xbox Series X Performance and Features

While Microsoft is still keeping some info under wraps, just ahead of its expected full reveal at E3 in June, Microsoft has released some more details about its upcoming flagship console: the Xbox Series X. Read more...
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The next Xbox is scheduled to arrive this holiday season, and it's named Xbox Series X — here's everything we know so far about Microsoft's next game console (MSFT)

Microsoft's new Xbox console, Xbox Series X, is currently in development. The new console is scheduled to arrive this coming holiday season, and Microsoft says it'll be four times more powerful than its current Xbox One X console. Xbox Series X has an SSD for faster load times and a more powerful processor from AMD for better graphics.  Additionally, the new Xbox console will carry forward your purchases and progression from Xbox One games. Any existing backwards compatibility with original Xb...
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Microsoft offers a closer look at the next Xbox

It’s been a few months since Microsoft announced the impending arrival of the Xbox Series X. The somewhat redundantly named console made cameo during the Game Awards, getting a late 2020 date in the process. We got at glimpse at the big, boxy design and peek into a handful of features, including the new wireless controllers and backward game compatibility. It didn’t, however, really get into the nitty gritty of what’s going to set the next-gen console apart. Thankfully, MS’s head of Xbox Phil...
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Xbox Series X vs. PS5

Microsoft and Sony's next consoles are coming. When it comes to the Xbox Series X vs. PS5, which is better?
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StarCraft: Ghost Leaked 14 Years After Cancellation

Vaporware title StarCraft:Ghost has been leaked online 14 years after it was put on “indefinite postponement”. The Blizzard game was first announced in 2006 and was intended for release on the three main consoles of the time: PlayStation 2, Nintendo Gamecube and Xbox. Multiple delays followed and the stealth-action title was put on indefinite postponement […]
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How Microsoft spent $1 billion on a simple mistake with its best game console (MSFT)

The Xbox 360 is Microsoft's most popular game console, measured both by sales numbers and consumer reception. But the console's success was tempered by a massive recall Microsoft had to enact due to the so-called "Red Ring of Death." That recall was one of the largest in consumer electronics history, and it cost Microsoft over $1 billion. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Former Xbox leader Robbie Bach made hundreds of important decisions in his time at Microsoft. But only o...
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This Nike Air Jordans Inspired limited-edition Xbox wins the NBA All-Star weekend!

The two giant worlds of tech and sports are colliding or rather collaborating, and I can already hear the NBA fans, sneakerheads and gamers fist-bumping in unison! Microsoft and Nike have teamed up to make a limited-edition custom Xbox One that is rightfully going to paint the town red this Valentine’s day. Here’s the catch – only one lucky Twitter user can win this exclusive console and all you have to do is retweet THIS tweet from Xbox. And if you are looking for Nike’s latest pair of Jordans,...
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How a video game wunderkind promised a robot revolution that mesmerized SoftBank but went off the rails: The inside story of Zume Pizza

Zume Pizza, the pizza-making robotics startup, spent its early days pitching investors and the public on an AI-powered robotic revolution at the hands of its robot fleet. But the revolution hit a snag, and in January, Zume announced that it was permanently shuttering Zume Pizza, the robotics division of the company, and laying off roughly 360 employees across multiple offices. Now, Zume is looking to sustainable packaging to stay afloat as its cofounder and CEO Alex Garden struggles to right t...
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Project xCloud vs. Nvidia GeForce Now: Here’s how they compare

Two of the biggest game-streaming services are Nvidia GeForce Now and Project xCloud. Here is what we know.
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PS5 & Xbox Series X to Run “Almost All the Back Catalog of Previous Consoles”

The CEO of Ubisoft has said that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are likely to be backwards compatible with nearly all of the games made for their predecessor consoles. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot made his claims during the company’s recent earnings call: Those consoles will be running almost all the back catalog of […]
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Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 review: Best controller ever

Microsoft's Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 is expensive, but also the best video game controller ever made.
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Maybe Microsoft's Xbox Chief Didn't Say the Stupidest Thing About Cloud Gaming This Week

In a quote in Politico’s new technology-focused publication, Protocol, Xbox Chief Phil Spencer said something seemingly earth-shattering for any gamer: It isn’t Nintendo or Sony that Microsoft views as primary competitors in the gaming space, but Amazon and Google. That sounds deeply stupid. Google’s Stadia has…Read more...
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With the next Xbox, Microsoft is done competing with PlayStation: 'We see Amazon and Google as the main competitors going forward' (MSFT)

This holiday season, both Microsoft and Sony are planning to launch next-generation game consoles: the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5, respectively. Though the two consoles compete directly, Microsoft is intentionally moving its Xbox business away from direct competition with Sony. "When you talk about Nintendo and Sony, we have a ton of respect for them, but we see Amazon and Google as the main competitors going forward," Xbox leader Phil Spencer said in a recent interview with Protocol...
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The best capture cards for 2020

With an external capture card, anyone can become a streaming star. Here are the best capture cards right now.
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Mystery Xbox Series X port could expand console’s storage capacity

The mystery port we've seen on leaked Xbox Series X images will reportedly be for expanding its storage space.
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A new accessibility device turns a wheelchair into an Xbox gamepad

A new wheelchair-compatible gaming device will be free to those who qualify for a grant through AbleGamers.
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Microsoft offers up to $20,000 to identify security vulnerabilities in Xbox Live

Security researchers, gamers, and the public can hunt for vulnerabilities as part of the bug bounty program.
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AbleGamers and ATMakers let Xbox players control games through wheelchairs

The wheelchair-compatible gaming device is free to those who qualify for a grant through AbleGamers.
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FREE Xbox Live Games with Gold: Latest Free Games

Join Xbox Live Gold and you will get FREE games every month. Now that’s Gold! Get up to $900 in free games during a year of membership including backward compatible Xbox 360 games for your Xbox One. As an Xbox Live Gold Member, you get the most advanced multiplayer, bonus games, and exclusive member discounts in Xbox stores. With Xbox Live Gold, you can stay connected with friends, family, and Xbox Live members around the world. February 1 to 15: Fable Heroes February 1 to 29: TT Isle of Man...
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The Outer Worlds lands on Switch in March, but sequels could stick to Xbox

The Outer Worlds hits the Nintendo Switch on March 6, and could be the only game in the franchise to do so.
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February 2020 Free Games for PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold

February 2020 free games for PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold Sony and Microsoft have both announced the slate of February 2020 free games that will be available to subscribing PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members. PlayStation Plus members will receive three titles that will be available from February 4 to March 2. First up is BioShock: The Collection, containing three legendary first-person adventures including BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite...
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You can connect up to 8 controllers to your Xbox One at once — here's how that stacks up to the competition

Figuring out how many controllers can connect to an Xbox One at once can be confusing, since its controllers typically connect without any wires or cables. You can connect up to eight controllers at once to an Xbox One, which is the most allowed for any major gaming console. The Nintendo Switch also allows for eight — with some limitations — while the PlayStation 4 only allows for up to four controllers. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. When it comes to throwing a big gamin...
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Microsoft xCloud: Everything we know about the streaming service

Microsoft xCloud, or Project xCloud, is the company's upcoming game-streaming service. Here's what we know.
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With the next Xbox, Microsoft is finally ending its lofty TV ambitions

Microsoft's got a new video game console in the works, and it's scheduled to arrive this holiday season: the Xbox Series X. Unlike the last generation of Xbox consoles, the Xbox Series X is dropping support for cable boxes and TV antennas. Though Microsoft has yet to announce as much, a leaked photo of the new Xbox Series X offers a first look at the ports it has — and it's missing the crucial port required for the TV functionality that currently exists on the Xbox One. That removal is the las...
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Clouds roll into Canada as Xbox Project xCloud Preview arrives this month

Microsoft's Xbox Project xCloud game streaming service will make its way in a Preview phase to Canada on January 29, giving Canadian gamers a first look at cloud game streaming.
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