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The Nuances of Hiring and Training in Hospitality Industry | By Gary L. Deel & Dr. Xiaoxiao Fu

In hospitality, appropriate employment screening and management of ethical conduct are really important principles for avoiding liability and promoting safe and happy work environments. Unfortunately, some employees present huge risks for hotels through their unethical choices and tendencies. In this case study, we aim to assess the different tools that hospitality companies use for maintaining and promoting safe workplaces. Specifically, we will discuss background checks, credit checks, ...
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Empathy in Leadership, Life, and the Hospitality Industry | By Kyle Cardone and Dr. Xiaoxiao Fu

Empathy is one's ability to understand and share someone else's feelings, and in a time where machines replacing people in the workforce has become quotidian, stands out as uniquely, and beautifully human. This topic was chosen, because in the context of hospitality, empathy is observed as a fundamental part of becoming an effective leader in the industry, and in a broader context, anywhere. The lead author's course of action in moving up, and becoming more influential in the field, is la...
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