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China legal activist who called on Xi to 'give way' arrested: activists

Chinese authorities have arrested a prominent rights activist and legal scholar who had called on President Xi Jinping to step down over his handling of crises including the coronavirus outbreak, two fellow activists said on Monday. Xu Zhiyong had been on the run since December after attending a gathering in the southern city of Xiamen which focused on discussion of human rights in China, according to Hua Ze, an activist and friend of Xu's. Four others who had attended the gathering in December...
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Rights Activist Xu Zhiyong Arrested In China Amid Crackdown On Dissent

Friends of Xu tell NPR that the prominent legal and civil rights activist was arrested on Feb. 15 in southern China. Xu had managed to evade authorities tracking him for nearly two months. (Image credit: Handout ./Reuters)
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leadership through cooperation

One of the few areas where most nations cooperate is in infectious disease control. For nation states, cooperation is the best option in this type of ‘prisoner’s dilemma‘. “On 31 December 2019, the World Health Organization was alerted about a cluster of pneumonia cases of unknown etiology in Wuhan, China, which prompted international concern of the potential public-health impact of an outbreak of a new virus [COVID-19] … With the now global spread of the virus, the urgency of a coordinated inte...
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From Elon Musk to Tim Cook, here's where the world's most influential tech founders and CEOs went to college — and what they studied

College is where many figure out what they're actually interested in and determine the career they want to pursue. We researched the degrees and schools attended by well-known tech CEOs, many of whom launched their companies or landed on the idea for their first startup while studying at college. Here's where 52 CEOs and founders in the tech industry went to school, and what they studied. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. For new college students, choosing a major can feel l...
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Chinese Vlogger Detailing Life – and Death — Amid Coronavirus Outbreak in Wuhan Disappears, Allegedly ‘Forcibly Quarantined’

(BEIJING) — After nearly a week of roaming China’s epidemic-struck city, filming the dead and the sickened in overwhelmed hospitals, the strain of being hounded by both the new virus and the country’s dissent-quelling police started to tell. Chen Qiushi looked haggard and disheveled in his online posts, an almost unrecognizable shadow of the energetic young man who had rolled into Wuhan on a self-assigned mission to tell its inhabitants’ stories, just as authorities locked the city down alm...
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Coronavirus: 'When Fury Overcomes Fear,' a 'Viral Alarm' by Xu Zhangrun

This essay on the Wuhan coronavirus by Xu Zhangrun, translated from the original Chinese and annotated by Geremie R. Barmé on, is absolutely amazing. I'm grateful it is now available for English-speaking audiences. "rage against this injustice; let your lives burn with a flame of decency." Tsinghua professor Xu Zhangrun's passionate essay on the coronavirus epidemic is out in English, translated by Geremie Barmé. @chinaheritage — Chris Buckley 储百亮 (...
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Stanford Research Project Turns Common Jellyfish Into Bionic Sea Creatures

STANFORD (KPIX 5) — Researchers at Stanford University have found new ways to explore the world’s oceans with a cyborg creation that seems straight out of science fiction. After nearly six years of research, Stanford scientists say they have been able to turn the common jellyfish into a bionic creature that is part animal and part machine. Bio-engineering scientist Nicole Xu is one of two scientists working on this project. “I create bionic jellyfish by integrating microelectronics into these an...
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Coronavirus Crisis Shows China's Governance Failure

Wuhan's mayor blamed higher-ups. A senior disease control official blamed layers of bureaucracy. A top government expert blamed the public: The people, he said, simply didn't understand what he told them.As China grapples with a mysterious coronavirus outbreak that has killed more than 420 people and sickened thousands, the country's 1.4 billion people are asking what went wrong. Senior officials are engaging in an unusually blunt display of finger pointing.So many officials have den...
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Five Questions about the Duan Family Trafficking

The recent interest in the Hunan scandal, and the Duan family specifically, spurred by their being featured in Danfu Wang's "One Child Nation," prompted some questions after we posted an essay on our subscription blog. The article, "Two of Duan Yue Neng's Statements in 'One Child Nation'", dealt with two assertions Mr. Duan made in the documentary:  1) That he and his family trafficked over 10,000 children; 2) That he commonly found children along the road, and that he and his family began traff...
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Volatility Strategists on 2020: Ignore Sanders at Your Own Risk

(Bloomberg) -- Small-cap shares are a good hedge for potential downturns, volatility strategists say. Credit Suisse Group AG adds that investors who aren’t “feeling” Bernie Sanders’s prospects risk being blindsided by the U.S. election.But overall, stock swings shouldn’t impress.UBS Group AG strategist Stuart Kaiser predicts realized volatility on the S&P 500 Index will drop from about 19% in the first half of the year to 12% in the second half as growth trends turn positive and inflation moment...
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No pigging out on pork delicacies for China this Lunar New Year

For Xu, a mother and wife from central China, losing her family's entire pig herd to African swine fever almost meant not serving the cured pork, known as la rou, and dried sausage central to her Lunar New Year meals.
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Trump’s ‘Phase One’ Trade Deal With China Won’t Stop Trade Wars From Being the New Normal

President Donald Trump is expected to sign “phase one” of a U.S.-China trade deal Wednesday—marking a cooling of the trade war that has roiled markets and upset supply chains around the globe. On paper, the deal will enhance Intellectual Property (IP) protection, tackle forced technology transfer and boost market access to key sectors of the Chinese economy, such as financial services and agriculture. An enforcement provision will allow the U.S. to unilaterally reimpose tariffs if the Ameri...
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Huawei says it will generate a record $122 billion in annual revenue despite US sanctions

Huawei says it is likely to report a record annual revenue of $122 billion (850 billion yuan) for 2019. In a New Year's Eve message to employees, Huawei's rotating chairman Eric Xu reported the figure, which he said would represent an 18% increase on its annual revenue for 2018. The world's largest manufacturer of telecoms equipment has faced sanctions and heavy political criticism from the US during 2019. In May, the Trump administration blacklisted Huawei, which meant US companies had to obt...
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Huawei says 'survival' top priority as sales fall short

Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei said Tuesday that "survival" was its top priority after announcing 2019 sales were expected to fall short of projections as a result of US sanctions. Chairman Eric Xu said Huawei's sales revenue for 2019 was likely to reach 850 billion yuan (US$121 billion) -- up roughly 18 percent from the previous year. In a New Year's message to employees, Xu said the US government was in the midst of a "strategic and long-term" campaign against the company that would...
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Huawei's Revenue Hits Record $122B in 2019 Despite U.S. Sanctions

Huawei reported resilient revenue for 2019 on Tuesday as the embattled Chinese technology group continues to grow despite prolonged American campaign against its business, but cautioned that growth next year could prove more challenging. From a report: Eric Xu, Huawei's rotating chairman, wrote in a New Year's message to employees that the company's revenue has topped 850 billion Chinese yuan ($122 billion) this year, a new record high for the Chinese group and an 18% increase over the previous ...
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Huawei’s revenue hits record $122B this year despite U.S. sanctions, forecasts ‘difficult’ 2020

Huawei reported resilient revenue for 2019 on Tuesday as the embattled Chinese technology group continues to grow despite prolonged American campaign against its business, but cautioned that growth next year could prove more challenging. Eric Xu, Huawei’s rotating chairman, wrote in a New Year’s message to employees that the company’s revenue has topped 850 billion Chinese yuan ($122 billion), a new record high for the Chinese group and an 18% increase over the previous year. Xu said Huawei, ...
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Huawei’s revenue hits record $122B this year despite US sanctions, forecasts ‘difficult’ 2020

Huawei on Tuesday reported resilient revenue for 2019 as the embattled Chinese technology group continues to grow despite a prolonged American campaign against its business, but cautioned that growth next year could prove more challenging. Eric Xu, Huawei’s rotating chairman, wrote in a New Year’s message to employees that the company’s revenue topped 850 billion Chinese yuan ($122 billion) this year, a new record high for the Chinese group and an 18% increase over the previous year. Xu said ...
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Single Chinese woman sues over egg freezing

A single woman in China has gone to court challenging rules that forbid unmarried women from freezing their eggs in the first case of its kind in the country. Teresa Xu said she was prompted to take legal action after a top hospital in Beijing declined to freeze her eggs last year, and instead told her to "get married, and have a child soon". "There is a huge demand among young women in China -- whether married or single -- to freeze their eggs as they delay the decision to have a child," Xu t...
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Single woman sues Chinese hospital for refusal to freeze eggs

Teresa Xu says doctor told her to hurry up and get married before having childrenAt the end of last year, Teresa Xu visited a hospital in Beijing to discuss options for freezing her eggs. The doctor said she could not help Xu, a single woman, because it went against regulations. Then she gave the 31-year-old some sisterly advice: hurry up and get married, and have children now.Xu was shocked and disappointed. “I had no way to express my anger,” she said. She felt like she was being treated like ...
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DoorDash, the $12.7 billion food-delivery startup, could make or break tech IPOs in 2020. Early investors explain why they backed the company and its founder. (GRUB)

DoorDash is one of the most valuable private startups and has recently emerged as the leader in the food-delivery industry. It's also reportedly gearing up for a public offering as soon as next year. Early investors in the company aren't shocked by its success. Even when the company was less than a year old, its business plan and management team impressed them and suggested it had a big future ahead of it, they told Business Insider. Click here for more BI Prime stories. Paul Buchheit was wor...
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Chasing shadows in China: Detained lawyer's wife battles on

With winter approaching, Xu Yan brought some warm clothes and money for her husband to a detention centre in eastern China, though she's not even sure the arrested human rights lawyer is still being held there. Xu, 37, has travelled some 20 times from Beijing to Xuzhou in Jiangsu province in a vain struggle to get any information about Yu Wensheng after he was taken into custody last year.
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Josh Warrington: After sacrifice of Sofiane Takoucht, a world title unification and mire of boxing politics awaits

The topless summer made a later appearance in Leeds on Saturday night when the faithful removed their shirts, danced in lunatic formation to welcome Josh Warrington to their chosen ring in their beloved city.Warrington has been building Britain’s most devoted fight-flock for nearly a decade, each fan seems to have a Warrington tale, he is their friend from the terraces, the boozer, the away-day special, a passionate Leeds United fan and the unbeaten IBF featherweight champion. I’m not sure if an...
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DoorDash, now valued at $12.6B, shoots for the moon

More than five years ago, Sequoia partner Alfred Lin called Tony Xu, the founder of a small on-demand delivery startup called DoorDash, to say he was passing on the company’s seed round. This was, of course, before venture capital funding in food delivery startups had taken off. DoorDash, launched out of Xu’s Stanford graduate school dorm room, wasn’t worth Sequoia’s capital — yet. Today, venture capitalists are valuing the San Francisco-based company at a whopping $12.6 billion with a ...
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Semiconductor startup CNEX Labs alleged Huawei’s deputy chairman conspired to steal its intellectual property

A San Jose-based semiconductor startup being sued by Huawei for stealing trade secrets has hit back in court documents, accusing the Chinese firm’s deputy chairman of conspiring to steal its intellectual property, reports the Wall Street Journal. In court filings, CNEX Labs, which is backed by the investment arms of Dell and Microsoft, alleges that Eric Xu, who is also one of Huawei’s rotating CEOs, worked with other Huawei employees to steal its proprietary technology. The lawsuit, set for tria...
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Huawei Executive Accused of Helping Steal Trade Secrets

CNEX Labs, a Silicon Valley startup backed by Microsoft and Dell, is accusing high-level Huawei executive Eric Xu of participating in a conspiracy to steal its trade secrets (Warning: source paywalled; alternative source), reports The Wall Street Journal. From a report: The Journal quotes a newly released hearing transcript that offers some details in a largely locked-down trial. According to its write-up, CNEX claims that Xu -- one of Huawei's rotating chairmen -- "directed a Huawei engineer to...
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The Combined Art of Females and Felines

Helen Xu is an artist/illustrator operating out of Jinan, China. Much of her work is characterized by a love of animals. Pigs, birds, rabbits, insects, no member of the animal kingdom is off limits for this artist who uses wildlife to illustrate a greater sense of her prevailing mood/intent in her pieces. What a boon it was then when in 2018 Xu finally got herself a cat. Overwhelmed with the joy of having her new feline friend, Xu went on a run of illustrations incorporating the newest love in h...
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‘Leftover Women’ Review: A Touching Lens on Filial Piety and Singlehood in China [Tribeca]

34-year-old Qiu HuaMei wears a hopeful expression as she chats with a potential Mr. Right. She chats about the male chauvinism culture that lingers in her hometown. At first, he has an ear for her until he reveals that he is uncomfortable with the idea of a wife smarter than him. Her hopeful expression peels away to disappointment. Directed by Shosh Shlam & Hilla Medalia, Leftover Women explores the lives of three Chinese women who live with being deemed shengnu, “Leftover Women,” a de...
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GrubMarket raises $25M more for its farm-to-table food delivery service

Farmers markets have become a staple presence in many US cities, where there is a steady supply of smaller, often organic farmers and other food producers wanting a more direct channel to sell their goods, and a steady demand from foody types who like having the option of bypassing bigger grocery stores to amble around a group of stalls with a wider choice of items to cook and eat. Now, one of the startups that has turned that model into a profitable on-demand delivery business has raised some f...
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Questions Surround Miami Massage Mogul’s Role In Trump Photo Ops

Two Chinese-born tech executives managed to pose for pictures with Trump at a paid dinner, possibly thanks to a deal with a South Florida massage magnate, the Miami Herald reported Thursday. Li “Cindy” Yang reportedly ran a business that offered to link Chinese executives with President Trump and other Republican notables. But one December 2017 fundraiser at a glitzy Manhattan restaurant raises questions about how the two Chinese tech execs managed to snap selfies with the President — particu...
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This YC-backed startup preps Chinese students for US data jobs

In recent years, data analysts have gone from optional to a career that holds great promise, but demand for quantitative skills applied in business decisions has raced ahead of supply as college curriculum often lags behind the fast-changing workplace. CareerTu, a New York-based startup launched by a former marketing manager at Amazon, aims to close that talent gap. Think of it as Codecademy for digital marketing, data analytics, product design and a whole lot of other jobs that ask one to spot ...
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