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Ex-spa owner Yang denies working as Chinese spy selling access to Trump in first interview

The former owner of a Florida spa named in a human trafficking investigation refuted reports about selling access to President Donald Trump on NBC.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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Massage Parlor Magnate Denies Reports She Hawked Trump Access

Florida massage parlor mogul Cindy Yang denied reports suggesting that she hawked access to President Trump in an interview with NBC today, telling the network that she was a victim of a politically motivated smear campaign. “I’m Republican and I’m Chinese,” the network quoted her as saying. “That’s the reason the Democrats want to check me.” She added that she had taken the American name Cindy after immigrating in 1999, out of appreciation for musician Cyndi Lauper. Yang came under media scr...
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Trump praises Bolsonaro's use of 'fake news' in mutual show of admiration – live

Brazilian president met with Donald Trump at the White House Tuesday, and the two men reveled in their similaritiesSign up for the US briefing to get a fresh perspective 8.06pm GMT A new national poll of the 2020 presidential primary shows Joe Biden maintaining a healthy lead.The poll conducted by SSRS for CNN has Joe Biden at 28%, Bernie Sanders at 20%, Kamala Harris at 12% and Beto O’Rourke at 11%. 7.48pm GMT Longshot 2020 Democratic candidate Andrew Yang has come out against circumcis...
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Democratic Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Speaks Out Against Circumcision

Yang might be the first presidential candidate to take a stance on the issue one way or the other.
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Andrew Yang (the Democratic presidential candidate) talks about "normal" so much....

... it reminds my son John of that fake police officer played by Peter Sellers in Stanley Kubrick's "Lolita":I said to myself when I saw you — I said, "That's a guy with the most normal-looking face I ever saw in my life!" . . . It's great to see a normal face, because I'm a normal guy. It'd be great for two normal guys like us to get together and talk about world events — you know, in a normal sort of way....At the link: the "Lolita" clip and Yang's "normal" quotes. [Author: [email protected]
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Dems Ask FBI, Secret Service: What Do You Know About Cindy Yang?

Top Intelligence and Judiciary Committee Democrats on Friday wrote to the FBI, Secret Service and Director of National Intelligence asking them to investigate Cindy Yang, the south Florida businesswoman whose advertisements of her access to President Donald Trump came to light after Patriots owner Robert Kraft was arrested for allegedly soliciting prostitution in a spa she founded. In addition to founding a chain of massage parlors “suspected of involvement in prostitution and human trafficki...
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Donations Preceding Cindy Yang’s Trump Photo-Op Raise Possibility She Broke Law

Cindy Yang, the South Florida businesswoman whose ties to President Donald Trump and the Chinese government were brought to light after the prostitution-related arrest of Patriots owner Robert Kraft, got a signed picture with the President after potentially engaging in illegal campaign finance practices, The New York Times reported Saturday. While there was no concrete evidence in the Times’ report that Yang committed a criminal violation, the circumstances surrounding her photo-op with Trump...
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Samsung Is Working On 'Perfect Full-Screen' Devices With Selfie Cameras Under the Display (slashdot)

According to a report from Yonhap News Agency, Samsung's vice president of its display R&D group, Yang Byung-duk, said the company is working on making the entire front of its phones a screen, with no need for bezels or a camera cutout of any kind. He said that "though it wouldn't be possible to make (a full-screen smartphone) in the next 1-2 years, the technology can move forward to the point where the camera hole will be invisible, while not affecting the camera's function in any way." The Ver...
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Experts Tie Massage Parlor Mogul To Chinese Government

Mar-a-Lago hobnobber and massage parlor magnate Cindy Yang’s involvement with Chinese government-linked groups seems like a tantalizing detail in the emerging story of her unusual access to the President. But experts caution that the picture is potentially more complicated and subtle. Experts on Chinese intelligence and security issues keyed in on Yang’s involvement with the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), but they differed on how significant it is that Yang was vice presi...
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The inevitability of tokenized data

Chris McCoy Contributor Chris McCoy is the chief executive of Footprint and the creator of Storecoin. More posts by this contributor Yesterday’s “plastics” are today’s crypto tokens We’re reaching the endgame of an inevitable showdown between big tech and regulators with a ley battleground around consumer data. In many ways, the fact that things have gotten here reflects that the market has not yet developed an alternative to the data pa...
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Samsung Is Working On 'Perfect Full-Screen' Devices With Selfie Cameras Under the Display

According to a report from Yonhap News Agency, Samsung's vice president of its display R&D group, Yang Byung-duk, said the company is working on making the entire front of its phones a screen, with no need for bezels or a camera cutout of any kind. He said that "though it wouldn't be possible to make (a full-screen smartphone) in the next 1-2 years, the technology can move forward to the point where the camera hole will be invisible, while not affecting the camera's function in any way." The Ver...
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This Week: What Could Go Wrong When A Private Club Means Presidential Access?

What started as the prostitution-related arrest of billionaire Patriots owner and Trump friend Robert Kraft quickly became a fascinating look inside ground zero of President Donald Trump’s graft machine: Mar-a-Lago. Florida businesswoman Li “Cindy” Yang founded the massage parlor where Kraft allegedly solicited prostitution. But as TPM has detailed, she also advertised access to Trump and an investment-for-visa scam aimed at Chinese nationals seeking legal entry to the United States. Yang’s a...
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Massage Parlor Mogul Claims She’s Been Victimized For Supporting Trump

South Florida massage parlor mogul and alleged Mar-a-Lago political peddler Cindy Yang has had her reputation and honor destroyed by “abhorrent allegations” in the media, Yang’s lawyer Evan W. Turk said in a statement Thursday issued to TPM. “At this time, the evidence indicates that our client has been falsely accused in a manner that she may never recover from,” Turk said in the statement. “Her name, her reputation and her honor have been destroyed.” “Cindy Yang seems to be another casualty...
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There It Is

Lawyer for Mar-a-Lago massage parlor mogul says client is a victim of anti-Trump politics. What also seems revealing is that Yang’s lawyer has already held a fundraiser for Roger Stone’s legal defense fund. So she seems to part of the team. [Author: Josh Marshall]
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WADA appeal to CAS over swimmer Yang

A doping case involving Chinese swimmer Sun Yang is going to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.
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Trump-Linked Massage Parlor Owner Hawked ‘Golden Visas’

The founder of a chain of massage and spa parlors that snagged Patriots owner Robert Kraft was apparently also hawking a different line of business: investment immigration. Li “Cindy” Yang, a 45-year old Florida woman, has found herself in the headlines this past week for hobnobbing with some of the country’s most powerful politicians (including Trump) at Mar-a-Lago, and reportedly charging top Chinese execs for access to elected officials at the Palm Beach club. TPM found that Yang, t...
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Andrew Yang on why universal basic income won't make people lazy

2020 Democratic president candidate Andrew Yang discussed his views on universal basic income with The Fifth Column.Andrew Yang is the only candidate who's made universal basic income central to his platform.His 'Freedom Dividend' plan aims to give every American – no matter their income – $1,000 a month. None A crowded field of 2020 Democratic presidential election candidates has left many executive hopefuls wasting no time trying to distinguish themselves. But while some are focusing on identi...
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Meet The Wanted Russian Man Who Partied At Mar-a-Lago

Mar-a-Lago seems to attract a constellation of shady figures, including Russian real estate investor Sergey Danilochkin, a wanted man who fled his home country after accusations of massive tax fraud. According to a Tuesday Miami Herald report, Danilochkin filmed the safari-themed party last year, quipping that “the most interesting thing is that we met a lot of people here who speak Russian.” Also in attendance at the event was Cindy Yang, the founder of a chain of Florida spas, one of which ...
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And There’s More

I had flagged attention to reports of this on Twitter. But I hadn’t been able to securely source. Now MoJo appears to have done so. Cindy Yang, the woman at the center of this Mar-a-Lago/massage parlor story, has served on boards of two Chinese advocacy organizations organized and substantially directed by the Chinese communist party. These are Florida branch of the Council for the Promotion of the Peaceful Reunification of China (CPPRC) and the Miami chapter of the American arm of the Chinese A...
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Report: Founder Of FL Spas Tied To Sex Trafficking Sold Chinese Execs Access To Trump

The woman who founded a series of Florida spas that were recently busted for functioning as a sex trafficking ring — including one where New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft was arrested for allegedly soliciting prostitution — also owns a consulting firm that advertises access to President Trump and his family to Chinese executives, according to new Mother Jones and USA Today reports. Mother Jones was first to report that Cindy (Li) Yang runs a business called GY US Investments LLC, which ...
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Live Blogging SXSW

I’m going to live blog my experiences at this year’s SXSW. I think this may be my first time live blogging, so I may mess this up. You’ve been warned. I have no real agenda, other than to go to as many things as I can on as many topics that I can. It will be a mix of personal interests, business ideas, and curiosity of the weirdness that is Austin and SXSW. Join me on this journey and check back as I update my experiences. – Greg Lambert AI for Storytellers: The Good, The Bad, And the Ugly – ...
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Allen Buchanan: 5 situations that can make a sublease unmarketable

I recently wrote about the Yin and Yang of subleases wherein I discussed the elements that make a sublease risky and non-beneficial to the owner and occupant of a building – “because subleases are generally unfavorable to the original occupant (sub-landlord) and owner (master landlord), risky, and complicated.” Also discussed was a definition of a sublease: What is a sublease? When a tenant must relieve himself of a lease obligation prior to the expiration of the lease, the need to sublease occu...
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Trump Posed For Pic With Founder Of Spa Where Kraft Allegedly Solicited Prostitutes

In a picture surfaced by the Miami Herald, President Donald Trump is captured at a Super Bowl watch party cozying up to Li Yang, the woman who founded the spa where Patriots owner Robert Kraft was busted for alleged solicitation. The photo was reportedly taken at Trump’s West Palm Beach country club. The spa at which Kraft allegedly solicited prostitution was just one in a chain of the Tokyo Day Spas that Yang started, many of which have gained a reputation for selling sex. Yang said that she...
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Trump Celebrated Super Bowl With Founder Of Sex Spa Where Robert Kraft Was Arrested

The Miami Herald reported on Friday that President Donald Trump cheered the New England Patriots to a Super Bowl victory in February with some interesting company: Seated behind him was Li Yang, the founder of the Florida day spa where Patriots owner Robert Kraft was allegedly caught on tape receiving oral sex and was later charged with prostitution as part of a large-scale human trafficking investigation.Yang, who donated $42,000 to the Trump Victory political action committee and $16,000 to T...
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Turning coal miners into coders is not the answer to automation

Andrew Yang is running for president in 2020 as a Democrat. In this video, he discusses the greatest challenge of our time: automation and human-centered capitalism.Currently, a person's value is linked to the economic value of their job. So the soon-to-be-extinct coal miner should find new purpose by becoming a software coder, right?That's shortsighted, says Yang. One day soon, even the best coders will be outpaced by AI. We need to prepare for the inevitable future by shifting how we fundamen...
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Sci-Fi Movie Casting: Colin Farrell Teams Up With Kogonada for A24’s ‘After Yang;’ Mahershala Ali Signs on to ‘The Sovereign’

Prestige sci-fi films are all the rage these days, and two of our best working actors have just signed on to two more. Colin Farrell has just teamed up with Columbus director Kogonada to star in the A24 sci-fi family drama After Yang, while Mahershala Ali is following up is recent Oscar win by signing on to star in The Sovereign, an independent sci-fi flick from the producers of Arrival. After Yang Colin Farrell continues to work with some of the most intriguing auteurs today, following u...
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Colin Farrell to Star in A24’s Sci-Fi Drama After Yang

Colin Farrell to star in A24’s sci-fi drama After Yang Indie film studio A24 has given the green light to After Yang, an adaptation of the Alexander Weinstein short story Saying Goodbye to Yang. Deadline reports that Colin Farrell is set to star in the film, which was written and will be directed by Kogonada. The writer/director was born in South Korea and made his debut with the 2017 John Cho vehicle Columbus. The film will follow a father and his daughter as they fight to save the life of ...
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Colin Farrell to Star in A24 Robot Drama ‘After Yang’

Colin Farrell will star in A24’s upcoming film “After Yang.” Korean-born filmmaker Kogonada will direct the robot drama from his own script. A24 has greenlit the project, which is based on the Alexander Weinstein short story “Saying Goodbye to Yang.” “After Yang” centers on a father and daughter as they try to save the life […]
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Yang holds off Lee to win third LPGA Thailand title

CHONBURI, Thailand (AP) — Amy Yang won the LPGA Thailand for the third time after holding off Minjee Lee by one stroke on Sunday. Yang, from South Korea, carded a final-round 65 and a 22-under-par 266 at Siam Country Club’s Pattaya Old Course for her fourth overall LPGA Tour win. Despite lightning stopping play for […]
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Amy Yang, Minjee Lee share 3rd-round lead in Thailand

CHONBURI, Thailand (AP) — Two-time champion Amy Yang of South Korea and Australian Minjee Lee shared a two-shot lead on 15-under 201 after the third round of the LPGA Thailand on Saturday. Yang, who won twice on this course in 2015 and 2017, shot six birdies for a 6-under 66, and Lee also had six […]
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