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Derek Jeter Sells Tom Brady’s Former Rental Digs In Tampa For $22.5 Million

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Baseball Report: Are The White Sox The Best Team In The Majors?

(CBS Chicago) — MLB has played a quarter of its regular season. And with most of the league around the 40-game mark in their schedule, no team has really distinguished itself as a dominating force. Even the Los Angeles Dodgers, thought to be destined for another 100-win season en route to a World Series defense, have dropped to third in their division. There’s a lot of baseball left, of course. But parity is keeping things interesting now. This week’s Baseball Report looks at the Chicago White S...
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Yankees DH Stanton on 10-Day Injured List With Quad Strain

New York Yankees designated hitter Giancarlo Stanton has been placed on the 10-day injured list with a left quad strain.
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Experts think the new new mask guidance may be too broad

Hello,Welcome to Insider Healthcare. I'm Lydia Ramsey Pflanzer, back at the helm of this daily newsletter. Today in healthcare news:Experts told us the new CDC mask guidelines may be too broad;"Breakthrough" coronavirus cases in Yankees players tells us a lot about how the virus can spread in vaccinated people;Delaying a second Pfizer dose by 9 weeks could boost antibodies.If you're new to this newsletter, sign up here. Comments, tips? Email me at [email protected] or tweet @lydiaramse...
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Yankees Staffer Tests Positive for COVID; Hicks Goes on IL

The New York Yankees have had another positive COVID-19 test, this one involving a staff member.
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How a former Yankees and Red Sox star is connected to Matt Gaetz sex trafficking investigation

The Daily Beast is reporting that this ex-major-leaguer was at a Republican event that is being probed by investigators.
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From free beer to $1 million giveaways, here are the strange ways states are incentivizing their residents to get vaccinated

A woman receives the COVID-19 vaccine. Getty/Matthew Horwood The CDC recently issued new guidance that vaccinated people can go mostly anywhere without a mask. This comes as states are incentivizing their residents to get vaccinated through unconventional methods. Some methods include $1 million giveaways, free drinks, and tickets to baseball games. See more stories on Insider's business page. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued new guidance on Thursday: Vaccinated p...
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LEADING OFF: Yankees Dealing With Hicks, Stanton Injuries

Now the New York Yankees are dealing with a couple of significant injuries, in addition to their coronavirus issues.
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Yankees Have No New COVID-19 Cases, but Injuries Mount

The New York Yankees didn’t have any new positive tests for COVID-19 to add to their eight cases already, manager Aaron Boone said before the series opener at Baltimore.
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‘The State’s Too Damn Dirty’: Gov. Newsom Proposes Improving Infrastructure And Social Programs With $100 Billion Surplus Money

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COVID ‘Breakthroughs’: CBS2’s Dr. Max Gomez Explains Why Some Fully Vaccinated People Still Test Positive

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Yankees: 8 vaccinated members test positive for Covid-19

Seven members of the New York Yankees' coaching and support staff have tested positive for Covid-19 despite being inoculated with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, the baseball team's manager said.
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New York Yankees say shortstop Gleyber Torres and 7 staff members, all fully vaccinated, have tested positive for COVID-19

Torres is the first Yankees player to have a breakthrough case of COVID-19.
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LEADING OFF: Yanks' Outbreak, Miley Chases Vander Meer

The virus-stricken Yankees are set to open a series in Baltimore a day after revealing shortstop Gleyber Torres tested positive for the coronavirus despite being fully vaccinated and having previously had COVID-19.
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Eight from Yankees test positive for Covid in post-vaccine breakthrough cases

The team is undergoing additional testing and contact tracing, with the assistance of the baseball commissioner’s office and its medical experts.
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All the free stuff your state is giving away if you get vaccinated

Philadelphia Flyers fan Stephen Zorzi of Pittman, New Jersey gets his COVID-19 vaccine shot administered by Penn Medicine Nurse Practitioner Erin McMenamin before game against the New Jersey Devils at Wells Fargo Center. Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports State and local governments are trying to incentivize vaccinations against the coronavirus. It's an effort to promote vaccinations and push toward reaching herd immunity. From alcohol and event tickets, to a $1 million jackpot, local and ...
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Yankees' Coronavirus Outbreak: What to Know

Gleyber Torres is the eighth person (and the first player) from the Yankees organization to test positive for the coronavirus this week....
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LEADING OFF: Yanks' Outbreak, Miley Chases Vander Meer

The virus-stricken Yankees are set to open a series in Baltimore a day after revealing shortstop Gleyber Torres tested positive for the coronavirus despite being fully vaccinated and having previously had COVID-19.
Tags: Yankees, Baltimore, Gleyber Torres, Miley Chases Vander Meer

New York Yankees say 8 fully vaccinated team members have tested positive for COVID-19

Torres is the first Yankees player to have a breakthrough case of COVID-19.
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The Yankees' 'breakthrough' COVID-19 infections are a case study in how the virus can spread among vaccinated people

Yankee shortstop Gleyber Torres. Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports Eight members of the Yankees organization have tested positive for COVID-19 after being vaccinated. These kinds of "breakthrough infections" are usually mild or asymptomatic. Relaxed restrictions and the spread of variants may have increased the risk of an outbreak. See more stories on Insider's business page. The Yankees provided an important lesson in epidemiology this week: Even if you've been fully vaccinated, it'...
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New York Yankees 3B coach Phil Nevin, 1B coach Reggie Willits positive for COVID-19, Aaron Boone says

Yankees third-base coach Phil Nevin and first-base coach Reggie Willits have tested positive for the coronavirus, as has a staff member,...
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Jennifer Lopez reconnected with Ben Affleck BEFORE breaking up with ex-Yankees DH Alex Rodriguez, report says

Former New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez and actress/singer Jennifer Lopez officially announced the end of their relationship last month.
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AAU Player Hansel Emmanuel Is Taking His Game To New Heights Despite Missing Arm

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Jennifer Lopez gets over ex-Yankees DH Alex Rodriguez by jetting off with Ben Affleck, reports say

Last month, former New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez and singer/actress Jennifer Lopez announced their relationship was over.
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How DREAMSTAGE is taking live music streaming by storm, with global streaming service Deezer by its side

D Smoke performing his album "Black Habits" on a live virtual tour with DREAMSTAGE this past April. Been Shmikler The paid live music streaming startup DREAMSTAGE has delivered over 50 concerts with a dynamic range of artists since its creation at the start of the pandemic. Deezer, a Paris-based music streaming service, recently made a significant investment in DREAMSTAGE in a symbiotic deal that will fuel both companies' growth. Insider spoke to DREAMSTAGE co-founder and digital medi...
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Yankees monitoring Miguel Andujar amid Gio Urshela injury uncertainty

The are Yankees working through injuries and slumps and it could mean that it’s Miguel Andujar’s time to re-emerge from Triple-A.
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NY Yankees news: Gio Urshela suffers knee injury

Gio Urshela suffers knee injury yesterday; Major lineup decision made "just for the heck of it;" Yankees prepping Miguel Andújar to play...
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Yankees ace Gerrit Cole had no answers for Yordan Alvarez

Yankees starter Gerrit Cole allowed two runs on solo homers to the Astros’ Yordan Alvarez, finishing the day with a season-low four...
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Yankees’ questionable rotation defying MLB injury trends: Sherman

The Yanks did not place a starter on the IL in April 2021. That marked the first time April-to-August that the Yanks had not put a...
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80 clever and thoughtful gifts for him - at every budget

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Hollis Johnson/Crystal Cox/Business Insider Whether he's your brother, partner, dad, or friend, you're probably looking for a gift for him. To make shopping easier, we came up with a list of 80 thoughtful gifts for the special man in your life. Our picks cover all budgets and tastes, from a Cameo video message to a charcoal grill. Need more gift ideas? Check out all of our Insider Reviews gift g...
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