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Manekji Limji Hataria

Tomorrow 15th February is the baj of Manekji Limji Hataria, the Parsi missionary to Iran. A jashan will be performed at Wadiaji Atash Behram 1st floor hall in the morning at 10 a.m. Below is an article penned by our dear friend and esteeem Parsi historian Marzban J. Giara. MANEKJI LIMJI HATARIA (1813-1890) He was sent as a Parsi missionary to Iran by the Persian Zoroastrian Amelioration Society of Bombay in 1854 to better the condition of the Iranian Zoroastrians. This great and brave man ...
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Sumptuously Persian

India’s pioneering Persian chef Afshin Kohinoor unlocks his culinary treasure chest for Krishnaraj Iyengar Welcome my dear welcome,” he gushes over his galla counter as a mixed international crowd pours in on a Saturday afternoon. After selfie sessions with Julius, the handsome pet canine standing tall on the counter, they make themselves at home on old wooden chairs and sturdy tables with quaint checkered table cloth for some pure culinary magic. Article by Krishnaraj Iyengar | Deccan Herald ...
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Our Offbeat Travel List: 13 Destinations You’re Not Considering…But Should

There is certainly no shortage of “Hot Travel Destinations” or “Best Places to Visit in 2020” lists circulating these days. But, we find that most of these lists include many of the usual or well-known travel destinations. As we field questions about our own favorite destinations, most memorable experiences and where we recommend people to travel, we thought we’d add a twist to the traditional travel destination lists and share some offbeat, unusual, lesser-known or unconventional destinations t...
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Biblical Sites, Ancient Wonders, the Last ‘Garden of Eden’: Here’s What Trump Just Threatened to Bomb in Iran

Late last week, using what has apparently become an official channel of communication, President Donald Trump announced via his Twitter account that the U.S. military would target “52 Iranian sites… some at a very high level & important to Iran & the Iranian culture” if Iran retaliated for the killing of its top military man and spy, Major Gen. Qassem Soleimani. The selection of 52 sites would symbolize, he said, the “52 American hostages taken by Iran many years ago,” referring to the 1979 Tehr...
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Boman Rashid Kohinoor: In Memorarium

RIP Boman Kohinoor: Mumbai’s famed Britannia restaurant loses its beloved diamond Mumbai’s popular restaurateur, Boman Kohinoor, the co-owner of Iranian-Parsi cafe Britannia & Co at Ballard Pier, died Wednesday at the city’s Parsee General Hospital. Article in Indian Express Mumbai’s popular restaurateur, Boman Kohinoor, the co-owner of Iranian-Parsi cafe Britannia & Co at Ballard Pier, died Wednesday at the city’s Parsee General Hospital. (Express photo: Janak Rathod) Boman was 97 year o...
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How to travel from Russia to Iran

Murmansk, Russia was the northernmost point on the map I had ever been to. Starting at the 69th parallel north, I was about to travel along the invisible line that separates Europe from Asia to reach lower Iran, partly to experience the incomparable strangeness of the New East again, and partly to invest the two months at my disposal in an itinerary I hadn’t heard anyone following before. I had flown into Saint Petersburg from Amsterdam, and had caught a 25-hour train to Murmansk, the larg...
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A Mirage In The Desert

It was supposed to be so easy. Have the hostel book me a taxi to the bus station buy a ticket to Yazd at the station get on the bus. The first part went according to plan apart from my driver not being able to change a 500000 rial note so he asked so
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A Parsi art historian rediscovers his heritage on a trip across Iran

What do you mean you’re from New Zealand?” a shopkeeper in Mozaafarieh named Omid exclaimed. We were in the carpet quarter of Tabriz’s Grand Bazaar, and I had just told him that I was a Kiwi Parsi. “Look at yourself: you’re a son of Persia. Welcome home.” This was one of many similar reactions my Zoroastrian identity elicited in Iran. It made me teary, as I walked alone through the vaulted streets of the world’s largest covered bazaar. By Areez Katki, When I told my family I was going  ...
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Our Offbeat Travel List: 11 Destinations You’re Not Considering…But Should

There is certainly no shortage of “Hot Travel Destinations” or “Best Places to Visit in 2019” lists circulating these days. But, we find that most of these lists include many of the usual or well-known travel destinations. As we field questions about our own favorite destinations, most memorable experiences and where we recommend people to travel, we thought we’d add a twist to the traditional travel destination lists and share some unusual, lesser-known or unconventional destinations that might...
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Stunning photographs of Iran

Based on what you hear on the news and read on your government’s travel advisory, you might not be too inclined to put Iran on the top of your “future holiday destinations” list. But we urge you to think twice about passing the nation over. With a rich cultural heritage dating back thousands of years, a striking geography varying from the snow-capped peaks in the northern provinces to the lush desert oases of the south, and a population eager to change your preconceptions with its disarming...
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Yezdi 250 CL II in Udvada

We help a charming, old Yezdi 250 CL II retrace its roots in Udvada, the holy land of the Parsis in India. Article by Ruman Devmane Autocar India To many, Udvada is no more than just a sleepy beach town. Tucked away in a corner of Gujarat, it appears to be one of the thousands of nondescript entries but one that unfolds in a charmingly quaint manner once you pass under its unexpectedly grand archway. This is home to a thinning but eternally devoted community of Parsis, united by race and a sens...
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The Zoroastrian Flame: An Interview with Khojeste Mistree

Khojeste Mistree talks about one of the world’s oldest surviving religions and what we can learn from it in the present day Zoroastrianism has  an unbroken tradition going back 3,500 years. It is now the faith of a relatively small community centred in Western India and Iran, which continues to tend the sacred flame of its unique vision. Recent years have seen growing Western interest in the tradition, with a major London exhibition at The School of African and Oriental Studies (SOAS) in 2013...
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Iran’s ancient engineering marvel

What on Earth are those? I thought to myself shortly before landing in the Iranian city of Esfahan one summer. From the aeroplane window, I could see what looked like a cross between freakishly large anthills and obscure symbols left by an extraterrestrial race. Little could I – then only a teenager – have guessed what lay beneath their mysterious surfaces. Article by Joobin Bekhrad | BBC The ancient Iranians had a huge task not only to survive, but also to conquer almost all their then-known...
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Kitty Irani: In Memoriam

Our dearest friend and mentor Zerbanoo Gifford pens this beautiful obituary on the passing away of her beloved mother Kitty Irani. The last of those who studied under the famous child psychologist Madame Montessori has died peacefully  in London. Kitty Irani nee Mazda was the third and  youngest child of Khan Bhadur Mazda and his wife Jerbanoo of the Khordad family of Pune. Kitty was born in Calcutta on 14th Nov 1924 where her father was one of the wealthiest  men having  created a mercantile ...
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Yazd return to Tehran and reflections

Tuesday 7 NovemberWe left Shiraz to travel to Yazd. En route we stopped at the early Achaemenid ruins at Pasargardae. Not too far from Persepolis this was the city built by Cyrus the Great somewhat earlier. There isn't a vast amount to see at this spre
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One of the hottest places on the planet

Geo 33.5959 56.9244We only stayed in Yazd for the one night because we neededto get to Mashhad to collect our Turkmen Visa with plenty of time just in case it is not given8230 yep we may not get it..any we are 2 days short on our Iran Visa8230 hu
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Lovely Yazd Calm and Nice

Geo 31.92 54.37Easy drive to Yazd and even easier was we noticed the traffic was calm and minimal. Evidently the nicest Iranians live in Yazd. We easily found the road into the old area of town which we needed to take to get to the Silk Road Hotel howe
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Dahanu’s Irani chikoo growers want to leave farming after 117yrs

There was a time when the humble chikoo with its grainy sweetness was as exotic as the bristly rambutan. Far from being native to India, the sapodilla or chico zapote–as it’s known in Spanish–hails from Southern Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.According to a 1995 Parsiana article, it was imported to India in the 1890s and planted in Parsi textile magnate Sir Dinshaw Maneckji Petit’s garden in Nana Chowk where Ness Baug now stands. These saplings then hitch-hiked to Dahanu taluka in 190...
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Half the World Isfahan

Roam abroad in the world and take your fill of its enjoyments before the day shall come when you must quit it for good. Saadi Arrived in glorious Isfahan only a fourhour bus ride from Yazd in the early evening. The jewel of ancient Persi
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My soul is from elsewhere I'm sure of that and I intend to end up there. Rumi Passenger trains in Iran generally run overnight between major cities a perfect travel solution when youre on an independent journey because you save the e
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Zoroastrians Flock to Sacred Temple for Annual Pilgrimage

Each year from June 14–18, thousands of Zoroastrians from Iran, India and other countries flock to an ancient fire temple at Pir-e Sabz or Chak Chak village in central Iran. Article on Iran Front Page News Each year from June 14–18, thousands of Zoroastrians from Iran, India and other countries flock to an ancient fire temple at Pir-e Sabz or Chak Chak village in central Iran. The village Chak Chak is part of Ardakan County in Yazd province, central Iran. A fire temple located in the village...
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The 20 cheapest countries to visit

The World Economic Forum (WEF) Travel and Tourism and Competitiveness Report was recently published. It shows the most expensive and cheapest places to travel in the world. The report covers the role travel and tourism plays in economies, an analysis of the industry’s sustained growth, work being done to preserve and protect local communities and the environment, and more. One of the most interesting sections of the report was the information on the top countries in the world for price compet...
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The obscure religion that shaped the West

Talk of ‘us’ and ‘them’ has long dominated Iran-related politics in the West. At the same time, Christianity has frequently been used to define the identity and values of the US and Europe, as well as to contrast those values with those of a Middle Eastern ‘other’. Yet, a brief glance at an ancient religion – still being practised today – suggests that what many take for granted as wholesome Western ideals, beliefs and culture may in fact have Iranian roots. Article by , Even the idea ...
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SOAS scholar to digitise interviews documenting lives of Zoroastrians since 1979

Malcolm Deboo, President of ZTFE informs us… You will delighted to learn that SOAS has received an award from ‘The Patron’s Fund’ for the digitisation of recordings of the Zoroastrians of Iran undertaken by Dr Sarah Stewart and Mandana Moavenat.  Her Majesty The Queen acts is the patron of SOAS. 13 March 2017 SOAS University of London has received a donation of £2,500 from The Patron’s Fund, a fund established to acknowledge the work of the charitable organisations for which Her Majesty The Que...
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Why Do So Many Muslims Hate Dogs? A Muslim taxi-driver in England, one Abandi Kassim, was recently fined for refusing to take on a blind passenger’s seeing-eye dog because, as Kassim claimed: “For me, it’s about my religion.” There have been many such cases in the U.S., the UK, and Canada of Muslims refusing to pick up fares with seeing-eye dogs. Many of the Somali taxi drivers who made up three-quarters of the 900 taxi drivers at the Minneapolis airport refused to pick up bl...
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With Trump’s Ban In Limbo, Iranians Weigh In On Its Impact So Far

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Places to visit in the Muslim world

IN TRAVELER CIRCLES, THERE ARE a couple of accepted truths about the Muslim world. The first is that the people don’t hate Americans and westerners. Piia Mustamäki, one of our Finnish writers, writes that Iran is a great and hospitable place to travel, even as a solo woman traveler. British writer Will Hatton loves Iran, too: he met his wife there — on Tinder, of all places. Writer Shawn Sippin found that even Egypt, post revolution, was a fun place to visit with hospitable people. Photographer...
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can't wait to go back to Iran

Photo: zoghal For most western people Iran invokes images of violence. Of religious fanaticism, of anger against westerners, of a ruthless, hard-line government ready to punish the slightest digression, of travelers arrested and thrown in jail. But then there are the reports from people who have actually traveled to Iran, from Anthony Bourdain to amateur travel bloggers, and without fail they all mention how friendly and hospitable the people were and how welcomed and safe they felt, American...
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I'm a woman who traveled in Iran

Photo by author This past June , I traveled in Iran by myself for two weeks. I arrived in Tehran, stayed in a hotel I had booked online, and made my way by buses and private transportation to Shiraz, via Kashan, Isfahan and Yazd. I had a fantastic time: I met interesting people whom I’m still in touch with, gained a few pounds wanting to sample all the delicious food, and lost my mind at the beautiful architecture. Before leaving on the trip, which I had wanted to make for years, I was out ce...
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I went to Iran — it’s nothing like what the media portrays

Photo: Bjian Tehrani IN THE MINDS OF MANY PEOPLE, Iran is little more than a caricature; a nation of Islamic fundamentalists hell bent on the destruction of the United States. This portrayal has lessened in recent years with the Iran deal and a further opening of Iran to the West, but that hasn’t stopped right-wing politicians and media organizations from trying to retain the Iranian boogeyman. News stories about the country are often accompanied by photos of burqa-clad women walking past a mur...
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