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Just Like Mom's

  FULL BOAT CHEESE BURGER = 400 PER DAY -------  WALLPAPER:  RED BEAN CHILI [Author: Yellowstoner]
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Off Topic ??

------- 1946 Winchester Model 70 target rifle, cal. 30-06. About 99%+ original condition. Unertl 12 power scope. Approaching 'rare' in this condition. [Author: Yellowstoner]
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3rd World ?

  [Author: Yellowstoner]
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Take A Break

WORTH A WATCH You'll Like It something new = guaranteed Deep In The Catskill Mountains -------    .. Just a bit of down time to enhance your "Covid Sunday." Grab a beverage and a soft spot. This is only up for a short time, so take advantage of it now... The time may come that this may even be useful. Full of fine folks, scenic places, fish catching drama, sage advice, techniques and insight new to most. CLICK HERE -------    WALLPAPER:  BREADED PORK CHOPS & AP...
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It's Still Early

 HURTIN' SOME ! Lots To Make Up we'll see "what if" IS THIS O.K.  ?? -------    .. The eternal optimists cry of "it's early," pales in the face of this year's strong La Niña weather pattern. We won't give up yet - BUT - it is looking a bit bleak for the neighborhood river basins... Our head is wrapped around the fish of the neighborhood and that is our focus. Lots of snow means stirring up of the stream bottoms during spring runoff = that's good for the biota and ...
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The First

-------   WALLPAPER:  SAUSAGE AND EGG - & - SPUDS [Author: Yellowstoner]
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345 Days Of . . .

KEEP ON TRUCKING -------  .. One year minus twenty days of something, mostly different.  We're hopeful that the snow comes. We're hopeful that we remain healthy. We're hopeful that our nation is strong and sensible. We're hopeful that you and yours have more ups than downs. -------    WALLPAPER: ROASTED TURKEY BREAST [Author: Yellowstoner]
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The Season Of . . .

--------   WALLPAPER:  THE CONVENIENT  HALOGEN OVEN [Author: Yellowstoner]
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For You

-------  WALLPAPER:  ROAST TURKEY BREAST [Author: Yellowstoner]
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Real Fish Food

FORGET NAY SAYERS Trout Eat Worms red ones are best . . -------   .. Let you neighbors poo poo the worm flies. We promise that a worm will catch a trout. -------    WALLPAPER:  RASPBERRY PANCAKES & SAUSAGE [Author: Yellowstoner]
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THAR SHE GOES To The North Woods ours is dry THE PINEAPPLE EXPRESS HEADS NORTH AGAIN -------    .. This is not the weather pattern that our fish desire. With our current Pacific Ocean temperatures this is what the Pineapple Express currently looks like. It has even subsumed our friendly Gulf of Alaska low... Snowfall in the our neighborhood is sparse with small flakes and dry. Our snow water content is at 72% of normal for this time of year.  The east slope of the Rocky M...
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Another Gone Along

TO THE NORTH Damn The Cold Pacific we're hurtin' THE PINEAPPLE EXPRESS -------    ..  This is the fourth "Pineapple Express" that has tracked north of us this year. In a 'normal' year or in an El Niño year, (with warmer Pacific Ocean waters.) it tracks further south and blasts San Francisco and climbs over the Rocky Mountains in southern Idaho. That's when we get our heaviest Spring snows.   ..  Our snowpack is down for the season. Depending on where it's measured a...
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Just In Time

 FOR THE ICE Through A Hole we're ready -------   -------   WALLPAPER: SMALL TRADITIONAL ROAST BEEF [Author: Yellowstoner]
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  [Author: Yellowstoner]
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 WE LIVE HERE We Know Stupid our attorney general sucks -------    Bless Texas for showing the way to stupidity ! -------    WALLPAPER:  HOT BEEF SANDWICH [Author: Yellowstoner]
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  [Author: Yellowstoner]
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Let It Snow

 DOWN A BIT Little In Forecast pray for the fish Current Snow Depth -------    .. Our snow depth is below what it ought to be for this time of year. The Madison Valley is skirting 30% below average. The Gallatin Valley is around15% down depending on elevation,.. It's early in the snow year and we continue to hope the La Niña conditions weaken and allow our Gulf of Alaska Low to pump some moisture our way. The cool Pacific Ocean pushes our major weather patterns ...
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Right Now

 PEBBLE GONE ?? COE Denies Permit near impossible revival   Remote Location . . . courtesy new York Times -------   .. On the same day as John Kerry was slated for the position of "climate czar" (encompassing a carbon footprint including a private jet and giant boat,) the Corps Of Engineers just denied a permit for the Pebble Mine. .. Mixed messages are pretty well standard coming out of Washing D.C. Neither now, nor in the past or, in the future can we expect any change...
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Busy Neighborhood

FOOD SMELLS Wood Smoke smattering of snow WALLPAPER:  THE REAL END OF SUMMER -------   .. A group of neighbors have planned a 'round robin' Thanksgiving.  Set times for visitations and food exchanges and social distance gossip... Some fly exchanges prior to Christmas too. We're in and doing our part. Gotta run !!! -------    WALLPAPER: BLUEBERRY MUFFINS [Author: Yellowstoner]
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Sunday Treat

OH SO SIMPLE Oh So Good sort of  spectacular   WALLPAPER: START THE SEASON -------   .. Around our neighborhood the holiday season starts today. Lights go up. Rooms get rearranged. Trees get cut. Gifts get wrapped and cached. AND . . . food becomes special: cookies, cakes, pies, candies, and so much more... Our starter is the "Dutch Baby." The name is an American corruption of the phrase "deutsch baby."  ..  As the story goes:  Dutch babies were introduced in the first ha...
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Carryover Wart

 'MIKE BABY'  The Guardian >> Hill >> Intercept >> >> >>
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. .  -------   . WALLPAPER:  OPEN FACED CHEESEBURGER [Author: Yellowstoner]
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  [Author: Yellowstoner]
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Ready, Set, Go !

 COLD FRONT ARRIVES Bit Of Snow Coming how's by the swede ?? . . -------      .. It's estuary time. There are cruising pods of trout - some with eyes up!  The neighbors are using an unusual local technique... Grab your biggest, fluffiest streamer and load it up with flotation stuff, (your choice.) Cast it far away. Keep it on top and twitch it a little just like you were in Louisiana and teasing a large mouth bass. Great takes and great fun. -------    WALLPAPER:  CRISP OUT...
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All Children Need One

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The Coming Attraction

 FINALLY ARRIVING End Of Fair Weather early snows dwindling . . -------    .. Our perfect fishing weather is coming to an end. It's just about a seasonal bullseye. We have enjoyed the last few weeks while lowlanders and new arrivals have moaned about brief snow piles... What ever you need to do without multiple layers  --  DO IT NOW. Roll up the hoses. Shutter the windows. Stack the wood. Check automobile fluids. Winter is bearing down on us. We're pleased. BIG DIP AHEAD ...
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