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How to invest in communications stocks, a sector that's huge, highly diversified, and growing - offering something for almost every type of investor

Communications stocks include a variety of industries, ranging from phone and internet firms to media and entertainment companies. thianchai sitthikongsak/Getty Images Communications stocks represent companies in a sector that includes the phone, internet, and media industries. Communications stocks belong to both stable dividend-paying firms and volatile up-and-comers. Investors can minimize risk by buying communications-focused ETFs and index funds. Visit Business Insider's Investing Ref...
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Speed in Sales at Startups

The Ferrari Museum in Modena, Italy The defining characteristic of the Silicon Valley startup is speed. It is so important that not a week goes by without a successful investor/founder extolling the benefits of moving quickly.Sam Altman recently tweeted:Move faster. Slowness anywhere justifies slowness everywhere. 2021 instead of 2022. This week instead of next week. Today instead of tomorrow. Moving fast compounds so much more than people realize.Jeff Bezos leverages speed in Amazon’s decisio...
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Soon, Yelp Users Can Report Covid-19 Safety Measures. What Could Go Wrong?

Yelp has made a highly risky, wildly optimistic gambit: the company announced that it’s rolling out a feature whereby users can report businesses for not following covid-19 safety protocols, which will be reflected in notifications on the business’s page. Will people prove themselves measured arbiters of justice? Yelp…Read more...
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2021 market will still be hot, but challenges lie ahead: HomeLight

Over 1,000 HomeLight agents recently surveyed by the referral platform expressed optimism about a hot market in the year ahead but noted some challenges remain.
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You can now use Yelp to report businesses that aren't enforcing social distancing and mask use

The Logo of Yelp is displayed on a smartphone on November 27, 2019 in Berlin, Germany. Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images Businesses on Yelp will either receive a green check mark or orange question mark to indicate whether they are following COVID-19 guidelines. Multiple customers must report a business within 28 days for it to appear on the company's page. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Businesses that do not enforce social distancing or require their employ...
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Yelp Introducing Features for Businesses to Disclose COVID Safety Measures

Keeping your small business open could mean tweaking your COVID-19 safety practices.  Yelp is adding to their COVID-19 Section. They are adding customer observations on social distancing and mask wearing. There are also new content guidelines protecting businesses from unfair reviews. And new health and safety measures. The section already lets SMBs inform customers about their ongoing health and safety efforts. Small Business Trends contacted Akhil Kuduvalli Ramesh, Head of Consumer Product at...
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Yelp will show user feedback about businesses’ health and safety practices

Moving forward, Yelp users won’t just be asked whether a business has good food or accepts credit cards — the platform is also allowing them to share feedback on whether the staff is wearing masks and enforcing social distancing. Yelp’s head of consumer product Akhil Kuduvalli Ramesh suggested that this is the next phase of how the company is trying to help local businesses, after allowing them to highlight virtual services, manage their waitlists in accordance with new regulations and indica...
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Yelp Business Pages to Indicate Whether Social Distancing Is Practiced, Masks Are Worn

Business directory and crowdsourced review forum Yelp said Tuesday that it will begin displaying feedback collected from its users on business pages on those businesses' health and safety practices during the pandemic. Yelp said the initiative will kick off with "social distancing enforced" and "staff wears masks," as those are the health and safety precautions...
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26 Business Review Sites Where Customers Rate You

Business review sites are an essential part of the customer buying journey today. Purchasers make snap decisions about a firm simply by reading business reviews — without ever calling your company, setting foot in your store or visiting your website. What is your presence like on review sites? Have you found all the sites where customers review your business? Are the reviews mostly positive? Managing your presence is called online reputation management and it’s something you should be doing on ...
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2H 2020 Quick Links, Part 2 (Section 230)

* Griffin v. Google, 2020 WL 6781624 (S.D. Ga. Nov. 18, 2020). “Plaintiff only alleges these Defendants failed to screen to make sure their users were legal entities without providing any other basis for liability….Aside from some very limited exceptions, which are not applicable here, internet companies, including social media companies, are generally immune from suit for content posted on their platforms by third parties under the Communications Decency Act. 47 U.S.C. § 230; Almeida v. Amazon...
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Nearly a dozen major tech firms can trace their roots to PayPal. From Palantir to Tesla, here are the companies launched by members of the 'PayPal Mafia.'

Peter Thiel, left, and Elon Musk. Associated Press Early employees of payments company PayPal went on to create nearly a dozen major tech startups after leaving the company. The PayPal Mafia, as its early employees came to be known, were directly responsible for Tesla, SpaceX, LinkedIn, Yelp, and more.  The latest company with PayPal roots to make a major splash is Palantir, the big data company that went public on the New York Stock Exchange in October.  Visit Business Insider's homepage ...
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Europe Triples Down on Tough Rules for Tech

The European Union Tuesday unveiled sweeping new proposals to control tech industry giants as "gatekeepers" who could be fined up to 10% of their revenue for breaking EU rules on competition. From a report: In the EU, "proposals," once introduced, are likely to become law in some form, even if details change dramatically through a slow feedback process. The EU's Digital Markets Act (DMA) would set standards for treating large online platforms as "gatekeepers," based chiefly on how many users the...
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Yelp Deposits $10M With Minority-Owned Financial Institutions

Yelp said Tuesday that it deposited $10 million of its cash reserves with minority-owned financial institutions that support Black and underserved communities. The business directory and crowdsourced review forum said those financial institutions included Broadway Federal Bank, Carver Federal Savings Bank and Citizens Savings Bank and Trust. Yelp cited a report by The Wall Street...
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Yelp Sees Pandemic-Prompted 2020 Trends Extending Into 2021

Business directory and crowdsourced review forum Yelp turned to the more than 21 million new reviews that were posted to its platform over the past year, as well as data on words and phrases that saw significant bumps in usage between 2019 and 2020, to craft its 2021 Trend Forecast. Yelp said in the introduction...
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Owner of 25 Detroit restaurants reportedly asks fellow restaurants owners to defy Michigan governor's ban on indoor dining: 'We need to TAKE ACTION!'

Photo by Mike Kline (notkalvin)/Getty Images Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has put a pause on indoor dining in the state until Dec. 8.  Joe Vicari, owner of 25 restaurants in the Metro Detroit area, has penned a letter asking fellow owners to join him in reopening restaurants if the pause continues past the 8th — even if it means defying the governor's order. Vicari cites the ability of salons and malls to stay open as a reason why restaurants should as well. Restaurants have been hit es...
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A study shows why you shouldn't just rely on Google Maps or Yelp for restaurant reviews

You can update the address of your business on Google Maps by using the free Google My Business tool. AngieYeoh/Shutterstock Academic analysis of restaurant reviews shows public reviews aren't the objective truth they claim to be. Reviews submitted on Google for the same restaurant in the same area average 0.7 stars more than on Yelp. "The five-star rating scale is a false simplicity," said Brent Hecht, one of the authors of the paper. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Be...
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During the Global Pandemic, Ask for Help

Small businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy. According to the World Economic Forum, small businesses are responsible for employing nearly half of the private sector workforce. However, during these volatile times where social distancing measures have been put in place and mandatory shut-downs have happened, many small businesses have not been able to survive.   Entrepreneur reports that In September, Yelp released its latest Economic Impact Report revealing business closures across t...
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Human Capital: The gig economy in a post-Prop 22 world

Welcome back to Human Capital and congrats on making it through one of the hardest weeks of the longest year. Now that the Associated Press has called the election in favor of Joe Biden, it should be good news for DEI practitioners, who expressed some worry they’d be out of a job if Trump was allowed to continue on his path of destruction. Meanwhile, over in California, the Uber and Lyft -backed gig worker ballot measure, Prop 22, passed. We’ll get into what that all means and the implicati...
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Heavy drinking, sex tapes, and a pyramid scheme: Yelp insiders speak out about the company's high-pressure sales culture

Jeremy Stoppelman, right center, Yelp co-founder and CEO, salutes during opening bell ceremonies of the New York Stock Exchange. AP/Richard Drew Yelp's sales team has a hard-partying, high-pressure corporate culture that features sometimes-problematic behavior, insiders said. Business Insider spoke to 21 current or former Yelp employees about the company's sales practices and culture. Some sources said they felt pressure from their managers to interact with sexually inappropriate customers...
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Yelp insiders describe aggressive and misleading sales tactics as employees prey on small businesses during the pandemic

Hello everyone! Welcome to this weekly roundup of Business Insider stories from co-Editor in Chief Matt Turner. Subscribe here to get this newsletter in your inbox every Sunday.Read on for more on Yelp insiders describing misleading sales tactics, a messy exit at Vista Equity Partners, and employees at travel media company Skift speaking out.  Yelp; Samantha Lee/Business Insider Hello!Polls this morning show Joe Biden leading President Donald Trump in the final few days of the race for t...
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Former Facebook and Pinterest exec Tim Kendall traces “extractive business models” to VCs

Last month, former Facebook and Pinterest executive Tim Kendall told Congress during a House hearing on the dangers of social media that Facebook made its products so addictive because its ad-driven business model relies on people paying attention to its product longer every day. He said much the same in the Netflix documentary “The Social Dilemma,” in which Kendall — along with numerous other prominent early employees of big tech companies — warns of the threat that Facebook and others pose ...
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Yelp is cheering the DOJ's decision to file an antitrust lawsuit against Google: 'Google is directly harming consumers'

Jeremy Stoppelman, right center, Yelp co-founder and CEO, during opening bell ceremonies of the New York Stock Exchange. AP/Richard Drew Yelp is rallying around the Department of Justice lawsuit accusing Google of violating antitrust laws.  Yelp called the suit a crucial step in "confronting Google's anticompetitive abuses and monopoly power in search" and said Google is "directly harming consumers" through its behavior.  Google called the lawsuit "deeply flawed" and said it would "artific...
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Splunk acquires Plumbr and Rigor to build out its observability platform

Data platform Splunk today announced that it has acquired two startups, Plumbr and Rigor, to build out its new Observability Suite, which is also launching today. Plumbr is an application performance monitoring service, while Rigor focuses on digital experience monitoring, using synthetic monitoring and optimization tools to help businesses optimize their end-user experiences. Both of these acquisitions complement the technology and expertise Splunk acquired when it bought SignalFx for over $...
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Zillow, Yelp identify top 10 most affordable suburbs with a ‘city feel’

Data powerhouses create 'Cityness Index' to identify suburbs that best strike a balance between affordability and urban amenities. No. 3 is surprising, to say the least.
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Pumpkin and Pumpkin Spice Top Yelp’s List of Popular Fall 2020 Flavors

Perhaps instead of spending Halloween in the pumpkin patch while awaiting the arrival of the Great Pumpkin, Linus should have just opened Yelp. The business directory and crowdsourced review forum shared details Wednesday on its five most popular flavors for fall 2020: Yelp Pumpkin and pumpkin spice: Yelp said searches for pumpkin spice lattes were...
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Yelp Now Allowing Users to Label Businesses as “Racist”

The review crowdsourcing portal for businesses, Yelp, has rolled out a new feature allowing its consumers to label any business as racist, prompting “Consumer Alerts”. Yelp began their statement by virtue signaling about how much they’ve aided black businesses: Over the summer, Yelp rolled out a number of initiatives to help users find and support […]
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Yelp Will Now Advise Customers When a Business Is Racist Enough to Land in the News

Yelp will now warn customers that they’re looking at a “business accused of racist behavior”—just so long as it’s been racist enough to warrant a mention in the news.Read more...
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Yelp Says It Will Mark Pages of Businesses Accused of Racist Conduct

AmiMoJo writes: Yelp, the local search and review site, said it would post alerts on the pages of businesses where customers or employees have reported incidents of racism, the latest attempt by a U.S. company to introduce a tougher response system to confront discrimination after the police killing of George Floyd in May. The company, which offers a platform for users to rate places like restaurants, small businesses and popular tourist sites, said in a statement Thursday that it would use a "b...
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What Does it Mean When Yelp Flags a Business as Racist?

When I’m looking for somewhere new to go to secure any given service, I turn to Yelp. In addition to giving me a read on a business’ overall quality, I can also find out if the business is terrible—as in, run by terrible people, not having crappy service. (Though the two tend to go hand-in-hand.) Yelp has plans for a…Read more...
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Yelp will flag businesses accused of racist conduct

By Isabelle Lee | Bloomberg Yelp will start flagging businesses accused of “overtly racist actions,” taking a step to address a national movement to recognize racial injustice in the U.S. “We’ve seen in the last few months that there is a clear need to warn consumers about businesses associated with egregious, racially-charged actions to help people make more informed spending decisions,” said Noorie Malik, vice president of user operations, in a blog post Thursday. Over the past few months, Yel...
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