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Things to Do in Golden BC in Winter

I don’t know about you but come winter I need something to look forward to on a regular basis. In the summer, we go away almost every weekend, but somehow in winter we only seem go away every month or so. John and I decided we needed a break and decided to head to Golden BC for a change – and avail ourselves of winter activities both in Golden and in nearby Yoho National Park. Most people I know head for Kicking Horse Mountain Resort but on this trip we were looking for quieter winter activities...
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Wapta Falls Hike or Snowshoe in Winter

In the winter a Wapta Falls hike or snowshoe makes for a delightful half day outing. It’s a longer hike in the winter since you basically start from the Trans-Canada Highway, so you must add a few kilometres to reach the summer trailhead. If you’re staying in the Field – Golden corridor, or you have a few hours to spare while you’re driving between Golden and Calgary, I would encourage you to do the hike.  We opted for snowshoes on the Wapta Falls hike but even with as much snow as you see in th...
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Eiffel Lake Hike in Banff National Park

The Eiffel Lake hike in Banff National Park is one fantastic outing with only one downside – it’s hard to score a parking space at the Moraine Lake trailhead though fortunately there are ways to mitigate that described below. There is nothing difficult about the Eiffel Lake hike. There are no route-finding issues and the 11.2 km return distance and 400 m elevation gain are well within reach of any regular hiker.  Despite the fact this is what I would call a moderate hike, I did it with Joel Ha...
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10 of the Best Yoho National Park Hikes

Yoho National Park in British Columbia isn’t very big compared to its next-door neighbour – Banff National Park. But the park is one I’d highly recommend visiting if you’re doing any kind of cross-Canada road trip or even the popular Vancouver to Calgary drive because what it lacks in size, it makes up for in mountain splendour! It’s also accessible as a day trip from Calgary, Banff, Lake Louise and Golden. Yoho National Park is one of four Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks known for their inc...
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21 of the Best Hikes in BC to Add to Your Bucket List

British Columbia is a dream destination for hikers and backpackers. The geography of the province is diverse with landscapes that include rocky coastlines, ancient forests, lakes, sandy beaches, mountains and even an inland desert. Deciding what part of the province you want to focus on is important – not just from the perspective of what landscape you like to hike in but because distances are huge. Did you know that British Columbia is the size of France and Germany combined? Choose a hike d...
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The Burgess Shale Hike in Yoho National Park

The Burgess Shale hike in Yoho National Park has been on my radar for years. Most of the appeal – before I actually did it, was the fact that the Walcott Quarry where the Burgess Shale fossils are located, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and I love checking out UNESCO sites. However, despite the fact that I have a degree in geology, I confess that I am not overly interested in fossils, mildly interested would be a better description. My husband John, is a whole other matter. He is a geologis...
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Paget Lookout – Paget Peak Hike in Yoho National Park

The Paget Lookout – Paget Peak hike in British Columbia’s Yoho National Park was not our first choice on a summer weekend. But our plans to hike to the summit of Mt. Saint Piran were thwarted when we arrived at Lake Louise – the starting point, to find the parking lot full. In these COVID times it’s always a good idea to have a Plan B as many trails and parking lots have been unbelievably busy this summer. I had done some research before we left home and loved the sound of the Paget Lookout hi...
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Underrated wilderness Western Canada

The parking lot at Banff’s Moraine Lake can fill up by 7:00 AM, and traffic jams, shuttle lines, and relentless crowds don’t exactly spell summer fun. Instead of fighting to get into Banff, let’s dedicate 2020 to the lesser-known spots, the crowd-free spots, the stay-six-feet-away spots. In Western Canada, even these spots look like stock desktop wallpaper, practically offensive to the rest of the planet in their outrageous beauty. The below national and provincial parks — the provincial par...
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Things to Do in Yoho National Park: Why You Should Visit this Canadian Gem

You may not have considered Yoho National Park as a must-see destination. But with its natural wonders and historic sites, there are so many things to do in Yoho that you don't want to miss.  You can read the original article here: Things to Do in Yoho National Park: Why You Should Visit this Canadian Gem. Monkeys and Mountains | Adventure Travel - Trekking and Hiking Tours in Europe | Mountain Hiking | Adventure Travel Blog
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15 of the Best Road Trips in Canada

Imagine a great play list, the wind in your face and the freedom of the road as you experience one or more of these beautiful road trips in Canada. We’re spoiled for choice in this country – though the season for road trips in Canada tends to be short – unless you love driving in snow. Described are 15 road trips in Canada – from the Yukon to Newfoundland. Some will take you only a day, some a week – though it’s almost always easy to extend the experience. All will help you put some distance b...
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Why you should visit Banff and Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies during the winter

This post is in partnership with Ski Canada and Travel Mindset.  Why you should visit Banff and Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies during the winter When you think of winter in Canada, what images come to mind?  Do you see giant snow-capped peaks and big fluffy snowflakes falling on a frozen mountain lake? Do you see yourself sitting beside a crackling fire inside a cozy ski lodge? While some people choose to escape winter’s chill and head south, we look forward to the snow. We embrace wi...
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35 Top Day Hikes in Canada – Personally Tested

I have been very lucky to spend a lot of time doing hikes in Canada – across all provinces and territories. What I look for in a great day hike is superlative scenery – with my preference being coast, lake or mountain views or even something that makes the hike unique. The Mingan with its fantastic eroded rock monoliths would be a great example. I’m not a fan of hiking miles through forests without a view. From decades of hiking I think these are 35 of the greatest day hikes in Canada. ...
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Video Post: Wapta Falls in Winter—a Frozen Gem

I hiked to a 30-metre high waterfall in the middle of winter. What did it look like? In This Travel Video You Will Discover: The Rockies’ Most Beautiful Waterfall An Easy Winter Hike Directions & Difficulty Info Wapta Falls is the gem of British Columbia’s Yoho National Park. And that’s saying a lot—Yoho is literally an aboriginal word for “awe,” and the park as a whole lives up to the moniker. Nearby, Alberta’s Banff and Jasper national parks tend to hog the spotlight—especially since Y...
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Best places to stand-up paddle board

Stand-up paddle boarding , or SUPing as it’s colloquially known, has taken the world by storm since it was first made popular by the surfing gods of Hawaii. It seems like everyone who spends time near the water, be that on a river, lake, or ocean, is heading out with a heavy board under their arm and a long paddle in hand. SUPing vacations are now very on-trend. However, for a little more than just paddling on that upcoming SUP holiday — like savoring snow-capped mountain vistas, sampling exce...
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2 Amazing Canadian Rockies Travel Packages to Put on Your Bucketlist

If you’ve been thinking about a trip to the Canadian Rockies this summer it’s time to swing into gear and make some plans. For those of you short on time or who hate the bother of planning the details of a trip, check out the following two Canadian Rockies packages offered by Air Canada Vacations. With a single phone call or a click on your computer you can have your holiday booked and on your calendar. If you’re like me, I always like something to look forward to. Why book a Canadian Rockie...
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6 high-alpine ridge walks in BC

Stepping outside and soaking up a bit of nature serves a therapeutic purpose that is hard to replicate indoors. You simply can’t deny the sense of accomplishment you feel after coaxing your way across a narrow strip of rock, dangling thousands of feet above the green, stick-filled valley below. Sometimes you’ll need that pause to suck in some courage-infused oxygen, lift that foot forward, and plant it firmly into the ground — especially if you’re in British Columbia, a high-alpine ridge walk...
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Driving Across Canada: 40 Places You Shouldn’t Miss

If you’re thinking about driving across Canada – which is an exceptional way to see the country, don’t rush it. Savour the experience, the small towns, the quirky restaurants and the unusual places to sleep. Allow time to make detours – because those are the things you’re going to remember. Sometimes the prettiest scenery is in the rear view mirror 40 Stops You Shouldn’t Miss Driving Across Canada The Trans-Canada Highway runs from Victoria to St. John’s, a distance of 7,821 kilometres. Whi...
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25 of the Very Best Outdoor Adventures in British Columbia

If you’re traveling to British Columbia in search of adventure, I’ve got you covered. Check out these 25 adventures that include everything from hiking to backpacking, and biking to canoeing and kayaking. I’ve done 23 of them and the two I haven’t are at the top of my wish list.  Sunset over Vancouver Island from Quadra Island Backpacking in British Columbia Backpack the Juan de Fuca trail Not sure if you can handle the full West Coast Trail experience? Hike the 47 km Juan de Fuca Trail o...
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Canadian Rockies images

Scientists predict that by 2100, the size of the Canadian Rockies’ glaciers will be only a mere 5% of their current magnificence. If you delay your trip to the Canadian Rockies by only a few years, the landscape you’ll see may be completely different than the masterpiece that is currently being showcased. Here are 20 photos of the area taken by Marta Kulesza and Jack Bolshaw from In a Faraway Land that will hopefully inspire you to hurry up and come visit. 1 S...
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This and that

Christmas shopping is underway.  Wendy and I have a shared Google Keep list that we are using to keep track of our list and since it updates automatically and is available to our phones, it makes the entire process easier.  We start easy because it means that it is easier to spread the cost out over Christmas but the real reason is we really enjoy it. For all of the people who make fun of Walmart shoppers, I was in the Walmart at Preston Crossing today buying Mark a watch.  There was a women in...
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Yoho Yoho a camper's life for me

Geo 51.2947 116.963After packing up our tents and bidding farewell to lovely Jasper we drove into Yoho National Park a vast area of hiking trails waterfalls rivers and mountains. We passed the spiral tunnels an ingenious engineering device that a
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Adventures in the Canadian Rockies

SUMMER is my favorite season in the Canadian Rockies. Once the snow has melted and lakes thawed, we are able to explore the vivid greens and blues of this wonderful landscape. From Emerald Lake to Lundbreck Falls, here are the most spectacular adventures you can have in this part of the world. Emerald Lake Located in British Columbia, Emerald Lake is the largest in Yoho National Park. It is overlooked by Mount Burgess, which is notable for the Burgess shale where ancient sea fossils can ...
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Was I Too Blinded By Hunger to Read This Sign Correctly?

After spending yet another full day driving and stopping at places of interest in the Rocky Mountains in Canada, I was ready to get some sleep at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Hinton hotel property — but I had not eaten dinner yet. In fact, I had basically not eaten much food all day. The incredible scenery and landscape in Banff National Park, Jasper National Park and Yoho National Park tended to have distracted me from most bodily functions. Yes — that one too. Anyway... The post Was I Too ...
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Natural Bridge in Yoho National Park is a Scenic — and Easy — Visit

Before driving north on Icefields Parkway towards Jasper National Park, I decided to keep heading west on Trans-Canada Highway 1 into the province of British Columbia to visit Natural Bridge in the Kicking Horse River Valley in Yoho National Park. The altitude of Natural Bridge — which is located... The post Natural Bridge in Yoho National Park is a Scenic — and Easy — Visit appeared first on The Gate.
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The stunning scenery of the BC Rockies and beyond in 20 images

WHEN the Canadian Rockies are discussed, talk of Banff, Jasper, and Lake Louise in Alberta dominates the conversation. But the Rockies stretch over the provincial boundary into British Columbia, where there is a lot more exceptional wilderness to explore. I recently made a road trip with my partner from Nelson, BC into Yoho National Park (about a 6-hour drive), then into Golden, which is a small gateway town to the Rocky Mountains. We found top notch accommodations, food and drink, and endless o...
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22 Must Do Outdoor Adventures in Canada

Wondering what to do outdoors in Canada this summer? These 22 adventures – two in each province except for PEI and one in each of the northern territories should give you plenty of fresh ideas. I’ve teamed up again with CIBC to showcase some of the best of Canada and places in the wilderness that are near and dear to my heart. Being outdoors and one with nature is how I #StandForCanada. British Columbia Bike the Gulf Islands It’s hard to beat island hopping by ferry with your bike. You’ll...
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How I Saved Hundreds of Dollars on One Car Rental

Seeking a car to rent during my time in Canada to explore Banff National Park and Jasper National Park in Alberta; and Yoho National Park and Mount Robson Provincial Park in British Columbia, I narrowed my search down to Hertz and viewed the rate offered by the facility of Calgary International Airport, which was at least $330.00 — but I was able to secure a rate of only $76.62 in Canadian dollars, which turned out to be $56.72 in United States currency. The conclusion of... The post How I Saved...
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Meet Some of My New Animal Friends From the Canadian Rocky Mountains

I truly enjoyed my recent trip to the Rocky Mountains in Canada, visiting Banff National Park and Jasper National Park in Alberta; and Yoho National Park and Mount Robson Provincial Park in British Columbia — and I was as fascinated by the fauna as much as the flora. Please meet some of my new animal friends from the Canadian Rocky Mountains... The post Meet Some of My New Animal Friends From the Canadian Rocky Mountains appeared first on The Gate.
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Royal Canadian Mint New Coins: Ancient Canada Ogygopsis 1oz. Silver Coin and 45th Anniversary of The Order of Military Merit Coin

The Royal Canadian Mint is offering two novelty coins that are being offered at a very low mintage of 5,500 coins being produced worldwide, making these already unique coins a little extra special. The two coins are commemorating two very important parts of Canada’s culture and history, with the first coin hailing from the Canadian Honours Collection. This newly released coin is designed to commemorate the Order of Military Merit, an honour for military service that only 4,700 service men and w...
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Canadian Rockies on your bucket list

PICTURE perfect landscapes await you at the end of every road and around every trail bend in the Canadian Rockies: Lush forests, the snow-capped mountain peaks, and azure lakes. So grab your hiking gear and book a flight to Canada immediately. Beauty awaits you and your camera. 1 Nub Peak, Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park This is a mid-summer sunset self-portrait, captured on a ten-second timer with my camera on a tripod. I had to hike 27 kilomete...
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