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Canon confirms EOS R camera that shoots 8K video is on the roadmap

In an interview with Imaging Resource and Canon Exec, Yoshiyuki Mizoguchi revealed some interesting details about the future of the Canon EOS R and where the series may be heading. And according to Mizoguchi, that direction will be heavily influenced by video. The interview, once again, confirmed Canon’s commitment to continuing development of their DSLRs […] The post Canon confirms EOS R camera that shoots 8K video is on the roadmap appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Full-Frame 8K EOS R Coming Soon from Canon?

Canon shook up the world of 8K full-frame mirrorless cameras today when an interview with Yoshiyuki Mizoguchi, product guru for the Japanese optics giant, was printed in Imaging Resource in which Mizoguchi said that an 8K EOS R is in the works and on the way. Image viaMaurício Mascaro from This came as shock because, as PetaPixel points out, Canon didn’t join the 4K mirrorless market until the EOS M50 in February of last year. An 8K EOS R this soon would mean that Canon isn’t fooli...
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