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German Music Streaming Up 40% In 2018

Germany streaming music grew by over 40% in 2018 to an all-time record high of 79.5 billion, according to German music industry association Bundesverband Musikindustrie (BVMI).While CD sales saw a 23% decline in the last year – a first for the format in the German music market – there was still an impressive 48.2m units sold in 2017. Commenting on the report, Dr. Florian Drucke, CEO of the BVMI, said: “Looking at the sales in the past year, we see a continued strong growth in the area of ...
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Redefining Relevance: The Circles of Media

Last year, I briefly wrote about the circles of relevancy as a way to conceptualize how to make your editorial focus more relevant to your readers.Since then, some of my readers have asked me to write about this in more detail, so in this article I will do just that. We will explore how to improve the relevancy of what you publish, by looking at ways to use editorial analytics, not just to measure how you are doing, but also use it as a tool.But before we go into the tools and circles of relevan...
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All Your Sources Of Music Revenue And How To Collect It

For musicians, diversity of income is key, and you should pulling in revenue from a variety of sources, but some artists aren't even aware what all these sources are, much less how to actually cash in on them. __________________________ By Chris Robley of CD Baby from the DIY Musician  blog As a musician, you should be collecting money from MANY income streams. Do you know what they are? Royalties. Earnings. Income. Revenue. Scratch. Bones. Loot. Notes. Moolah. Dough. There...
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3 Steps To Effective YouTube Tags

Something artists often neglect when posting videos to YouTube is proper tagging. This is unfortunate, as tagging is often what makes the most difference when it comes to your video being discovered by an unsuspecting future fan. _________________________ Guest post by Bobby Owsinski from Music 3.0 One of the things that many people overlook when they post their videos to YouTube is the tag feature. Often there’s not much thought given to creating them, but you’d be surprised how hel...
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Why You Should Take More Work Breaks, How to Market Your Videos, The State of Global Entrepreneurship and Other Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know

12 Things Small Business Owners Need to Know By Rieva Lesonsky   1—Help Your Employees Become Top Performers For many small business owners these days finding and keeping qualified employees can be a struggle. Once you hire high-potential employees, you have to continually invest in their success. Check out the infographic below from Manila Recruitment to learn how to groom top-performing employees.   2—Want to Take More Breaks at Work? Science is on Your Side. Guest post by Dr. Joseph Cilo...
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We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #430

Facebook launches petition feature, Community Actions Social media is often a political battleground and Facebook’s latest tool is helping arm its users. The platform is making it easier for people to make political demands, with the launch of Community Actions – a News Feed petition feature. First rolling out in the US, Community Actions will have their own discussion feed where people can leave comments and create fundraisers, and users will be able to tag government agencies and officials in...
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Dr. Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream speech in its entirety: Where to watch, and what to talk about with your kids

Today we commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s life and legacy, as we have every year since we started this site. Over the years, we’ve shared plenty of excellent books, videos, resources, and websites to help kids understand the reason for MLK Day. And they are all still worth checking out today. But this year […]
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Ashley Cole signs for ex-Chelsea teammate Frank Lampard at Derby

In typical Zlatan Ibrahimovic fashion, he tells ESPN FC that his LA Galaxy will be successful in 2019 and discusses his 500th career goal. Take the mic away? Avoid him? Kick him? MLS coaches have their (tongue-in-cheek) say as to how to stop the great man. David Beckham completed his blockbuster move to Major League Soccer, joining the LA Galaxy on this day in 2007. ESPN FC's Seb Salazar sits down with Guillermo Barros Schelotto to talk his move to LA Galaxy and...
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Nikon Shows Off New COOLPIX B600 Compact Digital Camera

Smartphones take up a lot of air in the room when it comes to digital cameras, but some makers are still giving it a shot in the under $1k market. Nikon has great news for those of you looking for a hot compact digital camera. Image via Nikon. Its new COOLPIX B600 is being positioned as a step above a smartphone – and a significant one at that. That’s because the COOLPIX B600 will have a 60x zoom NIKKOR lens attached to it that, according to Nikon’s press release results in a, “wide-angle 24 m...
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Yo-kai Watch 4 PV Travels Through Dimensions

A new colorful PV of the newest Yo-kai Watch 4 has been posted on developer Level-5’s official YouTube channel, showcasing the game’s story, playable characters, monsters and new active-time battles. The folklore monster-packed PV: Yo-kai Watch 4 will come out for the Nintendo Switch in Japan sometime in spring of 2019.
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Goodbye, Machinima: YouTube gaming channel pulls the plug after 13 years

Machinima, a YouTube gaming channel that was launched in 2006, has suddenly shut down, with all of its videos set to private. The #RIPMachinima hashtag is now making the rounds in social media to reminisce about the channel's content. The post Goodbye, Machinima: YouTube gaming channel pulls the plug after 13 years appeared first on Digital Trends.
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‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Trailer Breaks Sony’s Record for Most YouTube Views in 24 Hours

It turns out Spider-Man is feeling more than a little fine. The Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer views broke Sony Pictures’ records for the most YouTube hits in its first 24 hours, making it the studio’s biggest digital launch ever since the record set by Spider-Man: Homecoming. Deadline reports that in its first 24 hours after it was dropped on YouTube Tuesday, the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer racked up 130 million views — a whopping 14 million more than when Spider-Man: Homecoming de...
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YouTube is giving people 2 months to take down videos of dangerous stunts like doing the 'Bird Box' challenge while driving

YouTube has explicitly banned challenges and pranks that put people in serious danger, according to an FAQ post on Tuesday. It cited the "Tide pod challenge" as an example of an unacceptably dangerous stunt, though more recent videos have been removed of users attempting dangerous tasks such as driving while doing the "Bird Box" challenge, which involves wearing a blindfold. YouTube said users had a two-month "grace period" to clean up their channels. YouTube has updated its guidelines to exp...
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EFL: Hashtag United product makes professional debut among stories you may have missed

YouTube sensation and Hashtag United academy product Scott Pollock making his professional debut for Northampton is among Saturday's EFL stories you may have missed.
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Samaritan CCW Gun Holder Stops Suspects At Loomis Grocery Store

Bob Irwin highlights the latest self-defense and other shootings of the week. Read them and see what went wrong, what went right and what we can learn from self-defense with a gun. Placer County Sheriff's Office Brandon Smith, 25, and Elizabeth Almand, 23 USA –-( KCRA TV-3 (NBC) reports 01-02-19 in Loomis, California, an incident began around 8:25 in the evening. A male and female pair of shoplifters were spotted stealing from a Raley's store by a security officer. “When they l...
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Happy Birthday, Edgar Allan Poe!

Neil Gaiman says Edgar Allan Poe should be read aloud, and he's right: he recorded this video of him reading "The Raven" in 2016 as part of Pat Rothfuss's Worldbuilders charity drive. It's Poe's birthday today, and I can think of no better way to celebrate it than to . Other ways to celebrate this magnificent torch: * The spectacular pop-up edition * The 50s hipster argot edition * The 1969 rock-and-roll version * Vincent Price and Boris Karloff's Raven-inspired magic duel (Reposted f...
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Leupold DeltaPoint Pro Micro Red Dot Sight 2.5 MOA – Review

Leupold DeltaPoint Pro U.S.A. –-( Since my introduction to red dots on pistols several years ago with the Roland Special, I haven't strayed much from the Trijicon RMR. There have been other mini red dots on the market that have caught my attention, specifically the Shield RMS, Holosun HS507C, and the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro. Since the DeltaPoint Pro has been arguably the strongest competitor to the Trijicon RMR, I wanted to get some quality time with one. Before we get into my ex...
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How to build your own DIY teleprompter for less than $10

I’ve been following The King of Random on YouTube for a few years now. Most of the stuff they do on there is, as the name would suggest, kinda random and often a little bit weird. Every now and again, though, they post something quite useful for photographers and filmmakers – even if it’s just […] The post How to build your own DIY teleprompter for less than $10 appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Gun Talk Media Brings Live Video from SHOT Show ~ WATCH HERE!

The amazing guys at Gun Talk Media have partnered with AmmoLand News to bring you live VIDEO coverage from the floor of SHOT Show. Tune in all week for insider access. Gun Talk Media Live SHOT Show Coverage Las Vegas, NV – -( Gun Talk Media will be LIVE from Media Row at SHOT Show, simulcasting video broadcasts to our digital video audience of 300,000+ on YouTube, Facebook, and our sponsor’s YouTube, and Facebook channels, a now direct to AmmoLand News readers. We will be bring...
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This How-To Series Trolled the Internet in 2007

It’s Friday afternoon! Time to wind down, watch some videos, and prepare for your weekly dinner at TGI Fridays. We’ve been watching a classic series of deadpan fake instructional videos, Infinite Solutions. These fakes were so good, they fooled Gizmodo one Friday in 2007.Read more...
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For Netflix, ‘Fortnite’ on YouTube is a bigger threat than HBO

In a letter to shareholders, Netflix explained that it views the video game Fortnite as bigger competition than HBO, with YouTube videos of the game drawing viewers away from the streaming platform. The post For Netflix, ‘Fortnite’ on YouTube is a bigger threat than HBO appeared first on Digital Trends.
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If You Don’t Understand Video Monetization You Need Help With Your Digital Strategy

You need help with your digital strategy if you don’t understand video monetization. That's what Michael Brandvold and Jay Gilbert explore on the Music Biz Weekly podcast this week. Learn how to monetize your videos on Youtube and who is eligible. More on past Music Biz Weekly podcasts here. [Author: Bruce Houghton]
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Digital Marketing News: YouTube’s Bubble-Under Suggestions, New B2B Studies, & Making Marketing More Human

The post Digital Marketing News: YouTube’s Bubble-Under Suggestions, New B2B Studies, & Making Marketing More Human appeared first on Online Marketing Blog - TopRank®.
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Netflix says that 'Bird Box' will be viewed by 80 million accounts in its first month

Netflix estimates that 80 million accounts will watch "Bird Box" in its first four weeks.  It said last month that 45 million accounts viewed the movie in the first week, a record for a Netflix original film.  Netflix released more viewing numbers for its hit thriller "Bird Box" during its 2018 fourth quarter earnings report on Thursday. Netflix announced last month that "Bird Box," which debuted on December 21, was viewed by 45 million accounts in its first week, which it said was the best-e...
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How to play YouTube in the background on Android and iOS

We show you how to play YouTube in the background with apps such as Opera, Chrome, and Firefox -- along with the premium offerings like YouTube Premium -- whether you have an Android or iOS device. The post How to play YouTube in the background on Android and iOS appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Google's cheaper Pixel 3 'Lite' is totally leaked in a new video and comes with one of the most important features from the $800 Pixel 3 (GOOG, GOOGL)

A new video supposedly shows off the new Pixel 3 Lite mid-range smartphone from Google.  The Pixel 3 Lite is said to be a cheaper version of the regular Pixel 3 phones that Google released in October last year.  One of the biggest features on the Pixel 3 Lite is the same camera as the regular Pixel 3, which is often touted as having the best camera on any smartphone.  If the Pixel 3 Lite exists, it appears to be completely, totally, and utterly leaked in a new video from YouTube channel Andro...
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YouTube suspends ads on Tommy Robinson channel

The suspension has been imposed because the channel had broken rules governing adverts, YouTube says.
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The speed of light is torturously slow, and these 3 simple animations by a scientist at NASA prove it

The speed of light in a vacuum is about 186,282 miles per second (299,792 kilometers per second). A scientist at NASA animated how long it takes light to travel around Earth, as well as between the planet, its moon, and Mars. The physics animations show just how fast (and slow) the speed limit of the universe can be. A series of new animations by a NASA scientist show just how zippy — and also torturously slow — the speed of light can be. Light-speed is the fastest that any material object ca...
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What This Weekend's Super Blood Wolf Moon Means For You

On Sunday night, there's set to be a rare "super blood wolf moon " from 9:36 p.m. EST to 12:31 a.m. EST. Despite the werewolf undertones of its name, a "super blood wolf moon" is not as spooky as it sounds. Really, a "super blood wolf moon" is just a lunar eclipse that occurs on the first full moon of the year — but it's still a powerful, transformative time.Whenever a full moon is described as "super," it's referring to its relative proximity to earth in its orbit, explains Laura Tempest Zakro...
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YouTube: Here’s How to Start a Chat With a Friend

Did you know that you can privately chat with your contacts in the YouTube mobile application? Our guide will show you how to create a chat with one of your YouTube contacts. Note: These screenshots were captured in the YouTube app on iOS. Step 1: Tap "Inbox" at the bottom of the screen. Step 2:...
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