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Mercury concentrations in Yukon river fish could surpass EPA criterion by 2050

The concentration of mercury in the fish in Alaska's Yukon River may exceed the EPA's human health criterion by 2050 if greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming are not constrained, according to scientific research funded in part by NASA
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Shipments of more than 2,600 General Motors SUVs were delayed after bugs left a 'stubborn black residue' on them

More than 2,600 GMC Yukon and Chevrolet Tahoe SUVs were spattered with residue from mayflies, according to Automotive News. GMC Shipments of more than 2,000 General Motors SUVs were delayed after mayflies landed on the vehicles, leaving behind greasy residue, according to a report from Automotive News.  Approximately 2,600 GMC Yukons and Chevrolet Tahoes assembled at GM's Arlington, Texas, plant were affected.  GM said all the vehicles will be cleaned by the middle of September. Visit Busi...
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Uncle Scrooge / Four Color Comics v2 #456 - Carl Barks art & cover

Carl Barks Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge / Four Color Comics v2 #456, 1953 - Due to a resurgent memory, Uncle Scrooge recalls where he hid a cache of Yukon gold in the distant past. Donald Duck and his nephews accompany him to Alaska, where his claim is jumped by an old flame. In the second story, Uncle Scrooge is tricked into believing that fish is now the national currency. Carl Barks' layouts [Author: Unknown]
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Comment on roast chicken with schmaltzy cabbage by DPSD

Slowed roasted (300 degrees for 3 hrs) a marinated whole chicken (blitzed preserved lemon, garlic, cilantro, fresh lemon juice, cumin seed &paprika) over a bed of planked cabbage and Yukon gold potatoes. Sprinkle of olive oil over top of all. Started with 1/2 c water in pan and basted every hr . Amazing!! Slow roasting kept everything moist. Unctuous. No more hi temp toasting for me!
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Vegan Cottage Pie

This unusual, yet delicious take on the classic Shepherds Pie is completely vegan and packed with vegetables like carrots, onions, lentils, peas and (of course) zucchini! The topping looks cheesy but its actually a mix of sweet and Yukon gold potatoes mashed with rice milk and lots of salt and pepper. I made it in smaller foil pans so N could freeze and eat as he needed. Yum! I get some of the best cooking inspiration from N. He is so adventurous when it comes to my cooking and he loves to...
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Comment on tzatziki potato salad by Deb Evans

This is the first recipe I have ever made from here that didn’t turn out. At all. I followed the directions and it was dry and tasteless. Wonder if my Yukon’s weren’t the best choice?] But the dressing was blah. Guess I will stick with heavy old mayo
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Yukon Mountain Monarchs, Moose Mania

Watch as ‘Canada in the Rough’s’ Paul Beasley heads to the Yukon in hopes of harvesting a once in a life time Caribou and Moose with Tombstone Outfitters. Throughout this exciting two part episode, Paul not only has amazing encounters with huge Moose and Caribou but also breathtaking scenery and even an uncomfortably close encounter with a Grizzly Bear that leaves Paul white as a ghost. Watch Part 1 of this Hunt Mountain Monarchs Caribou Tombstone Outfitters Got Hunts Pro members receive disc...
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Yukon Mountain Monarchs, Caribou Hunt

Watch as ‘Canada in the Rough’s’ Paul Beasley heads to the Yukon in hopes of harvesting a once in a life time Caribou and Moose with Tombstone Outfitters. Throughout this exciting two part episode, Paul not only has amazing encounters with huge Moose and Caribou but also breathtaking scenery and even an uncomfortably close encounter with a Grizzly Bear that leaves Paul white as a ghost. Watch Part 2 of this Hunt Moose Mania Tombstone Outfitters Got Hunts Pro members receive discounts on Hunts...
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Comment on melting potatoes by Lauren

SO GOOD. I’ve made them twice – first time split between two cast iron pans and with Yukon/sweet potato/onion, and the second time only Yukon in an All-Clad roasting pan. I think the All-Clad worked better but they came out amazing both times. I also did 450 degrees for both times because 500 makes me nervous… but it still came out great! Will absolutely make this again and again.
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Recipe: Spuds O’Brien is a hearty potato dish that can work as a side or main course

Baby Dutch Yellow potatoes as well as Yukon Gold potatoes have the perfect texture for this classic dish. They crisp to a golden brown without falling apart. Turn the side dish into a one-dish meal by topping each serving with a fried or poached egg. The origin of the dish is disputed. Some claim it was created in the early 1900s at a restaurant in Boston, other sources give credit to a New York City eatery in the same timeframe. No matter the derivation, the combination of ingredients is divine...
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Yukon officials outline plans for next school year

It'll be back to class five days a week for most Yukon students this fall, but Whitehorse high school students will still be doing some learning at home.Yukon Education Minister Tracy-Anne McPhee on Thursday laid out plans for the 2020-21 year at elementary and secondary schools in the territory. "We're pleased to be able to be moving forward and having kids back in buildings," McPhee said."Our goal is to return as many students as possible to class in the Yukon, in their schools, whil...
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Comment on dilled potato and pickled cucumber salad by Ellie

Can you use russet potatoes instead of Yukon gold? Also- how much less mayo would you use (coming from a family who are not huge mayo fans)?
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B.C. premier concerned about Americans allegedly using 'Alaska loophole' to visit province

Premier John Horgan turned to a board game metaphor Thursday when asked about Americans apparently playing around with the so-called "Alaska loophole" to visit B.C. despite strict border rules."Do not pass go. Go directly to Alaska," Horgan said, referencing the game of Monopoly, during a news conference about a hospital expansion in Richmond.Canada's borders were closed to most travellers on March 21, but Americans travelling for non-discretionary purposes, such as returning home to Alaska...
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Homemade Seasoned Baked Potato Wedges

Fries and potato wedges pair with just about anything from grilled sandwiches, to hamburgers, and my favorite, fish and chips. They are a staple here especially over summer when we are grilling more often. I’m going to show you my really easy seasoned baked potato wedges, but you might want to try different flavors by making your own spice blend. Seasoned baked potato wedges These seasoned baked potato wedges are so easy to make that it’s the perfect project to get the kids into the kitchen t...
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Canada: COVID-19 In The Courts: A Challenge To Emergency Measures North Of 60 - Lawson Lundell LLP

A group of businesspeople in Yukon has challenged the constitutionality of various measures taken by the Yukon government in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Comment on roast chicken with schmaltzy cabbage by Michelle

I made this tonight. I put the chicken and cabbage on for 45 minutes. Then I added three Yukon gold potatoes, thickly sliced and chunked carrots. Let everything go for another 30 minutes. Took the chicken out to rest and let the vegetables cook for another 20 minutes. WOW! So incredibly delicious. My husband raved. Thank you for such a wonderful recipe.
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The Constitutionality of Interprovincial Boundary Closures (Part II)

INTRODUCTION In my post last week, I blogged the background to an analysis of constitutional challenges to interprovincial border closures. I briefly referred to the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision in Comeau, which considered the constitutionality of barriers to interprovincial trade represented by section 134 of the New Brunswick Liquor Control Act limitations on the amount of liquor and beer that someone could bring into New Brunswick from another province. I also set out some of the border...
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Liard First Nation postpones election because of COVID-19 pandemic

The Liard First Nation (LFN) in Yukon has decided to postpone its election for up to six months, because of the COVID-19 pandemic.The current term of the chief and council was set to expire on June 5, and the election had been planned for June 29. On Wednesday, the First Nation's council decided to put everything on hold and extend its term.In a letter to the First Nation's election committee, Chief George Morgan referred to the "unprecedented risk" associated with the ongoing pandemic...
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Comment on spring asparagus pancetta hash by Karen Higgins

This was delicious! One of my Yukons ended up being rotten, so I substituted a sweet potato, and it was wonderful! Probably had 1/3 Yukon and 2/3 sweet potato.
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The Cost of Comfort: GM’s Full-size SUVs Gain Thrift in City Driving, Lose It on the Open Road

The revamped, full-size Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban and their GMC Yukon/Yukon XL twins gain significant length, interior volume, and creature comforts for 2021, but extra MPGs seem to be in short supply. The vehicles are now even larger than their predecessors, are still heavy, and carry identical V8 engine displacements, so no one should have […] The post The Cost of Comfort: GM’s Full-size SUVs Gain Thrift in City Driving, Lose It on the Open Road appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Foreign workers in these 10 occupations can now be hired faster.

Canada has expedited the process for employers to hire foreign workers in agriculture, food processing, and trucking occupations. By  Shelby Thevenot Employers hiring foreign workers in 10 agriculture, food processing, and trucking occupations can now skip past a time-consuming step in the work permit process. Canada is now waiving the advertising requirement for the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) in certain high priority occupations. In order to get an LMIA, in most cases, emplo...
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15 of the Best Road Trips in Canada

Imagine a great play list, the wind in your face and the freedom of the road as you experience one or more of these beautiful road trips in Canada. We’re spoiled for choice in this country – though the season for road trips in Canada tends to be short – unless you love driving in snow. Described are 15 road trips in Canada – from the Yukon to Newfoundland. Some will take you only a day, some a week – though it’s almost always easy to extend the experience. All will help you put some distance b...
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Gatherings restricted, schools closed: What's being done to fight COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every province and territory. Medical officers of health and Canada's chief public health officer are encouraging people to wash their hands, give each other space and wear a mask if they're sick.Ottawa has put money into health-care research and the economy. It has also put restrictions on international travel and is enforcing 14-day quarantines for travellers returning to Canada to try to limit spread of the novel coronavirus.Classes are suspended o...
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CRTC approves Northwestel request to waive internet overage fees

Social distancing just got a little less expensive for Northern internet customers.The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission approved on Monday an application from Northwestel to waive internet bandwidth caps for communities with cable internet service. Those include Whitehorse, Yellowknife, Fort Smith, Norman Wells and Carcross.The move also grants large increases in monthly data for users in other communities. Nunavut communities that get satellite DSL service will see th...
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My first sourdough loaves

My first sourdough loaves Submitted by Jeff in Trees on March 21, 2020 - 3:56pm. Fairly pleased that these came out as nicely as they did.  Crust ended up *very* tough/crunchy, but certainly edible -- just need a small chainsaw to slice... ;)   Used recipe from ( -- figured this would be appropriate as I'm a total beginner w SD.  Used starter from NW Ferments, their Yukon starter kit.  Took about 3 days to ...
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The Coronavirus Pandemic and Access to Justice

Slightly over 20 years ago, the Supreme Court of Canada upheld a self-initiated injunction by the Chief Justice of British Columbia to prevent picketing in front of the courthouses in British Columbia; B.C.G.E.U. v. British Columbia (Attorney General). As Dickson CJ said in his opening statement in the majority decision, “This case involves the fundamental right of every Canadian citizen to have unimpeded access to the courts and the authority of the courts to protect and defend that constitutio...
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Team Yukon parties, parades to mark Arctic Winter Games that never were

With mixed emotions, hundreds of people paraded and then danced in a street party in Whitehorse on Sunday to mark the Arctic Winter Games that never were.Team Yukon hockey player Maddie Nicholson said she was looking forward to competing against Team Nunavut."That's kind of too bad that we aren't playing, but it's nice that all of Team Yukon can get together today," she said.After several speeches in the parking lot of the S.S. Klondike National Historic Site, the athletes, volunt...
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2021 GMC Yukon Pricing Revealed; More Space Needn’t Come at a Premium

General Motors is offering plenty of opportunity to drop mountains of cash on a next-generation GMC Yukon, but if frills are something you don’t need, easing into a 2021 Yukon can be a fairly painless process. The longer and more spacious full-sizer carries a base price just $100 higher than 2020’s entry-level trim, though moving […] The post 2021 GMC Yukon Pricing Revealed; More Space Needn’t Come at a Premium appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Interview: GMC’s Michael Stapleton on All-New 2021 Yukon’s Interior

The brand's Director of Design for Interiors explains the vehicle's overhaul While GMC’s Denali line (which originally appeared as a trim level for the full-size Yukon SUV) has taken on a life of its own over the past  20 years and now enjoys status as a successful luxury sub-brand, the knock against them is that they haven’t quite delivered a premium-level interior. With that in …
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3 days at Denali Backcountry Lodge

Venturing into the deep natural pockets of Denali National Park doesn’t have to mean completely leaving civilization behind. In fact, basing your stay in a high-altitude lodge gives you the ability to push as deep into the park as you wish to go, with a basecamp at which to recoup, refuel, and refresh over a glass of wine while planning the next day’s adventure. This itinerary is for the true backcountry enthusiast, with the proper gear and knowledge for three days in the wilderness, but also...
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