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Coronavirus Erupts in Africa—Along With Deadly Rumors and Fear

ABUJA, Nigeria—Since late February, when Nigeria recorded its first case of COVID-19, taxi driver Ola Yusuf has been picking up passengers arriving at the busy Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos who are coming from countries badly hit by the coronavirus."Sometimes I carry up to four people, who are either friends or from the same family," Yusuf told The Daily Beast over the phone. "I'm often paid in cash" (a potential vector of disease).A day after the country's 12th case of...
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The history of Karachi’s Homi Katrak Chambers

If you head to Clifton after passing Sind Club and Frere Hall in Karachi, you’ll come to a traffic signal at Lilly Bridge, with a piece of history on its left: Homi Katrak Chambers. This stunning pre-Partition heritage building was bought by TPL Properties and will be converted into a luxury real estate complex. This is its story. Photo: Twitter/@annusraza The building’s story begins with a Zoroastrian businessman by the name of Kavasji Katrak. He came to India in the early 1900s and was base...
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A Purposive Interpretation May Not Be Liberal and Generous

The wheels of justice move slowly. So slowly sometimes, that their conclusion occurs after all practical considerations for the parties are finished. The Supreme Court of Canada’s decision in R. v. Poulin is an example of this, with the defendant passing away within four months of the Court granting leave for appeal. In case you were wondering, he did not have the opportunity to file his factum. Prior to his demise, the Crown had unsuccessfully sought to bring a motion to suspend the execution o...
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BWW Review: Ashley Blaker's GOY FRIENDLY Explains It All For You

The internationally-known standup who first brought his Jewish-focus material Off-Broadway in 2018 with STRICTLY UNORTHODOX arrives at the SoHo Playhouse with a show inspired by his friendship and professional collaboration with Muslim standup Imran Yusuf. Having spent a great deal of time traveling together from gig to gig, Yusuf had a lot of questions about Judaism, and their conversations prompted Blaker to examine how to explain his faith to a goy. [Author: Michael Dale]
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Sons Of Yusuf & Jay Electronica – “Diving For Pearls”

All these years later, Jay Electronica remains an elusive character. Yes, there is still no album -- he once called them a "false concept" -- but every now and then he appears someplace unexpectedly, and it's usually reason for excitement. (He did, after all, make one of the best songs of … More »
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He Catches Me When I Fall: A Journey To Tawakkul

While discussing an emotionally-heavy issue, my therapist brought up the point that in life we can reach a point of acceptance in regards to our difficult issues: “It sounds cliche, but there’s no other way to say it: it is what it is.” ”Okay, I thought, as I listened. Acceptance. Yes, I can do this eventually. She went on to add: “It is what it is, and I know that everything will be okay.”” Tears had already been flowing, but by this point, full-blown sobs started. “I…can’t….seem…to ever…believ...
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Cleaning Out Our Own Closets This Ramadan: Bigotry

Before Muslims take a stand against xenophobia in the U.S., we really need to eradicate it from our own community. There. I said it. There is no nice way to put it. Muslims can be very intolerant of those outside their circles, particularly our Latino neighbors. How do I know? I am a Latina who came into Islam almost two decades ago, and I have experienced my fair share of stereotypes, prejudice, and just outright ignorance coming from my very own Muslim brethren. And I am not alone. My own fami...
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What Fasting Demands From Us | Mufti Taqi Uthmani

By Shaykh Al-Islam Mufti Taqi Uthmani [After Praise and Salutations] I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed Satan. With the name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the Very-Merciful. Allah says: ” The month of Ramaḍān is the one in which the Qur’ān was revealed as guidance for mankind and as clear signs that show the right way and distinguish between right and wrong. So those of you who witness the month must fast in it…” (Surah al-Baqarah, 2:185) The blessed month of Ramaḍān is about to begin in a...
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Optimism in Times of Adversity: How The Prophet Did It

by Shaykh Abdullah Waheed A man passed by al-Miqdaad ibn al-Aswad , one of the most distinguished Companions of the Prophet . The man said, “How lucky your two eyes that witnessed the Prophet ”. Ibn al-Aswad profoundly responded by saying, Why should anyone wish to witness a scene that Allah did not wish him to see? He does not know what it would have been like if he had witnessed it or which party he would have been among if he went back in time. By Allah! Allah’s Prophet saw people who were t...
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BMG Reports Strong 'Organic' Growth

Bertelsmann’s indie music subsidiary BMG marked its 10th year in 2018 with significant growth in revenue and profits.  BMG reported that overall revenue for 2018 was up by 7.5 %  to €545 million / $613 million USD. BMG attributed the revenue to “organic growth” and noted the benefits of the expansion of its recordings business, which grew strongly during the reporting year. The EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization) margin rose to 22.5% for 2018, up fr...
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Spotlight: Caked Up Cafe Offers Uncompromised Quality Baked In

There are plenty of bakeries throughout the country. But how many of them have provided sweets to major celebrities like Rihanna and Kevin Durant? NYC’s Caked Up Cafe may have humble beginnings, but they’ve since grown into a favorite among the city’s elite. Read more about the company’s journey in this week’s Small Business Spotlight. What the Business Does Offers a variety of baked goods. Business partner and investor in Caked Up Cafe Mohammed Yusuf told Small Business Trends, “We sell cupc...
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Isis has my kids: I won't stop till I get them home to the US – video

Four years ago, Bashir Shikder’s wife Rashida flew from Florida to Syria with the couple’s young children to join Isis, ignoring anguished Bashir’s repeated pleas for her to return home. Now, after hearing news of his wife’s death, and that his children – Yusuf now nine, and Zahra, five – are being held by jihadists in the last corner of the terror group’s lands, Bashir travels to Iraq in the hope of crossing the border into Syria and rescuing them. Continue reading...
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F1 accused of ‘turning blind eye’ over activist’s jailing in Bahrain

• F1 says imprisonment ‘had nothing to do with peaceful protest’• Najah Yousif jailed after criticising Bahrain GP in 2017Formula One has been accused of “looking the other way” by human rights groups in the case of an activist who was beaten, sexually abused and jailed for protesting against the Bahrain Grand Prix.Najah Yusuf, who was imprisoned after a series of Facebook posts in April 2017 that were critical of the race and the regime, has not been allowed to see her family for six months. In...
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Agonising hunt by US father for children trapped in Isis enclave

In the Syrian camp where British teenager Shamima Begum was found, a father’s desperately searches for two infants, taken from their Florida home by their mother to join Islamic StateIn late March 2015, Bashiurul Shikder made an urgent call home to ask about his wife and children. The 37-year-old American had just completed a pilgrimage to Mecca and his repeated messages to his wife in Florida had gone unanswered for over a week. Come home, his family told him. They’re in hospital. A short while...
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Missy Elliott, Cat Stevens, John Prine, More to Be Inducted Into Songwriters Hall of Fame

Dallas Austin, Missy Elliott, Tom T. Hall, John Prine, Jack Tempchin and Cat Stevens (a.k.a. Yusuf) will become the latest inductees of the Songwriters Hall of Fame at the organization’s 50 th annual Induction and Awards Dinner, taking place June 13 at its location for decades, the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York’s Times Square. […]
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Asian Cup Diaries - Everybody wants Chhetri, an Iraqi dream come true

Yusuf before Iraq's game against Vietnam outside the Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi.   The Asian Cup is considered the World Cup for Asian nations, and one can see a glimpse of that in the playing styles on display. The West Asian nations (Saudi Arabia, Iran) are tough, rugged and play a fairly physical game, while those from further east (China, South Korea) are quick, technical and extremely clever at controlling the tempo in games. Then there are teams like India, Kyrgyzstan, Philippi...
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UAE Peace Forum is Just the Tip of the Iceberg of Some American Muslim Ulema Undermining Their Followers

Ed. Note: We understand that this is a matter of current public debate, MM welcomes opeds of differing points of view. Please use this form. On December 5th, 2018 the government of the United Arab Emirates sponsored the “Annual Conference of the Forum for Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies” in Abu Dhabi. The forum began in 2014 as a means of countering the effects of the Arab Spring, in which young people living under tyrannical regimes around the Arab world clamored for a life of democracy, fr...
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Manchester United fans fuming at one player after losing to Man City

Matic was at fault Manchester United were not at their best as they lost 3-1 to Manchester City. It was a huge loss, and one that Jose Mourinho will not enjoy. Missing Paul Pogba is all well and good, but United need to be doing far better. Not only that, but some of their players came in for particular criticism. Nemanja Matic was one of those players. After being at fault on more than one occasion, not to mention generally slowing play down and being far less than the player Man United needed...
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Indonesia tsunami: Desperate rescue efforts in Palu as death toll doubles in race to find survivors

Residents of Palu, on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, turned to looting on Sunday as they struggled to survive in the aftermath of a deadly 7.5 magnitude earthquake and tsunami that has so far killed 832 people. Looters were spotted taking items from the badly damaged Ramayana shopping mall and plundering fuel stations. One earthquake survivor told the Telegraph that he had been woken by a noisy crowd ransacking his local mini-market. “Without justifying it, I understand why they did it,” sai...
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These Natural Hair Moments From NYFW Are Worthy Of The Prayer Hands Emoji

Once upon a time, pin-straight hair dominated Fashion Week. The models with natural hair either got blowouts or wore silky sew-ins for the week. But those days are fading. Natural hair looks are slowly, but surely, becoming the norm on the catwalk — and it's about damn time, isn’t it?For Spring/Summer 2019, the designers really embraced natural hair, showing a range of braids and wash-and-go curls. Some models rocked the texture they were born with without much styling, and others got teased-ou...
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Rihanna Brought The Beauty Supply Store To Her Savage x Fenty Runway

It’s hard to expect anything less than perfection from Rihanna — especially during New York Fashion Week. And for her Savage x Fenty presentation this season, Rihanna brought the beauty supply store to the runway. All we have to say is... YES, SIS!Unlike other shows, where multiple models sport the same look, Rihanna gave her longtime hairstylist Yusuf the power to “freestyle” for her lingerie presentation. With full autonomy over hair for the show, Yusuf and his team created custom looks tailo...
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Super Eagles assistant coach Salisu Yusuf banned for bribery

The Nigeria Football Federation's Committee on Ethics and Fair Play have placed a one-year ban on Super Eagles assistant coach Salisu Yusuf. The committee also fined him $5,000, payable within the next three months, following its conclusion of an investigation into bribery allegations. Video footage of Yusuf allegedly collecting a cash gift from investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas, who posed as a representative of Tiger Eye Agency to influence the selection of two players, had surfa...
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Gernot Rohr backs 'honest victim' Salisu Yusuf after bribery sting

Nigeria coach Gernot Rohr has thrown his weight behind his assistant Salisu Yusuf, who is the subject of an internal NFF investigation after he was secretly filmed receiving cash from undercover reporters posing as football agents. Yusuf has denied that the money was a bribe, describing it as a 'token', and Rohr has now come to the defence of his assistant "I saw the video, and I saw what happened," Rohr told KweséESPN. "From my experience, Salisu is an honest man. "Those people just w...
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Leader of Indonesia’s Aceh province arrested in graft sting

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Indonesia’s anti-graft commission has arrested the governor of conservative Aceh province on suspicion of receiving bribes. Febri Diansyah, spokesman of the Corruption Eradication Commission, says Irwandi Yusuf was among 10 people arrested Tuesday evening in separate locations in Aceh. Investigators seized about 500 million rupiah ($35,000) in cash. Yusuf, a former […]
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Ball Tracking 180° Camera

Welcome to my first project! I'm excited to share what I've made and showing you the steps to build your own tracking camera. This project was made possible using the OpenCV library in conjunction with Python. Gather Materials Raspberry Pi Model B 2 (or any other model) L298N H-Bridge Motor Driv...By: yusuf_Continue Reading » [Author: yusuf_]
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'For me it's like a murder': the surge in sexual attacks on children in Somalia | Moulid Hujale

In a land where sexual predators are emboldened by a weak legal system and the stigma that reporting assaults brings, justice is elusive for young victimsWhen Anab’s madrasa teacher in Mogadishu told her to stay behind after classes, everyone but her two younger brothers left. He ordered the boys to face the wall, then assaulted their six-year-old sister. Anab’s father, Yusuf, says he clearly saw the “shock and horror in the face” of his daughter later that day. Continue reading...
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Liverpool fans think one man has been key in their Champions League success

Van Dijk Liverpool fans know their defence is not the best in the world, but after signing Virgil van Dijk in January they’ve certainly improved at the back and look far more assured. That’s why the fans think the Dutchman has been key in their run to the Champions League final, and that while they still have work to do at the back, he’s been just as important as Mo Salah for the club and will be even more vital in the final as they face Real Madrid – who of course aren’t exactly slouches up fr...
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Indonesia’s Aceh considers beheading as penalty for murder

BANDA ACEH, Indonesia (AP) — The conservative Indonesian province of Aceh known for publicly caning gays, adulterers and gamblers is considering the introduction of beheading as a punishment for murder. The head of Aceh’s Shariah Law and Human Rights Office, Syukri M. Yusuf, said Wednesday the provincial government has asked his office to research beheading […]
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Yusuf, 14, aims to be first US Muslim president

He's just like any other teenager, except that he's already charted his path to the White House.
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World’s Longest-Imprisoned Journalist Is Freed in Uzbekistan

After 19 years in prison in one of the most repressive states, Yusuf Ruzimuradov was released. He had been accused of sedition.
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