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Knives Live 2021 – 24hr YouTube Marathon Benefiting Knife Rights

Knife Rights Knives Live 2021 Marathon U.S.A. –-( Starting at 6:00 PM Eastern on Friday, December 3rd, a 24-hour marathon is being held on YouTube to support Knife Rights. Knife Rights Founder and Chairman Doug Ritter said, “Knife Rights is honored that all these YouTube knife community influencers have joined together to help Knife Rights. Thanks so much to all involved. Together we will continue to Rewrite Knife Law in America, forging a Sharper Future for all Americans.” Thes...
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King Richard Star Jon Bernthal Explains Why Supporting Roles Are His Favorite Roles [Interview]

Jon Bernthal is one of those rare actors with a distinct presence who somehow still has a chameleon quality about him. For example: his role in "King Richard." Bernthal, who looks like an action hero, plays tennis coach Rick Macci with one of the biggest grins and can-do attitudes you will ever see. With tennis shorts and a rocking 'stache, Bernthal disappears as a guy who just loves coaching the game of tennis. He approaches a complex mental and physical sport with simplicity. In the film, Macc...
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Zachary Levi's Guardians Of The Galaxy Audition Landed Him Shazam

Zachary Levi is one of those actors who, like J.K. Simmons and Willem Dafoe, has had a role in both DC and Marvel movies. DC fans know him as the hero of "Shazam," while in the Marvel Cinematic Universe he took over the role of the dashing Fandral from Josh Dallas in "Thor: The Dark World" (only to be quickly killed off in the next movie as director Taiki Waititi cleaned house).Levi almost played a much larger role in the MCU, however. In fact, he was up for the starring, nay, star-lording role ...
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Real People who Look Like Cartoon Characters

Cartoon character designers generally start designing a character based on a single personality attribute that the character will portray throughout the animation. For example, if the character has a dorky personality, the character designer will try to portray this by creating a dorky-looking character. For villains and heroes, the character designer will give the character's physical appearance the appropriate attributes.  Sometimes character designers need inspiration, and so they'll look a...
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Road To Philly Bike Expo 2021: Zach Small of Amigo Frameworks is Inspired by Music and Glass

Zach Small makes steel-framed bikes out of Nashville, TN, where he’s inspired by the vibrant music and art of his friends and fellow creators. We got the chance to chat via email in advance of the Philly Bike Expo, where Zach will be introducing a rowdy new adventure-focused frame. Please enjoy this interview with Zach The post Road To Philly Bike Expo 2021: Zach Small of Amigo Frameworks is Inspired by Music and Glass appeared first on Bikerumor.
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Ron's Gone Wrong Creators Sarah Smith And Peter Baynham On Ron's Similarities To Puppies (And Borat)

"Ron's Gone Wrong," the newest feature-length animated movie from Walt Disney Studios and Locksmith Animation, stars Jack Dylan Grazer as awkward middle-schooler Barney Pudowski. Tech company Bubble has invented bubble-shaped robots called B-bots, each one a "best friend out of the box" that learns each child through their myriad social media profiles – a sort of combination between a robot dog, smartphone, and personal assistant. Barney's B-bot Ron (Zach Galifianakis), however, is damaged: it c...
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Showing Up

The post Showing Up appeared first on iRunFar. Fall is upon us here in the Northern Hemisphere. The air is crisp, mornings are dark, and leaves are turning. But above all, it’s time for fall sports, including the greatest one of all, cross country. No offense to football, but my loyalties lie where my heart and lungs once paid the bills. From 2005 through 2010, I spent every fall toiling through workouts and gutting myself at cross-country meets. It’s kind of a weird sport when you think about i...
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The 31 spookiest thriller books to read this Halloween

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Whether you love a good fictional crime story, mystery novel, or deep psychological thriller, these are the best thriller books. Amazon; Alyssa Powell/Insider Thriller books are naturally enticing, fast-paced fiction reads with notorious plot twists. The best thrillers offer plenty of suspense and mystery throughout the novel. This list has a wide variety of popular books, including crime and psychologi...
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Midnight Mass Star Kate Siegel On Performing That Monologue And Embracing Obsession [Interview]

Erin's faith in "Midnight Mass" is complicated yet pure. She's someone seeking community and peace, but at the same time, that respectful desire was born out of hardship and tragedy. She escaped her home and her mother, who called her a "godless heathen," only to return and continue to struggle with the past. She's one of the many rich characters in "Midnight Mass," which is another Mike Flanagan project that delivers equally compelling drama and horror. For actor Kate Siegel, who also starred i...
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Championship-leading plaid Porsche grabs last-minute victory in VIR IMSA round

Photo: Motul Oil The 2021 IMSA season is coming to a close, and it’s looking increasingly like the Pfaff Motorsports Porsche 911 GT3 R has what it takes to secure the GTD championship this year. With three wins from the last four races, the team of Zacharie Robichon and Laurens Vanthoor has pushed its championship bid to a huge gap with just one race remaining in the season, the 10-hour Petit Le Mans race at Road Atlanta, going down in mid-November. It looked like the No. 16 Wright Motorsports ...
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Midnight Mass Star Crystal Balint On The Danger And Power Of Faith [Interview]

"Midnight Mass" shows all walks of life in the Catholic community. There are believers who use religion as a guise for cruelty, those seeking peace and community, and individuals who simply believe in something bigger than themselves. And then there's the Dolly and Wade Scarborough. Those two are true believers, but in the end, become familiar sinners."The road to hell is paved with good intentions" is one of the many themes of "Midnight Mass."Dolly, played by Crystal Balint, is kind-hearted and...
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AWA Taps Aaron Rabin to Write ‘Old Haunts’ Screenplay (EXCLUSIVE)

Artists, Writers, and Artisans (AWA) has tapped Aaron Rabin to adapt its graphic fiction series “Old Haunts.” This marks the second feature film project from AWA Studios, the recently launched film and TV studio arm for AWA. This is the first project announced that the company is financing development of internally. AWA Studios’ President Zach […]
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Zach LaVine: UCLA wasn't indication of point guard's upside

NBA With media members waiting, Zach LaVine walked over, stood front and center and announced his name and college without pretension. He believed those gathered might not know he is a lottery prospect or that he attended UCLA.  LaVine was right to make such an assumption, not because folks are unaware of his name or college, but because there is little else known about him. He is similar to a pair of other UCLA guards — Russell Westbrook and Jrue...
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Morning Line- Craig Leipold

“I think we have so many newer players on the team and the young guys are stepping up and it just seems like it’s a new chapter, We’re moving forward with new players, a new philosophy, a new locker room, a new captain and I think everybody’s embraced it.” “This is Billy’s (Guerin) team, his charge is to get us in the playoffs and make us competitive and eventually win a Stanley Cup. Some of the moves that were made last (summer) were hard things and it was a process to get to the decis...
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There's Someone Inside Your House Review: A Slasher For A New Generation

After the smashing success of the "Fear Street" trilogy, Netflix continues its train of slasher films for today's young adult audiences with the gory teen scream "There's Someone Inside Your House." Based on Stephanie Perkins' romance-with-a-sprinkle-of-murder novel of the same name, "There's Someone Inside Your House" just celebrated its premiere at Fantastic Fest. Taking inspiration from '90s and '00s slasher films and combining them with the sensibilities of today's more socially conscious yo...
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Near and Far

The post Near and Far appeared first on iRunFar. I sit in the quiet of the desert, music playing softly from my phone as a breakfast pudding bubbles away on the stove. It’s a scrappy meal, as I’ve neglected going to the grocery store for a few days. A hodge-podge of milk, water, chia, flax, overripe bananas, and Hershey’s chocolate syrup: it’s nothing fancy, but goes down just fine. I sit and think. Sometimes it feels hard to find words with which to fill this space. I start down one trail, then...
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Whicker: Bruins live up to Donahue’s standards, and set a few of their own

Terry Donahue was squinting, somewhere up there. He would smile later, probably over a dish of ambrosia, but he always held onto his game face while the game was going on. Besides, he wouldn’t have wanted to miss a second. On Saturday night UCLA honored its all-time winner, who left us on July 4. It played a Donahue brand of football. It called out a national powerhouse. It proved itself physically tougher, just as quick, deeper, more in command. It seemed to remember it once was the school that...
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Apple’s dangerous path

Hello friends, and welcome back to Week in Review. Last week, we dove into the truly bizarre machinations of the NFT market. This week, we’re talking about something that’s a little bit more impactful on the current state of the web — Apple’s NeuralHash kerfuffle. If you’re reading this on the TechCrunch site, you can get this in your inbox from the newsletter page , and follow my tweets @lucasmtny the big thing In the past month, Apple did something it generally has done an exceptional j...
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20 Movies About Serial Killers That Will Absolutely Creep You Out

Serial killers are scary. Sure, so are ghosts and monsters, but those occupy a distinct, purely fictional part of our minds. Supernatural creatures are ephemeral fears, frightening enough to generate a jolt or a few hours of unease, but nothing really beyond that.Serial killers are different because they're real. They live in our world, and appear on newscasts and the front pages, not just in books, movies, and old stories. They're flesh and blood, but there's something monstrous about them that...
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‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ Star Michael Shannon Breaks Down His Character [Interview]

Nine Perfect Strangers only just premiered on Hulu, but the drama is already intensifying. Things can only stay so calm when you gather a group of emotionally struggling people. Add a mysterious and mildly creepy health guru to the mix and some wild twists and turns are sure to follow. The Hulu drama stars Nicole Kidman as resort host Masha, who is determined to rejuvenate her nine new clients — by any means necessary. Among her are guests is Michael Shannon as Napoleon Marconi, and while we’re...
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UCLA football bullish about two-headed rushing attack

The UCLA running backs are “throwback kids,” according to position coach DeShaun Foster. “They’re just a little different,” Foster said. “No tattoos, no social media. So it’s just a throwback kind of player.” They’re not the finessing type on the field, either, especially when it comes to Brittain Brown and Zach Charbonnet, two hard runners who will be vying for playing time throughout this season. “This year, it’s two big backs, but they both complement each other really well,” Foster said. “Br...
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Here's what happened at Mike Lindell's cyber symposium, from him storming offstage to Bolsonaro's son giving him a MAGA hat signed by Trump

Mike Lindell is a leading promoter of baseless voter-fraud conspiracy theories. Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images Mike Lindell just held a 72-hour voter-fraud "cyber symposium" in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Speakers included Ronald Watkins, Steve Bannon, and the son of Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro. Here's what happened. See more stories on Insider's business page. Lindell said the event would prove his voter-fraud theories Lindell is a staunch Tr...
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Porsche takes two awesome fuel saving victories in IMSA Road America round

Porsche has a long history of supplying racing GT-class sports cars to customer racing teams. That long history continued to pay off for the crested brand this weekend with a two-pronged customer attack on the IMSA GTLM and GTD categories with WeatherTech Racing and Pfaff Motorsports. While weather threatened to impact the two hour and forty minute race, it held off until after the checkered flag fell, allowing for a dry and extremely fast race to go down at Road America in the gorgeous rolling...
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The curious case(s) of shashlik

*All images are by author Шашлы́к и падежи́ (shashl i k and cases) are quintessentially Russian things and a lot has been said about each one but always separately. What do you say if we take the best of both worlds and revise Russian cases while talking about the most perfect summer dish? That’s right, I want to have my shashlik and eat it too, or something like that. But first, a brief guide to some of the wonderful aforementioned blogs: What’s a Russian Picnic without Kebabs? Падежи: Everythi...
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A Six-Year Extension For Zach Werenski

from the Columbus Blue Jackets, The Columbus Blue Jackets have signed defenseman Zach Werenski to a six-year, $57.5 million contract extension through the 2027-28 National Hockey League season, club General Manager and Alternate Governor Jarmo Kekalainen announced tonight. Werenski, 24, has registered 65 goals and 124 assists for 189 points with 71 penalty minutes and a +13 plus/minus rating, while averaging 22:43 in time on ice in 335 career NHL games. Since making his debut with Col...
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RedrumSociety’s New Single “Seeing Things” Projected to Top Billboard Rock Charts

RedrumSociety, led by singer/guitarist Zach Cohen, is an award-winning South Florida original band who for the past few years has enjoyed performing frequently in local shows. RedrumSociety‘s frontman has led the band since he was in high school. During a dark period In 2015, Zach’s personal collapse led to the band’s demise. In 2016, he began to turn his life around and relaunched the band in 2018. The band has quickly seen more and more success, with their “Street Fights” EP reaching number 1 ...
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15 Pulitzer Prize book winners and finalists from 2021 that belong on your reading list

This year's winners and finalists included "Minor Feelings" by Cathy Park Hong and a biography about Malcolm X. Amazon; Rachel Mendelson/Insider When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. The Pulitzer Prize has been awarded for excellence in journalism and the arts since 1917. The literature categories include fiction, history, biography, poetry, and general nonfiction. These are the book winners and finalists of the Pulitzer Prize in 2021. Sin...
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Slowing Down

The post Slowing Down appeared first on iRunFar. This bus is not for going fast. I say that as if you know what I’m talking about. Some of you very well may. The rest of you I’ve left in the dark. The bus is my home. It’s a 1998 Ford E350 Club Wagon that I bought off of a construction company in Pennsylvania and spent the COVID-19 year turning into a mobile home. The idea was to have a home that I could take to trails and mountains all over the country. A world of trails out my front door — that...
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Comment on chocolate ice cream sandwiches by Zach

The taste and the texture are great in the finished product and I’m really enjoying noshing on one right now, but the cookie half that I lifted out completely crumbled to bits as I was working on assembly (maybe because I cooled them on the parchment paper on a rack instead of in the freezer?). Luckily, like another commenter, I was able to mush it back together with my fingers. May try again with the freezer cooling method to see if that fixes the issue.
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Interview: Cobra Kai Composers Leo Birenberg & Zach Robinson

For those of you living under a rock these past several years, there’s a little show called Cobra Kai on Netflix that continues the story of The Karate Kid trilogy — and it absolutely rocks! With a fourth season on the way, reached out to series composers Leo Birenberg and Zach Robinson, who were kind enough to discuss their musical approach to the ongoing adventures of Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence. Oh, and if that weren’t enough, the duo was excited to reveal the upcoming ...
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