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Should You Plan for $50,000 In Student Loans Forgiveness?

Last week, President Biden asked the Department of Education to review his legal authority in using executive action to forgive student loan debt, which has renewed hope for many of the 45 million borrowers that collectively owe $1.7 trillion in student loans. But how should this affect your repayment strategy, and…Read more...
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I had an unforgettable lunch with Warren Buffett, and by the end of the meal I was convinced he's a success for 5 reasons

Zack Friedman and Warren Buffet. Courtesy of Zack Friedman Zack Friedman is the founder and CEO of Make Lemonade, a personal-finance company. The following is an excerpt from his book, "The Lemonade Life: How to Fuel Success, Create Happiness, and Conquer Anything." In this excerpt, he describes having lunch with Warren Buffett in Omaha and what he learned from him. Buffett expressed immense gratitude for everything he'd accomplished in his lifetime and said he maximizes his happiness thro...
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Treasury clears up Trump's payroll tax order. Just kidding!

If you're counting on a slightly bigger paycheck as 2020 winds down due to Donald J. Trump's presidential payroll tax pronouncement, don't hold your breath. Trump's Aug. 8 executive memo called for the deferral of the 6.2 percent employee portion of the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) tax that goes toward Social Security. The White House said it would be an easy way to provide relief for Americans during the COVID-19 crisis. Others, however, weren't so sure about the proposal, especi...
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