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New Hawkeye Set Photos Tease Car Chase With Tracksuit Mafia

BEGIN SLIDESHOW New Hawkeye set photos tease car chase with Tracksuit Mafia As production continues on Hawkeye in Atlanta, a new batch of behind-the-scenes photos from the set of Disney+’s highly-anticipated MCU series have surfaced online (via Just Jared), providing us a glimpse of one of the series’ action sequences in which Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton and Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop engage in a car chase scene with the Tracksuit Mafia (also known by the nickname “Tracksuit Dracula...
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New Hawkeye Set Photos: Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop Aims for the Target

BEGIN SLIDESHOW New Hawkeye set photos: Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop aims for the target As production continues for Hawkeye in Atlanta, new behind-the-scenes photos from the set of Disney+’s highly-anticipated MCU series have surfaced online (via Just Jared), featuring Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop all suited up as she uses her signature bow and arrow to aim at an unknown target. The series is expected to make its debut later this year. Check out the full set photos below along with ...
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New Hawkeye Set Photos Tease Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop in Action

BEGIN SLIDESHOW New Hawkeye Set Photos Tease Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop in Action New behind-the-scenes photos and videos from the New York City set of Disney+’s highly-anticipated MCU series Hawkeye have surfaced online, providing us a preview of one of the series’ many action scenes. Featuring Hailee Steinfeld as she does some of her Kate Bishop stunts along with her stunt body double, you can check out the set photos and fan-taken videos below along with our first-look at Vera Far...
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Hawkeye Teaser Introduces Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Hawkeye Teaser Introduces Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop During Disney’s Investors Day, a brand new teaser for Disney+’s highly-anticipated MCU series Hawkeye has been revealed, featuring Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige as he officially introduces Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop, along with the Oscar-nominated actress’ first footage in the fan-favorite role. In addition, Jeremy Renner and Steinfeld took to Twitter to officially confirm the announcement along with two...
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‘Hawkeye’ Cast: Florence Pugh, Vera Farmiga, and More Will Appear; Hailee Steinfeld Confirmed

Just in case you were still waiting for confirmation, it looks like it’s official: Hailee Steinfeld is part of the Hawkeye cast. Steinfeld has been rumored to play Kate Bishop for a while now, but there’s been next to no confirmation. In fact, at one point, Steinfeld seemed to flat-out deny she was even appearing in the series. But the other day, Steinfeld was spotted on the Hawkeye set in character, acting alongside star Jeremy Renner. And now a new report from Variety confirms she’s part of t...
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Hawkeye Adds Florence Pugh, Vera Farmiga & More to Cast!

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Hawkeye adds Florence Pugh, Vera Farmiga & more to cast! A day after it was confirmed that Hailee Steinfeld would be joining the cast of Disney+’s Hawkeye series as Kate Bishop, Variety has brought word that the cast is expanding with the addition of six new stars including Black Widow‘s Florence Pugh and The Conjuring vet Vera Farmiga! RELATED: Hawkeye Set Photos Reveal Closer Look at Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop PB = PB || {}; ...
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‘Hawkeye’ Series at Disney Plus Adds Six to Cast, Including Vera Farmiga and Tony Dalton (EXCLUSIVE)

The upcoming “Hawkeye” series at Disney Plus has cast a number of key roles, Variety has learned exclusively from sources. Along with series leads Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld, Vera Farmiga, Florence Pugh, Fra Fee, Tony Dalton, Alaqua Cox, and Zahn McClarnon will all appear in the series. Reps for Disney and the actors did not […]
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Doctor Sleep: Director’s Cut – review

Director: Mike Flanagan Release date: 2019 Contains spoilers Whilst Stephen King has been on the record to criticise the Shining (1980) as it deviates from his novel, I happen to love the movie. More so, I am also a fan of the book (though it is many a long year since I read it). When the novel of Doctor Sleep was released I was excited – a sequel to the Shining and one that centres on vampires (the antagonists through the novel are energy vampires – feeding on the Shining, or the psychic energ...
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Our Favorite Minor and Supporting Characters From the Past Year in Cinema

You know that famous quote about how there are no small parts? As we barrel deeper into Oscar season, it’s getting even easier to let the truly sublime minor characters from 2019 slip our minds. The goal of this list is to highlight the performances from the past year that sailed completely under the radar, the characters who had just an incredibly small amount of screentime but deserve recognition. As with most “Best Of” lists, this is subjective, so if anything it should inspire you to look ...
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ComingSoon’s Top 10 Films of 2019!

ComingSoon’s Top 10 Films of 2019! is wrapping the year up with a list of our Top 10 Films of 2019, featuring managing editor Max Evry, associate editor Kylie Hemmert, and staff writers Grant Hermanns, Maggie Dela Paz, Jeff Ames and Josh Plainse. Check out all our lists now, and be sure to chime in with your own lists in the comments section below! Max Evry 1) Knives Out – Rian Johnson crafts a killer mystery, while Daniel Craig reveals the incredible depth of his previously...
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‘Doctor Sleep’ Cast Adds ‘Gerald’s Game’ Actor Bruce Greenwood

Gerald’s Game actor Bruce Greenwood is reuniting with Mike Flanagan for another Stephen King adaptation. Greenwood is the latest addition to the Doctor Sleep cast, based on King’s sequel to The Shining. The film stars Ewan McGregor stars as the grown up Danny Torrance, who must now deal with a nomadic horde of psychic vampires. Deadline broke the news about Greenwood joining the Doctor Sleep cast. Per their report, Greenwood is playing a character named Dr. John, and that the description of ...
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‘Shining’ Sequel ‘Doctor Sleep’ Adds ‘Westworld’ Breakout Zahn McClarnon and More to Cast

Doctor Sleep, the official sequel to Stephen King‘s The Shining which is almost nothing like The Shining, continues to attract a great cast. Zahn McClarnon, who broke out in a big way on the most recent season of Westworld, has come aboard to play villainous character Crow Daddy. In addition to that, Carl Lumbly and Alex Essoe will play Shining characters Dick Halloran and Wendy Torrance. If you follow my writing here at /Film (and I hope you do!), you know by now that I’m a big Stephen King...
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Carl Lumbly, Alex Essoe, and Zahn McClarnon Join Doctor Sleep

Carl Lumbly, Alex Essoe, and Zahn McClarnon join Doctor Sleep Variety brings word that Zahn McClarnon (Westworld) will be joining Ewan McGregor (Christopher Robin) and Rebecca Ferguson (Mission Impossible – Fallout) as Crow Daddy in the adaptation of Stephen King’s The Shining sequel, Doctor Sleep. Carl Lumbly (Supergirl) and Alex Essoe (Midnighters) have also been cast in the Warner Bros. feature as Dick Halloran and Wendy Torrance, respectively, Deadline has confirmed. Halloran was original...
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‘Shining’ Movie ‘Doctor Sleep’ Taps ‘Westworld’s’ Zahn McClarnon to Play Crow Daddy (EXCLUSIVE)

Zahn McClarnon is in talks to join Ewan McGregor and Rebecca Ferguson in Warner Bros.’ adaptation of the Stephen King novel “Doctor Sleep,” the sequel to the horror classic “The Shining.” McGregor stars as the adult version of Danny Torrance, while Ferguson plays Rose the Hat. Sources say McClarnon would portray Crow Daddy, the right-hand […]
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‘Westworld’ Review: ‘The Passenger’ Goes Beyond The Valley Beyond

Welcome to our weekly recaps of HBO’s Westworld. This Westworld review takes a look at the season 2 finale, “The Passenger”. Be warned: spoilers follow. The Passenger Westworld has already been renewed for another season, but the show as we know it is now officially dead. Any remnants of the original series were officially killed off with the game-changing, mind-blowing, kind-of-nonsensical season 2 finale, “The Passenger.”  I applaud Westworld for effectively blowing itself up wi...
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‘Westworld’ Review: ‘Kiksuya’ Longs for a Better World

Welcome to our weekly recaps of HBO’s Westworld. This Westworld review takes a look at the eighth episode of season 2, “Kiksuya”. Be warned: spoilers follow. Something New Well, that was unexpected! After several episodes that made Westworld feel as if it was stuck in its own loop, the series changes things up drastically with “Kiksuya”, which flips the script, fills in some missing pieces, and finds a way to make us empathize with the robot hosts more so than any episode before...
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‘Westworld’ Review: The Mystery Deepens With ‘The Riddle of the Sphinx’

Welcome to our weekly recaps of HBO’s Westworld. This Westworld review takes a look at the fourth episode of season 2, “The Riddle of the Sphinx”. Be warned: spoilers follow. Deja Vu All Over Again Good lord, what a dense episode this is. Westworld episode 2.04, “The Riddle of the Sphinx”, is so jam-packed it’s practically jelly. They couldn’t even fit all this stuff into an hour, so the episode runs for an exhausting 70 minutes. Is it worth it? For the most part, yes, Tonight’s West...
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Second Official Trailer for Action Thriller 'Braven' with Jason Momoa

"Once we have the bag secure, take ’em all out." Saban + Lionsgate have debuted the official US trailer for the survival action thriller Braven, from director Lin Oeding, starring Jason Momoa. We featured the first international trailer just last week, and get to follow that up with this trailer. The film will open in US theaters and on VOD in early February, for those interested. Momoa plays a humble lumberback working on the US/Canada border, who must fight back to save and protect his fam...
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Jason Momoa as a Lumberjack in Trailer for Action Thriller 'Braven'

"They pushed him to the edge." Saban Films has launched the first official, international trailer for an action thriller film titled Braven, which we haven't heard much about before now but it looks badass. Starring Jason Momoa as a humble lumberback working on the US/Canada border, he must fight back to save and protect his family when "elite" drug runners run into some problems with a shipment of heroin. The full cast includes Garrett Dillahunt, Stephen Lang, Jill Wagner, Brendan Fletcher,...
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‘Westworld’ Season 2 Medical Emergency: Who Was The Injured Actor?

HBO was forced to suspend production for “Westworld” Season 2 after one of its newbies, Zahn McClarnon, suffered from an injury at home. The network did not reveal who the actor was initially, but a rep finally confirmed with Variety that it was McClarnon, who did not appear in the first season.
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New Details: Production On Westworld Suspended After Actor Zahn McClarnon Suffers Off Set Injury

This week, it was reported that production on the HBO series Westworld was stalled due to a cast member suffering a medical emergency off set. The actor's identity was kept under wraps -- but now, sources tell TMZ that it was Zahn McClarnon who sustained a very bad head injury earlier this week. Sources say that Zahn, who has a recurring role on the second season of the sci-fi drama, was rushed to the ICU after falling at his home and hitting his head. Video: Why Evan Rachel Wood Has Yet To Name...
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‘Westworld’ Actor Zahn McClarnon Hospitalized, Season 2 Production Paused

Zahn McClarnon, a recurring actor on the second season of “Westworld,” has been hospitalized due to an off-set injury, pausing production on the HBO drama. HBO confirmed the news on Friday afternoon, saying in a statement, “Actor Zahn McClarnon was hospitalized Wednesday night after sustaining an injury at home. He is on the mend and […]
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Patrick Wilson & 'Fargo' Cast Celebrate the Show with Emmy Voters

Patrick Wilson walks the red carpet at a For Your Consideration event for his television series Fargo on Thursday night (April 28) at the Paramount Lot in Los Angeles. The 42-year-old actor was joined at the event by his co-stars Cristin Milioti, Rachel Keller, Brad Garrett, Jean Smart, Angus Sampson, Zahn McClarnon, Bokeem Woodbine, and more. On the red carpet, Patrick chatted with Gold Derby about playing the only main character to be featured in the first season of Fargo and how he t...
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Sam Neill to Star in AMC’s Original Series The Son

Sam Neill to star in AMC’s original eries The Son Golden Globe and Emmy nominated actor Sam Neill (“Peaky Blinders,” “The Tudors,” Jurassic Park) has been cast as the lead in AMC’s upcoming original series The Son. Based on Philipp Meyer’s acclaimed novel, the series is a multi-generational epic telling of the story of America’s birth as a superpower through the bloody rise and fall of one Texas family. Neill will portray Eli, the charismatic patriarch of the McCullough family. As a child, he...
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