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Don't Trust Your HR Department? This Program Can Help

When was the last time you faced an issue at work? Maybe it was getting talked down to by a superior, experiencing a micro-aggression, or witnessing inappropriate behavior at an office party. Whatever it was, did you feel you had someone to talk to about it? Or did you just let it slide?Today’s workplace is not without its problems. Sexism is still rampant — only now many men feel uncomfortable engaging with or mentoring female colleagues in the wake of #MeToo. The wage gap hasn’t gotten any be...
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Best friends 4ever? Redfin strikes deal with Zillow to list in 4 cities

Long-time rivals Zillow and Redfin have finally made peace — over one issue at least — and struck a deal that allows the former to directly host the latter's listings in four U.S. cities.
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U.S. Home Values Fall for the First Time in Seven Years

The median U.S. home value dropped from March to April, the first monthly decline since February 2012 The typical U.S. home is worth $226,800, down 0.1% month-over-month. The median home value has grown 6.1% year-over-year, the fourth straight month of slowing appreciation. The median U.S. rent is $1,477, up 2.6% from this time last year. This is the sixth straight month that rent prices have grown. For-sale inventory in the U.S. fell 1.7%. There are 26,786 fewer homes for sale t...
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Millennials can differ by age: what agents need to know

As the oldest of the millennial generation push toward 40, they’re acting less and less like their younger selves. With partners, parenting, new jobs, and pets taking center stage, their lives are often more complicated, their circle of concerns wider and their experiences around home different from their younger counterparts.
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Dream of leaving California? Just do it.

You know how those lily-livered anti-Trumpers were forever saying, pre-putsch, they were going to move to New Zealand or Finland or some other God-forsaken un-despotted backwater if he got the White House? Oh, sure, you say — you mean like you, buddy? Wrong man. I wrote in this space that I would move to Mexico. Better surfing. Better food. Excellent culture. Yeah, I didn’t. Need a job; baby needs new shoes. Working on it. Have to figure out the almost equally nutty politics of AMLO first. So re...
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Why didn’t all the rain put a halt to homes sales this spring?

The conventional wisdom is that the past month of nonstop rain should have put a damper on real estate sales, but, in fact, the opposite has happened.
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Zillow: U.S. Home Values Record First Monthly Decline Since 2012

The median home value in the United States dropped from March to April, the first monthly decline since February 2012. This is according to the April Zillow Real Estate Market Report. A typical home in the U.S. is worth $226,800 – down 0.1 percent from last month – which Zillow says is led by the trends observed in the real estate market of the West Coast. “The decline […] comes after 85 straight months of gains that brought home values to record highs,” the Zillow release reads. “U.S. hom...
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Zillow: The median home value dropped for first time in 7 years

The median listed home value in the United States clocked in at $226,800 in April, according to the latest monthly home data released by Zillow.
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New Data Shows Home Buyers Spend 124 Hours, on Average, to Find a Home

Vancouver, BC – May 15, 2019 (PRNewswire) According to a new survey released today by Zolo (, a top-ranking real estate site where more than 6 million people start their home search each month, North American home buyers view an average of 19 homes and spend an average of 124 hours to find a home. Zolo logo How much time is spent in the homes listed for sale? According to recent Zolo survey data, where more than 1,800 recent home buyers were asked about their most recent home...
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Why the biggest challenge to local real estate isn’t iBuyers

Regular Inman contributor Teresa Boardman talks about how Zillow Offers just launched in the Twin Cities and what buyers and sellers truly need in her market (and probably yours, too).
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NAR CEO says he’s ‘not terrified’ of Zillow

Real estate tech giant Zillow Group has been known to rattle Realtors on occasion, especially as it expands its iBuyer program, Zillow Offers, in which it buys homes for all-cash directly from consumers over the internet. But the CEO of the nation's largest real estate trade group says the company doesn't scare him too much.
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Alternative Income Update: April 2019 ($8,469.38)

It’s the middle of the month, so that means that I have the final alternative income numbers for last month. It always takes awhile for the tenants to have their rent checks in and for us to get all the money moved. April was another busy month for us. In addition to all the financial stuff below, there was a lot of family stuff going on. The kids are still taking swim classes and one moved up a level. We reached a crucial milestone where if they fell into a pool they wouldn’t drown (I think...
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Zillow Group Revenue Rises 51%

The real estate platform is ramping up its popular Zillow Offers service.
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Why you should treat everyone like a client from the moment you meet

Successful real estate agents foster a relationship dynamic in which clients and potential clients start thinking of them like their other service providers, such as their accountants, their dentists and their hair stylists.
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Zillow expands into buying and selling homes in the Twin Cities

The widely consulted listings service is the latest to launch an 'instant-buyer' operation in the metro.
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Zillow expands into buying and selling homes in Twin Cities

The widely consulted listings service is the latest to launch an 'instant-buyer' operation in the metro.
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Zillow Offers is officially live in the Twin Cities, more markets to come

Zillow's direct-to-consumer homebuying and selling platform, Zillow Offers, launched Monday in Minneapolis-Saint Paul, it was announced.
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Zillow Now Buying and Selling Homes in the Twin Cities

Now available in ten markets nationwide, Zillow Offers delivers a new way for Minneapolis-Saint Paul homeowners to sell their home with greater convenience, control and certainty Seattle, WA – May 13, 2019 (PRNewswire) Starting today, home sellers in Minneapolis-Saint Paul can use Zillow Offers to request a no-obligation cash offer from Zillow to buy their home. Minneapolis-Saint Paul is the tenth market where Zillow now directly buys homes, prepares them for showings and quickly l...
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Zillow Offers Coming to Austin, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Diego and Tampa

By the end of Q1 2020, Zillow Offers will be available in 20 markets nationwide Seattle, WA – May 9, 2019 (PRNewswire) Home sellers in Austin, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Diego and Tampa will soon be able to use Zillow Offers to request a no-obligation cash offer from Zillow to buy their home. Zillow announced today plans to launch Zillow Offers in each of these six markets by the end of the first quarter of 2020. Zillow Offers map Launched last year, Zillow Offers ...
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Zillow beats big on earnings while losses balloon

In its first quarter 2019 earnings report released on Thursday, Seattle-based Zillow Group, the operator of listing portals Zillow, Trulia, StreetEasy and, posted a net loss of $67.5 million in the first quarter and announced the expansion of its iBuyer program Zillow Offers to six additional markets.
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Zillow will buy and sell homes in LA, Austin, San Diego and more

Zillow announced on Thursday it's expanding its direct-to-consumer homebuying and selling platform known as Zillow Offers to Austin, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Diego and Tampa within the next year. 
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Millennials living with mom: Inland Empire is No. 1 in U.S., Los Angeles-Orange County, No.3

Southern California is a hotbed of millennials still living at home with mom. In honor of upcoming Mother’s Day, real estate tracker Zillow studied where millennials — defined as folks aged 23 to 37 — were most likely to be living with mom — with mom alone, or mom and dad — among 50 major U.S. regions. Those results were compared to typical rent burdens in each metro area. A growing number of young adults nationwide are staying at home as they grapple with a host of financial challenges such as ...
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Christopher Hansen Long Zillow: Sohn New York Conference

We're posting up notes from the Sohn New York Investment Conference.  Next up is Christopher R. Hansen of Valiant Capital Management who presented long Zillow (ZG). Chris Hansen's Sohn New York Presentation Long Zillow•    $7 billion market cap, $6 billion EV•    70% market share•    Currently sells leads. Potential to move to taking part of the commission•    $1.2 billion in revenue. $350 million in EBITDA•    Huge potential in flipping homes. Has all the data. Has all the traffic of people loo...
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Real Estate’s Latest Bid: Zillow Wants to Buy Your House

Offering “instant buying” to home sellers, companies like Zillow and Opendoor are bringing liquidity to the housing market. Critics fear they will also bring risk.
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Tech Companies Are Already Plotting to Cash In on the Next Housing Crash

“You should be able to sell a home within a handful of clicks.”Read more...
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More Than One in Five Millennials Still Live With Mom

–– Ahead of Mother’s Day, Zillow analysis shows the share of young people living with their moms reached the highest level this century — 21.9% of millennials live with their moms, nine percentage points higher than those of the same age in 2005. — A much larger share of those living with mom have jobs than in 2010, highlighting affordability challenges even as the economy has recovered. — The highest share of millennials living with their moms are in Riverside, Miami, Los Angeles and N...
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Black and Hispanic Communities are Still Reeling from the Foreclosure Crisis

Homes account for more than half of the net worth of black and Hispanic homeowners, and foreclosures disproportionately affected these communities Seattle, WA – April 25, 2019 (PRNewswire) Millions of homeowners across the country lost their homes in the foreclosure crisis, missing out on the opportunity to regain and grow their net wealth as the housing market recovered. But in black and Hispanic communitiesi, the foreclosure crisis hit especially hard, and foreclosed homes in those areas h...
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Silicon Valley Is Coming for Your House

Offering “instant buying,” companies like Zillow and Opendoor are bringing liquidity to the housing market. Critics fear they could also be bringing risk.
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Zillow lead referral platform set to go live in 4 markets

Flex pricing will allow agents to pay only on leads they close in four markets beginning June 4.
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Where will Southern California house 2.76 million millennial homebuyers?

If you think it’s already hard to find a bargain in the Southern California home market, imagine adding a youthful flock of 2.76 million potential house hunters to the equation. Data crunchers at Zillow say a house-hunting imbalance is brewing, created by an expanding wave of millennials. This group faces a challenging supply of housing, especially “starter homes” — defined by Zillow as the bottom third of a market, price-wise. These residences are getting more expensive — and there are fewer av...
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