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10 Nerdy Things to Watch on CBS All Access (Besides Star Trek)

We love Star Trek. And Star Trek is clearly the number one reason to get a CBS All Access account, especially with the 60-day free promotion the streamer has going on at the moment. But what else does CBS’s online hub have, besides Picard and other Treks, and, like, NCIS spin-offs? We did some digging for you.Read more...
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Alternate ‘Zombieland’ Script Pages Feature Cameos Kevin Bacon and Jean-Claude Van Damme Regretted Passing Up

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, co-writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are revealing more of the alternate script pages for Zombieland that would have given the big cameo made famous by Bill Murray to a number of other movie stars. Patrick Swayze was in the very first draft of the movie, but he never got offered the part since he was diagnosed with cancer around the time the movie would have started production. Then Sylvester Stallone had to pass due to scheduling, and Mark Hamill’s peo...
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10 Apocalypse Movies to Watch With Happy (or at Least Not Totally Depressing) Endings

Current events notwithstanding, Hollywood rather adores imagining the apocalypse on the big screen. Many doomsday movies end with total destruction; that rogue planet is just gonna go ahead and vaporize Earth, or those zombies are just gonna take over forever. But sometimes, filmmakers do find little rays of sunshine…Read more...
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Read the Alternate ‘Zombieland’ Cameo Scene That Would Have Featured Joe Pesci

So far we’ve gotten to read several of the alternate cameos that were pitched for Zombieland before Bill Murray came aboard the project and gave us one of the best cameos in movie history. There was Patrick Swayze in the very first draft of the movie, which unfortunately never got offered to the actor before he was diagnosed with cancer. Then Sylvester Stallone had to pass due to scheduling, and Mark Hamill’s people just flat out said no (read those pages here). Now we’ve come to one of the Goo...
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Read the ‘Zombieland’ Cameo Scenes Written for Sylvester Stallone and Mark Hamill

We’re only on the second week of self-quarantine in our efforts to stop the spread of coronavirus across the United States, but some of us are desperate for more content. So it only seems appropriate that we get some of it from the writers of Zombieland, the horror comedy that could give us insight into our potential future as this pandemic continues. As we highlighted before the weekend began, Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick had to write several versions of what became the famo...
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More Details Revealed About That Time Patrick Swayze Was Supposed To Be In Zombieland

It's super different than the Bill Murray cameo!
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‘Zombieland’ Writers Reveal the Original Cameo Scene Written for Patrick Swayze

Bill Murray‘s appearance as himself in Zombieland is one of the greatest cameos of all time. It’s so perfectly Bill Murray, and the way it ends is truly worthy of a chef’s kiss. However, before the Ghostbusters star was confirmed to make the cameo, there were several other versions that were considered. In fact, the original draft had Patrick Swayze making the big cameo with a ton of references to his greatest movies from the 1980s, and some serious shade thrown at one of the favorites.  Zomb...
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Sony Has Halted Production on Tom Holland’s Uncharted Film

Sony has halted production on Tom Holland’s Uncharted film The timing for the long-gestating Uncharted film adaptation seemed to have finally been right, with a script, director and stars all attached and ready to go, but amidst growing concerns over the global coronavirus outbreak, Sony has elected to put a pause on production, according to Variety. RELATED: Mark Wahlberg Likens Uncharted Script to Indiana Jones The project is currently in pre-production and was set to begin shooting next...
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Mark Wahlberg Likens Uncharted Script to Indiana Jones

Mark Wahlberg Likens Uncharted Script to Indiana Jones After yesterday’s announcement that Antonio Banderas would co-star in the Uncharted video game adaptation, Mark Wahlberg is now talking the film up in interviews — and comparing it to such classics as Indiana Jones. “I start filming in about two weeks time. It’s exciting because, without giving too much away,” Wahlberg told Collider, whilst promoting his upcoming Netflix action film, Spenser Confidential. “It’s more of an origin story. M...
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Antonio Banderas Joins Tom Holland in Sony’s Uncharted Movie

Antonio Banderas joins Tom Holland in Sony’s Uncharted movie According to Variety, Academy Award-nominated actor Antonio Banderas (The Mask of Zorro, Pain and Glory) has officially signed on to star opposite Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg in Sony Pictures’ long-in-development film adaptation of the popular video game Uncharted. The outlet also confirms that Zombieland and Venom director Ruben Fleischer has already closed the deal to helm the action-adventure film, replacing Travis Knight (Bum...
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Tom Holland Teases Production Start Date for Sony’s Uncharted

Tom Holland teases production start date for Sony’s Uncharted Despite going through a lot of major setbacks during its pre-production stage, it looks like everything is now on track for Sony Pictures’ long-in-development film adaptation of the popular video game Uncharted with Spider-Man: Far From Home star Tom Holland revealing that production is scheduled to begin soon. Speaking with IGN, Holland has confirmed that they will start filming the action-adventure film in four weeks while also ...
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Uncharted Movie Pushed Back, Masters of the Universe Undated

Uncharted Movie Pushed Back, Masters of the Universe Undated According to Deadline, Sony Pictures has changed the released date for the long-in developing film adaptation of Uncharted, based on the popular action-adventure video game of the same name. Originally set to debut later this year on December 18, 2020, the Tom Holland-led film will now hit theaters on March 5, 2021. The slot was previously occupied by the Noah Centineo-led Masters of the Universe remake which has now been undated. ...
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2019 Kaedrin Movie Award Winners

The nominations for the 2019 Kaedrin Movie Awards were announced last week. Since then the Vegas odds-makers and Howard Ratners of the world have been going bonkers, so it's time to announce the winners so that the criminals trapped in that weird vestibule thing can be buzzed out (get it? I'm being topical! For the approximately zero of you who have seen Uncut Gems, at least.) Next week, I'll announce the winners of some more goofy, freeform categories that we call the Arbitrary Awards, and not ...
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CS Video: Writers Paul Wernick & Rhett Reese on Zombieland: Double Tap

BEGIN SLIDESHOW CS Video: Writers Paul Wernick & Rhett Reese on Zombieland: Double Tap had the opportunity to sit down with Zombieland: Double Tap writers and producers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese to discuss fun action sequences and the challenges of developing a sequel 10 years after the original. You can check out the interview now in the player below! The movie is now available on digital release, and you can grab your DVD/Blu-ray/4K Ultra HD copy here. RELATED: Watch t...
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2019 Kaedrin Movie Awards

Welcome to the fourteenth annual Kaedrin Movie Awards! The idea is to recognize films for various achievements that don't always reflect well on top 10 lists or traditional awards. There are lots of formal award categories and nominees listed below, but once those are announced, we'll also leave some room for Arbitrary Awards that are more goofy and freeform. Finally, we'll post a traditional top 10 list (usually sometime in early/mid-February). But first up is the awards! [Previous Installments...
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New Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway Trailer: Adventure Runs in the Family

BEGIN SLIDESHOW New Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway trailer: Adventure runs in the family Sony Pictures has released a new trailer for their upcoming live-action comedy sequel Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway, giving us a better idea on what to expect in the film as James Corben’s Peter Rabbit tries to save the rest of his family alongside Rose Byrne’s Bea and Domhnall Gleeson’s Thomas. Based on Beatrix Potter’s characters and tales, the sequel is is scheduled to hit theaters on April 3, 2020 in...
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Zombieland’s Ruben Fleischer May Helm Sony’s Uncharted

Zombieland’s Ruben Fleischer may helm Sony’s Uncharted Sony’s Uncharted movie may just be on track yet again after losing Travis Knight (Bumblebee), as Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer is being eyed by the studio to take over the director’s chair on the long in-development video game adaptation, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Fleischer exploded with his directorial debut on the acclaimed horror-comedy Zombieland and followed it up with modest hits 30 Minutes or Less and Gangster Squa...
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Watch the First Ten Minutes of Zombieland: Double Tap!

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Watch the First Ten Minutes of Zombieland: Double Tap! In case you missed out on Zombieland: Double Tap in theaters, or watched it, loved it, but haven’t purchased a digital copy because you’re waiting for the DVD/Blu-ray/4K Ultra HD release on January 21, Sony Pictures has made the first ten minutes of the film available online for your viewing pleasure. You can check it out in the player below, or you can just buy the digital release, or wait for the aforementioned DVD...
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The 10 Funniest Performers of the Decade

(This article is part of our Best of the Decade series.) Choosing the top ten funniest performers of the 2010s was not easy. If there’s one thing to know about comedy, it’s that it is subjective. What’s funny to one person may not be funny to someone else. One thing I took into account while making this list is how reliable these performers were over the past decade. Did they have stand-out moments in one film or in multiple films over the years? How should a late bloomer be evaluated? If someo...
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Buffaloed Trailer: You Can’t Always Take What You Want

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Buffaloed trailer: You can’t always take what you want Magnolia Pictures has released the official trailer for their upcoming comedy-drama Buffaloed, starring Zoey Deutch (Zombieland: Double Tap, The Politician, Before I Fall). Debuting in theaters on February 14, 2020, you can watch the official trailer now in the player below and check out the full poster in the gallery! RELATED: Zombieland 2 Writers Say Ryan Reynolds Was Originally Included in Cast Buffalo is the debt c...
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Top 11 Comedic Cameos in Film

Top 11 Comedic Cameos in Film is taking a look at some of the funniest cameos in cinema. Check out our picks in the galley below! Everyone loves a good cameo. When a recognizable face makes a brief appearance in a movie it’s almost always a jarring experience.  These cameos are made even more memorable when they are comedic in nature. One of the most memorable moments in Zombieland comes in the form of a Bill Murray cameo. The comedic genius appears as another survivor of the z...
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Six Recent Horror Movies That Highlight the Best in Humanity

Horror movies are supposed to be horrible. Their job is to show us situations that elicit fear and revulsion. Thus, they tend to highlight the worst in humanity, not the best. Why, then, would anyone want to watch horror movies? Many people don’t. My partner refuses to, because they just make her too tense. I, on the other hand, love a good one; I often find them beautiful. When the vampire descends on his victims in the classic Nosferatu (1922), the scenes inspire awe in me—that is, a feeling...
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Zombieland 2 Writers Say Ryan Reynolds Was Originally Included in Cast

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Zombieland 2 writers say Ryan Reynolds was originally included in cast In an interview with Deadline, Zombieland: Double Tap writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese have revealed that Ryan Reynolds, who they’ve worked with on the blockbuster Deadpool films, was originally set to be included in the horror sequel’s cast for the role of Albuquerque. The writing duo further explained that they did everything they could to make Reynold’s involvement in the sequel a possibility. ...
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POLL RESULTS: What is the Best Horror Comedy Ever?

BEGIN SLIDESHOW POLL RESULTS: What is the best horror comedy ever? With Sony Pictures’  Zombieland: Double Tap now playing in theaters everywhere, asked its readers to tell us what they think is the Best Horror Comedy Ever, and with nearly 1600 of you responding we now have the official results, which you can check out below! RELATED: POLL RESULTS: Which Annabelle Comes Home Demon Deserves a Spinoff? What is the best horror comedy ever? Top Five #1. Shaun of the Dead (2...
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Paramount Pushes Dylan O’Brien’s Monster Problems Back Six Weeks

Paramount pushes Dylan O’Brien’s Monster Problems back six weeks Paramount Pictures is making a shift in its upcoming release schedule as it has chosen to push back the coming-of-age monster movie Monster Problems led by Dylan O’Brien (The Maze Runner) by six weeks, according to Deadline. RELATED: Paramount’s Monster Problems Release Date Set For 2020 Sources are reporting that the release date shift comes from the studio’s desire to find the pre-summer crowd, with the film now set to hit t...
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Unbelievable Episode 7 Recap

Unbelievable Episode 7 Recap In the previous episode Netflix’s Unbelievable, Karen gathered DNA evidence from someone they thought was Christopher McCarthy, but Grace met him at his door. In Unbelievable Episode 7, with two related suspects, Grace and Karen explored the possibility that they could be working together. Last One at the Party Karen and Grace now had two suspects, Christopher and Curtis McCarthy. With the Y-STR DNA tests, the sample Karen retrieved from Curtis would work to id...
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Box Office: ‘Maleficent: Mistress of Evil’ Tops ‘Joker,’ ‘Zombieland’

“Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” is on track to give Disney another first place finish after scoring $12.5 million in Friday’s domestic ticket sales. If estimates hold, the Angelina Jolie-led film should finish the weekend with about $38 million — well below earlier forecasts but enough to top holdover “Joker” and fellow newcomer “Zombieland: Double Tap.” […]
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Early Script for ‘Zombieland: Double Tap’ Had a Hilariously Tragic ‘Ghostbusters’ Reunion and Joe Pesci

Zombieland: Double Tap is in theaters now, bringing back Woody Harrelson, Jessie Eisenberg, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin for more zombie apocalypse action. It’s been 10 years since the original movie hit theaters, but writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (the duo behind the Deadpool franchise) were hired almost immediately to write the sequel. Since it took a decade to finally get this movie finished, the script went through plenty of changes as time passed, and one of those changes resulted ...
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‘Zombieland: Double Tap’ Director Ruben Fleischer and Star Jesse Eisenberg on the Sequels’ Long Road to the Big Screen

It’s been ten years since Ruben Fleischer ’s Zombieland was the breakout surprise of October 2009 and, believe it or not, the sequel is finally here. Those who followed the rumors in the intervening decade must have felt that Zombieland: Double Tap was never going to happen; despite the obvious enthusiasm from star Jesse Eisenberg and the rest of the cast, the production delays, casting concerns, and screenwriter turnover made it tough to imagine a sequel ever seeing the light of day. B...
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Emma Stone and her crew back for more in 'Zombieland: Double Tap,' but the magic is MIA

Woody Harrelson and the original cast return in the sequel to the 2008 hit, but the manic energy of the first film does not.          [Author: Arizona Republic]
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