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Gorillas at San Diego zoo test positive for COVID-19

It's suspected that an asymptomatic human animal handler transmitted COVID-19 to as many as eight gorillas at San Diego Zoo Safari Park. It's the first known case of natural transmission of the virus to great apes. All infected gorillas are expected to fully recover. — Read the rest
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Niger museum is eclectic national ‘mirror’

It has displays covering art, history, dinosaurs, nuclear energy, craftwork and music as well as live animals, for it is also a zoo The post Niger museum is eclectic national ‘mirror’ appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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After a lemur was stolen from the San Francisco Zoo, a 5-year-old boy helped zookeepers track it down

A photo of Maki, the ring-tailed lemur that was reported missing from the San Francisco Zoo on October 14, 2020. Marianne V. Hale/San Francisco Zoo via AP When Maki the lemur was stolen from the San Francisco Zoo on Tuesday, authorities asked the public to help find him.  The following day, 5-year-old James Trinh found Maki outside of his preschool. Maki's now safely back at the zoo. A suspect has been charged with theft after police officers found pictures of the lemur on his cell phone. ...
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Bobcat fire prompts evacuation order in Arcadia

LOS ANGELES — Residents in Arcadia were ordered to evacuate Sunday due to the Bobcat Fire, which burned downhill toward communities in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains after firefighters worked overnight to keep flames from threatening other populated areas that remained under evacuation warnings. At about 10 a.m., the city of Arcadia ordered all residents north of Elkins Avenue and east of Santa Anita Avenue to evacuate. They were advised to use Santa Anita Avenue to leave the area. A...
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Bobcat fire continues to burn toward foothill communities

LOS ANGELES — The Bobcat Fire burned downhill toward communities in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains early today, as firefighters worked overnight to keep flames from threatening populated areas that remained under evacuation warnings. The fire has burned 31,991 acres in the Angeles National Forest and is 6% contained, with full containment not estimated until Oct. 15, according to the U.S. Forest Service. A smoke advisory remains in effect through Monday in most of Los Angeles County ...
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Lovely profile of Frasier, LA's swingin' 70s lion that sired 35 cubs in 18 months

The Los Angeles Zoo's 19-year-old lion Frasier had a busy 1972. Over an 18 month period, he sired 35 cubs, baffling zookeepers and earning him the sobriquets "The Sensuous Lion" and "The Lovable Lion." He's featured in the first episode of Wild Lives, a new series by Popular Science. He captured the public's imagination and even inspired jazz legend Sarah Vaughn to write a fictionalized backstory for him. Groovy! Image: YouTube / Popular Science
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USDA closes Tiger King zoo for animal welfare violations

This week brought more drama involving the human cast of the popular “Tiger King” series but hopefully some peace for the tigers themselves. Time is up for the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in Garvin County, Oklahoma, which is now officially closed to the public after the USDA cited multiple animal welfare violations. The park became infamous when Netflix debuted its “Tiger King” documentary series in March. The show’s behind-the-scenes look at big cat owners was wildly popular, garnering...
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Zoos worldwide are improvising drive-thru tours during pandemic

Spend a relaxing 20 minutes touring Toronto's zoo by car in a new vehicle-friendly route inspired by the pandemic. It's one of many zoos trying out drive-thru tours to allow for visitors while reducing health risks. Via SOCA HUB: NEW Zoo Safari - Toronto Zoo Scenic Safari Drive Through - Driving Tour of Toronto Zoo 4K video. Tour the Toronto Zoo drive thru from your Car. 2020 Toronto Zoo Scenic Safari Drive-Thru Things to do with your children during the pandemic lock down. Looking to get ...
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Tiger King zoo in Oklahoma reopens

There’s something ironic about Joe Exotic’s zoo opening to the public right now. The show that kept everyone entertained during the lockdown is now indirectly responsible for bringing together hordes of tourists, and potentially leading to more infections. Tiger King Park, the exotic animal zoo featured on Netflix’s mega-popular Tiger King series, reopened this weekend in Wynnewood, Oklahoma. The park, previously owned by Joe Exotic, was allowed to open following a weeks-long closure, as lon...
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LA Zoo kicks in social distancing from tigers, after Bronx Zoo cat catches coronavirus

Following the COVID-19 infection of a tiger at the Bronx Zoo, L.A. Zoo officials have kicked in new protocols — in additions to several already in place — to protect themslelves and the big cats at the Griffith Park animal hub. Nadia, a 4-year-old female Malayan tiger tested positive for the virus after several lions and tigers at the New York zoo showed symptoms of the illness, which attacks the respiratory system. Turns out, there was some lack of appetite, but they’re doing OK, according a st...
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Lingering Plants from a Long Gone Garden

We bought our first house in 1986. Not long afterwards, we met the neighbor from three doors down. His name was Ethan Becker. His grandmother and mother wrote the first Joy of Cooking. Among many other things, he was working on an updated edition, which would publish in 1997. Ethan lived in “Cockaigne”, the Bauhaus home which his father had designed. The kitchen was surprisingly tiny, but the landscape was expansive, about eight acres. One of our favorite parts about it was a wildflower garden...
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In Mexico, one Googler gives girls their "tümü" moment

When a butterfly comes out of its cocoon, it uses the most fragile part of its body—its wings— to break free. In the Otomi dialect, which is spoken in the central region of Mexico, this magical moment is called Tümü. So when Paoloa Escalante and her co-founder decided to create an organization to help support young women, they decided that Tümü was a fitting name for it.  “The idea was to create content that promotes determination, self-esteem and assertiveness during a moment in girls’ lives th...
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"Animals" escaping from Japanese zoos part of unintentionally funny drills

Every year in Japan, animals escape from zoos in a planned exercise. Except they aren't really animals, they're humans in animal costumes. And they aren't really escaping, they're part of an annual drill to train staff on what to do when a real animal does. While funny to watch, escaped animals are no joke in a country known for earthquakes. Director of Tama Zoological Park, Yutaka Fukuda, told Metro in 2015: ‘In the event of a big earthquake, a tree could fall on a cage, or many other thin...
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Overnight at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo

Sleeping over in an Australian zoo might sound like the beginning of a horror movie, ending with the innocent visitor being chased around by rogue snakes, but don’t let your imagination run wild. Sydney’s Taronga Zoo is offering a Wildlife Retreat, and in all likelihood, you’ll make it out in one piece. Starting in November, the retreat will allow visitors to have a sleepover at the zoo in one of five sustainable eco-pods while also learning about Australia’s conservation projects. Once the ...
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How to pull off a tech-free family vacation the whole family will enjoy

It’s a full-blown modern challenge to get through even an hour of the day without using technology. So considering a tech-free trip for the entire family may seem insurmountable. While we acknowledge that there will likely be some discomfort at times, we’re happy to report that it’s certainly attainable. Here are some tips to get you headed in the right direction towards a tech-free family vacation. Preparations We are so accustomed to having technology at our fingertips that you might h...
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Akron Zoo's 'Emma' the Humboldt Penguin Remembered

Humboldt penguins have a median life expectancy of 16.5 years. Emmanuelle, known as Emma, at the Akron Zoo lived to be 36. The Zoo had retired Emma in 2013. She was suffering from age-related problems. When she stopped responding to treatment last week, they humanely euthanized her. The Zoo says Emma was the oldest, zoo-born female Humboldt penguin in any facility accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. She hatched April 23, 1983 at the Milwaukee County Zoo and came to Akron in Octo...
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9 NOW Ideas: Pretzel Recipes to Try

Pretzels have been one of my favorite snacks since I was a little kid, and National Pretzel Day is April 26th, so I’m ready to celebrate in a big way with these 9 pretzel recipes. I love all different kinds of pretzels. Pretzel thins with a little hummus, munching on mini pretzels on road trips, and a big soft pretzel from the mall. Nothing beats soft pretzels while you’re walking around the mall. Why are they so good? Cinnamon and sugar is my favorite but I love a good salty one too. I searche...
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Fantastic Beasts of Berlin: A Safari Park at the Tempelhofer Feld

I’m sure we’ve all experienced some bizarre sightings on Tempelhofer Feld – but still, the pictures that you’ll about to see in this post will most definitely surprise you. Wild animals running free along the same stretches of land that are usually frequented by skaters? Read on to see some fantastic impressions of wildlife captured in one of the most iconic urban locations of Berlin and find out what it’s all about. Few places epitomize Berlin’s free and open spirit like Tempelhofer Feld doe...
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Selfie-taking woman attacked

Big cats look beautiful and soft, but they certainly should not be treated like domestic kitties, even if they are kept in a zoo. On Saturday, a woman, who seemed to have forgotten that jaguars are dangerous predators, was at the Wildlife World Zoo in Litchfield Park, Arizona, when she was attacked by a female black jaguar while attempting to take a selfie with the animal. She had stepped over a barrier into the big cat’s enclosure, when it swiped through the fencing and left deep gashes on h...
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Woman attacked by jaguar while shooting selfies at zoo in Arizona

Sadly, it’s not that rare that people get injured or even killed while trying to take selfies with wild animals. On Saturday, 9 March, another case of selfie-related attack occurred when a woman got to close to a zoo fence in order to snap some selfies with a jaguar. The attack happened in Wildlife World […] The post Woman attacked by jaguar while shooting selfies at zoo in Arizona appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Zoo offering tug-of-wars with a lion

Zoos are controversial enough — they certainly did not need help from the Dartmoor Zoo, near Plymouth in England, to draw more criticism. The zoo is being condemned for charging visitors $20 to play tug-of-war with its big cats (one lion named Jasiri and one tiger named Dragan). Dubbed the “human v beast” competition, it allows visitors as young as eight years old to pull a rope attached to a piece of meat in the animal’s mouth and try to wrest it from its grip. Absolutely amazing experi...
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Client Success Stories: Igniting Winter Attendance at Outdoor Sites – Part II

Wild Lights at Miller Park Zoo Bloomington, Illinois People playing in the snow and admiring the lights. Our series of wintertime client success stories continues this week with our former client and nearby neighbor to the west, Miller Park Zoo in Bloomington, Illinois. This regional family destination has harnessed the charm and metaphorical warmth of holiday lights to draw people to their largely outdoor site even in frigid winter weather. The zoo’s Business Manager Anthony Nelson...
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Russ Drops ‘Just In Case’ EP

Tracks that were left behind from the ZOO sessions.
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What to Do, What to Wear: 3 Outfit Ideas for Visiting the Zoo

Beat boredom over break with a trip to your local zoo. Classes are over, break has begun and, lest we admit it, you might soon start to feel a bit bored (gasp!). Before you begin longing for classrooms and hours of studying, I’m here to give you some ideas for fun activities that will help you to beat that lingering weariness and enjoy your relaxation before classes start up again.First up in this series? Your local zoo, the perfect place to keep you thoroughly entertained for the day. Nothing ...
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Gay animal couples / Pour l’originalité c’est baisé?

THE ORIGINAL? Animal Planet – 05 –  2018 “Love is natural. Happy pride month” Agency : Young & Rubicam (Turkey) LESS ORIGINAL Bratislava Zoo –  12 –  2018 “Same sex relashionships. Wildlife can teach us acceptance and support” Agency : Jandl Bratislava (Slovakia) [Author: Joe La Pompe]
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‘Zoo’ Trailer: A Struggling Couple Ends Up Stuck Together During a Zombie Apocalypse

If you read that headline and thought, “I’ve already seen Shaun of the Dead,” that’s totally fair. However, the premise for a new indie thriller called Zoo takes things beyond an imitation of the beloved Edgar Wright comedy. You see, this couple being stuck together is only one half of the story. As the two get comfortable while waiting to be rescued, their softer side convinces them to let another couple in for safety. What follows is a standoff to see which couple can tolerate each other long...
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Updates From The Eternals, Terminator 6, and More

There’s early plans to resurrect an unused Night of the Living Dead sequel script from George Romero. The Purge TV show is getting a second season. Plus, Riverdale casts an intriguing new character with ties to Hiram, and a new look at Anna and the Apocalypse. Spoilers now!Read more...
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These X-ray images of animals are spooky and beautiful at the same time

If you ask me, it’s always interesting to look at photos of animals. And if these photos show their funny, rarely seen or unusual side, it’s even better. Oregon Zoo recently shared a series of animal photos we don’t get to see every day. On their social media profiles, they published X-ray photos of animals […] The post These X-ray images of animals are spooky and beautiful at the same time appeared first on DIY Photography.
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10 of the Most Accurate Movies of All Time

10 of the most accurate movies of all time Many movies are embarrassingly inaccurate. To make matters even worse, filmmakers often claim that clearly fictional horror stories are based on a true story. That’s why we’ve decided to make a list of especially accurate films. Some are quite famous. Others aren’t well known, at least in the United States. They’re all worth watching at least once…that is, if you can stomach the pain and misery of war and the deep depravity and hopelessness that huma...
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This baby rhino trying to play with its mom is the purest thing you'll see all week

When was the last time your eyeballs feasted on something that wasn't a part of the dumpster fire we call a news cycle? It's been a while for me and I'm betting the same can be said for you too. Here: get a load of this greater one-horned rhino calf pestering its mother to play with him. There is running. There are head butts. There is so much joy here that you won't know what to do with yourself.
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