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FBI Issues Warning, NY Attorney General Makes Inquiry After Wave of Zoom Hijackings

The FBI has issued a warning about video messaging service Zoom, and New York Attorney General’s office has made an inquiry into its cybersecurity practices, after a string of disturbing incidents involving takeovers of teleconferences.Read more...
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Maybe we shouldn’t use Zoom after all

Now that we’re all stuck at home thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, video calls have gone from a novelty to a necessity. Zoom, the popular videoconferencing service, seems to be doing better than most and has quickly become one of, if not the most, popular option going. But should it be? Zoom’s recent popularity has also shone a spotlight on the company’s security protections and privacy promises. Just today, The Intercept reported that Zoom video calls are not end-to-end encrypted, despite ...
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Trolls find new targets in Zoom meetings: Here’s how to avoid ‘zoombombers’

Default settings can allow uninvited access to meetings and hangouts
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A Norwegian school quit Zoom after a naked man ‘guessed’ the meeting link

A school in Norway has stopped using Zoom, the popular video conferencing service, after a naked man apparently “guessed” the link to a video lesson. According to Norwegian state broadcaster NRK, the man exposed himself in front of several young children over the video call. The theory, according to the report, is that the man guessed the meeting ID and joined the video call. One expert quoted in the story said some are “looking” for links. Last year security researchers told TechCrunch that ...
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